Friday, August 31, 2007

okay. today hasnt been good seriously. army camp was okay only.

& you cared. the only happy thing that ever happened to me today.

i just wish the tears would flow no more.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

face it; today hasnt been a good day.
magic show today. okay okay only. i only like the part where the guys were kena saboed to help out with the tricks. so funneh, and it seems like most of the time, the volunteers were from our school. lol. many schools came late though, i am not pointing my fingers at who, but yeah, so inconsiderate. rahh. anyway, army camp tmrw. yay-ness! hunks beware! :)))))

the secret has been revealed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


just knew about my ppr grades today. hell bad. D: no A1s at all. hahahah. i dont know what happened to me. my maths was worse. i got __. all thanks to my common test which pulled me down. hur. and i managed an A2 for combined humans, ms yeo used the common test marks for counting. ((: at least something to cheer up on. got A2 for chinese too. yeah. i dont want to talk more about this already.

physics common test was okay today. i dont like resistance questions though. dont really know how to count it. ughh. :/

&i hope you're going. (:



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hahahah. i am going to complain again today. :DD

and it's some teacher who has got square inside her name. darn obvious. ((: wahh, i seriously dont know why lah. everything i do she also want zhen dui with me one. rahh. firstly, i was not happy that the guys were allowed to change their seats as and when they like, i told that teacher about it and she just say that they just want to focus. hur, focus, talking more like it. anyway, so it linked to the arrangement of seats. and she started asking whoever whoever, whether i am blocking her or not. not angry with whoever whoever though, that teacher asked her what. then whoever whoever say sometimes i blocking her. so that teacher was like next time we gonna swop so whoever whoever sit in front, while i move to the back. that teacher say this is fair since i have been sitting at my current seat for the first semester.


plus the fact, i dont know why you, okay, not only you, some teachers never find out what is really happen and they infer it themselves that the students are misbehaving or whatsoever. and i am always being maligned. then in the end, when you know the truth, you will start asking questions in a sarcastic way or whatsoever, since you dont want to admit that you malign us. i seriously think that english teachers should go and teach them inference skills man.

take mr PH for example, there was a time when i turned over to take my pencilcase which was inside my bag and then xxx started asking me some qns about the topic we are learning on. then mr PH just asked me and xxx to stand up and answer some qns. then later, he walked over to my table and asked me why i was talking in his lesson. obviously i told him what happen, then he was like 'take pencilcase all these need so long one meh?' i swear i didnt add the meh word inside. he said all that to me. i was furious. he was doubting me lah. i never had a good impression of him since then.

and also that teacher with the square. my friend asked me some math qn, and in the end, who got the -1 mark? me. she claimed that i was talking to my friend. hell. my friend asked me qn, you dont expect me to ignore right? crazy. teach friend also wrong, somemore is my friend talk to me first. then she never get her facts right then -1 for me. screw her. i got listen to your lessons lohr, i also never do anything wrong, -1 for me. somemore when i tried explaining, you practically ignored me, as though i was invisible. DDD:

today is a sad day. ):
so let's hate all biased teachers.

If you believe in someone, they will feel it regardless of where they are.

Monday, August 27, 2007


i missed amazing race suddenly. DD:
hahahah. watched rush hour 3 yesterday. ((: i think it was okay only. :/ i only like the fighting scenes and those parts where chris tucker are acting in. hahah. cause i think he is super funneh! :DD but yeah. not really nice show. :/

maybe watching Blood Brothers tmrw, it's an NC-16 show though. hahahah. ((:

holidays are coming and homeworks are increasing. i am so not looking forward to sept hols. DD: vague entry today.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

hahahah. today was another happy day for me! :DDDDDDDD i think i am going crazyea soon! :))))

