Friday, March 31, 2006


5 days nver post le.. broke record broke record.. yay.. *CLAP CLAP* lols.. ok.. today went as a klas to Science Ctr.. fun laas.. erm.. wen we reached thr, we were so noisy lors.. duno why at thr we so high.. erm.. so we had to find things and ans qn in our ws.. so lame lors.. den ah li and i were like 'hunting' around.. den thr was a voice recorder maas, den shunyu went to record his voice into his mike, 'uh, wo kan cuo!' quoted by hong lip.. wahaas.. den he kept replaying it agen and agen.. so funny lors.. den ah li and i went to play with it oso.. i said 'mentally retarded' cos ah nat and ah li both kept saying each other tat maas.. den i kept replaying it.. make yu tze and wan lin laugh until siaos.. haas..

erm.. den yinting, ah nat joined me and ah li.. we went to play a machine tat test how strong we are, and how long we took to lift the thing up.. my record was 2.7 secs.. yinting was 2 secs.. chin seng did the best, 1.7 secs.. follow by wei chang, 1.8 secs.. *CLAP CLAP* erm.. den ah li and ah nat mei chi fan so in the end they decided to do the whole thing together.. 2.5 secs.. not bad le.. no sarcasm.. erm.. den thr was this hammer thing whr u had to hit on a metal stool or wadsoever, den i try hitting it, highest record was 103.. den wei chang used his legs, and noe wad he got?! 150 lidat oso can.. i tried with my leg.. too.. shh.. got 135 nia.. so lan.. hais..

den went to Mac.. eat eat eat.. den ah nat started to laugh.. fer no reasons.. so o.O.. den we kept waiting fer her to start drinking her coke and make her laugh so she cant drink.. bad ger hars.. erm.. den we saw yu liang and dexter.. i mus admit they looked like couple.. sit so closed together, den keep looking at each other and smile.. nan dao??? erm.. den yinting and ah li suddenly so digusting.. went to add curry and hot fudge into the coke.. mix mix mix.. den ask the bois to drink.. dexter destroyed the whole plan.. he went to spille dthe drink on a see-saw.. bad boi.. tsk.. erm.. den lidat laas.. cos nth much to type liaos..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Most Cheeky Girl In 2a: Shufen.. me..
Most Cheeky Boy In 2a: Zhan Ning..
Most Himbo In 2a: Vernon..
Most Perverted Girl In 2a: QIU WEN!!! tio shock.. haas..
all tis were 'voted' out by individuals in our klas during maths lessons.. u guys noe laas, 'cher alwys like to call on ppl to answer maths qn maas, den everytime he asked ppl to pick someone, he will give tat someone a label.. like fer example, it's zhan ning's turn to pick someone, a girl who is the cheekiest in klas, to answer a qn.. den he will have to pick a girl whom he, himself think is the cheekiest.. which is me!! tio shocked rites? den aft tat, i picked vernon and i, myself gave him a label.. HIMBO~ haas.. den mr teo asked him to pick a girl who is the most perverted in klas.. surprise, surprise.. qiu wen SCHOLAR CHENG SUCCESSFULLY got the award!! wahaas~ all of us laughed lors.. mr teo oso.. unbelievable.. den in the end vernon kena hit by qiu wen.. lols..

Friday, March 24, 2006

sia laas.. everytime oso got projects.. do until so sians le.. erm, recently finished geog de den now got service learnign de liaos.. wad's more.. need to have diff races and genders in thr grp of 4.. luckily our whole klas all chi.. wahaas~ erm.. ahnat and i and yinting and yili were like 'fighting' over 'getting' uncle dex and ah ma lors.. like so despo lidat.. o.O erm.. den yili and yinting no one to do with.. so they went to find ah gong.. den he kept saein let me consider first.. den i was like saeing yutze and wanlin will oso go chose ah gong de cos got yu liang inside.. duno why but they like quite closed to yu liang.. ooh.. erm.. i sure guessed right.. they did 'fight' over them.. den ah gong nvr sae hu he 'want'.. lols.. erm.. den ltr got PDP thingey.. den ahnat fell down.. scraped her knee.. bleed like duh.. erm.. den she kept complaining very pain wadsoeva de.. hais.. ah li oso injured.. her hand.. den in the end, ah teo attended to ahnat while she kept saeing wad very pain blahs de, and said ah teo wrapped not nice.. >.< erm.. ah li attended by st.john de wanlin.. woots.. haas..

