Monday, May 30, 2011

#413 - [Ad] Just Buy

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

#412 - Just Acia with The (Doh) Bitches

  Tea Cosy! :)
See the decorations, you'd thought it's just some furniture shop but NO!
It's a restaurant too!

Initial plan was to have high tea over there but it turns out that the share was too small for us so we zao!

And headed over to Just Acia, with us 3 girls and Leuven whom we had lunch with last min!
(image credits to Google)

Gotta love the food and their prices there!
Tasty and affordable. :)

Food galore!

Chawanmushi at only $1 add-on if you order their set meal.
Gave my fishcake to Raine because I hate fishcake! :)

 Raine's Dory Fish Noodle in Tomato Soup.

 Leuven's Spaghetti & Ebi Fried with Homemade Tomato Sauce Set.

 Lynette's Spicy Chicken Set.

 Which was particularly spicy that day, see the amount of chili oil!!! :/

Yours truly's Ebi Fried with Melted Cheese on Homemade Tomato Sauce on Rice Set.
Look at the cheese omg! *drools*

And yeah, I realised that their names are kind of long and detailed too.

Btw all the set meals come with free flow cappuccino, hot chocolate, soft drink float and F&N Magnolia ice cream.
Super worth it hor???

 See my failed attempt at the soft serve machine.
It was supposed to be high and pointed and it slid to one side and became like some Aladdin's lamp. :(

Flea at *scape later with the 2 girls, mad hotz as usual and then to Far East Plaza for shoe shopping. :)
Travelled all the way by foot when there's bus!!!
Feels like it's Bareyoursole (click for link) all over again! *give a pat on my back*

Headed home with aching feet but feeling contented having caught up with the 2 girls after so long plus all the effort and time spent shoe hunting was worth it because I got a pair of decent shoes. Now I just need to find a pair of sandals.

No photos with the 2 girls in my camera, waiting for Lynette to upload hers and I will upload them later. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

#411 -

小時候,幸福是一件简单的事。 长大了,简单是一件幸福的事。


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#410 -

Pardon the half ass entries nowadays with many words but little photos.
Scheduled a few entries with photos inside but don't feel like publishing them, yet.

Hmm lots of things to settle these days, these 2 weeks are gonna be filled with plans!
And my mind is usually my organizer, BUT there's seriously too much on my mind I have to write down a To Do List here for reminder.
Doh, the To Do List is for my own reference so you can just click the X at the top right hand corner of the page (or the red circle on the top left hand corner for Mac users, lol) now.

To Do List:
1. Visit the dentist sooooooon, 4 wisdom teeth growing out already
2. Visit the doctor if my left leg still remains swollen (For no reason it hurts badly. I don't want pig trotters, I already got carrot legs. :( )
3. Settle application to SIM as a back up if I really cannot enter a local university
4. Sign up for driving lessons!!!
5. Meet Huiyi to get my polaroid films and money
6. Meet May to get my top
7. Prepare an appeal paragrph while waiting for NTU letter to arrive

Dates to remember:
1. Submission of SIM application with Yunhui on Friday
2. Random outing with May and Yili on Saturday (unconfirmed)
3. Submission of timesheet and then dinner with workmates next Wednesday
4. Primary School Besties meet up next Friday

Pea sized brain can't contain all these stuff!
Information overload. :O
Super busy for someone who usually have nothing much in life. LOL.

Note to self:

PS: I can't wait for June to arrive!!! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

#409 -

Been a little lazy nowadays. Used to do 200 crunches everyday. I can't believe it too! :O
Now? It's either 100 on random hardworking days or none at all.
Fats are winning! :(

I want abs like these!!! Not too much, not too little. Just perfect.

Guess for me, the hardest part to train is the lower part of the abdomen!
Fats accumulated all there like crazy! :(

Somehow looking at such pictures make me feel SUPER motivated to train and be like them.
Gogogo, Shufen! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

#408 -

Just a quick update.

!. I've inserted a Formspring on the sidebar so if there's any queries or burning questions you wanna ask, ask away! :)

2. I am trying to calm myself down regarding university admissions. It's like a fit now. Sometimes I panicked like madz because I am really scared I can't get in a local university. Sometimes I am calm and feel that I might have this small bit of hope to get in.

3. Actually I'm still kind of worried about the university admission. :(

4. Going out with The (Doh) Bitches tmrw for Hi-Tea! Hope my moods will be lifted high (and not talk about university stuff please) when I meet them since it has been long since we last meet up.

5. Some rumours saying it's the end of the world tmrw, I am really interested to know if it really will happen.

6. Last thing on the list, note to self:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#407 -

Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy.❞

But everday, when I try to find a reason to be happy, nothing seems to work.

I really want the world to end soon.
As soon as possible.

Every moment being awake/conscious is so torturing because it means I have to face the reality.
Call me a coward, I would push my troubles all the way to the back of my head and refuse to face them.

