Saturday, February 28, 2009

#49 - Tag Replies

Screwwwwwwww cbox man. I can't see my tagboard at all when it is night. Okay the sentence structure/phrasing is a little weird here. What I mean is when I use the computer in the day, I am able to view my tagboard but not when at night. Stupid or what?

And the shitty thing is that I am able to view other people's ones. ZZZ.

Maybe I should change to ShoutMix or something, it might become better. Still in the midst of considering about it.

Tag Replies:
AWL: Hahah Yoga not suitable for you lah, you not flexible one. :D
yili: 4C'08 Mini Gathering was love! :D
shark: (:
may: Haha, I know who you are referring to as well. :D
shark-may: I agree.
AWL: Haha, I know I know. (:
ivy: You did, I got evidence! And regarding the syahirah's face, it was unintentional lahhh.

I think I am gonna change my tagboard if this problem persists.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

#48 - Mini 4C'08 Gathering

Yesterday's mini gathering was love, despite not many people being able to come. But I am sure many have their reasons for not being able to turn up, like Roger. :D

Those that came: Aisyah Clive Felicia Haiqel Hanyang Isaac Iskandar Joey May Nurul Salihin Shakilah Shufen Stella Syahirah Timothy Yili Yunhui Zhengchuan

And we gathered at our "study for 'O' Level" spot and started reminiscing about the good old times in Kranji plus updating each other about our lives, mostly lives in JCs. And the SA guys ie. Clive, Hanyang and Isaac started blurting out each other shameful secrets which brought laughter to all of us, especially Clive's and Isaac's stories. Not gonna blog about it, I'd get bashed up. :D

I miss all of them man, not forgetting my beloved SHRIMSSS. Roger was the only one who's unable to attend it. ): But no worries, we are planning to play for a day during March holidays, ie. Lunch. Movie. Bowling. Whoo, I can't wait man. :D:D:D


Timothy: "Haiqel is sodomising my back!" -.-

Yili! I will remember to pass you my thumbdrive the next time, sorry!

Sourheart! Damn sia the top photo, wrong lightings, make my face look fatter (notice I use the word fatter, not fat) and make my eyes damn small. And regarding the second one, it was candid.

Timothy the very despo guy. *ahem ahem*

Tarday, still as retard as ever! :D

ZhengChuan, schoolmate who often does Maths and neglects Chemistry.

Yunhui, the very talkative one! We took quite a number of photos, but she kept on deleting them. ):

Isaac, the think-until-very-far-one! (Not meant to sound horny ok, he really does think a lot and too much in the straight way.)

Lili, my schoolmate cum squirrel! Haha, and this salute is going to be my 2009 pose. You're gonna see a few more of them later. (:

Felicia, the one who got the lowest nett score, 6, in our class. Also the only one in 4C'08 to get into ACJC, jiayou, do us proud! (:

Joey, who came by later to join us as well. (:

Hanyang, the one whom Mrs Ram said look smarter now clad in SAJC uniform, hope you find your dream anime (yuck) girl in SAJC! :D

Clive refused to take a normal photo with me. ): And so...

It ended up looking like that. I am supposed to be 'towering' over him. :D

Oh by the way I got evidence that SAJC and JJC people are on good terms with each other. (:

Firstly, Isaac allowed me to wear his school tie with JJ orientation shirt. :D

Secondly, we salute to each other wherever we meet.

HAHAHA! :D (Told you you'd be seeing my 2009 pose) It was fun and a little scary to have someone towering over you okay!

And sorry, I didn't take a photo with Shakilah, because she was very unwilling. So let's just imagine you saw a photograph of her just now. Sorry to May as well, I took a photo with her and Yili didn't send it to me, so yeah, I guess I will post it up soon. And Aisyah, send me or upload the photo we took together in school in your blog so I can post it up here. And some of the photos I took with the same guys above, I accidentally deleted it, so I will have to get the missing ones from Yili and update this entry again. (:

I had so much fun and I want to meet up soon with them and the rest of the 4C'08 people again. Can?

Seems like you've forgotten me.
Perhaps we're better off this way.

Monday, February 23, 2009

#47 -

You never know how much something/someone meant to you until they're gone/lost.