we were being released early today due to some i-dont-know what thing. so jiaying, yili and i went to yunhui's house nearby to play basketball. okay, we ate before we played. not good, we know. hahah. yeah. and the basketball court is situated at the 4th storey of a HDB flat. cool lah. we were like following yunhui into the lift and then we thought she wanted to bring us to someone's house. then we walked, walked and walked, and ta-da! the basketball court, plus badminton court and playground. :D

so we were happily and noobily playing lah. then 2 primary school look-alike boys came. they played at the other side of the court for a while and then one of them asked if we wanted to play with them, eh no, should be challenged with them. and we said no. so the one who talked to us started calling us names. FAGGOT! i mean, just because we dont want play, call us names? CRAZY ah! we were shouting stuff back at him too, no vulgarities though, i think even if we said that, he might not even understand. hahahah. and he got real bad, they said, 'si ge fei po zai da qiu'. translated meaning: 4 fat girls are playing basketball. and know what? the problem is he isnt really that slim himself. so we said, why dont you look at yourself, then he started shouting back i cant remember what. FAGGOT. i really feel like slapping him man. i dont know where he got the courage to talk to us like that lohs. somemore we were wearing pe uniform, so he criticised our school as well. he said kranji secondary basketball lousy lah, sure lose one. i admit i am not really supportive of kranji but yeah, it's still my school. and i really felt like killing him man, i felt like shouting out all the vulgarities i know, then slapped him. he might learn a lesson huh. hahah. anyway, we chose to ignore him. so he shouted stuff to us for awhile and then gave up, i think he must have realised that he's invisible to us already. hahah.

anyway, continued playing later. we oh ya pei ya som. i was with jiaying and yunhui, with yili. then there was a time when i have no choice (i was with the ball) and jiaying was kena blocked by yunhui and yili, i was quite far away, like 3 mark ball like that. then i just aimed at the black box and threw. GOAL! hahahahah. so tyco can. lied on the ground with jiaying later while yunhui and yili continued playing. i love the sun a lot. :DDD

saw ms sim at limbang later when i accompanied my mummy to buy groceries. and she asked me if i was helping my mummy to take the groceries, and i said yes, then she say i'm good, and asked me if i want to help her too. lols. i would, if she give me bonus marks for helping her. hahahah.

hahah. and i realised that i have been cursing and complaining a lot these few days, and i believe in karma you know you know? hahahah.

1 cm apart. ((:

Friday, August 24, 2007

(((: oh i am so happy today although i am going to complain about teachers today in my post.

seriously, i dont know why teachers are biased towards students in such an obvious way. i mean, it's common for one to be biased towards or against another. however, the biased-ness is seriously too much. the tone of the teacher towards different students is so different, rude or polite. let say one teacher, mr PH. He was an okay teacher when i first know him, but now his 'fox tail' came out already. he was really biased. towards guys who are in his cca and people who score well for his assignments. i have many many evidence to show how biased he really is. for example, when students he dont really like, okay, not really dont like, just that he doesnt show his favourism for them, change seats, he will be demanding for them to change back, blah. but there was a time, when the students from his cca change place, and we complained of them being noisy, he claimed that they are friends what, nevermind lah. hell. hate him can. another good example. some students were being told to stand at the back of the class today due to some stupid reason which he think that he is correct in punishing them and i shant say what it is, cause that's not what i am complaining about, and the tone in which he said towards 2 students is different. okay, let's have student A & student B. he is more biased towards student B since student B is quite good in the subject he taught. so when he told B to stand, he said, ' B, but you have to stand behind for a while.' for student A, he said, 'A, go and stand behind the class now.' wah. i was so buaysong then. mr PH's attitude towards the students is really _______.
how can he treat students so unfairly?

