Wednesday, May 31, 2006

- life doesnt sux at all.. it's jus tat u tink tat life sux tat's why life sux.. alwys look on the bright side and think positively.. life can go on happier and with more freedom these way..

an advice someone gave to me.. :)

Monday, May 29, 2006

devil rocks!!




Sunday, May 28, 2006

arghs.. had a hair cut.. now it's like abit short and more layered than before.. before tat, my hair was like so thick lors.. now cut le suddenly feel so lighter.. lols.. hahs.. holidaes finally came but it seemed like no holidaes to me lahs.. nvm.. shallnt ruin ur holidae mood.. happy holidaes guys..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

these daes.. all i can sae tat i feel really tired huhs.. duno why.. exams over le i tot i wuld feel more relaxed and more happy.. but i was rong.. i duno why.. arghs.. one dae i'm scared i might breakdown.. really.. i dun even noe wad i am doing now.. i feel so depressed, so tired, so everything.. i rather tat we still have exams now.. at least thr is sth on my mind to worry abt.. hais..


(ah ma)!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


*woots* todae got BAZAAR!! sho high.. sho happy.. ok.. let's talked abt everything tat happened todae, not jus the bazaar.. erm.. got grooming check todae on hair.. den dex and shunyu tio caught.. den mr siah went to invite the limbang's de indian de hairdresser come help them cut.. not oni the 2 of them lahs.. still got others.. erm.. den bazaar.. prepared all the food in the home ed. kitchen.. melted cabury chocolates.. yummy.. doing fondue mahs.. cool hors? got alot alot of things we selling.. ALL FOOD den we kept stealing taking the food we doing to eat.. cos nice mahs.. hahs.. so buay ba.. praising.. erm.. nth much to type le hors.. den went home lors.. den it's like ah nat and i were totally drenched.. cos the rain heavy and oso ah nat so blur.. nvr bring her umbrella.. tsktsk..

oh ya.. todae also took klas fotos.. wees.. so happy.. have been waiting fer this dae to come fer so long.. and so finally it came.. hahas.. i no linger have to sit in the first row anymore.. thks to my shoes and oso my still growing bones.. wakakas~ erm.. den i was like telling ah gong, got alot of gurls shorter dan me, den ask him not to tease me anymore liaos.. den he speechless.. hahas.. zhong yu zhang da le.. yay =) lols.. so fun lors.. take fotos.. my smile was quite real this time? duno lahs.. cos before tat i scared i cant smile out real so i ask my fren to poke me.. keke.. den fun shot hors, duno ah gong or who go pull my hair lors.. so dumb dumb sehs.. x)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

eeyer.. second post todae.. cos jus now forgot to post abt some stupid things tat happened at abt 2-3 in the middle of the night.. someone actually set fire crackers lors.. outside my hse somemore.. well.. not really my hse outside lahs.. is neighbour.. buden the impact of the sound is so great lors.. at first i tot is gun shot, den i tink bu ke neng ltr.. cos in the middle of the night do all this is like no link de.. hahs.. den the second time it came agen, i cried lors.. cos i really really scared.. i slp alone mahs.. den i tend to think and link anyhow alot.. well.. i sure do live up to my name huhs.. `crybaby~ den i tink tink tink, den link further and further away.. i tot ppl committed suicide.. den i tot is ppl throwing a used big cupboard downstairs.. i scared until i cover my ears so tight with my hands, until it's like so suan.. den so hot..
i wait wait wait den finally nth le den i slp.. cant really slp lahs.. cos the impact on me too great le.. so i tried thinking of other things to get my mind off it.. den i finally got to slp.. anyway, my parents had called the police and i sure hope things like this wun happened ever agen..
*woots* here to post.. todae got folkdance selection.. so jing zhang lors.. cos we din really did well in tat.. well, 2c was great.. all their turns were like so perfect, all together.. so organised.. tml gonna noe the results le.. i tink 2a have no chance to win them? unless thr is a 0.000001% miracle? hahs.. not trying to suan our klas or wad.. i am jus not confident enough i guess.. lols..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

whees.. posting todae.. himbo gonna have a blog!! can u believe it????!!!! hahas.. so high todae.. erm.. JIA ZHI and FELICIA acted cute todae.. the first one acted alot of times.. shouldnt sae much huhs.. ltr she kill me tml den i cham le.. heehees..