That's how I am feeling now.

(Change emotion to high!)

I am so excited that I am meeting the guys tmrw! How I wish time would run to tmrw afternoon! Meeting my beloved ones, omg can't wait can't wait! :D

(Change back to emo.)

You told me to listen to my heart, and so I did.
But you never tell me that the heart could be wrong sometimes.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I really hope this feeling would go away soon.
I don't want to fall for you at all.
Whatthefish is wrong with my heart man.

Maybe I lack a listener, a good friend, someone I can trust, confide, and share my thoughts with.


Would you be there to tell me that everything will be alright?
Perhaps I'd feel better tomorrow after meeting you.
Perhaps you'd cheer me up like you used to.

I just pray hard, wish, and hope that want things go back to normal soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

#46 - Tag Replies

Tag Replies:
nurul: Haha yeah, I know you can't stand such stuff, especially it's on your paper, lol. :D

may: Hahah, yeah, it keeps me awake, you should try it. And yupp, I told her le, but she no reaction one. Lol. And she where got betray you? I also not snatching her away from you.

shark: I agree! :D:D

ivy: Aiya, you get the point lah. Lol.

Salihin: Eh what! The Doraemon in the helium balloon also drawn by Keng Siang, just that we added random stuff to it okay. Like I said, Idk how to draw Doraemon one. And Roger's eyes where got so round and big one, lol! :D

Thursday, February 19, 2009

#45 - Doraemon

This is what you do when you are attending a lecture and suddenly got bored.

You draw...

Doraemon! (actually any cartoon characters also can)

Step1: You start by drawing it however it looks like in your mind.

Keng Siang drew this on my paper, lol. He did the same on Raine's one too.

Idk how to draw Doraemon and so I drew a stretched Patrick on Raine's paper, but I didn't get a photo of it. ):

Step 2: The lecturer blabbered on and on and you found your eyelids start to droop. And so you start adding interesting stuff to your cartoon character. A perfect example:

HAHAHAHAHA! Thick lips, hairy eyebrows, red cheeks, etc.

Step3: You realised the lecture is ending soon, and so you started drawing the back of the cartoon character.

Step4: You felt that somehow it needed some hair, so you drew some on it.

Notice the word, BEIJING 101, LOL!

After lecture, all drained, blackjack/daidi/poker/cheat/bridge to destress! :D

KNS man. 1/2 of 09S22 is down with either flu/sore throat/fever already! I got the second one. Get well soon to all! Take care and drink loads of water! (:

Damn, I miss Jared like hell! ):

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

#44 - Random Conversations

Random Conversations, it's okay if you don't get it.(The conversations are not exactly the same as the ones being said actually, I just somewhat remembered parts like those below.)

How do you get rid of all the communists?

Lynette: Kill them all!
Shufen: (Hitler ran through my mind) Put them all in gas chamber and let them die, hahah!
Raine: ...

On the way home with Timothy yesterday, we saw this girl wearing a half-red-half-black skinnies.
Shufen: Omg, eew.
Timothy: Don't so loud lah.
Shufen: She also dk I talking about her.
Timothy: Anyway, you know why the skinnies this colour or not?
Shufen: Why?
Timothy: 'Cause when the tailor was making the skinnies, he ran out of cloth, so he just take another one and sew them together.
Shufen: Hahaha.

Sourheart and I were taking the bus home and we were like saying Roger very good, he got direct bus from his house to Bukit Batok, then can travel from there to JJC directly but still he chose to meet up with us, etc, but there was once when he pangseh us. And so Sourheart began saying that her house also got direct bus to go JJC etc. The conversation went on to something like this:

Sourheart: Wah, if me and Roger go separate ways... (?!)
Shufen: (Cuts in abruptly) Huh? You and Roger go separate ways? Lol, you say until you two like breaking up like that.
Sourheart: *Inserts Sourheart's and my laughter* No, I mean if me and Roger go separate ways to school, then you'd have to go to school alone. Hahahah. (Sadist laughter)
Shufen: (Continues laughing)
Sourheart: (Trying hard to phrase what she is trying to say so that it won't sound wrong anymore) What I mean is if Roger take his form of transport to school and I take mine... (You get the point.)