i remembered in primary school, biased-ness is also being seen. it's so normal now lah. take for example, MRS T always punish students who never do her homework. she made it known to the class that they would be punished for not doing them. blah. and as you know, there will always be students who fail to do her homework and then will be punished lah. i cant really remember what the punishment is though. anyway, she was biased towards a guy called G then. so there was a time when G forgot to do his homework, and she didnt know. she asked for those who never did their homework to stand up. and G, being honest stood up. the others who didnt do their homework also stood up. i saw her eyes immediately dart towards G, and she was like saying, what, she dont wish to punish the students today. hur. obviously, she dont wish to punish G lah. she even mentioned before G is one of her favourite student. evidence! rahh.

i really cant stand it when teachers are biased towards students. you can say i am jealous, but i am not. i just dont like the way the others are treated. i mean, it's okay if you're biased towards them, but the unfairness towards the other students in terms of tone and attitude is really bad. i think talks should be held for teachers so that they can learn about this type of stuff and that all students are equal. screw to biased teachers who only look at the better students. :C

now i know what will happen when we meet. ((:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

common test was returned to us today. for once, ms sim was efficient. i got a 2digit mark but i still failed. D: kunda is so clever, he got 25/25, great job huh. :) anyway, i thought i would get a single digit mark lah, but i didnt. lol. that's good news perhaps. i hope to improve on coordinate geometry lah.

class outing next wednesday! YAY-NESS! :DD trip to science centre to watch magic! :)) and eating at Macdonalds after that. i cant wait, i always love class outings! except that we've only got one class outing (if i'm not wrong) this year, the Career Exibition. so dumb lah. i sure hope this outing would bond us better as a class. ((:

&& we got the Amazing Race Consolation Compensation Prize yesterday. it was so b_____. :D i am sure you guys can guess what that word is. ((: the prize is ...








it was 2 packets of Delfi™ TOP chocolate bars! WOW! O.O 12 bars per packet. so that means the 4 of us get 6 bars each. oh by the way, it's strawberry flavoured and the wrapping is red. when we first opened it in history lesson, we didnt take the whole thing out and we thought it was kit-kat due to it's similar red packaging. in the end, it was the b_____ chocolate. even mrs ram thought that they ought to give us kit-kat instead, she was the organiser somemore. rahhh. FYI, Delfi™ TOP chocolate bars look like this.



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

today is a sad sad day because i just lost 15marks from my common test and i am gonna fail. )))))):

i dont know what happen to me. i know the formulas and yet i always applied them the wrong way. i am gonna mug hard now. to prepare myself for the EOY. JIAYOU TO ME!

when guys act blur, people tend to think they look cute.
when girls act blur, people say that they are acting cute.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

rahh, i so hate (okay, let's give him a name) ahkao. okay. just because he thinks that his english is perfect means he can be sarcastic and say about other people's english meh? screw him man. we were talking about why the teacher was late and you know, we often have this type of broken english language between our conversations and then i was like, i said 'aiya, i think she most probably fall down lah, she wear so high,' meaning (if you dont get what i am saying), she was wearing high heels and this may cause her to fall. but then, you wont like expect us to speak such good english lah. crazy, and okay, i said, 'she wear so high'. and ahkao was like, in a sarcastic tone asking me, 'What do you mean by 'she wear so high'? i mean you should know lorh. then i was like waa, i so hate you and you so-called good english man. it doesnt mean that you are good in english and then just like show off or whatever. I HATE YOU MAN! doesnt mean that i speak broken english means i am not good in english okay. screw you hell lots. you ruin my day. DD:

Monday, August 20, 2007

i cant seem to sign in to msn. rahh.

oh and i love civillian war memorial. (((((:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Follow the notes upon a journey
At first sight makes one’s destiny
When the voyage comes to an end,
return lies hasty keys.




watched secret yesterday. it was okay. i hope no one beats me up for saying this. i didnt cry or feel sad (well, maybe a bit) but i think it is most probably because i have already heard the storyline from a lot of people so the ending was kind of expected. yeah. but overall, i am giving it 4 stars. ((: oh and by the way, the movie is being uploaded in YouTube. if you guys want to watch it the second time, this is the website. thanks to the guy/girl who uploaded it. the video is kind of blur though. but yeah. worth watching a second time. and i love the piano scenes. so nice nice! hahah. although i didnt hear where the song jay chou sang in the movie. lols.