Thursday, March 23, 2006

ah ma and ah gong rox.. ah ma=jinhui ah gong=ah zham.. erm.. duno how it started buden i rmb it was at the parade square.. at first is oni this ah ma character nia, buden yinting said tat ah zham quite closed.. so he became our ah gong.. erm.. den wan lin is our daddy, den yu tze our mummy.. recently todae, we've got a new member, dexter aka uncle dex.. wahaas~

erm.. nat din come to skool todae.. i walked to skool by myself.. she missed out alot of things lors.. we had geog presentation.. erm.. so it was okok laas.. erm.. den ms yong show us 2D de presentation.. den she show de is by laura tat gang de.. honestly, it was quite lame, whr they actually used WOODS the cough medicine to 'cure' the earth starring maryann.. wahaas.. no offence.. erm.. den ltr blah.. got lit.. den ah lim asked us to copy down all the lit ct ans.. den i was like copy fer wad wen we haven even received the papers yet lors.. so toot.. den wth.. she scolded me.. sae i no manners.. **** laas.. den ltr while we copying, she pretended to scold the whole klas.. den she went to ask the whole klas wad's the correct attitude in klas.. den she ans.. sae wad we should alwys listen to the teachers, den she repeated how i asked her abt the returning of papers de, den she sae until like is to the whole klas, buden actullay she's an jong zhen dui wo lors, rao yi ge quan zi lai 'shoot' wo.. wth.. dun wana sae lers..

Sunday, March 19, 2006

3 daes nver post le.. willl post todae.. erm.. yest went out with mum and bro watch 'Yours, Mine & Ours'.. ok laas, the movie.. thr were some obscene parts laas, den i felt so digusted.. erm.. it was so funny cann.. as in the kids.. ok laas.. lidat lors.. jus at least post cos ah nat asked me to update.. so i updated lers..

Thursday, March 16, 2006

waas~ maple cant play.. needa patch.. and den the patch is bcos of a new road called aqua road which is so very de STOOPID, and have to pay $2 fer it.. wth.. i was like pls lors, it's a game, den still need pay $2, which i noe isnt alot, but not worth.. but still, i tink i wana buy laas.. hees.. erm.. ok.. maple lvl 32 le.. actually can gain lvl todae le.. buden bcos of this whole STOOPID ting, i cant train.. sians.. without maple, my life = boredom and boredom and more boredom..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

umm.. i am back.. gona post abt yest's event.. till noiw i still cant believe i actually went to see the CAMPUS SUPERSTAR LIVE.. it's all like a dream, once u wake up, it's all gone.. k..

we met at cck mrt station.. waited quite long ger yvonne cos we last min informed got 1 extra ticket.. tsk.. den we took the MRT to Toa Payoh Mrt Station.. den all the while ahnat was laughing lors, duno fer wad.. tink she daydreaming abt her *ahem* bahs.. lols.. den wen we reached le, we went around asking ppl whr the taxi stand is.. which is no taxi stand laas.. den we were like on the roadway, flagging fer taxis.. i tell u, if we were doing tat in the middle of the night wearing white, no taxis will even stopped.. lols lols.. erm.. reached the mediacorp place and guessed who we saw!!!!! YUYANG and renfred.. ok.. i wasnt really excited on seeing renfred laas, but yuyang was thr.. my gosh..

erm.. den we queued up laas.. to wait.. thr were tons of ppl lors.. den alot like wana act cool lidat.. >_<

erm.. den the whole thing started.. junyang is so shuai can.. erm.. den sing sing sing.. lalalas~ chee yang suddenly so shuai lors.. his yen shen very fierce.. very de cool.. erm.. den we skipped renfred laas.. no offence.. he looked like a yellow banana yest.. buden he sang the song 'Da She Tou' quite nice laas.. erm.. den yuyang and adriano no need say le.. GOOD.. oh ya.. oso got geraldine.. chio lors.. den ltr the whole ting end le.. den ah nat took fotos of adriano.. lots.. den geraldine.. den aft results, yuyang and khim out maas.. den i cried lors.. cos cos.. hais.. den immediately the results recording ended, ah nat and i went to look fer yu yang.. den took fotos of him.. actually, ah nat and i took fotos TOGETHER with yuyang de, buden bcos of flash, hwei sze took it until like so uh.. so sad lors.. den we went out le, cos we wana take the shuttle bus.. den on the way out, ah nat and i were like eh, tat guy in black is junyang isit? ya.. it sure was.. shuai.. den it's like we were the oni 'fans' thr.. so we managed to get his autograph and oso to get him to pose a WILLING foto fer us.. wahaas~ so happy cann..

oh ya.. they celebrated geraldine's b'dae yest to.. her b'dae is on 14 mar, btw.. which is today..