Another one!
Sourheart and I were going down the stairs of the double decker bus when the bus was still accelerating.

Shufen: Eh, I think I am gonna roll down the stairs soon.

The next moment I said it, I tripped over one of the steps, luckily Sourheart was in front of me.

Sourheart: Luckily I am here to support you. *Plays romantic song*
Shufen: Lol, sounds wrong man.

Wahhhh, so romantic!

But I think Roger's ones is the funniest, Idk if you read my LJ. But if you don't, I shall copy and paste the whole chunk here.

Conversation 1
Shufen: I don't like the look of raw meat loh, so digusting one.
Roger: Got raw meat meh? Where got sell?
Shufen and Yunhui: (O.O) Market lah!

Conversation 2
Roger: Eh, you know hor, squid very ugly leh. So long and the head so big.
Shufen: (Gives diao look) But better than chicken right? So ugly.
Roger: No lor, the chicken very handsome, the cock's comb very nice. (touches his own head)
Shufen: The beak sticking out so ugly.
Roger: It's cool what.

Omg, super classic and funny can, rate it funny man!

IDC okay, you think not funny also must rate. :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

#43 -

I am not planning to update about camp, but I enjoyed JJ Nite, it's really only found in JJ. :D

Shall be uploading photos then. (:


Anyway, lessons end at 5.30 every Monday, and wtf, my last lesson's culture studies. Only JJ Ex-HCL students in Singapore take that, as told to us by the teacher who said we were supposed to feel honoured. I was -.-ing.

I hate my chemistry teacher by the way, too perfectionist, just hope my chemistry grade won't be affected by her.

And exclusive, 09s22's joke for everyday...


Presenting to you, 09S22's very own...


(inserts gazillions laughter, hahahahahaha!)

FYI: This photo was mass bluetooth-ed in our class today. (:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

#42 - Tag Replies

Wow, if having many people to tag/chat here means requiring me not to blog, I wouldn't mind man. Haha!

I am back from camp, say yay! (: And if you think that I am going to rant on and on about what has been happening to me these 3days at camp, then you must have NOT read my entry's title and I suggest you go knock your head against the wall until there's a deep cut with blood trickling out. Sadist! :D

This entry is mainly for Tag Replies in case there's any problem with your eyes and ain't able to read the title.

Tag Replies:
jiaying`: Haha, good good, like finally! I will go kope soon! Thanks btw! (:

may: Haha May, you first day know Lili meh? He that type like Isaac's kind, don't like going back to school one lor! Lol. And what?! YOU MISS MY NONSENSE?! I am offended. Lol, shouldn't it be your life would suck without me? *Starts playing "My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson* (May, I think you should dedicate this song to me man!)

ivy: Argh, can you please read properly and not just scan through? In most of my previous entries, I blog about the official dates for orientation. In case there's a problem with your eyes, I am copying the whole paragraph here. Please be thankful. Here goes:
*Official orientation, ie camp, starts on 12Feb and ends on 14Feb since the teacher i/c is currently in China with a group of students for some exchange.

Can seeeeeee not? And thanks to Nurul, she explained the class part for me. (:
nurul: Haha, thanks for clearing my blog's mess, ie ivy's tag, lol. Haha, your location name damn cool lah, for us, we have to keep on moving so there isn't really a classroom for us. But an eg. of a name of a classroom is 305 like oh-so-typical.

may: Haha, what does the 'T' in T07 stand for?
fEliCiA: Haha really? Only cool people would choose that combination, that includes you and me! Whooo! :D
Salihin: Haha, yup I know, Sourheart told me about it. :D And I think orientation camp was okay, I like JJ Nite the most! (: And you pangseh us lorrrrrrrr. ))):

Okay I forgot to say this:
Happy Valentines' Day! ♥

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

#41 - Class, Orientation Camp

Whoo! I am in the same class as Raine and Lynette who are part of my clique! :D:D

Sadly there are no 4C-ians though, although it's kind of expected since Sourheart and Lili are in the Arts Stream, ZhengChuan's taking Economics, both Roger and Timothy taking CSE, then ZhenRui and PitSoon both different courses, so it can't be possible to have any 4C-ians in the same class as me.

