Saturday, February 25, 2006

ok.. i am gona talk abt alot of things todae..
erm.. i din run cos i on MC.. sorta pon lahx.. den pur klas fastest is ade.. 11st position.. cha yi dian lorx.. so ke xi.. *sniff* erm ah nat got 42.. not bad lerx.. =))) erm.. den fer guys in our klas, chin seng was the first.. not bad.. 8th position.. *CLAP CLAP* yu liang oso not bad.. 10th position.. erm.. den dragged somemore while ppl resting in the hall.. waited quite long lorx.. den each team got chance to show off their cheer.. erm, den until like abt 10 plus, we were finally dismissed.. erm.. went to ah nat's de hse.. cos ah nat wana chge shoes and oso shun bian bath.. den i used her laptop play maple.. =P so jian.. wahaas.. erm.. den help yinting train abit den her laptop bo battery liaox.. wahaas.. erm.. den ltr we went to lot 1.. cos wana eat lunch mahx.. went to Pizza Hut to eat.. student meal.. buden horx, more ex cos haven 1.30 yet.. wahaas.. den met ade and joslyn.. den ah nat and yinting culdnt finish theirs, so the pizzas went to ade and joslyn's stomachs.. haas.. erm.. den saw li ying ltr.. den we decided to shop awhile.. well, not really shop lorx.. jus walk around nia..

erm.. den received a call frm ah li.. told us she got diarhorrea.. duno i spell correctly anot.. den at tat time, she culdnt confirm whether she wuld be going anot.. haix.. erm.. den saw junyuan, samuel, keith and their frens.. hees.. erm.. den.. we went to SweetTalk cos wana buy drinks mahx.. erm.. ya.. den walked back to skool.. saw the guys on the way back.. den waited fer quite a while..

Supporting of the C division's boys
went back to skool bcos we supporting the C division's boys mahx.. den finally we aboard de bus.. all the way, ah li and i sang songs blahx de.. den were taught of cheers by the SSC members.. lalalas~ den finally reached Jurong Stadium.. watched the matches.. not bad lahx.. our skool.. playing against Boon Lay Sec.. erm.. den supported Simon thruout.. cos he's our klas chairman mahx.. he lost lahx.. buden he did very well le.. the guy who competed with him so zhuai lorx.. he kb de.. cb oso.. erm.. den simon cried.. cos i tink the coach gave him too much stress le lorx.. haix.. den all of us shounted and screamed den until bo siah liaox.. hah.. den we went to KFC to refill water.. den guess who we saw??!! KENNETH, THE CAMPUS SUPERSTAR GUY!! OMG!! HE LOOKED SO SHUAI SUDDENLY MAN!! wahaas.. den went back.. in the end, BLS won lahx.. we were the 1st runner-up.. erm.. den wen leaving tat time, we saw KENNETH agen.. den i was like telling ah li, 'THERE!! THE GUY, THE GUY!' den KENNETH turned around lorx.. i so malu, so i looked down.. den ah nat said he smiled at us.. wahs.. cant imagine.. lolx.. sho happi.. =))) erm.. den lidat lorx.. no more liaox.. btw, i kena 'sabo' by ah li they all lorx.. fer the intergrity award.. can u believe it man?! i, the one known fer stealing ppl's wallets fer fun, actually got the award.. wa lau a.. dexter tried to help me lorx.. den no use.. waaaaas~

Thursday, February 23, 2006

broke another record today.. yay.. *CLAP CLAP* noe wad was th record? i did not speak to dexter or vernon fer two whole hrs.. tat counts ritex? cos they both sitting nxt to me mahx, den quite diff not to talk to ech other.. wahaas.. erm.. actually horx, the main reason why we din talk was tat vernon was angry at me.. said i attitude him lorx.. haix.. yuan wang ah.. den the cold war started.. but i said it in a nicer way.. i broke a RECORD.. hmm.. ok.. anyway, here's my results fer the pass common test..

English Diagnostic Test: 19/30 bleahx.. highest is 21 can..
Higher Chinese CT: 32 and a half /50 highest 39 and a half.. so gd can..
Maths CT: 23/25 one of my best huhx.. buden highest is full marks lorx..
Geog CT (which i jus knew abt today):19/25 highest 23/25 lorx..

den ms yong saes although i quite ok, buden my marks alwys at this range de.. said i shuld improve.. wahaas.. erm.. oh ya. btw, this time geog not alot of failures in our klas lahx.. erm.. den ms yong said she tink 2D's test papers worse than us.. erm.. no offence huhx..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

yay.. finally, i've got a way to 'pon' roadrun lerx.. cos yest i sick mahx.. doctor said i got stomach flu.. wahaas.. den i took an MC, which states tat i will be excused frm PE fer 7 days, roadrun counted inside.. isnt tat cool? dun needa run lerx.. yay.. hahx.. anyway, eldds is in charge of kranji idol.. isnt tat awesome???? wahaas.. erm.. still got wad huhx.. er.. 2c performed todae fer the CDA thingey.. (Character Development Programme) den nat and i watched.. it was very relaxing lorx.. with the music and the constant strong wind which was blowing.. how i wished that moment will nvr end.. aaaahhhh~ btw, HAPPY BELATED B'DAE, GWENDOLINE!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

wahaas.. geog test tml, and i still havent study fer it yet.. thanks to ah nat's post, i rmb tat thr's geog common test tml.. and erm.. roadrun coming lerx.. nxt fri.. and we are supposed to run 3.2m!! fer gers nia lahx.. guys run 4.5m.. very long lorx.. tink i wan pon lehx.. i am gona visit the doctor on being sick which i am den take an MC.. wahaas.. i sound so evil.. let's jus hope i am able to find some time to visit the doctor.. T_T and.. uh.. i duno wad i have done.. my blogger de language all became chinese instead of english de suddenly.. wth..