I think my life pretty much sucks now, although if compared to those in third world countries, my life is wayyyyy better.
But I don't want to compare myself with them.
It is unfair from the start.

So instead, I compare with the people around me.
Everyone seems to be leading a good life, with nothing to worry or to fret about. (Or so they seem to potray to me)
Their lives are so perfect I see no flaws, they have a bright future.

I have nothing.

Sometimes I wish my life was like a tv drama, with the script of my life written and the ending planned.
This way I would just follow the script and do what I am supposed to do.
I wouldn't have to worry what is gonna happen to me if I don't do this or that.

My ending is planned, and I will just leave all to fate.
But then again, if I know what would happen, I might do something to change how it might happen.

Human beings are never contented.

Who am I to say that my life sucks?
I don't know what others may be going through right now.

Who knows on the outside, someone's life may seem perfect, but inside, it's all fucked up?

I don't know. I am confused. I am lost. And nobody can help me.

Because I have nothing now.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

#406 - My Loots

Checked camera to see what photos are 'worthy' enough to be up on here!
So this is a sort of random entry which I will try 'linking' photos together.

Some of my favourite items I got from the flea yesterday! :)

 Bag in tan which looks similar to the one I wanted to get from Gmarket (which was oos) earlier on!
Super happy because it was mad cheap and in perfect condition. :D
Gotta love the compartments too!

Speaking of bag, my M401 from Gmarket arrived 2 weeks plus ago.

 Don't know why, but I am fond of big simple bags.
I don't care about the brand as long as it's durable. :)

And then there's the new OPI colours I got yesterday!
Too bad if you get sick of seeing OPI stuff again.
It's from the same seller which I got my OPI (see previous entry) from!

Black shatter! :)
And these 2 colours which I bought half on impulse half on want.
More of a need actually. :P
The 2 colours look similar to Patrick's pants colours no?
Been wanting to do a Patrick version nail for long, so yay! :)

I have been looking for these 2 colours for mad long and then it's like the rest of the normal polishes brand don't carry such colours.
So of course buy!!!

Plus there's no time for you to decide at the flea itself because all the girls there are literally going crazy at the colours available there. They pushed you here and there to get the colours they want.
So it's you see you grab you pay you go!

So I decided going to the showroom to get the stuff with no one pushing you around and you can take your own sweet time deciding is the BEST.

And after getting them and looking at them at home, I realised I've got 4 out of 6 colours of the OPI Shrek Forever After series!

L to R: Ogre-the-Top Blue, Who the Shrek Are You?, Funky Dunkey, Fiercely Fiona
:) :D :) :D

Hehe and see my application for the Black Shatter polish!
Nails painted in the lighter shade of blue I mentioned about in previous entry! :)
One finger only because I ruin the rest! :/ :(

Can't wait for the Navy, Silver and Red shatter to be available soon!

 My current OPI collection to sum up this entry!
Unknowingly, I bought a colourful collection, it wasn't planned!

Alright, seeing colours make me happy and took my mine off certain unhappy stuff for a while.
My future is kind of bleakkkk now. :(

Saturday, May 14, 2011

#405 - Mini OPI Haul

Hehe I have been spending quite a lot lately! :)

Now it's no longer on food, but on materialistic wants/needs.

My mini OPI haul I got with May last Monday!! :)
So happy I got the chio blues!

Haha I wanted to do a vlog on this (since my lx5 is good at taking HD videos and I shouldn't put that function to waste), but this haul is too mini to vlog about thus I had to put that idea off my mind.

OPI so 贱 okay, have so many shades of colours and then most of them quite similar and I had a hard time deciding what to get lor!
 Btw, the 2 blues may look similar but they are not okay!!!

Probably going back to the place again/head down to the flea this saturday to get more colours when new stock arrive and then maybe I will vlog! :)

Painted my nails with the middle bottle polish!
And I am so sad I can't capture the true colour of the polish! :(

It's not THAT orange, it's actually a little of hotpink/neon pink/orange/red mix together.
Under different lightings, I see different colours!

Haha and I guess I'll be painting the ligher shade of blue soon because I plucked away the polish yesterday during work!

 And see my chio dark blue toenails!
Looking a tad lighter in flash!

It's a little teal blue irl! :)
Siao one, I keep admiring it everyday!

Hahah alright for now, if I paint my nails light blue soon, I will upload photos here! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#404 - SHRIMS SS Extended

SHRIMS SS Extended finally got a family photo!
(Missing from photo: Yunhui and Timothy)

 And finally a complete photo with my beloved SHRIMS SS!

The last time we took one complete one was like 3 years + ago??!!
Omg right!
We've been consistently meeting up but it's like 1 or 2 couldn't be there!
How sad. :(

See how far we've come! :')
I think all of us changed, especially the guys!

 Haha omg we're so bad, tried to imitate Roger's eyes! :P

Much loves, ♥

Sunday, May 8, 2011

#403 - GE related

Okay initially I wasn't really interested in the elections and stuff but yesterday, as the results for the polling day drew close, I got really interested.
Partly it's because people around me have been talking about this and that, PAP and Opposition Parties etc.

