Sunday, May 8, 2011

#403 - GE related

Okay initially I wasn't really interested in the elections and stuff but yesterday, as the results for the polling day drew close, I got really interested.
Partly it's because people around me have been talking about this and that, PAP and Opposition Parties etc.

Seriously, Twitter was so happening last night, and in less than a min, my timeline would have 5-7 new tweets coming in updating me about the election.

Actually I was more interested in what people are saying and not who won because some comments are seriously damn funny.
Credits to those who said them.
(And sorry, I don't mean to 针对 Tin Pei Ling but most of the funny comments are directed at her)

"Tin Pei Ling can really upgrade from Kate Spade to Hermes now."

" Tin Pei Ling in Parliament = buying a Zoukout CD, but got 1 Justin Bieber track"

 "Kids, if PAP loses, there'll be a new chapter in your SS syllabus: The downfall of PAP. Venice was bad enough."

"Can you all stand Tin Pei Ling as ur MP? I guess she can help us keep e bar chor mee price low at least"

"Tintin can go to USS with her parents alr; no more regrets for her:)"

"I shall vote for AH MEE in the next election"

"Poker Face should be played whenever the Returning Officer talks"


Well, I am sure by now everyone would know about Workers' Party winning in Aljunied and so..

No more George Yeo! :'(

Kinda expected the results but it was still sad to see him go.
When I saw him speaking last night, I cried. :'(

Like I said, I wasn't really involved in this election/political stuff, but I like him leh!
His face so 慈祥 and yours truly always have a soft spot for this kind of 慈祥-faced people.
Not only that, I think he's very gracious and whatnot.

Haha I think I might be bias when I vote 5 years later because I'd look at faces and judge, omg.
(Obviously I won't lah, just saying only)


Okay and people have been talking about Nicole Seah which I am sure is a familiar name to all of us.
 And to think I see many people saying she's pretty?!

Pretty meh???
I think she has a high forehead. :/
I recommend bangs for her.


And how can we forget this guy?
Pursuant to Section 49, Subsection 7E, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Elections Act, I declare...

Yam Ah Mee!
Omg I think he got the 慈祥 face also!
Plus he very cute!

And even though his name is spelt wrongly in the Facebook page, he has 29k+ likes (at press time) already.
Last night I tweeted it, he has only 8k+ likes!

And as if it's not enough, there's still a dance remix on what he said on Facebook!

Click here to see!

 Anyway, I think the way Workers' Party Chief Low Thia Khiang speaks reminds me of Mr Koh Yong Chiah, the ex-JJC Principal, current RVJC Principal, no?

Alright that's all, don't judge me, I just feel like I have to blog these out. :)



  1. Mr Koh Yong Chiah is my school prinipal...

  2. You're in RV? Haha I think the way Low Thia Khiang talks really sound like him! :)


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