Sunday, February 19, 2006

howdy.. yest blogger and all blogs gt prob.. cant go and visit any of them or even post.. wad the.. lukily nth happen today huhx, if not i wuldnt noe how to live withput posting.. hahx.. kk.. anyway, i did quite well fer my maths common test.. tis is a chance fer me to flaunt huhx.. heex.. no lahx.. gt 20 plus put of 25.. *CLAP CLAP* erm, jus bcos of me being stupid, i mean careless, my marks got minus away.. noe wad's the careless mistake i made?? i forgot to copy a negative sign.. tat's why.. wtf.. but i guessed i am at least beta than jinhui huhx.. he went to write tat 105-95=110.. isnt tat stupid? no offence.. maybe he din really check thru his werk.. buden ppl do make mistakes sometimes.. cant be blame.. i mean, did u ever see anyone who in his whole life din make any mistakes before? i will bet ur ans will be no..

erm.. btw, i jus realised tat actually mopping is FUN!! although it's such a tiring job, buden i enjoyed doing it.. and noe wad happened wen i was mopping today? i mopped a cockroach!!! a big one.. bigger than the size of my thumb.. i was screaming like siaox lorx.. cos i tot it was a mouse.. but no.. it wasnt.. a mouse in my house? uh uh.. sure rhymes though.. lolx.. my grandfather actually wana kill the cockroach de buden in the end it managed to escape.. wth..

Friday, February 17, 2006

camp grps A1 and A2 had to stay back today fer service learning.. den A3 (my grp) lahx, still no progress lorx.. i was like thinking how come they got service learning we dun have de.. so i decided to talk to rachel.. she was online!! lucky me.. asked her abt the service learning thing and told her we din even noe who our service learning mentor is.. den she's like tio shocked.. cos she tot during the camp tat time, we already noe who our mentor was.. she said she tot the mentor was some rgs person.. and den they were supposed to meet up with us.. buden the prob is they din and we dun even noe how they looked like and worse still, who they are!! so rachel decided to feedback to her boss.. i waited.. den she told me she informed her boss lerx, den she said he needs to check with the national youth council ppl.. woo hoo.. cos they are the ones in charge of our project.. and the sad thing is tat rachel cant tell us wad to do bcos she doesnt noe the rules of the N.Y.C ppl.. den ltr she told me to update on wad's happening aft our mentor come lahx.. which i tink will have to wait huhx.. hahx.. so lidat lahx.. de rest is abt how's skool? blahx de liaox.. one thing i have to say, wen i complain to her how our skool always ask us to reflect, she said tat the more reflections we do, the more we learn!!! arghx..

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

valentine's day todae.. gave away lots of chocolates till no money lerx.. wootz.. received alot oso.. ah li gave me a 'star'.. soft toy de.. so soft and cuddly.. erm.. duno wad to post lerx.. anyway, tis year's valentine's day dun really 'look' or 'sound' like one huhx.. like frenship day to me.. cos all gers gave each other things blahx de.. lolx.. shall talk abt todae'sm happening in skool..

ok first period was pe.. i was like aww man.. pe agen.. needa run lorx.. shuld have taken an M.C frm the doctor wen i went to the clinic last wk.. haix.. den wen running todae, i accidentally pulled my muscle veins lorx.. den it's as though i've got cramp lidat.. so toot.. ran fer two rounds and i was like cannot liaox.. so cham.. nxt wk fri gt roadrun, i tink i gona 'die' lerx.. lolx.. and den ltr was maths.. ah teo told us the common test got four failures.. den whole klas average was 18.. 18 nia lorx.. like so bad.. shi bai shi bai.. dun wana post lerx.. gona play maple liaox..
oh great.. i am actually supposed to be doing my art now, and to think i've secretly on the com.. jus to post.. keke.. art really sux man.. have to do sth on the skool vision.. so *toot* oh.. anyway, yest blogger got abit of prob.. tat's why my post is so short.. let's jus hope it wun happen todae huhx.. btw, i got a maple cashcard!! yay.. lolx.. mage lvl 23 nia.. jus gained.. hope to catch up with my bro soon..