Seriously, Twitter was so happening last night, and in less than a min, my timeline would have 5-7 new tweets coming in updating me about the election.

Actually I was more interested in what people are saying and not who won because some comments are seriously damn funny.
Credits to those who said them.
(And sorry, I don't mean to 针对 Tin Pei Ling but most of the funny comments are directed at her)

"Tin Pei Ling can really upgrade from Kate Spade to Hermes now."

" Tin Pei Ling in Parliament = buying a Zoukout CD, but got 1 Justin Bieber track"

 "Kids, if PAP loses, there'll be a new chapter in your SS syllabus: The downfall of PAP. Venice was bad enough."

"Can you all stand Tin Pei Ling as ur MP? I guess she can help us keep e bar chor mee price low at least"

"Tintin can go to USS with her parents alr; no more regrets for her:)"

"I shall vote for AH MEE in the next election"

"Poker Face should be played whenever the Returning Officer talks"


Well, I am sure by now everyone would know about Workers' Party winning in Aljunied and so..

No more George Yeo! :'(

Kinda expected the results but it was still sad to see him go.
When I saw him speaking last night, I cried. :'(

Like I said, I wasn't really involved in this election/political stuff, but I like him leh!
His face so 慈祥 and yours truly always have a soft spot for this kind of 慈祥-faced people.
Not only that, I think he's very gracious and whatnot.

Haha I think I might be bias when I vote 5 years later because I'd look at faces and judge, omg.
(Obviously I won't lah, just saying only)


Okay and people have been talking about Nicole Seah which I am sure is a familiar name to all of us.
 And to think I see many people saying she's pretty?!

Pretty meh???
I think she has a high forehead. :/
I recommend bangs for her.


And how can we forget this guy?
Pursuant to Section 49, Subsection 7E, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Elections Act, I declare...

Yam Ah Mee!
Omg I think he got the 慈祥 face also!
Plus he very cute!

And even though his name is spelt wrongly in the Facebook page, he has 29k+ likes (at press time) already.
Last night I tweeted it, he has only 8k+ likes!

And as if it's not enough, there's still a dance remix on what he said on Facebook!

Click here to see!

 Anyway, I think the way Workers' Party Chief Low Thia Khiang speaks reminds me of Mr Koh Yong Chiah, the ex-JJC Principal, current RVJC Principal, no?

Alright that's all, don't judge me, I just feel like I have to blog these out. :)


Saturday, May 7, 2011

#402 - Everything with Fries

(Polaroid taken with Shawn's Instax, he takes polaroids like water, lol)

Hehe yes, so I had Everything with Fries at Holland Village with these 3 people last week! :)

And omg, to think I suggested going there when I never even go to Holland V at all before.
IKR, country bumpkin.

Act smart went to Google Maps and then fail in getting the directions and had to rely on Lynette's BB to guide us to our destination.
Damn coolzxzx technology is now, can detect where we are as we walk!

Ended up being early and got Frolick!
Yummz so into froyo recently. :)

Met with Munkit and this Shawn woke up late which explains why I took many random photos below.

EwF's a small eatery with air-conditioning.
Good place to chill with a small group of friends. :)

 And Shawn finally arrived!
*Sheepish looking*

Food food food!
 One Egg Soup.
Nice when it's still hot. :)

 Mun's Spaghetti Bolognese with Salt and Vinegar fries and coleslaw for sides.
(Yupps, each course comes with 2 sides, with fries of 5 flavours to choose from and coleslaw/baby caesar)

 Shawn's Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with Curry fries and baby caesar.

 Lynette and I both got Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Sour Cream and Onion/Garlic and Herbs fries and coleslaw. 
It was dope!!! The toasted bread tastes so cheesy I love it.

However, if you realise, the fries seem to be the main course or something.
Their share of fries is damn huge I couldn't finish mine!
(Don't think that the share they give is very little, wait till you eat it)
No wonder it's called Everything with Fries! ;)

And I recommend Garlic and Herbs/Salt and Vinegar for fries!
Because they're damn nice! :)

Oh yeah, you must be wondering why I'd insert this random photo of croutons in this entry?
Lol because Shawn kept requesting for it!
Must blog here so when I read back this entry when I older, I'd remember and laugh.

So lazy to explain but he requested for 3 times for them!
And they're free. LOL.

Food's good and affordable and definitely worth a trip back! :)

And the next time I visit there, I'd definitely try the Nutella Shake!
Heard that it's not bad, didn't try it that day because I was seriously too full! :(

Headed to Cold Rock ice creamery because the guys wanted some ice-creammmmmm!

No group photos because they're all in Lynette's DSLR!
Waiting for her to blog so I can kope!

Lynette, if you're reading this, don't be lazy, update your blog so I can kope photos okay!! :D

For more photos, please view them at my Facebook photo album!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Everything with Fries
40 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277695
Tel 64633741
Fax 64633742