Friday, July 31, 2009

#127 - Spammers

 Warning: I am giving my point of view on Spammers. 

If you think you're one and came to the wrong blog, I suggest you keep your comments to yourself. Or perhaps read on to find how stupid and immature you are. It's not too late to stop you know. 

Foreword: Any real life situations that resembles the ideas mentioned here are purely coincidental. *acts super innocent*
Don't even try suing me, I have no money anyway. Huhu. (whistles)

Spammers have no life like seriously.
All they do is just visit your blog, tag rubbish and then wait till the next day to see your response/reaction.
How cool is that.

10 Facts About Spammers

1. They don't (dare to) type their real names.
Most of the time, spammers like to type their fake names, because they have no balls.
They only dared to say bad things about you behind their computer monitor because they dare not confront you. Some examples of the common COWARD's names used are Anonymous, YOUSUCK, (insertyourname) SUCKS, Nobody, passerby, all those lame act cute names and the worst of all is that they all suck at spelling words. Some dk how to spell anonymous and ended up making a fool of themselves. One of my friend had a spammer called 'Annoymous.' Wow, maybe it was pun intended.

2. They criticized and defamed you and make up stories of you that might even keep you entertain.
You know, spammers usually type whatever that comes to their mind, thus they don't really bother to think. Common stuff they typed are like "You're a bitch. You suck." So common. Some creative one will try to act clever but I can't seem to think of a good example at the moment. Probably because my brain doesn't want me to waste my brain cells over such minor stuff.

Anyway, dude, you know that BITCH means Babe In Total Control of Herself? Or this story which goes like, "You call me a bitch? A bitch is a female dog, a dog barks, and bark come from trees, trees are part of the Nature and Nature is BEAUTIFUL, thanks for complimenting that I'm beautiful."?

They also like to repeat stuff which all meant the same which meant that, as I infer, they suck at Summary Writing because they dk how to categorise things and put them together into one. Just get to the point and not keep on emphasising on it. I feel that they might score for paraphrasing though, since they know how to write a same thing in so many different ways. :)

3. They all want their one minute of fame.
If you never respond to them, they say you ignore them, act innocent and insert a long string of vulgarities.
If you delete their tags, they still say you ignore them, act innocent and insert a long string of vulgarities.

So ultimately, you've got to dedicate one entry just for them. But wait, a few words like you've got no life or get a life is not enough. They're fame hungry. They desire long lengthy entries which emphasises on how impactful they're to you, how much they meant to you, etc. As long as it's 3 paragraphs long, they're contented.

Here's an advice if you're planning to give them their desired fame, make sure you include justifications and reasonings in your opinions. You wouldn't want to give them loopholes to throw their balls into. *winks* (Whoops, I forgot they've got no balls. I apologise for not remembering that.)

4. They like to 'show off' their vulgarities.
The vulgarities come in different languages, hokkien and english mainly. Okay. It's considered minimal. But they like to act as though they really know alot. How? By typing one whole string with no punctuations that is. I often imagine them trying to say that long string of vulgarities out in one breath. It makes me laugh. Maybe they can go invent new stuff like vulgarities tongue twisters, then compete with one another and see who is better. :)

5. They type in broken English and suck at spelling and punctuation.
Have you ever encounter spammers who type things like "You are a bitch. In my humble opinion, you suck. You have no breasts, you cannot even get breast cancer. Do you think you're very pretty? I beg to differ."
If you do, tell me. I need to be impressed by it.

6. They have a lot of time to spare.
They spam your blog. Then they have to keep on checking back to see if you respond. Wait Click Refresh Wait Click Refresh Wait Click Refresh Wait Click Refresh.  The cycle goes on. Two words: No Life. Don't you have better things to do? *scratches head*

7. They are stupid and immature.
Spamming to get rid of your hatred for that person? Spamming to make that person upset? Wow. You know by spamming, you're still having a close relationship with that person? Since you hate that person, why don't you stay far away from him/her and stop sitting in front of your computer furiously typing lies about someone?

