Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#776 - Taobao Earrings Haul

Hahaha lousy side flatlay by the floor but here are my purchases. Recently v into earrings, especially the minimalist-styled ones.
5 of the pairs are from the same store. V happy w my purchases, plus they do not cost a bomb too!

Crescent Dangling Earrings (lol I am v bad w naming items): Expectations.

The dangling bit is detachable.

Reality. One of the side is slightly crooked but other than that no issues. It's so cheap I shouldn't hiam right. I quite like it!

đŸ’ĩ: SGD2 before shipping

How it looks like on the ear! This chain tangles quite easily though!

A somewhat better but blurrer definition here.

Pearl Heart-Shaped Earrings: Expectations.

Reality. Damn sweet omg can match my laced dresses. And then the pearls are stuck on neatly - OCD so I am v pleased w it.

đŸ’ĩ: SGD2.22 before shipping

Hehe ft. obiangaf curtains. 🙈

Heart-Shaped Earrings : Expectations.

Reality. Just like the stock photo. Comes in gold too!

đŸ’ĩ: SGD1.11 before shipping
🌐: (same link as the pearl ones)

So simple and easy to match!

Rose Petals Earrings w Pearl: Expectations.

Reality. Can be worn 3 ways! The pearls are actually the pushbacks (earrings backing).
So you can insert the earring from either side of your earlobes depending on where you want your pearls/petals to be.. if you get what I mean. You can have the pearls and rose petals hanging half on each side of the earlobe or wear it long w the pearls as studs. The rose petals come in many colours but I think this is one of the nicest.

đŸ’ĩ: SGD2.64 before shipping

Pearl at the back side of the earlobe.

Pearl as stud look. Might be a bit too overboard tho! Look like those earrings 古čŖ… people wear.

Marble Dangling Earrings: Expectations.

Reality. One of my first few earrings in gold!
Is chio de w the marble prints and I love the clinking of the different dangling bits hahaha. I think this is my favourite out of all.

đŸ’ĩ: SGD3.76 before shipping

Zoomed really in because breakout and scars (I might have overexfoliate my skin so I needa stop) but here's how it looks on an earlobe lolol.

Long Minimalist Earrings: Expectations.

Reality. This was from another Taobao shop. The rest above are all from Taimi Style å¤ĒįžŽéĨ°å“. First saw it on blogger LMT. I knew I had to get it. She wore it in one of her instagram posts and I tried to do an image search on Taobao but failed to find it. Then she shared her recent earrings haul image on Dayre and I used that to search instead.

Got it!! So happy okay. Is so chio. 😍

đŸ’ĩ: SGD3.07 before shipping
Lol bad photo messy hair and all but look at that. 👌

😗 Can't wait to zng nice nice and wear them out!

Done w sharing my mini Taobao earrings haul!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

#775 - Pejoy Flavours Taste Review

So… I thought to insert some non-travelogue related entries as well, else this would be like a travel blog instead.

Guess what?

I am going to talk about Pejoy today! Pejoy is something like Pocky, also under the brand Glico and it comes in many flavours, both savoury and sweet. I was interested in the Tomato Pizza and Corn Soup flavours after seeing Joycesayshello raved about it on her Dayre. My brother went to China recently so I bugged him to get me some back!

*Surprise* Turns out he bought every available flavour he could find there back!
Flavours for the top row: Red Wine Chocolate, Matcha, Cheese Cake, Strawberry Vanilla
Flavours for the middle row: Lemon Tart, Tomato Pizza, Cheese, Hazel Nuts Chocolate
Flavours for the bottom row: Tiramisu, Milk, Corn Soup, Chocolate

Presenting to you our v-anyhowly done review video hahaha. Most of the time I was just entertaining myself la uh. I am not a fair judge myself because I have no sweet tooth. Savoury > Sweet any day. This review video is just for memories sake haha.

If you stay through that 7minutes, thanks for the support and adding 1 view to my Youtube count haha.

If you didn’t (WHY DIDN’T YOU), here’s a summary:
Skip the Chocolate (tastes cheap) and Lemon Tart (super not legit and artificial tasting). Red Wine is legit, with the strong alcohol taste. Tiramisu too, you can smell the coffee. Strawberry Vanilla, Milk and Cheese Cake are pretty good too. Matcha’s okay. Hazel Nuts Chocolate soso.