Monday, March 13, 2006

5 more hrs~~~~ 5 more hrs i will be setting out with ahnnat and fwens to watch tonight's campus superstar.. so excited.. thr seems to be a prob though.. five ppl wana go buden hwei sze oni got 3 tickets available.. haix.. ah nat and i confirm going liaox.. den.. now it's like confused lorx.. duno whr the last ticket will fall into whose hands.. sigh~

Sunday, March 12, 2006

erm.. ok.. tot i wuld jus post abt my PPR results.. erm.. so it was ok laas.. not too good or too bad.. highest average marks in my klas was 77++ and i got 72.9 rounded up 73 laas.. erm.. so below are my grades..
English: B4, i improved my one grade le..
Higher Chinese: B3, dropped.. haix..
Mathematics: A1.. one of my best i guess.. but still, dexter beated me.. like duh.. he got the highest can.. boasting abt it all the while..
Science: A1
Geography: B3.. so-so range..
Literature: A1
ok.. tat's all.. quite pleased with my results laas.. tadaas..

Thursday, March 9, 2006

ok.. it's been five whole days i ever posted.. erm.. gona talk abt how yen teng, the heroine saves the day by sacrified herself by unlocking a door in the female's toilet (duh).. ok.. it was lidat laas.. erm.. during recess one of the toilet doors was locked laas.. den it's like we waited quite long le, den no one inside lorx.. cos i check maas.. haas.. erm.. den aft skool, oso locked.. we were like kept under suspense lorx.. den we went to ask yen teng to climb up and see wad's inside.. and oso she got long legs and long arms maas.. she damned daring lorx.. dare to mao xian.. wahaas~

erm.. den she climbed frm the third cubicle.. den to the second.. den to the locked one.. wad's inside? ghosts?????!!!!! no laas.. is nth lorx.. wonder how it got locked in the first place.. erm.. quite dangerous laas.. she climb onto the top of the pillar whr it separated the cubicles.. den it's like so dirty lorx.. yucks.. den frm the next pillar to another.. she long legs so easy fer her.. den the diff prob came.. she duno how to get down.. in the end, yinting and yili hold the door secure fer her, while she oso hold it and she jumped.. den she unlocked.. yay! YEN TENG SAVES THE DAY!! all of us clapped.. oh btw, my maple acc mage lvl 30 le.. ice mage.. yay.. haas..

Monday, March 6, 2006


Saturday, March 4, 2006

erm.. ok.. so ah nat and i met at the stadium laas.. den.. we sat fer a long while den went to gather at the tracks.. den blah.. den suddenly, the whole thing begun.. i was screaming like siao fer Kestrel lorx.. den in the end we won.. so our efforts din go down the drain.. erm.. dexter chu mai Kestrel lorx, go wear alba de.. den got a cb guy in Kestrel kept saying Kestrel sux lorx, den i go scolded him lorx.. den he kept saying wad he wana ask gang beat us.. wahaas, i scared, i scared arhx.. woots.. den some even threw bottle caps at us.. den ah nat pekchek, go throw cans back.. haas.. den she go say, "U dun tink u fat, i scared u ar!" shiok rite? haas.. den we scolded fer so long den until the whole 'festive' mood all gone liaox.. luckily horx, before they announced the championship tat time, they left le, if not i wouldnt even cheer lorx.. cos no mood le mahx.. den i cried lorx.. cos i too happy lerx.. haas..
ltr.. went hme.. den rushed.. cos at 1 meeting ah nat and pei went to watch movie.. pei wen qing us.. half -price.. yay.. watched Big Momma's House 2.. ok ok lorx.. 2 and a half stars? i tink the nicest part is the part whr the F.B.I guy was in a yellow bikini running.. haas.. saw alot of ppl on the way.. keng wee, joslyn, ade, jj, wei chang, chin seng, yu xuan.. blahx de.. alot laas.. still got yee ting they all.. cant rmb.. den took neos.. yay.. haas.. ok.. den pei wen back.. den ah nat and i went to shop around den bought food fer my bro.. ok.. tadaas.. finish posting..

Friday, March 3, 2006

184th post..
4 more entries than ah nat.. wahaas~ actually cannot lidat compare.. cos i started blogging earlier.. erm.. oh ya.. todae's simon b'dae.. the whole klas and badz team chipped in to give him an $80 de racket.. it's so cool lorx, white colour de.. den still got other presents.. den simon very touched until he really cried.. haix.. it was really very touching lorx.. i see le, oso wana cry sehx.. erm.. duno wad to type le..

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

hmm.. it's been four days since i posted.. ok.. today stayed bacj bcos of Urban Heat which is a geog project.. and i wasnt involved in it.. and ah nat FORCED me to stay back lorx.. and u noe if i dun stay back, vulgarities may come out of her mouth.. so i stayed.. so *toot* lorx.. cos i am not supposed to be attending their lesson de wad, den i tou tou sneak inside mahx.. den hong lip went to tell ms yong i inside lorx.. wad de.. den she found out.. den she 'scolded' me.. haix.. all thks to hong lip huhx.. no offence.. den ltr they talked talked talked abt the geog project while i pretended to be engrossed in some stupid drawings.. wahaas~ jus realised tat my posts are getting shorter and shorter but honestly i've got nth interesting to write abt!!