8. They like to jump to conclusions or anyhow link.
In History Essay terms, they provide the F(actor), left out the EE and then give a lousy L(ink).
In simple terms, they basically just assume with nothing to back up what they say. They often make use of all the things you have to say and then try to dig out things to say. I bet they'd fail their General Paper because like I've said, they just assume. Hello? (Mr Soh 上身) That's only your OPINION, your ASSUMPTION. Where are your JUSTIFICATIONS and REASONINGS? Where are your EVIDENCE and EVALUATION? You are only giving your *coughs* humble opinion over here.(doh)

I suggest before you even tag and anyhow jump to conclusions, go gather your resources first if not you might get owned. I also suggest you to try different forms of Research Methodology (Project Work) like eg. conducting surveys. I strongly recommend Survey Monkey, it is free, you just need to create an account and then think of the survey's questions you want to ask. They can even draw bar graphs or even pie chart for you, it's that easy! Please call 1800-123-4567 for more details.

9. (For those who chose to counter-attack back) They only choose to reply to some of the things you respond to them.
Why? Because they dk how to respond back for the rest of the things you say. They are afraid that they might get owned and lose the 'blog war'.
But they often lack creativity and choose to say the same things over and over again. Aren't they sick of it? We are sick of it already. In fact we can even predict what they're gonna say next.

Oh and I realise that they often contradict themselves, I have seriously no idea what they are trying to say. Perhaps they have some form of disability which make them unable to express out what they are trying to say? All these we would never know, because we are not lame people who are immature and have lots of free time to do such things. :)

10. They have no life. *refer to start of the entry.
Need I say more? :D

'Like' the entry? :D

Thursday, July 30, 2009

#126 - The (Doh) Bitches

Haha, lunch or should I say dinch (combination of lunch and dinner) today with 2 (doh) bitches is love! (L)

We had a lovely meal at Pizza Hut which includes laughter and tears from laughter. I think I grew abs already from the constant laughing. There was even a time when I couldn't even breathe, the feeling was so terrible, I thought I was hyperventilating. -.-

Stupid Babi lah, keep making the (woot) + (rock) face. -.- Haha and tons of inside jokes as well. All the (doh)ing plus laughing at Babi's soup which has only 4 or less pathetics pieces of chicken inside, while I constantly 'show off' mine which has tons of chicken. :D

Ate like a lot, I had criss cross fries, plus student meal where Babi and I shared our main course. We ordered Sausage Craze and Chicken Nepotaliean (however shit it is being spelt) Pasta and then halfed it. Thought that Babi took very little though. I ended up like eating the rest. -.-

But luckily we have Beaver who talks funny stuff that we laugh at to burn away the calories. Of course with Babi's lameness and Skunk's (Me) good sense of humour, the day is saved. :)

We ate there for more than an hour?! Like other customers who arrived later left like earlier than us! Haha, all thanks to the constant distractions by SOME PEOPLE. Hahahahah.

Oh and I was in need of tissue at Pizza Hut then, so I took some of Beaver's. I had a hard time tearing it and ended up hitting my glass of Pepsi which then spilled all over the table. At this critical moment, all of us laughed like mad, even when the manager was cleaning up the mess. :/ And Babi just had to ask if I wanted a glass of water. (doh)

Left Pizza Hut and then walked to the Library since Beaver needed to return a book. And we wasted time there looking at random Manicure and Pedicure book plus Optical Illusion book.

And we went to the toilet. Sorry for being so detailed. I need to emphasise the toilet bit because Beaver found out something 'interesting'.

She went to the first cubicle and saw a pin-hole camera-like thingy at the side of the cubicle. There were cracks around it. It looked dubious. She told us to look at it too, I was too freaked out. :/ I was afraid that if I took a closer look at it, I'd see an eye blinking or something. (doh) I know I think too much sometimes, but better safe than sorry yeah?

Quite creepy to be there in the toilet and we left quickly.

MRT-ed home later and it was super packed! I was 1 inch away from the door and on my left and my right were 2 male adults who smelt worst than Burger. I think I nearly hyperventilate. I was trying to catch my breath. :(

And there was this lady who nearly fell and nearly grab my hands, thinking they were MRT poles. -.-

Sorry for the lack of photos in this entry, they're all with Beaver.

