Saturday, April 29, 2006


Friday, April 28, 2006

270406.. happiest dae of my life..
am gona post todae.. cos i wana rmb all tat happened todae.. bahaha.. kaes.. so thr was this song dedication thingey and ah nat and i dedicated it to 2a lahs.. song: jie tuo by geraldine see.. nice man.. erm.. den tat's how everything started.. the guys began to 'sabo' yu liang and minyan.. they helped him dedicate adriano's jia gei wo to minyan.. and the msg was 'i love u'.. shweet.. hahas.. den aft tat, it's like everyone kept wasting their money to sabo others.. one song 5o¢.. den it's like the person charged ah nat and i 40¢ nia.. hees.. erm.. den sabo sabo, until i got tuo xia shui.. they go anyhow sae put me and dexter.. no link.. den dex was like saying no, asked himbo instead.. heng heng in the end they din succeed.. cos i screamed.. so malu lors.. erm.. den it's like so fun.. although tis may seem lame and childish to ppl reading.. this is the last yr whr we 2a-ians can be together le lors.. den it's like part of our memories nxt time.. so happy.. how i wished tat someone could have taken all this down on a video-cam and made them into a CD.. tat would sure be nice.. ahh~

Thursday, April 27, 2006

hais.. this few days feeling kinda down with the MYE coming and oso alot of troubles created.. maybe i am not gona post tis daes le.. unless thr's anything interresting or big to post abt.. =(

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

2.4 todae.. whees.. so excited-anxious-scared.. hahas.. cos i scared i flunked it den cant get gold liaos.. bahahahaha.. heng.. i ran the 47th, okok lahs.. cos got three klasses 'competing' mahs.. i was the one-third ++ de.. haas.. my motivation 'guy' was hong lip.. cos i dun wana let him catch uo with me mahs.. so i ran ran ran ran.. hao chuan ars.. haas.. lols..

erm.. ltr in the aftnoon got peer tutoring.. den my mentee was wei zhi or sth lidat.. ah nat de's kheng hian.. and she dun really noe how to pronounce it.. lols.. erm.. den it's like so fun lors.. hahas.. den ltr went to Pizza Hut eat lunch.. ate baked pasta.. big no-no.. i am nvr gona touch one of tat agen.. the first bite was like, yummy? den the remaining bites were like er.. burnt my tongue cos it was jus so hot.. ouch ouch.. haas.. den went to library borrow books, cos ms rani sae need do book review mahs.. see, so guai.. tsk..


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

erm.. todae's post gona feature abt jia zhi.. and jia zhi, if u are reading this right now, pls do feel honoured tat my whole post is abt u huhs..

ok.. so during IFD tat time, she's like so suspicious lors.. dun wana go down to play the 'coconut' game.. hmm.. shy bahs.. lols.. erm.. den den.. she act cute.. this one font put small small, if not ltr i kena kill by her.. den she du zui buden qi ji, she looked nice doing tat.. ok lahs.. so i am done reporting.. hereby signing off now..

Monday, April 24, 2006

new skin.. new look.. song was actually guardian angel by junyang buden i chge.. cos is the part in the concert de.. den got hello, da jia hao.. so toot.. lols.. pls feel free to give comments.. wahaas~
received an anonymous msg today.. first four numbers 8168.. wad the msg wrote was 'pls, i wana suck ur pussy'.. like hello? why send this type of perverted msg? even if it was really meant to send to someone but not me, it doesnt have to be a dighusting rites? come on.. who in the right mind would actually send this msg?? the moment i received it, i deleted it away.. gosh man..