Monday, May 22, 2006

i wonder if life was a bottomless pit, whr wuld i be now? thr will be no pain, no hurt.. no nth.. no sufferings wadeva.. all i had to do is jus to keep falling and falling.. nvr knowing when everything ends.. how i wish..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

went out to woodlands regional library todae.. fer the service-learning thingey.. erm.. had to meet at 2 and the guys were late.. they lied, telling us they were at paris ris park cycling.. eeyer.. den in the nd we had to wait fer them lors.. there were 14 of us.. ger gals, there were ah nat, yin ting, yuxuan, minyan, ah wen, qiu wen, shunting and me!! erm.. guys.. ah ma, junjie, yu liang, ah dex, wei chang and himbo.. himbo was wearing pink!! oh gosh.. i tio shocked.. den it's like they kept teasing minyan and yu liang.. cos they both wear yellow.. woots.. ah nat wore pink so they teased her and himbo.. den made ah nat hot..

we had our meeting in a real meeting room lors.. in the library.. the GM or wadsoever let us have the previlege to use it.. so cool can.. hahas.. fer free somemore sehs.. lols.. den we talked fer like a few hrs plus.. den meeting ended.. so ah nat and i went to buy ah ma's b'dae pressie.. xin so tong.. 50 bucks lidat fly away.. arghs.. hahs..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

uh.. todae kena scolded.. ran 12 rounds around the field cos we cleaned our klasroom le den still quite dirty dusty.. hais.. mr seah very yan ge de.. hmm.. hais.. den i tink i slimmed down worhs.. lols.. so toot.. nxt wk gona have grooming check.. oo hoo..

Friday, May 19, 2006

eeyer.. my results not really gd.. but oso not really tat bad lahs.. ok.. dun wana talk abt it le.. erm.. todae got alot of things happened.. happy and sad.. ok.. jus lidat.. dun wana elaborate much.. it has been a difficult wk fer me.. hais..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

whees.. maths trail todae.. buden so lame lors.. our grp got the last.. so very de PATHETIC.. hahs.. den we like so dua pai lidat.. make our whole klas wait fer us fer so long.. lols.. anyway, went to watch M-I3.. cool.. but i gona give it a 3 star rating.. cool but not nice mahs.. hees.. all the while, nat, yinting and i were like talking abt other things lors.. lols.. dun wana talk more le.. wana go mapling.. hahs..
realised tat in sorta left out 3 qns fer the quiz i did yest.. cos my cous de got 3 qn less.. so i took reference frm ah neh's blog.. below are the three qns:

Is 15 single(Jie Ting)? hmm.. not sure.. but her msn nick all abt him de.. maybe bahs.. x)
What is 10's last name(Teck Wei)? duno.. he's someone nice guy i noe frm Bryan.. 18 yrs old or sth..
Where does 6 live(Dexter)? erm.. somewhere near bukit panjang? senja or sth lidat.. heard tat he ban jia le.. hahas..
ok.. completed.. *CLAP CLAP*

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

LAST PAPER woohoo.. finally can relax.. haa.. shant talk abt tat paper ok.. so suck.. ok.. so i wana do some lame quiz todae.. ok..

"Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head.Dont read the below questions before you write and tag 5 ppl to do this survey."
1. Natasha
2. Yili
3. Yin Ting
4. Jia Zhi
5. Himbo
7. Yu Liang
8. Ah gong
9. Ah ma
10. Teck Wei
11. Simon
12. Pei Wen
13. Regina
14. Yee Gin
15. Jie Ting
16. Yu Ling
17. Nelson
18. Wei Sheng
19. Wan Ting
20. Kai Xin
How did u meet 14 (Yee Gin)? thru a fight? which is so difficult to explain here in words.. but now we are gd frens :)
What would u do if u nvr meet 1(Natasha)? nvr noe tat thr's such a 'unique' ger like her in my life.. hahas..
What would u do if 20 and 9 date(Kai Xin and Ah ma)? erm.. thr's no possible reason they will noe each other.. one is my cousin and the other is my klasmate!!
Did u ever like 19(Wan Ting)? yesh.. as a gd pal.. pls, i am not les..
Would 6 and 17 make a gd couple(Dexter and Nelson)? oh puh-lease.. they are both guys.. cant imagine.. plus they dun even noe each other.. hahas..
Describe 3(Yin Ting).. funny.. abit too vulgar.. cool.. optimistic..
Do u think 8 is attractive(Ah gong)? erm.. *CHOKE CHOKE* ok lors.. wen he puckers up his lips.. uh.. gross..
Tell me sth abt 7(Yu Liang).. cheeky.. he's an angel with a fake halo on his head in front of teachers, but is oso a devil with horns with his frens.. doesnt talk much with gers.. trying to noe him and understand him beta.. hahs..
Do u noe any of 12's family(Pei Wen)? erm.. she got a mother, a father, a brother.. duno liaos..
What is 8's favourite(Ah gong)? hmm.. puckering up his lips? hahs..
What would u do if 11 confess tat he/she likes u(Simon)? hah.. this is impossible.. cos he's already taken by xxx..
What language does 15 speak(Jie Ting)? chinese? english?
Who is 9 going out with(Ah ma)? hmm.. ah gong????
How old is 16(Yu Ling)? 14 like duh..
When was the last time u talk to 13(Regina)? before the MYE? i'm not tat sure.. and we are not really closed.. sheesh..
Who is 2 fav band/singer(Yili)? Energy.. Singer.. not sure..
Would u date 4(Jia Zhi)? pls.. i am not les.. i wun do tat..
Would u date 7(Yu Liang)? no.. he is too cool fer me.. hahas..
Would u ever be in a serious relationship with 11(Simon)? no wae.. ltr xxx come hoot me..
What school does 3 go to(Yin Ting)? KSS.. duhhh..
What is ur favourite thing abt 5(Himbo)? his maple acc? i wana hack.. hees..
Have u ever seen 1 naked(Natasha)? no.. pls.. hu wana see? gosh.. this qn is so perverted..
phew.. finally finished.. wahaas~

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

last second paper.. whees.. sho happy.. exams gona over le.. can go play like siao.. den go kbox.. shuang~ hahs.. tml las paper.. buden i scared.. is physics ok? todae bio.. ok lors.. no stress lahs.. but scared i flunk it.. hais..