Byebye lovelies, I'm going to chiong hw now, respond okay! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#125 -

I was using my mechanical-pencil-poke-the-arm method to keep myself awake during Chemistry Lecture today. It failed for the first time. And Babi just had to play her part and she started jabbing (notice I didn't use the word 'poking') my arm real hard. As if I am not human. Obviously I shot up from my seat a little and became damn wide awake.

If you see the photo clearly, you'd realised that I've some mole-like dots on my arm.
FYI: They are not moles. -.- They're the 'scars' left by Babi the Great. Oh wow.

Anyway, show you something gross I found on the Net.


Apparently this person enjoys killing poor little chicks with her bare toes!
This, this fugly woman is the killer. She made use of her heels to separate the chicks' bodies.
Then she proceeds to tear the chicks' bodies with her bare toes while rubbing them against the floor!

Crazy insane woman! Still dare take photo show people. -.-

Abrupt end but I'm done with my entry for today. :)
Well, there's a time for givin' up,
Didn't want to have to say it.
All we doin' is building walls,
And now there's too many barriers.

Monday, July 27, 2009

#124 - Awake

SkunkyShufen thinks it's time to buck up! 8)

I don't want anyone to see me cry.
I must be strong.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

#123 -

Haha joke. I think I burnt a lot of calories away today because I laughed too much already. (LOL)

Babi is down with stroke and Beaver and Skunk are really sad for her. (tears)

What's more she is down with N4H1, nani in short as well, due to usage of too much dancing bananas, (dance).

And somemore, we found out that she has got slight senile dementia! Beaver and Skunk have even researched on Google, Yahoo and even Wiki, the super unreliable website!

But still no cure, Skunk want to cry liao. Tmrw first thing wake up must go library do research now. Her illness has got a name, Nani + Stroke = Stroni. It coincidentally rhymes with Babi.

Furthermore she is the first carrier of Stroni, dk whether the illness is easily contagious or not. We are really worried for her.
Babi, if you're reading this, I hope you will stay strong. :) 
Beaver and Skunk, probably the whole Clique 7 will be there for you. You will get well, you must believe in yourself. Don't be too sad, you can still talk to us, maybe send email, sms, or snail mail or like what Beaver said, fei ge chuan shu.

Sia lah, when I think about it, I really feel like crying for Babi. What's more she lost her head because she swore her head off in a 'bet' she made with me. Sigh, I think the head must be somewhere on someone's house who owes loan sharks money.

Poor Babi. And the sad thing is that she still cannot face the sad fact, hopes she will 'wake' up soon.

By the way, here are the symptoms of Stroni.
  • Too much usage of dancing bs and (annoyed)
  • Crooked mouth
  • Slight senile dementia
  • Short term memory, about the same as the one mentioned above
  • Laughs for no reason, especially doing it out loud
  • Talks to self
  • Keeps on 'diao'-ing
Yeah, that's all. Hope everyone won't get it, since we still don't know how this illness spreads.

Take care Babi, we love you. (rock) \m/

Thursday, July 23, 2009

#122 -

"No news is good news."

Caught Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today. It was... disappointing (as usual). Out of all the 6 movies, I guessed the first one was the best with accurate and much more detailed references from the book itself.
They changed and took out a lot of parts in the 6th movie, I suggest all Harry Potter book fans not to go watch it because you'd be disappointed with the movie like I am now.

Warning: Spoilers Alert

(In random order)
Book: Harry sneaked into Draco's cabin in the Hogwarts train and was being found out. Draco attacked him and covered him with his invisiblity cloak. Tonks saved Harry and got him out of the train.
Movie: Luna Lovegood saved Harry.

Book: Harry and Ginny kissed in front of the Gryffindors after winning the Quidditch match.
Movie: Ginny kissed Harry in the Room of Requirements when they were hiding the Half-Blood Prince' Advanced Potions textbook.
Book: Snape requested to see Harry's Advanced Potions textbook and Harry took Ron's to show it to him.
Movie: Snape did nothing.

Book: Ron felt that he could not perform well in the Quidditch match. The Slytherins even invented jeer cheer to make him feel worse.
Movie: Nothing happen.

Book: Harry and friends left the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes in an invisibility cloak to follow Draco.
Movie: They left there openly.

