Thursday, February 25, 2010

#208 - Fujifilm Instax Mini 7

 Guess what guess what?

 My new baby! :)

I can now say:

And so I mentioned 2 entries ago that I wanted to get myself that Fujifilm Instax Mini 7. I wanted it in orange or white. It happened that white was the limited edition for last year (or something like that) which means I have very little hope in getting them in the Fujifilm outlets. As for orange, it's not really that common and I've given up hope. :(

So this pretty much leaves me with the 2 choices, blue or pink. And of course, me, being not a girly girl, chose blue.

First polaroid photo using the camera! 

Sad enough, there was no one around for me to take a photo with, so I just made do with my Carebears and PatrickStar.

Ending off this entry by exclaiming again:
I can has blue Fujifilm Instax Mini 7! :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

#207 - Hauls

It's seldom I blogged twice a day! But I figure since I seldom update, I shall just update more to pay back? Hahahahaha.

Actually I've got like nothing to blog about, just like to snap photos of random no link stuff that usually no one bothers to read about. I don't really like to camwhore so it's kind of hard to see photos of my face appearing big big on my blog so too bad. *thinks of Lynette's blog*

Plus I seldom take photos these days, no chance to do so and I never go out, even if I did, I also never take photos one, so yeah, that basically explains why I am always taking photos of random no link stuff.

So today I am going to blog about some of my hauls. Skip the entry if you're already dozing off. :)

 Guess what?

 I can has new bag!!

 New belts!!

 And 2 packets of Indomie! *slurps*
Cheap cheap, 2 for $2.50! :)

And I actually can has new Fujifilm Instax Mini 7, but the shop only has blue, I don't want. :(
I want orange (first option) or white (second option).
I will wait. :)

Before I go, I hate Chingay. How gay.

#206 - Last Time

I was looking through my stuff just now and I found so many things, ie photos from the past (like primary school days) and those NAPFA, kNOw drugs badges and old old old phonecards and many more!

Let's see!

 (Some of) My NAPFA GOLD badges collection.

 *chest raised up to 2 times of its original height and starts waving* Hahahahaha!

 Phonecards! Like who still use them nowadays?
I've collected like 30, it used to be a hobby of mine last time.
I even have tradings with my fellow classmates! :)
Gah, miss those days!

I submitted this chinese composition to the 小白船 sector in the Chinese newspapers and I received a $10 cheque for it. See my chinese name up there! :D

And Raine, I found this thing while browsing through all my old stuff and guess what I found?

 A Mickey Mouse chop or should I say chops since there are 3? Hahaha.

Okay lah, nothing much actually!
I will upload those primary school photos another day perhaps!
Haha, toodles! :D

Saturday, February 20, 2010

#205 - Fujifilm Instax Mini 25

After much thinking and research on the net, I found a better camera that the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7, which is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25.

And what's more it comes in orange too!

Ahhhh, I want! :D

But it's a little more costly than compared to Fujifilm Instax Mini 7. D:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

#204 - Fujifilm Instax Mini 7

I want to get this so badly!
Somemore I got moolah to spend now! :D
Just found out today that it is available in orange! Lovelove! ♥♥♥

Should I get it?
Should I should I? :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

#203 - New Nails Colour

New nail colours for Day 2!

Yay, I must be so patient to actually remove my nail polishes for Day 1 and repaint them with a new set of colours!
Either that or I am too bored. :/

Maybe I should go study for the test on Wednesday?
Going to grandmother's house later, hopefully there'll be lots of people there huh.

Actually I can't wait for school to resume. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

#202 - Happy Chinese New Year/Happy Valentines' Day

Happy New Year to lovely lovelayes and a Sweet Valentine to all couples out there! :)

May today be filled with love and laughter! :D
Love you guys! Hope you all get more moolah from the angbaos! Hahahaha. :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

#201 - Seoul Garden Overdue Photos

Remember my Seoul Garden entry where I ate my dinch (lunch and dinner) with The Doh Bitches? I finally took time to kope the photos from Lynette's blog and am going upload them now. :)

And so... the first ever photo taken in Seoul Garden wasn't a group photo of us 3, not of the food or whatsoever as well. It's actually yours truly digging the nose of somebody! (evil_grin). Let me show you, hahahaha! :D

 I don't know why I looked so happy in these photos. HAHA.

Raine is actually interested as well. (evilsmirk)

 (woot) face with closed mouths! Haha, look at Raine's eyebrows, so arched please!!!

And we took a long time to take photos...

 *flicks naibao*

 Is my hair messy?

 (I have no idea why I did that) I must be too shy! :D

Lol, Lynette like trying to practise her powers, gathering all her qi up.

Finally a normal shot. :)

Same thing happened when I wanted to take photos with Raine.

 *Cues gay sounding CNY's songs*

The I-never-see-wet-tissue-before look.

Just ignore her leg, I have no idea what's with her insisting of taking photos with her right knee up. Maybe she thinks it's kind of sexy and wants to attract OLD PIG's attention? ^^

Dk what pose is this too. :/

And I hate to say this, but the same thing goes for photo taking of Lynette and Raine.
 Raine just can't seem to stop laughing when she sees Lynette's face.

I think they look alike in this photo, no? :)

 Friends forever! xoxo! ♥♥♥