i've got one question to ask though. 小雨 said that jay was the first one whom she saw so he could see her, but there was a time where jay was competing with another guy and 小雨 could actually talk to the other girl who like jay too. i thought only jay could see her? weird. anyway, you cant expect all movies to be perfect with no mistakes. take 200 pounds beauty for example. there is a role 'amy' who was acting. then in the end, they didnt say what happened to her. lol.

managed to finish harry potter and the deathly hallows yesterday. i hated it whenever someone died, except when it is Voldemort. hahah. snape died so pitifully. ))): dobby and fred and the others too. how i wished J. K. Rowling would write about what would happen to their kids with albus severus potter, harry's son as the protagonist. i wonder if he got into slytherin or griffindor. hahahah. anyway, harry potter fans can visit this website for many many information and interesting stuff about them. :D

Friday, August 17, 2007

wahahahah. i think i shall post today. although nothing big really happen lah.

okay, recently, i was being taught a game which predicts guys and girls' feelings for each other lah, and it's quite true. so freaky lah. i dont know how to explain but there must be like 2 people holding 3 pens each connecting all the 6 of the pens together to form a rectangle. then you just have to keep saying any guy and girl name, and if the pens moved towards each other, it means they like each other, or they are already together or they are meant for each other. yeah. seems fun but is real freaky. the pens will move by themselves. those watching didnt believe it when may and i tried it out, until they tried it themselves. some thought we were the ones moving the pens. hell, no. when you try it, you can feel a force pushing the pens either outwards or inwards lah. FREAKY~

haha. so yeah. reading harry potter and the deathly hallows now. managed to read finish the half-blood prince in like 4 days. ((:

and boo. 4 tests tmrw. maths, english, chinese and history. there is a test every different lesson. DD:


78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


that. fyi, is currently my name. :O all thanks to ms sim. who was trying to show an example and she said, 'This is Haiqel, this is May, this is what.' her fingers were pointing at me. actually, i think she's like trying to say so and so blah de, thus saying that i am what. but the name stuck already. :X WHAT is my name. hahahahahahs.

and i think i am falling in love with basketball already. :DD

Monday, August 13, 2007

hahahah. today and yesterday was .

we met the rest at peiwen's house and then set off to the place for dinner. there were already a lot of people there and many were wearing red. =.- we had long boring speeches and then we had to sing the national anthem and say the pledge. i was being so gl, i went to imitate on the way the emcee speak during the pledge. she kind of emphasizes on every word, and i did the same. rotfl. there were several performances while food was being served and i wasnt interested in them until there was one where people 'blew' fire. yeah. so cooool lah! so yeah. cam-whored again at the place, at peiwen's house and on the bus! hahahahahah!
woke up early and met jiazhi, ah wen, dede, ma and ahbu. we walked walked a little and took bus 300 there. seemed like we arrived quite early. then we started to help ourselves to the food, apparently, they were all spicy. hahah. took the lift up later to take a look at ms nat, so chio can. plus the bridegroom also very shuai. hahahah. they are so compatible. went down later and photos were taken. blah blah.
then the whole lot of us went to jp for lunch? yeah, at subway. shared with ah wen, whereas dede shared with ma, and jiazhi just watched. hahah. ahbu had left already. then walked walked looking for yvonne's present, and couldnt find the ahem we wanted, so yeah. left early with jiazhi since she wanted to meet jason again, plus i need to reach home early today. hahahah. saw yuxuan dearest, yunhui and sandy at mac on the way home. lols.
hmm. looks like there is something wrong with blogger currently and i cant upload the photos. D: oh well.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

i am so in the holiday mood now and i dont feel like doing the chunk of homework. i'd bet many had finished them, and i haven even touched any of them yet. holidays meant sleeping till late and slacking at home or going out to me. :D sigh. i hope i'd be able to get out of the holiday mood soon. i am hooked on harry potter now and i dont feel like leaving the story. :X

