Thursday, October 28, 2010

#304 -

I want to get my good results.


Monday, October 25, 2010

#303 - The Happy and Sad Faces of Mr Yusof Bin Ishak

Presenting to you... 

The Happy and Sad Faces of Mr Yusof Bin Ishak. :D

Things needed:
  A note with his handsome face.
I am using a $2 one this time.

Sense of humour.

Let's start!

Step 1: Fold the note with the foldline cutting through the middle of one of his eyes.
It has to be in the middle to get the best results.
(Mine wasn't really accurate so the end result wasn't that successful.)

Step 2: Do the same for the other eye.

Step 3: Open the note and look from the top.

You'd see a sad Mr Yusof bin Ishak! :(

As I've mentioned earlier, it wasn't really successful.
One side of the lips was not frowning at all. :O

Step 4: Look from the bottom.

Mr Yusof bin Ishak is happy (or some say horny)! :)

Hehe there you go.
Hope you laugh like I did when I first saw it!

At this period of time where As are nearing, we need stuff like these to destress! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

#302 -

Hello peeps. After almost 2 hours I'm still stuck at the airport lol. Blogging at one of the seats waiting for my brother to check in. Why so slow one? Haha. Just now walk walk a bit ate some toast plus 2 hugeass eggs. Then walk walk a bit. I'm tired now actually. Can't wait to go home and sleep till morning. Hahaha. Ok i think they are gonna check in soon. Byez! :)

#301 - Day 7

Day 7: A photo of you when you were young

Couldn't decide between 3 of those photos so I decided to post all 3 here.
Photos all taken when I am 2 years old and below.

Back then I had curly hair..

Then the curls transformed to some wavy short locks..
(Photo was already blurred when taken)
Cute right cute right! :P

 I know what you guys are thinking...
Yeah what happen. -.-

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#300 - 20102010

Happy 20102010 lovelayes!!! :D

Once in a lifetime!

#299 -

Been snacking on these for a while.
Hugeeeeeeee change compared to last time when I ate whatever I can find in the fridge = chocolates and whatnots.

Guess it's time for a change.
I really desperately need to go on a diet.

Can't believe I keep telling myself DIET STARTS TOMORROW every single day.
I fail lor.

I am going to hold on my promise of cutting down on fried stuff and fast food.

And I walk home from YewTee everyday now.

But oh dear, Mum cooked fried rice for dinner today. :(
How am I gonna cut down on eating so much carbs??


Anyway, yesterday I had Burger King though, which is why I shall officially start this diet thing today.

Speaking of Burger King, their chicken tenders are so freaking small that KFC came into my mind. LOL.
Almost same length as my pinky!
And FYI, my pinky is only 5cm long!
Yeah very short I know. -.-

Eh but their Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger very nice! :D

Expensive though, $7.45 for that meal.
Plus the fries are not that nice at all.


Try this if you haven't!
Real tasting barley without the 'pulps'!
Best served chilled, no regrets!
Assured by yours truly. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#298 - Day 6

Day 6: A photo of something cute you recently bought

Mr Men Little Miss colourful slippers!

$6.90 at Kiddy Palace!
Cheap and cute I must get it! :D
Comfortable too! Who says you need to spend a lot of $$$ to get comfortable footwear?

Size 37's the largest, just right my size! :)

Sadly, the colour is fading. :(

Sunday, October 17, 2010

#298 - Day 5

Day 5: A photo of what you ate for lunch today

Edo Sushi's sushis! :D

Love the cheese ones especially! :)

First try at the corn one, sweet and salty yums.

Friday, October 15, 2010

#297 - Camwhore!

The other day before 09S22's own photoshoot, we had an official class photo taking session.

For informal photos, we were told to bring our shades and softtoys. :)

 Mine. :)

 Raine's. :)

Lynette's. :)

 Lynette's and Fadhilah's.

 Shawn's and Fadhilah's.
I love Shawn's! :)


Had another white one but I lent it to Michelle. :)

I love Premala's one too but sad I don't have the photo with me! :(

The (Doh) Bitches. :)

Ending of entry with...

Me and my spiky hair orange Laugh-A-Lot carebear. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#296 - Day 4

Day 4: A photo of one of your classes

Presenting to you not one but more than one photos!!

 With Mdm Khoo our civics tutor/maths tutor.

 With Miss Loon our chemistry tutor. :)

Mr Sin: Why never ask me???


*inserts a photo of 09S22's photo with Mr Sin here*

Shawn and Shazwan finally got the chance of being tall!

 09S22's girls looking cool/dao with shades on! \m/
Mama why you smile??!!
Bonus: Spot the perkiest butt ever! :D

 Like what Mama said, 09S22's own photoshoot.
Professional leh, shot using DSLR ok!!
Don't care what you say.
Thanks to Lynette for bring her DSLR that day.