Book: Harry and friends followed Draco to Borgin and Burkes and made use of the Extendable Ears to eavesdrop on Draco and the shopkeeper's conversation.
Movie: They climbed on a rooftop and peeped at them.
Book: Dumbledore had a grand funeral and many wizards of important status were there, Umbridge was there too.
Movie: There was no such grand funeral, only scenes after Dumbledore was killed, where he was surrounded by the Hogwarts students.
Book: Horace Slughorn took the arachnid, Aragog's venom secretly without Hagrid's knowing.
Movie: He took it with Hagrid's permission.

Book: Slughorn held a party in the train.
Movie: Nothing of such happened.
Book: Harry at the start was staying with his relatives.
Movie: He just happened to meet Dumbledore on a random street.
Book: Harry learned about Voldemort's past, about Voldemort's family from the Pensieve.
Movie: He only saw memories of Slughorn.
Book: Harry realised that Draco was using the Room of Requirement and attempted to get in many times.
Movie: No such thing happened.
Book: The Dark Mark was set even before Dumbledore and Harry reached Hogwarts from their trip back from the cave where the inferi and the fake locket Hocrux are.
Movie: The Dark Mark was set after Dumbledore was killed.
Book: Harry was 'frozen' and hidden under his invisibility cloak when he witnessed Dumbledore's death.
Movie: Harry was told by Dumbledore to hide underground and not do a thing.
Book: The Order of the Phoenix fought hard with the Death Eaters when Draco, Snape, Harry and Dumbledore were at the Astronomy Tower.
Movie: All the Death Eaters were with Draco, Snape, Harry and Dumbledore at the Astronomy Tower.
Book: Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley.
Movie: None of this.
Okay this is all I could remember, correct me if you've seen anything wrong. :)
Hmm, oh and I know my Taekwondo Grading results already! All of us who went pass, no double no fail. :)

I am now officially a yellow belt Taekwondo-ian! 

 Some overdue photos from Taekwondo Grading:
Fooling around with YanLing's camera. :)
Mmm.. This week is almost in the blinking of an eye huh. 
Let me try to recall what happen these few days...
Actually nothing much happened lah, just that I got back all my H2 subjects Block Test. They are no good, I can only say that I was quite shocked with my Physics result. I just passed, which is a miracle since I've been failing my lecture tests so freaking shitly bad.
Think.. Some conflicts here and there with some friends which I hope to resolve soon. Hmm yeah.
What else. Oh! What's up with the yo-yo craze currently ah? Been seeing a few young kids playing with yo-yos and shops which are starting to sell them. Got new yo-yo anime is it? Haha, I don't really care about anime so I have to ask. :D

And before I end, I want to groan and complain about my injuries all over my body. I've got a swollen finger thanks to Che Chen who kick it during Taekwondo (annoyed), 2 big blisters where the 'water' inside bounces, 1 idkhowtoexplainbutit'spainful ankle, 1 idkwhatpartisthat, oh it's foot which aches like bad, a sore back and a sore neck. Plus a few million bruises I don't bother counting because I save them for sleep, people count sheep, I count blue-black. -.

Speaking of bruises, I've got like this bruise which can transform. At first, it was this innocent small blue-black which did not hurt at all. Then the skin started peeling off layer by layer, think onion. Then now it has a dark ring of brown and inside the bruise, it's white. That layer of skin there is very shiny, shinier than the rest of my skin by the way. Okay, how descriptive. :D

Oh and I got this bruise thanks to Raine's long legs. We were walking down the stairs at the PD Block and I just happened to step onto her long leg's foot and fell to one corner of the stairs where the metal railing are. *Ouch* One more blue-black on the knee cap to add on to my blu-black collection! (woot)

Okay, I think I updated a lot already, still contemplating whether to upload some guide to spammers shit thang not, beaver and babi, what say you? :)

Last but not least, give me face, join Plurk. :D 

(dance)(rock)(woot) - Plurkers' language. \m/

Sunday, July 19, 2009

#121 - Updates

Hello people, it's been 3 days since I last updated and my blog hits showed an all time low. :(

Last friday... What happen...