& gahh. i want to watch 'secret' so badly. apparently many of my friends had watched it already and it seemed nice. ): hopefully, my cousins are able to find a date and we can watch it together. :)))

Friday, August 10, 2007

i am bored. DD:

looking forward to saturday and sunday though.
going to may's house for project in the afternoon and having dinner at some restaurant i think with cousins. :)
sunday, ms nat's wedding. cool ness! :D



Thursday, August 9, 2007

i am tired. DDD:
i couldnt high up today. while people were standing there hand in hand and singing so crazily, i was lying down and thinking of the many things that has happened to me.

waited for yuxuan later and had lunch at lot1. went to jp and each of us bought a pencilcase from the wallet shop. kind of regretting it now. boo. kbox-ed later. i didnt really like go lah. just stay there for a few minutes and left. i dont have to pay. hahahaha. :D

-reading harry potter and the order of the phoenix now-

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

this few days hasnt been good. DDD:
things werent looking well for me.
well, what can i say?
nothing comforting or good had happened to me.
unless you count that there is no common test today.
sigh. i dont know what's wrong with me these days.

wandering around on my own is such a great feeling.
i can do whatever i like and dont have to worry about others' feelings.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

i am afraid you've got me all wrong.
i dont know how to piece what i thought about in words.
but i wasnt really trying to side with her.
it was also because of some other things.
i know you wont believe me, but it's really true.
i think both parties have faults although i dont really know what happened.
but i hope you guys can patch up soon.
friends are forever right?
i am sorry if i hurt you with my words.
it just happened that the day i decided to post this whole thing clashed with what you posted.
and i think you got it all wrong.
so yuan wang.
i just want this whole thing to end.
it's as simple as that.
i am sorry if i hurt you.
and you are not what you think you are in my eyes.
seriously, i didnt think of you as a *****.
i hope we can still remain as friends .
just this wouldnt break our many years of friendship right?
i hope that this whole misunderstanding will soon be cleared.

sometimes i think it's all fated.

Monday, August 6, 2007

outing with cousins! :DD we ate at velocity which has now become one of my favourite shopping malls since its theme colours are orange and black! ((: had lunch at kopitiam since we couldnt decide on somewhere where everyone wanted, so yeah. cam-whored a little there and had lots of fun trying to self-shot and get all of us into the camera.

shopped a little and took the train to bukit batok to catch the movie, Harry Potter. over the past few years, whenever i watched harry potter's movies, i have seriously no idea what they are trying to talk about and finally i understand it this time. hahahah. :D cried when sirius died. ): went around for peiwen's present later and got her earrings, yeah. bought badges, birthday stuff and earrings for myself. (: dined at pastamania, AGAIN, i swear i am not going to step foot there until like i am immune to the creamy taste. :X spastic photos were taken over there and i swear i looked really really spastic, -.- saw zhiyang there with his friends. lols.

took the train again back to lot 1 and shop shop. and i finally got hweisze's present ready. hahaha. went back home and tried to get peiwen's present done. cam-whored later again and it was goodnight. (:

today. hist project. :D had breakfast with jiazhi at LJS. the breakfast there aint really good. :X took the train to yew tee to meet zhenrui and got on the bus to meet may. turned out we alighted at the wrong stop so we walked over. may's internet modem wasnt working and so after much considerations, we went to limbang mac with her laptop since there is free internet connection there. then hurrily we tried to get our project done and i had lunch there. walked back home with jiazhi since she wanted to meet her jason. hahahah. :D


i think i look like an ah-lian in this photo, no idea why.

i dont feel like uploading anymore. probably tmrw.