JJC09S22, we're cool just like that.
You know you love us.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

#295 - 101010

Happy 101010 lovelayes!!! :) 

Actually I look forward more to 111111!
Then you can make wishes the whole day!
Awesome! :D Hahahahha.

Friday, October 8, 2010

#294 - My 'New' Phone

Hello lovelayes! :)

Due to boredom after studying, I went to change my phone from LG GC900 to my very first phone Nokia 3120.

A no camera, no bluetooth, music files not supported phone.
But who cares? As long as I can sms and call can already!!!

It looks so boring and whatnot so I did some modifications to mine!
Changed its cover! :D

 Chio/cute not?

Looks better when it is lighted up! :D

Hehe another reason why I changed to this for a while is because I am a little sick of touch screen phone.

This is my LG GC900 which only good point I think is the 8mp camera.
The rest are like zzz and sometimes it auto switch off for no reason and I hate it when that happens when I am in the midst of typing a long long long message.
And also that I super love the sound of the keypads clicking away when you type on those normal phones. :)

I love my Nokia 3120. ♥

#293 - Day 3

Day 3: A photo that makes you happy

With love, watching Patrick Star (I refuse to acknowledge Spongebob's presence) movie. :) :D

Paused the dvd and took a photo. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#292 - Roti Prata

 Headed to Mr Teh Tarik Eating House at Jurong for dinner.

The roti pratas there were good! :)

I had 3 pratas.
Is that really a lot? :/

Conversation between me and the roti prata uncle:
Uncle: (when the 3 pratas are almost ready) Girl, you want to put on 1 or 2 plates?
Me: (thinking that he asked that because the plate was too small) Er. I think put on 1 plate okay already.
Uncle: 1 person eating only? *with a :O expression*
Me: (nonchalantly) Yeah.
Uncle: *shocked expression and look at me doubtfully* Okay...

I think he thought I ordering for 2 people. T.T
I think I have a very large appetite.

I remember this fire fighter guy only ordering 1 leh!
Then he kept staring me throughout my whole eating session.
Guess he can't believe I can finish 3 pratas by myself. :/

But trust me, I DID. *beams a little proudly*

Okay lah, actually nothing to be proud of!
I am getting fat! :(

Had a drink with the pratas too!
$1.50 for this huge cup of Iced Teh Tarik.

Ok ok only, quite bland actually.
Lied to myself it is healthier this way. -.-

-abrupt end-

#291 - Day 2

Day 2: A photo of yourself a year ago

Short hair, fatter face, small eyes.
I supposed I have small eyes because my fats squeezed my eyes. :O

This photo was taken when The (Doh) Bitches had our first meal together at Pizza Hut, JP.
Miss those carefree days~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

#290 - Class Photo Taking

We were informed to take class photo tmrw.
I am excited, NOT.

The photographer never waits for everyone to be ready and the end product...

Never really like taking class photos.
Somemore now I am at the 50kg arena then I'd look fat.
And cfm sit in front because I'm the 2nd shortest in class. T.T

Hope there's no photo effect like the one below:

It makes people in the middle look round and fat.
Try to spot me (and my fat face). :(

Since I've uploaded that class photo, I might as well show you guys my class photos during the secondary school days.
Try spotting me.
My face shape are different for the 4 years.

 Zomg, long skirt, almost-knee length socks, centre parting.
Button the top button and wear tie nicely somemore!
But most importantly, my face still skinny!!

Secondary Two, the period of evolution.

 In the process of evolving...
Had side sweep fringe in Secondary 2 but these photos were taken before I cut it so I'm still stuck with that oh-so-ugly hairstyle.
Top button open, tie anyhow wear, ankle socks, short skirt.
And I know how to smile already!!!

Yeah, serious.
All the while Idk how to smile in front of a camera one, only Secondary 2 then know how.
What a loser. -.-

Then there comes Secondary 3, the fattest face year of my life. FML.
They say Secondary 3 is the slackiest year of your life.
How true.
Then I eat eat eat eat eat eat till my face super duper round.
I guess it kind of stay all the way till now. :(

 Cut bangs that fail and open a gap because of my side parting during Secondary 2.
End up resorted to clipping up fringe = major fail because it showed how round my face really is.

Moving on...
Secondary 4, I guess it's stress, my face slimmed down, a little.
Grew out my bangs and then had the same side sweep fringe again.
It was kind of flat though.
And I look super duper fair like ah piao. -.-

I remembered one of my classmates looking through the class photos and told me my face is like copy paste one.
I wanted to argue back but I realize I can't. :(
Because it's really like copy paste one.

I got a copy paste face. T.T

Anyway, if you realize, there's a small Patrick in the picture.
The lighting too white to see it lor.
LOL, I so enthu bring props the rest of them say I act cute!!! :(

Nevermind, tweeted to 09S22 Twitterers regarding doing something cool for the shoot (wah sound so cool and professional) tmrw.
I change my mind regarding class photo taking (for the fun shoot part only).
Hopefully we come up with something cool in the end! :D