Oh, I remembered eating Yong Tau Hoo (Laksa version) and then one of my meatballs decided that staying in the Laksa gravy is too sian already, and it hopped out of my bowl and hit my shirt and then my fbt and then went bouncing on the floor. -.-

Haha, fast forward till the part I went home with KwaiGa and Johnathan. We saw an accident where most of the green railings were broke apart! And so Johnathan and I began taking photos, while KwaiGa was busy blowing her nose. Haha!

Hmm, then Saturday.

Morning we had Taekwondo room Spring Cleaning. Cleaned up the room till it sparkles like diamond (haha) and then threw away many unwanted items. Got last year's Taekwondo tee. Haha, Nifail got the most stuff man, last year Taekwondo's tee, 2 new Taekwondo Jackets and the Team JJ shirt.

After that went for lunch and then chiong home to bathe and then go for uncle's housewarming. Slacked there, ate buffet, talked crap and played with the distant cousins. One of them is so cute, YiJing! The last time I saw her was like 4 years ago, and now she's 6 and still as cute as ever. But she's noiser and naughtier now! :)

Her sister, YiShuen is as active as ever and she's super skinny, 8 years old and has the same weight at YiJing.

YiJing and YiShuen! :D (I wanna burst those eyebags)

Haha before I end this entry, let me show you something my mum found while packing my table.

Spot me! Hahahahahhahahahah, how many million years ago man! So freaking fair like milk and somemore so skinny.

Tag and click on the advertisements okay, my tagboard is dying soon! Wahahha!

And join Plurk, I would love you and would help you respond! Byebye! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

#120 -

Got back my Progress Report, as expected, it was shitty.

But heng ah, no 'U' but then no 'A' either. :(

My Chemistry need one more mark to pass leh, Ms Loon don't want help me. But I was surprised my Maths and Physics would pass, I thought I would fail like shit too. And they're not borderline pass okay, they're at least a C. :)

Anyway, today's the best day apart from Friday and the weekends because school ends early, at 2.30pm. :)

Oh and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out in cinemas today, I so want to watch it badly. :(

Random shit: Woke up to the 'moanings' of cats making out outside my house. Sucker man, disrupt my beauty sleep. ZZZ.

Cats suck, dogs are wayyyyy better.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

#119 -

Hehe, I finally know the trick to keep myself awake during lessons:

By constantly poking myself with a mechanical pencil on my arms.

I was kept awake thanks to the poking.

Thanks to Nana (pronounced as Neh Neh) the SiaoTeBah. (Crazy piece of porku).

Haha Nana taught me this trick when I asked her to keep me awake. She just took my pencil and poked me with it. I was taken aback by shock and also pain. Thus I became awake! Whoo!

Anyway, Skunk (Me) Plurk-ed with Nana the SiaoTeBah (Raine), Beaver (Lynette) and Burger Mama (Huiyi) in school today. So fun! Wanna do that again soon even though Karma don't rise for us! :)

For those who dk what Plurk is, it's something like Twitter but is wayyyyyy fun-ner.
For those who dk what Twitter is, go find out yourself. :)

Plurk's the new MSN y'know!

Go go go join Plurk now! :D (And no, Plurk so didn't pay me for this.)

Lastly, I'm super elated because I just got orange nail polish and got my toenails done! Now they look so hot! :D:D

Sighs affectionately.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

#118 - Complaints

I am not going to buy Clam Chowder from Long John Silver at Yew Tee again. (unless I am convinced that such incident* won't happen again.)

*I waited for more than 15minutes for a cup of Clam Chowder. -.-

Their pot of Clam Chowder was empty and they had to cook another pot.

Shouldn't they cook it when they notice that the soup is going to run out already? I mean, they store the soup in the heater pot, so even if no one buys it, the soup still remain hot what. Also not as if, if they cook first, then the soup will become cold or something. Grr.

Then while waiting, I was thinking that if they serve me the Clam Chowder with very little clams etc, I would request for more. But I thought that since they made me waited for so long already, they would probably compensate me by giving me more.

Turned out I was wrong. When I finally got hold of the soup, I stirred the soup and found only big pieces of potatoes and 2 or 3 pathetically small clams. I was super pissed and I went to the counter and demanded for a change.

Okay, actually not really demand lah. Just that I show up at the counter with a black face and politely asked why my soup has got so little 'ingredients', while constantly stirring the soup in front of them.

