Sunday, August 19, 2007

Follow the notes upon a journey
At first sight makes one’s destiny
When the voyage comes to an end,
return lies hasty keys.




watched secret yesterday. it was okay. i hope no one beats me up for saying this. i didnt cry or feel sad (well, maybe a bit) but i think it is most probably because i have already heard the storyline from a lot of people so the ending was kind of expected. yeah. but overall, i am giving it 4 stars. ((: oh and by the way, the movie is being uploaded in YouTube. if you guys want to watch it the second time, this is the website. thanks to the guy/girl who uploaded it. the video is kind of blur though. but yeah. worth watching a second time. and i love the piano scenes. so nice nice! hahah. although i didnt hear where the song jay chou sang in the movie. lols.

i've got one question to ask though. 小雨 said that jay was the first one whom she saw so he could see her, but there was a time where jay was competing with another guy and 小雨 could actually talk to the other girl who like jay too. i thought only jay could see her? weird. anyway, you cant expect all movies to be perfect with no mistakes. take 200 pounds beauty for example. there is a role 'amy' who was acting. then in the end, they didnt say what happened to her. lol.

managed to finish harry potter and the deathly hallows yesterday. i hated it whenever someone died, except when it is Voldemort. hahah. snape died so pitifully. ))): dobby and fred and the others too. how i wished J. K. Rowling would write about what would happen to their kids with albus severus potter, harry's son as the protagonist. i wonder if he got into slytherin or griffindor. hahahah. anyway, harry potter fans can visit this website for many many information and interesting stuff about them. :D

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