Wednesday, August 31, 2005

todae gt swimming.. hahax.. den i wasnt willing to go lorx.. still nid to pay fer the fees.. I forgot to bring lorx.. buden luckily i gt enough money to pay fer it.. hahax.. den, swim halfway, suddenly gt cramp.. nt leg cramp is stomach cramp.. sigh.. dun xiang yy huh.. den i like so extra lidat lorx.. go out of the water.. oni person lorx.. haix.. life sux lahx.. went online todae.. den, my gor was online.. so sad.. he gt a slight headache.. den he suddenly wasnt him at all.. haix.. hope he get well soon.. sigh..

Monday, August 29, 2005

Chge my blogskin agen le.. yea.. 8th skin le.. Hahax.. Last time tat skin cant really navigate well.. So i used tis.. Gonna put music into it.. U guys wait.. =)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Woah.. I finally found out today tat my brother has Ap, eh, no, shuld be ESAP (especially SERIOUS attitude problem) Attitude sehx..

Jus bcos he got scolded by my dad fer throwing his pillow up tat it nearly hit the light and fer doing his hmework and erasing on my grandparents' bed, he threw the eraser to the other side of the living room and threw his jacket tat it hits the fan! Luckily, the wasnt on and spinning if not, i duno wad might happen.. I cant stand his temper, attitude damned bad sehx.. oh ya, when he's in a bad mood, u guys beta not look or even steal a glance at him.. He will diao u, his eyes full of hatred, as if he wanted to take revenge.. I AM SO SCARED, MUHAHAHAHA!!! He vented his anger on the fan, by turning it here and there and making loud noises by doing so.. I went to scold him, i told him tat if he's angry, he dun haf to vent his anger on the fan.. Den, he got scolded by my dad agen fer not sitting properly, and tat's true.. He put his legs on the chair too, and if he lean back, he will fall..I hope to see tat though.. lolx.. Jus jk.. I'm not tat bad..

Haix.. So sianx now.. Going to play badminton with my gor and my fren on Wednesday budden i duno whether my fren free anot and we haven tink of the time to play together yet.. hahax.. bcos i'm a bad gal, although i said i wasnt, i kept asking my gor to decide on the time.. I even begged him.. He still not willing to do so.. (No offence huh, gor..) =)

Anyway, i dun tink i can play around 2 sth lidat like my gor suggested cos there's gonna be a teachers' day party in my skool, fer klas 1A.. Maybe the party will end early, or i leave earlier lorx.. Lolx.. I cant wait fer the day to come..

Went out with Nat todae to Lot 1.. She asked me to accompany her to go there so tat she culd buy teachers' day gifts but in the end, she din.. We saw a gift tat rawkz alot, though Nat din buy.. It was a folder with a certificate, a keychain, a rose and a handfone acessory.. It was so KOOL! If i am a teache r, i sure wuld love it.. hahax..
Skool life sux! Everyting sux! Lolx.. Din take medicine todae.. k.. Wad i wana tell u guys huh? Short-term memory lahx.. Forgot wad i wana sae le.. Wait huh.. Went to skool todae, den whole day's mood ruined lorx.. Actually i quite happy de, budden one of frens angry with me, the reason i wuld not sae.. She diao me lorx.. Sigh.. I feel so DEPRESSED suddenly.. Like wad Yee Gin said.. I am.. Nth culd chge the fact.. Hahax.. Sianx.. After skool got appreciation tea party for those who participated in the DANISICAL.. I went, of course.. Ate with Yee Gin and Hui Sian a.k.a Stephanie.. Hahax.. After i finished eating, i went outto the corridor with my drink to talk to Yee Gin.. Den a bee came, and rested at the brim of my cup.. I was like trying to stop myself frm shivering lorx.. Cos i'm scared tt it will sting me.. Last time in klas there were oso alot of bees but i wasnt afraid of dem..But tis time i duno why.. Haix.. I was like so called screaming lorx.. Den Mdm Lee was asking me wad happened.. I was still shivering.. I told her and she told me to go inside the hall to consume my food.. Haix.. After she walked away, i went to throw away my cup of lemon tea.. such a pity cos it's full to the brim lorx.. Nvm.. Skool pay de.. Hahax..

After teh whole ting ended, Yee Gin and I went to the canteen.. I went to the cooler to have a drink.. Den tat gurl oso GANG HAO wana go refill her water-bottle.. Den wen she saw me go there, den she stopped, and turned back.. My fren told me de.. If not i wuld not noe lorx.. Sigh.. Oh ya.. Before the appreciation tea party ended tat time, i cried.. Cos i too touched le.. hahax.. Duno how to explain to u guys wad happened though..

Friday, August 26, 2005

hiex.. guys.. jus chge my blogskin.. 7th skin le.. Gt prob though.. Tis skin.. i heck-care lahx.. cos i love the music.. Hahax.. U guyz cannot see my previous post cos last time tat blogskin i haf to post inside my template huh.. Too bad lorx.. I am so happy todae.. feel like hugging someone now but who? I duno.. Lolx..

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Me todae so happy.. Went to play badminton with Nat, den saw two stupid idiotic bitches.. They were like saying bad things, sae wad our bad skills very lan, den laugh at us loudly.. Fuck la, asked Brandon to fuck with dem.. Den i scolded back sae i tot i heard witches laughing.. Went to minimart to buy food to eat.. Met Wang Jue and Iverson while eating.. Wang Jue like duno us lidat.. Feigning ignorance.. Sigh.. Nvm.. I dun care.. I oso not tt gd wif her.. Haha.. Eat so much lorx.. Me had two ice-cream, one cup, one stick.. Den shared a packet of potato chips wif Nat.. Den after tt, went back to minimart to buy one more packets of cheese rings.. Shared dem agen, budden i ate more.. Went hme, my dad bought fast food frm Mc'donald den i eat until my stomach nearly burst.. Sigh..

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Damned unlucky todae lorx.. Go to skool, den rmb forgot to do my maths hw, in klas nearly trip ova and fall, after skool, stayed back fer Dansical, den gor go shout inside my ear, nearly made me deaf, after tt wen walking hme, kanna by bird shit! Sucky lorx.. I was like avoiding a bicycle hu was coming in my way, den i jus bent down mah head, den 'SPLAT'! The bird shit was there.. Haix.. Went hme quick to wash it away.. Asked mah bro to wash it with water first, asked him help me remove the bird shit wif his bare hands.. Dun xiang yy, and i noe it sounds like i'm bullying my bro but i'm not.. He did tt willingly.. Hahax..

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

So sad now.. Shuld i forget him or wad? I love him too much le.. If i lose him, i duno wad'll hapen to me.. His fren even scolded me a bitch! I duno i still love him anot now.. Crying in silence now..

Monday, August 1, 2005

Woah, so long nv post le.. Cos of mah stupid com lorx, gt virus.. Buden luckily, mah cousin noe how to fix den in the end, tada, i can use it le, so happy lorx.. Todae gt nth to write cos nth happen, duh.. So bye guyz, me posting sgen tml, i tink.. =)