Of course they changed mine. More 'ingredients' but then the soup tasted super bland. Ugh!

PS: Sorry for sounding like some spoilt brat here, I really hate to wait.


Anyway, just now I was left standing like an idiot downstairs.

On the way back home, my mum went to kick some cat for fun. -.-
And that angered the cat, which then went to chase my brother. My brother ran and the cat took off as well, in my direction! My brother dashed all the way to the lift lobby to join my mum and left me dumbfounded with the cat!

Omg, scared like shit (although shit isn't scared) and Idk what to do.

Luckily the cat ran away and hid at the void deck, but then I wasn't sure if it would chase me if I walk by it later.

So I took the long way by walking at the pavement area near the road in the rain. -.-

Saddest thing is when I reached the lift lobby, I realised my mum and brother pangseh me and went up already. They only waited at the 10th storey where I alighted, laughing at my plight. T.T

What a day.

But luckily, something cheered me up. Something orange! :)

My mum got for free! Buy icecream give one, orange leh!

I camwhored with just that like siao, the photo on top is only 1 of the 16 I took with the product! :D

Happy like mad even though I don't use such hair cream thing, I just like the colour!

I even dance like siao and my mum keeps giving me this 'Are You Nuts' look. Haha!

And that got me 'inspired' and I started grabbing all orange stuff I can find near me.

And I went around my house to collect more.

Ta-daa, part of my orange collection! :)

Read carefully, this is only part of the collection only, and also I am certain there will be more to come! :)

Straight after I took this photo, I kept woo-hoo-ing and danced like the banana above. So high, as though I am on drugs! :D

Hoho! I feel better already, after ranting everything out here and then 'showing off' my orange collection even though I know no one's interested to see.

Plus I just had Walls Cornetto chocolate and vanilla flavour, the serotonin or serotin or serotine or whatever shit (Biology student please help me here) in chocolate stimulates the brain to release endorphins which makes one happy!

Whoo, I feel good! Byebye! ^^

*continues dancing*

Friday, July 10, 2009

#117 - Lost and insecure


Omg, the 17 year old guy who got injured during the Taekwondo Sparring died!

Such a pity to die at such a young age, I learn my lesson not to spar. :/


Eew, I am disgusted with myself and feel like a fool when I read my archives.

How can I be so naive, stupid and innocent in the past?

I wish I could turn back time and change them or erase all of those memories away so that I can feel 'clean'. It's like a scar that will never heal.

In case you are thinking some horny thing, I AM STILL A VIRGIN. -.-

Do you know what it feels like to be the last one,
to know the lock on the door has changed?

No you don't.

Where were you when everything was falling apart?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

#116 -

I figure I'd better update this blog soon or I will lose a big bunch of readers who will help me click the Nuffnang Advertisment, like my entries, and also tag my oh-so-dead tagboard.

First thing first. Why so many people 'like' the fact that Rupert Grint got HINI? (Not as though there's a lot of 'like'(s) but there's 5.)

Second thing.

A SPARRING match turned into a tragedy that left a teenager brain-dead.
Vincent Tan, 17, a taekwondo green belt who had taken up the sport about a year ago, had taken part in the match at Kampong Kembangan Community Club last Sunday.
He was sparring with an opponent, a more experienced 15-year-old who apparently had a higher-ranked brown belt.
Just minutes into the sparring, Vincent was believed to have been kicked on the neck.
Lianhe Wanbao reported that he adjusted his head guard, but soon fell unconscious.
A Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman said Vincent was taken unconscious to Changi General Hospital (CGH) with neck injuries at about 9.40am.
Vincent's sister, who also took part in the competition, accompanied him to CGH in the ambulance.
A family member told The New Paper that he was pronounced brain-dead yesterday.
Vincent's uncle, who declined to be named, told The New Paper that the family has numerous questions about the incident.
He said: 'We want to know why a green belt holder was allowed to spar with a brown belt holder.'
The competition was jointly organised by the Kampong Ubi-Kembangan Citizens Consultative Committee and the Greenville Residents' Committee, and supported by the Singapore Taekwondo Gymnasium.
Vincent's uncle also wondered about the safety measures at the competition.
'Was he wearing the required safety equipment? We all want to know,' he said.
When contacted, Vincent's mother declined comment.
The second of three children is a student at Nanyang Polytechnic. He had been learning taekwondo for about a year from an instructor based in Serangoon.
His uncle said he was enthusiastic about the sport and was excited about competing.
'But now, we just want answers,' he said.
When contacted, the Singapore Taekwondo Gymnasium declined to comment on the incident.
Mr Lim Teong Chin, 61, general manager of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), said the Singapore Taekwondo Gymnasium had pulled out of the federation in 1993.
He said: 'The Singapore Taekwondo Gymnasium used to be an affiliate of STF but has been operating independently since it pulled out of the federation,' he told The New Paper.