Anyway, I think my class, 09S22 is okay, just that I think there are a few weird people there. :X And there's like wayyy more guys than girls which means that the probability of having a hot guy in class is quite high. However, the answer is no.

Tmrw's camp already, and I have completed my packing lo, looking forward to going crazy for 3 whole days, pray hard my class can go 'high' man.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#40 -

I am always tired and sleepy after coming back from school even though I didn't do anything much in school except for attending lectures.

And I hate the Chemistry teacher who teaches us for Chemistry Mass Lectures, she rushes like a train and leaves you hanging with a 'huh'? $@(&()%^@*%

Tomorrow we will know which class we're in, pray hard I get into the same class with at least 1 FourCee-ian man, but not youknowwho, if not, any Kranjians also can. (: Or anyone from my new clique in JJ. See? I am not a fussy person. :D


Met up with Yunhui today with Roger, Timothy and ZhengChuan. We had lunch at NewYorkNewYork and crapped loads. Really hope there will be like a FourCee gathering soon lah, in case everyone gets new friends and forgets the old ones le. ):

Saw Shakilah on the way home with Timothy and Yunhui, had a short chat and went home. (:

I miss SHRIMS SS as well, must find time meet up soon okokokokokokok?

And lastly, Salihin! You'd better organise a JJ-go-back-to-KSS trip soon hors!

Friday, February 6, 2009

#39 - Updates

While everyone's blog is regularly updated with detailed/brief entries with what's happening during orientation in their new JCs, mine's like dead.

And the reason being our orientation like I said, which comes in the form of a camp only starts next thursday, lasting from 12-14Feb.

Plus I've been having lectures since Wednesday and I believe none of you would want to read about how my lectures were.

So I decided I would just update an entry once orientation is over. Do look forward to reading it.

Anyway, I have submitted my course choices on Tuesday but I still dk whether I will get in or not, but still I chose H2 Mathematics, H2 Physics, H2 Chemistry and H1 History. (:

Oh yeah, and regarding CCA, I still dk what to choose, most probably joining taekwondo, LOL. Don't think it's only punching the air okay, from what I know, we still have to run on the tracks for warming up. I like! So don't play play okay, guys who bully me, beware!

Meanwhile, since you have the time to come and read this blog of mine, do remember to rate this entry (which I know you'd rate it as boring) and leave a tag behind with your big name. Thanks and love! (:

The possibility of seeing you again is so low that I am giving up hope soon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

#38 - First day

* today was hell boring.

*Official orientation, ie camp, starts on 12Feb and ends on 14Feb since the teacher i/c is currently in China with a group of students for some exchange.

I got so bored I went to count the number of air-conditioned units in the school hall, there are 26 in total. :D

And sad enough and kind of expected, JJ has got no hunks. (Sorry if you are a JJ guy and are reading this.)

But they got a number of cute guys with dimples. :D

One more sad thing to add on: I thought I need not have to touch any Cheena stuff anymore, but I was wrong. HCL people still have to attend dk what culture lesson thing, which you do not sit for examinations. (Jaws drop)

Here's another one: We are supposed to report to school by 7am tmrw.

Life is miserable.

PS: Help me rate this entry boring, so that it would be the world's boring-est entry.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

#37 - OG

I am sorry for updating everyday but I have to make use of every moment I have to blog because I guess I won't be updating much once school starts tmrw.

Did I mention how excited I am to be able to go schooling again? :D:D:D

Anyway, just received a call from my OGL, Raymond.

The name sounded soooooooo... It reminded me of Vernon's entry on porny names. Haha!

And I am in OG24, who else in that group, tell me okay! I hate being alone. ))):

Oh and lastly, we are gonna have this orientation camp from 12-14 Feb and it's compulsory.

50bucks would be deducted from your Edusave or you can choose to pay by cash or cheque, it'd better be good, I pay 50bucks just for a 3days2nights camp in school and got to celebrate Valentines' Day with my new peers.


Random: I just got a HOT ORANGE pouch! :D

Hot right!!!!


And lastly, byebye Homefix. (:

I went to return my uniforms just now and got a ten bucks angbao from the company! :D

Pray hard JJC got hunks, pray hard.