My favourites are Tomato Pizza (really taste like Pizza, is legit) and Cheese (never take photos lol)! So predictable right. Corn Soup comes close. It reminds me of the salty crispy snack with animal prints in orange and yellow packaging I used to have in Primary School! Smells like Potong Sweet Corn icecream tho. If we are talking about the sweet flavours, it’d probably be Strawberry Vanilla.

Yup so that marks the end of my super brief reviews on Pejoy flavours. Grab it in China if you have the chance!! Get me 2 Tomato Pizzas and Cheesecake too tyvm hahahaha.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

#774 - Boracay 2016 Day 5 and 6 - Boracay Information / Boracay Beach / Kalibo International Airport

This will be my last post on Boracay, just posting up the photos I took in the last 2 days in Boracay. 

We cleared all our activities by Day 4 and the second last day was spent walking around the island getting souvenirs, strolling along the beach w our guide’s friend, Eric and catching the sunset. The last day was a “burnt” one because of the early departure flight timing and the travelling time from Boracay to Kalibo Airport (Bus is 2 hours and Ferry is 10mins) itself.

Read my other Boracay entries below:

To summarise, we spent 6D5N in Boracay (27th May – 1st Jun) and we did 7 activities (ATV/Helmet Dive/Island Hopping/Parasailing/Parawsailing/Zipline/Flyfish) over a span of 3 days. Personally, I think if you are doing less activities, 3 or 4 days would be enough because there aren’t many other activities to do! By the way, due to the available number of flights to Kalibo as well as the travelling time to and from the island, the first and last days are usually “burnt”.

For this trip, I changed SGD350 (PHP11200, exchange rate was 32), which to be honest wasn’t enough. The activities cost me PHP4500 (which is around SGD140), so that leaves me w SGD190 to last for the 6 days. It is clearly not enough if you want to eat at the restaurants there every day. I think for 2 nights, I had instant noodles for dinner and if you read my entries, most of the time we didn’t have proper lunch, it’s either we had a heavy breakfast that lasted us till late afternoon, or we did late lunch/early dinner together. If you are also including massage and shopping, please change more or activate your card!

Other expenses would be for taking transport to Caticlan Jetty from the airport, paying of ferry ticket, environmental and admission fee of PHP75 and terminal fee to Boracay Island* and terminal fee before leaving Kalibo International Airport on the last day.

*We only had to pay PHP250 for our transport to the jetty as the rest were complimentary thanks to our hotel!! It covers the boat transfer going to Boracay jetty, environmental and terminal fee, and shuttle going to the hotel. Else, the last I checked, it was PHP600 for all. Getting to your hotel is not included in the PHP600 of course.

Please remember to set aside PHP700 for terminal fee at Kalibo International Airport on the last day!
Don’t spend until you do not have PHP700 for payment hahaha. When we did our research for Boracay, many blog entries have “warned” us of this so we were aware. When you first touched down at Kalibo International Airport, you will be given a slip of paper informing you of this as well.

Okay enough words, let me fill the entry with some photos.

As usual, I need to start this entry with a photo of our complimentary hotel breakfast hahaha.

We met with Eric as mentioned earlier. He brought us around the shopping areas so we could get souvenirs for our family/friends.

Er I got irritated w my peeling gelish I plucked them off lol.

We walked towards Station 3 and found this 4-star hotel standing alone haha. It's one of the more premium accomodation in Boracay. We saw lots of Caucasians nearby! It was quieter here compared to Stations 1 and 2.

Caught the sunset!

Went back to the henna tattoo area to touch up our tattoo hehe.

View of Coast (where Blue Marina Hotel is under) where we walked to have our breakfast everyday.

They have charging ports in 7-11!

And uh hi, this is our dinner for the last night! Seriously spent till our last penny! My plan was to have McDonald's but I didn't have any pesos left hahaha. Didn't want to change money too, as the exchange rate was bad and there aren't many legit money changers there.

Last day of having sumptuous breakfast!!

Coast is a nice place to stay in to I'd think! They have a pool and benches. The prices are slightly more expensive than their sister boutique hotel, Blue Marina Hotel (the one we are staying in)

Benches right in front of the hotel too. Would recommend staying here. :)

One of the views I missed is this.

This... is how small Kalibo International Airport is. We are waiting to board at the place where I took this photo lolol.

Anyway, w this, it marks the end of my Boracay travelogue! This means I can move on and blog about my New Zealand entries soon! I am quite excited about it because New Zealand has many nice sceneries to offer and I can't wait to share them w everyone. :)