Monday, February 13, 2006

erm.. went out to yew tee todae.. cos my bro wana buy a Converse bag.. which he did.. and it was exactly the same one as mine except fer the color.. his was brown.. >.<>

Saturday, February 11, 2006


i broke a record today!!! *CLAP CLAP* lolx.. erm.. actually, the record i broke was quite a lame one lahx, cos i laughed fer the entire three periods mahx, cant stop lorx.. all bcos of DEXTER, AH ZHAM, and G.F.. they kept saying lame jokes lorx, den i laughed till i cried.. den DEXTER said tat wen i laugh. it's like tornado lorx.. ABSOLUTELY NO LINK MAN!! anyway, aft the three whole periods was chi.. DEXTER told me to cool down first den ltr PDP lesson, i will den laugh.. and i did, trust me.. the look on DEXTER's face was so funny.. he started laughing too, and put the blame on me by saying my laughter is contagious.. wad de.. will talk abt AH ZHAM too.. cos some peeps said i talked to much abt DEXTER lerx, den it seems so fishy.. hur hur.. (copyrighted `nat) ok.. thr was a joke abt AH ZHAM's face being very innocent lahx, den vernon heard rongly.. so i laughed.. ok, i have edited enuff.. i guess..

NOTE: Parts In Beige Are Those Added In

Thursday, February 9, 2006

realised tat i have quite alot of pink tops and skirts.. went to count them, cos i nth to do mahx.. pink tops = 8
skirts = 11
actually, i got more de.. jus tat alot i din wear lerx.. so i nvr count.. as i was saying i've alot of pink tops, it's not all the same color de.. it's like frm light to dark de.. anyway, i oso duno why i am posting all tis here lahx.. cos i've got nth to post? hmm.. lolx..

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

4 days nvr post lerx.. cos busy playing maple.. lvl 20 nia.. so 'lan' lorx.. anyway todae gt common test..


damned sucky lorx.. three compre qn = 23 marks.. 23 marks!!! if u did badly on tat one, test confirm fail de.. >_<

aft tat, ct end lerx.. den went out to take bag.. my leg was bleeding, at least tat was wad ah nat said.. den i kept saying it's paint, cos the color is like so red lorx, and i dun see any cuts.. den i no tissue, so borrowed frm wan lin.. den yu tze was like gasping lorx.. cos the blood patch very de big.. like the size of one of my specs' lenses.. kinda big? weird thing is tat i feel nth.. wei chang was saying wad i dunhave nerve cells.. wad the.. well.. went back hme and i realised it WAS really a cut.. hur hur (copyrighted `ah nat)

Friday, February 3, 2006

erm.. gona talk abt yest's incident.. wana sorta clear things up.. is abt a misiing window pane in our klas de lahx.. it was lidat.. er.. mr seah (did i spell it correct? ) told us to inform the detention students to go to 3I klasroom.. cos actually at our klas de buden chge liaox.. so sandy wrote it on a paper and wana put it on the door as a notice mahx.. den she locked the back door so the paper could 'stand'.. den wei chang mistook her fer locking the guys inside.. den so they locked the front door too.. den it's like we were being locked outside lorx.. den xxx* went to ask the guys to open the door, but nono, the guys din wana do it lahx.. so in a fit of anger, xxx slammed the window pane.. thr it was, a CRACK! i was like so shocked lorx.. den eh giam reported it to mr lau and den all of us were told to see him.. OH OH.. den it's like we talked talked talked lahx.. the guys nearly got caning lorx, buden in the end, mr lau told them to jus pay.. said one more time, they will kena cane.. so very the wad..

* name chged to protect the person's privacy

Thursday, February 2, 2006

ok.. i'm gona continue abt the movie thing de.. the movie was GREAT? erm.. i gave it 3 and a hlf stars.. actually can be 4 stars de, buden thr's one part whr ppl of diff uniform were in the skool lorx.. cos the movie being flimed in my promary skool mahx, den some curious students stood thr inside the skool to watch lorx.. so toot.. ruined the whole movie.. tsk.. anyway, the movie was touching.. i cried like siaox.. especially shawn acting de part.. not bcos he shuai cos he acted well.. ya.. den some parts so funy lorx.. hahx.. k.. i talked abt todae de happening liaox..

erm.. first period pe.. ran like siaox.. den ltr geog.. skip huhx.. so boring.. aft tat recess.. den is maths.. my test so lan lorx.. one more mark den pass sehx.. so very de wad.. >.

den wen i wana hand in hom books to ms tang de pigeon hole tat time, i found out tat i lost keng wee's.. i was like shucks.. wen did i lost it??? den asked eh giam help me ask klas.. no one saw it.. haix.. keng wee was like u beta pay huhx.. den ah zham and g.f go blame me lorx.. den g.f kept saying i cried.. den he pretended to ask ah zham not to tease me le.. cos i crying.. so very de toot.. *BISH*

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

woahx.. so mani daes nvr post lerx.. gona post todae lahx, like duh.. erm.. let's jus talk abt wad happened during chinese new yr ok? er.. first dae quite boring lahx.. cos the festive mood is like gone.. all of us like grown up le mahx, no more playing of those 'childish' games lorx.. at most we play poker cards? den talked lorx.. den ltr at nite booked tickets cos nxt dae ( 30 jan 06) gona watch i not stupid too.. kkx.. i am gona end lerx.. tml den post.. gona play maple liaox..