'Since they operate on their own, they also have their own set of rules and regulations for competitions.'
He said that under STF's regulations, a green belt would never be allowed to spar with a brown belt under any circumstances.
'Only brown belts, poom belts (junior black belts) and black belts are allowed to spar.'
He explained that this was to ensure that two people with too great a disparity in skills do not spar with each other.
He said: 'The difference in experience between a green belt and a brown belt can be more than a year.
'Green belts are at the stage where they've only just learnt how to spar, while brown belts have already been sparring for some time.'
He likened this to a person 'just learning how to walk' competing against somebody who 'already knows how to run'.
He said: 'Green belts are just too inexperienced to compete at this stage.'
Even for the more experienced brown belts, regulations require competitiors to be in the same weight and belt category to spar.
While competing, contestants are also required to suit up in protective gear, which includes a head guard, mouth guard and gloves.

What a tragedy. Luckily my parents have little reaction towards this accident if not I guess they would have told me to quit Taekwondo straight away.

My mum was super scared when I told her I wanted to join Taekwondo at the start of the year and she IS still scared even though I am in Taekwondo. And heck no, she is not worried about my safety but that of my brother.

She is scared that I will hit/beat my brother up using the skills I learn in Taekwondo. -.-

Omg, how can she think like this? I am such a/an innocent, obedient, tame and gentle girl! :)

Anyway, this week is almost gone in a blinking of an eye. Haha, I like I like!

But I have a lot of things to do this weekend, so much for thinking I've been enlightened ever since MYE is over.

Things on the To-Do List:
1. Maths Functions Tutorial
2. Maths Differentiation Tutorial
3. Chemistry Alkenes Tutorial
4. GP Articles
5. History Essay and Powerpoint Presentation
6. Taekwondo Name List Editing
7. Taekwondo 'Contract Form' for Future Grading
8. Written Report
9. Study for Chemistry Equilibrium Quiz next week
10. Study for Maths Differentiation Quiz on Week 4

Nuuuu.. :(

Okay, abrupt ending but byebye.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

#115 - Rupert Grint

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Rupert Grint, Harry Potter's Ron Weasley got Hini!
They had to stop the filming of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' for a while.

But luckily he's recovering already. :)

PS: I've made some major changes to my blog. And also added 'Like' and 'Dislike' buttons at the end of every entry, as inspired by Facebook and Xiaxue. So please do rate wisely. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

#114 - Movie


It's been a long time since I went to catch a movie. The last time I watched a movie was like '17 Again'? Lol.

Caught Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen today.

It was superb and very worth the money. Everything was fabulous. As much as I hate robots, I can't help but admit this show is nice and kept me entertained all the way till the end.

And no, the Transformers crew didn't pay me for this. :)

No offence to anyone, but I don't think Megan Fox looks the same in photos and the movie. Maybe it's just my eyes? Haha.

Oh by the way, this movie has got many nice OSTs too. Like eg:
New Divide - Linkin Park (Which I believe many of you would have known by now.)
21 Guns - Green Day
Never Say Never - The Fray

Lastly, make sure you have emptied your bladder before watching the movie, especially if you have a small bladder like me. It's 2hours and 23 minutes for goodness sake!

Taekwondo Grading was okay but I didn't know what I was doing. My mind was in a blank and I did the whole pattern without thinking, as though it's like a routine. Idk what's wrong, but I just pray for a 'Pass'.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

#113 - The bitch is back

1st entry of July 2009!