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Friday, April 21, 2006

erm.. todae played a 'game' with ah gong.. it's like a stupid lame prank lahs.. erm.. it's like i used a marker to draw ah gong's hand's shape on a paper.. den it's a story abt a granny walking to the market to buy things lahs.. den the route frm the hse to the market is in a shape of the hand lahs.. den i have to keep saein the granny need restock blah groceries den buy dinner blah de.. den suddenly, i will sae granny lazy den take short cut, draw on ah gong's hand!! hees.. so shuang lors.. buden hors, ah gong abit wan bu qi.. he drew back on my hand and the marker's ink is still on my hand, and he even drew on my face.. freak man..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

aww.. `shweet~

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

obviously thr are some conceited jerks in kss and i do not wana talk ab them and elaborate further..
reason 1: lazy to type in all the loads of crap they did and said
reason 2: it's a waste of my time
reason 3: i dun wana be reminded of them when i leave KSS, having to read my old post
reason 4: typing their names on my post jus dirty my whole blog
ok.. no more reasons to state le.. and i oso dun wana sae anymore.. ltr some jerks happened to pass by my blog and they might feel so very de guilty.. wahaas~ am i so very de evil.. muhahahahahas..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

lit lesson..
first period.. a word shot out frm a mouth.. scolding us idiots.. wad the.. everytime li yong time to 'suan' us.. freako~ erm.. ltr art.. den it's like ah li kept telling ah nat 'secrets' and dun wish to tell me lors.. den i suddenly felt like an outcast lidat.. and ah li refused to tell me lors.. den i felt like crying.. and i did.. i mean if both gd frens of urs huddled together telling each other secrets den they refused to tell u, wad u will do? hais.. ok.. let's jus forget abt tis.. erm.. back to art.. erm.. last wk, mrs tay took fotos of us to do fer potraits.. den it's like she 'flashed' a slideshow lors.. so malu man.. bish.. erm..

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Thursday, April 13, 2006

lit seriously sucks now.. more than english by alot.. she actually said the 'f' word.. u did not read wrong, MS LIM LAY YONG really said the word 'fark'.. the whole klas tio shock lors.. it's like she zhen dui wo lidat.. cos chin seng asked me sth abt Lit mahs.. den she's like saying wad i din pay attention in klas, den said if i did well in the rest of the subs but not lit, i will be pull down.. buden i GOT LISTEN lors.. i even wrote down wad she says.. she alwys tell the klas abt me in a beat abt the bush way lors.. indirectly shoot me agen.. *BISH* erm.. den aft tat, the bell wana ring le mahs.. den my txtbks like wana drop lors.. so i secured them with the book-strap.. lidat den she sae i not paying attention agen!! pls lors, i got write down lors.. den she sae i in a rush to go hme.. bish.. i so yuan wang lors.. now i tink the whole klas tink i bad ger liaos.. den she diao me lors.. erm.. the f werd she mentioned in front.. forgot to mention.. den when she realised tat she said it, she chge the werd to 'fuc, fuc, fucny(funny).. lidat oso can.. den aft her lesson, she stared at me with her big eyes at me, den sae i mus listen den i nvr write down wad she sae blah de.. den i was like telling her i got write lors.. i din no manners hars.. i jus told her the truth lors.. YUAN WANG~

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

erm.. posting todae.. so our klas did quite well fer fd huhs.. we are in the midst of improving, at least tat's wad i tink.. erm.. den it's like nth much lahs.. erm.. den kena tease by ah gin they all lors.. cos.. cos.. hais.. nvm.. jus so malu..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

erm.. erm.. posting le.. jus wana flood away my previous post huhs.. cos.. cos.. nvm.. erm.. so went to Mac todae with germain, yinting and ah nat.. settling our lunch thr lahs.. erm.. den it's like if u buy an EVM, u will get a chicken FAN-tastic fer free.. so dumb dumb lors.. erm.. den it's like yinting and i kept making ah nat and germain laugh lors.. so funny.. and den it's like not funny de they oso laugh.. lols.. erm.. den we talked abt someone.. den they puneh here and thr.. so funny.. should hear how zhan ning sae in klas lors.. can laugh till like siaos.. tadaas~