Monday, May 15, 2006


Sunday, May 14, 2006

star power..

whees~ this pic was taken yest.. look at our nicely vandalised hands.. hahas.. played 'terminal password' yest.. loser had to be drawn on the hands.. sho fun.. hahas.. i suggested takin a foto of a 'star'.. creative? lols..

Saturday, May 13, 2006

went out with ah nat to buy b'dae pressies fer jia zhi and wei chang.. their b'daes de same mahs.. so shun bian lors.. den it's like so diff to decide wad to buy fer them lors.. in the end.. we got sth lahs.. cant sae here now.. wait till mondae.. cos jia zhi sometimes read my blog den den she noe le no more surprise liaos.. hahas.. ok.. den reached hme earlier cos can play maple den cous coming ltr.. hees..

Friday, May 12, 2006

maths paper 2 todae.. it was easy, easy to make careless mistakes tat is.. lols.. made a mistake todae.. few marks gone.. ahh.. heard tat maths paper 1 marked le.. 4 of our klasmates got full marks.. duno who and whether true anot.. arbish lors.. two more papers den can play liaos.. yay.. sho happy.. bez luck fer science nxt wk, everyone!! =)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

lit.. so it was okok agen.. bahahahaha.. erm.. last qn did rong.. hais.. nvm.. 'i will work harder..' lols.. tml maths paper 2.. should be quite diff.. hen xiang shi mr teo set de.. argh.. ok.. so best luck to everybody who is taking the test tml, including my enemies.. lolols..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

maths!!!! whee~ so high todae.. hahs.. so it was ok.. not really diff, not really easy.. easy to make careless mistakes.. i got quite alot wen i checked thru lors.. heng heng i opened my eyes big big check.. hahs.. tml's paper lit.. stressed.. cos like so diff.. i scared no time den ans not long enough.. arbish..

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

third paper todae.. geog.. i finished the paper on the dot.. on the dot.. gosh.. no time lors.. heng heng got time to check.. yest chiong like siao revising.. cos went out to celebrate mother's day in advance.. ok.. back to the topic.. geog was like? okok lors.. buden like very gan lidat.. den alot of ppl nvr do finish.. hais.. heng i got time sehs.. thr was one qn whr we have to find the 6-grid reference.. den i cant find the place lors.. so dumb dumb.. until last min i found it.. den i did rong.. mixed up.. eastings become northings.. waaaaas..

Saturday, May 6, 2006

higher chinese todae.. ok ok lahs.. erm.. my frens said i did fast.. compliment or wad? lols.. buden fast doesnt mean i will get everything right.. is jus tat i alwys complete things before the given time by 1hr fast.. i oso duno why.. den nth to do lors.. check check check.. so i vandalised my calculator and my correction tape.. hees.. den my silver marker no ink le, den i pressed the tip until the ink leak.. wahaas~ hand so dirty..
erm.. ah! todae i was suddenly reminded of a 'nursery wad tat call'.. it went sth like this:
Two little blackbirds sitting on a tree,
One called Peter, one called Paul,
Fly away, Peter,
Fly away, Paul,
Come back, Peter,
Come back, Paul..
did u guys learn sth like this wen u were small? duno why i sudddenly tot of it lors.. so dumb dumb can.. haas..

Friday, May 5, 2006

first paper of -MYE-.. english.. so it was ok.. to me lahs.. did quite fast.. compo all tat the duration was one and a half hr, and i completed it in like abt 48 min? erm.. den compre spent quite a long time on the summary.. cos very difficult to rephrase.. rmb tat out of the 153 words i wrote out, 23 words were thought and squeezed frm my brain.. ok.. so tml's paper is higher chinese.. and i am agen, stressed up.. cos i tink tat there will be 3 compre.. gosh.. 3 compre.. arbish.. it's gona be a miracle if i actually passed it.. lols..

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

wa kaus.. sians dao.. hais.. few more daes -MYE- coming liaos.. -MYE-.. arghs.. i am so damned stressed up can.. worry this worry that de.. so cham.. i am especially worried abt my science.. cos i suck at physics and my bio has since deproved.. cham.. oh.. and oso maths.. mr teo said until it's like so difficult and i am afraid i might have a breakdown or a mental block anytime.. gosh..