(Starts singing in tune to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)
You better watch out
You better not sneeze
Better not cough
I'm telling you why
The HINI* flu is already in town!


Definition: A shortened form for referring to the H1N1 strain of influenza A.

Origin: Heard over the radio a month on 987fm, Muttons To Midnight.
Justin Ang's niece calls h1n1 hini. :)

Synonyms: Swine Flu, Influenza A, Pig Flu, H1N1

How it can be used in a sentence: You got fever? Omg, Hini!

Okay all those on top are lame, but you have to agree they're entertaining and that you've learnt something new. For those who know about Hini, just pretend you don't for once. :)

The song inspiration was from MrBrown, except my version is lamer and that I didn't sing to it. I scared I sing too nice then everyone falls for me because of my voice and then my views on Youtube will be so much more than MrBrown then this would create some awkwardness, not!

Hahaha, after a week of not blogging, I've no idea what to type here.

Hmm. The MYE... Idk what to say. What I am sure would happen would be that I would flunk my Mathematics, fail my Chemistry, and not do well for Physics. (Whoo, I just realised there's a lot of 'would' in this sentence, cool.)

Okay, that's all for MYE, talking about it gives me the shudders and makes me want to cry again, I am glad it's finally over. :)

Let's move on to smaller, random and miscellaneous stuff.

Let me tell you whatever stupid lame dumb bimbo shit that has been happening to me since school started this week.

1. I dreamt a cat bite my butt. And it was meowing so happily. -.-
I cried in my dream and woke up to find tears in my eyes.

2. Due to the fact that my nails have been growing well, they are sharp and long. When I was rubbing my eye one day, my nail poked my eyeball. Ouch! Following that, I poked the palm of my hands 2 times! (Don't ever try to get me to trim my nails.)

3. I was a little panicky when I couldn't find my hairclip (very stupid I know, I get panicky even if I lost small stuff) only to have friends telling me that the hairclip is on my head. -.-

4. I think I am crazy. Whenever I reached the bus-stop I'm supposed to alight at, I would wait and see if there's anyone who is going to alight. Then when I see them about to reach out and press the bell, I would then faster reach out and press the bell before they did. Their action of reaching out to the bell which they weren't 'fast' enough to press and then returning to their original position cracks me up. (I am easily amused.)

5. I was looking through my wallet and realised I got extra $25 in my wallet. I was shocked because I haven't been saving much money for this week. I thought maybe 老天爷 pities me and wants me to have the money and so I smiled to myself like an idiot, thinking that life rocks for just that moment. Then in the end, I remembered the extra $25 came from JinLin, who passed me her Taekwondo grading fee just hours before. :(

6. I placed my laptop in front of my computer and then when I wanted to type, I pulled out the keyboard slider to type using the computer's keyboard instead of the laptop's one. It took me a while to realise that I am actually using the computer's keyboard to type what I want. I was like, eh, my keyboard spoil or wire loose ah? Why I type then nothing come out one?

Eh regarding the 5th point hor, don't take it lightly leh. Such thing happens to me before, sometimes I find extra $1 or $2 inside my wallet one. Probably that's why I think 老天爷 so good, at one go give me $25.

Anyway, finally had a session of Taekwondo at Signature Park.

Turns out Signature Park is not a park, it's actually a condominium where Mr Lim, our teacher-in-charge for Taekwondo lives. -.- Feels good to be stretching and kicking here and there with fellow Taekwondo mates again. J2 seniors, Gordon and William came along to join us as well, so enthu! :D

We practised our Pattern for Taekwondo Grading tmrw and had ang-ku kueh during break bought by Mr Lim. :)

Later we had lunch at LJS (fatxzxzxz) at Clementi (very random) and then I went back to school with Johnathan to get the stocks done and for me to get new grading cards for the white belts. Chatted in school for a while talking about random shit and then left for Shazwan's house for PW.

Haha, seems like my life is currently on the upside. I am loving every moment of it, except for all those stupid things that happened to me. :)

But all good things must come to an end, don't they?

Taekwondo Grading tmrw, I must do my best! Gogogo! :D

PS: This is a very wordy entry, sorry for the lack of photos. There's something wrong with Blogger. :(

Till then people, you know I love you. :)