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Headlines for 7th April 2006
by shufen
Yu Liang Called Me Shu HUN and 'shou duan'
so it went like this.. vernon lim you song dropped his chinese file and i was asked by him to pick it up.. it took me quite a long time to reach it as it was quite far away laas.. den yu laing actually called me Shu HUN and said i 'shou duan' i was like omigosh! cos he doesnt look like the type who tease ppl.. lols.. ah gong, you certainly was right.. i dun understand him..
I Dun Have Low Blood Pressure
erm.. found out todae tat my face will turn red when i laughed.. tio shock lors.. cos my face seldom red de.. den regina was like telling me if ur face not red wen u laugh, tat means u got LBP.. heng heng.. i dun have.. as in my face will become red.. lols..
Jia Zhi and Shun Ting suspected to have just escaped from IMH
erm.. wen we were on our way to Limbang, Jia Zhi and Shun Ting laughing like siaos lors.. like idiots lidat.. so diu lian.. duno them lors.. they were leaning on de duno wad thing and were laughing all the way wen thr was nth funny to laugh about..
A Toddler 'diao' Me
at mac.. with Jia Zhi, Shun Ting and Regina.. den thr was a three-year old toddler lors.. i jus look at him den he 'diao' me.. really.. Jia Zhi saw it lors.. den she was like high-fiving to Regina and Shun Ting.. like very pleased with wad the toddler has done.. wad the..

Friday, April 7, 2006

english sucks more than dnt.. seriously.. erm.. dun wana elaborate huhs.. k.. so dnt is becoming more interesting hars.. erm.. todae so malu lors.. we were using a machine in the dnt room maas, den jia zhi said very dirty so she went to take out the vacumm cleaner and began sucking the dust away.. den itlooked so fun, so i decided to give it a try lors.. den i anyhow moved her eand thr and den i accidentally sucked away one of Yvonne's model's legs!!!! ARGH.. den i cried cos i din mean it maas.. heng heng, she din really blame me and jia zhi offered to 'pay' back fer the missing piece of wood.. thks.. =P erm..

den recess wen we were eating, mr teo was like signalling to us lidat.. den we dun get wad he meant.. so he came over to us instead.. heard frm him tat the top 5 fer the inclined pull-up got prizes.. den he asked us if we wana try.. so they all sabo me.. i did 42 in 30 secs.. yay.. beta than my NAPFA de.. lols.. erm.. den blah blah.. erm.. den aft sch liaos.. den it's like it's raining so heavily lors.. den we saw rui yang and cindy.. so we waited fe rthe rain to get smaller together.. so toot.. my shoes and everything was wet lors.. hais.. TSK.. wahaas~

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

hais.. finally chge seats le.. den the new arrangement quite toot lors.. is like one row got 8 ppl, den it's alternate de.. as in one row at the left, den the nxt one at the right.. etc.. hais.. i am sitting with chin seng and hwei sze.. ok ok lors.. erm.. buden sit in front..

hais.. ah teo sae first row cant chge.. sniff sniff.. den he kinda biased (no offence) let min yan and yan ying they all sit together.. sigh.. buden i sat quite closed to ah nat, ah li and yinting so ok ok lors.. erm.. den it's like so difficult to walk lors.. den wen i gave out common test papers today, it's like walking like a snake, den i oso have to keep calling out names loud, cos i duno whr they sit maas.. hais..

Sunday, April 2, 2006


Saturday, April 1, 2006

whees~ todae got briefing at night on sec 2 streaming.. my parents culdnt attend it and many of my frens oso cant.. den mdm lee asked us to come down to foyer lors.. so toot.. den in the end, aft talking alot, we were finally released.. lols.. den todae stay back to wait fer the streaming thing cos my cca end at 5 plus maas.. den go hme like so toot lors.. so i stay.. ate chocolates.. yum yum.. frm Australia de.. erm.. den finally 7 liaos.. den we queued up to take collect booklets fer the streaming thing.. erm.. den we went to find seats.. erm.. the talk was quite long laas.. but fer individual teacher they talked quite BRIEF lors.. really brief.. can time them.. break record liaos.. lols.. den left lors.. lidat laas.. >.<