with troubles brewing all around me,
sometimes i wish i was someone who dont have to worry so much.
it would be great if one day i woke up and saw that i have turned into a baby.
i wouldnt have to worry so much then.
i would get what i want and dont have to worry that people will hate the way i am or whatsoever.

and i seriously dont know what's the matter with you.
it's like your brain has been swept away by some aliens.
you are not what you are anymore.
you flare up at anything.
you totally disappointed many of us in your change of attitude.
maybe you were being influenced.
but. i know anything i say now is useless.
but sometimes, you have to learn to control yourself and that nasty temper of yours because it make me hate you more.
people may not like it.
you dont care because you still have friends who stick up to you, who, i can say, try to let you do what you want.
they have no say because they always think you're right.
many have changed since they hang out with you.
if you have changed, please do not influence the other innocent ones too.
you may not know it because whatever you do seems so correct to you.
but you are so so so wrong.
i hate the way when you acted as though nothing has happened the next day and people just continuing to befriend you when actually, it's something totally different.
yes, i know people have moodswings but yours aint the same.
is your menopause coming soon?
a long way ahead huh.
stop acting as though you are the one who is right and always thinking that others have done you wrong.
you dont know it.
but many people are telling me bad stuff about you now.
i tried to 'fight' for you but after they kept telling, i was convinced by them.
my hatred increased.
if you think i am referring to you, and that i should take a look at myself too.
i admit i have change but at least i dont go around acting like a spoilt brat whining to get people's attention.
i can do nothing now except to see you rot there on your own.
hate me if you can.
i am sorry and i still thank you for being a friend.
you dont have to think twice.
the truth really hurts sometimes.

what can i say?
i am too tired to interfere.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

aww, the chosen colour scheme for the repainting of HDB blocks are out. it's pink&red. DDDD: i would actually prefer the blue one. well, congratulations to the people who actually chose the pink&red scheme, you guys might stand a chance to win something from the lucky draw then. i am so not looking foward to seeing the painters repaint the flats. i hope someone took a picture of the current one and give it to me and i can keep it as a souvenir. <- that's a joke.

okay okay. today was fine. and i found out today that the school's going to renovate at the end of the year 2009. i would be gone by then, i would have left. hahaha. and i heard that they are moving temporarily to teck whye if i am not wrong. so inconvenient lah. luckily our batch wasnt affected considering the fact that our batch this year is always the suay one, always have new stuff to try out on us, treating us like guinea pigs. rawr. :/

meeting cousins tmrw for movie and shopping. i'd bet something good will happen tmrw, with me around, of course! :DD hahahah. might be doing project at may's house on sunday, looking forward, because i have never been to may's house before. ROTFL! (:

&& i love MOO MOO SWEET! :D FYI, it's some sweet which may gave to me one random day in class which she got from her sir who got it from malaysia if i am not wrong. wah, the sweet tasted so much like vanilla ice-cream and i had only one since may hasnt got a lot. too bad there's no more left so i can only make do with sniffing the sweet wrapper (ugh, i know) for these few days until someone kind buy it for me which i doubt there is, but still, the wrapper is white in colour and with a cute cow in front with red writings. you guys know what to do huh? i dont mind receiving that for my birthday which is FYI still months away, so you guys would have time to go and buy it. hahahahah. :D

currently reading harry potter and the goblet of fire and i'm enjoying every minute of it. i planned to finish it on sunday. :))

Thursday, August 2, 2007

oh! it's one month of the gst increase today and that's so random! :DD

i failed like 3 out of the 6 tests last week. )):
screw them.
the remaining 3, i only got a just-passed score. )))))):

anyway, today was an okay day. ((: lunched with wanlin and hweisze at pastamania at westmall since i had wanted to buy movie tickets for the show this coming thursday. cost me a total of $47.50 for 5 tickets and i was already broke by then. hahaha. shopped around and went home later.

i'm hooked onto reading harry potter books now ever since may lent the first book to me the day before. currently reading the third one and i am enjoying myself in the HP world. random. (: