Monday, September 27, 2010

#287 - LOL

LOL these are funny.

Source: Blogskins Forum

Make yours at here or here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

#286 - KFC

If you have the KFC coupons, go take a look at the Popcorn Shake pictures.

They make it seem so big and wuhua but trust me they're lying.

Don't believe, see this:

Smaller than the regular Pepsi drink cup and it is not even filled to the brim.

And it makes me more irritated when I went to the KFC's website and saw this:
Visuals shown are for illustration purposes only.

See their coupon which depicts on oh-so-big Popcorn Shake:
Wtf right. Don't need so exaggerating to make it seem so big and full right?!

And they dare to sell it for $4.50?!

So freaking expensive and SOOOOOO not value for money.

(remove some parts because they might be too offensive)

IMHO, I suggest eating at McDonald's instead.
Seaweed /Wasabi /Honey Chipotle nicer than the tangy zest seasoning!
And $4.50 at McDonald's during the lunch hours (McValue Lunch) can get you:

• Double Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• McChicken Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• McNuggets (six pieces) Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• McWings (four pieces) Extra Value meal* (S$4.50)

*With Fries (Medium) and Coca Cola (Small)

Top up $0.50 and you can get:
• Big Mac Extra Value Meal* (S$5.00)
• McSpicy Extra Value Meal* (S$5.00)

Top up another $0.50 and you can get:
• Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal* (S$5.50)

KFC Cheat One.

#285 - Pastamania

The day after the IKEA trip, I went to have Pastamania at Lot 1. :D

 First thing I noticed when I stepped in was the orange and green balloons at the corner! ^^

Anyway, gotta love the student discount thing.
More wu hua then the membership one.
Member discount: 10% discount off ala-carte but not for combos.
Student discount: 30% discount off EVERYTHING.
Valid on weekdays 2-5pm.
And I found out from the website they have the 2-830pm till closing student discount on Mon - Thurs for students with the PastaManiac card and student card.

In case you were wondering, the PastaManiac card looks like this.

Combo B?
Minestrone soup suck that day, the ingredients inside not soft enough. :/

Basil Chick Aglio.

 Spicy Chicken.

 Had Hawaiian pizza to add on!
The chicken ham was too salty though.

Super casual that day because Lot 1 to me is so near I don't bother dressing up.
And yes, I took their balloons. LOL.

Friday, September 24, 2010

#284 - IKEA

 Hello lovelayes! :D
Went to IKEA with Lynette the other day. :)
Raine didn't join us because she was sick. :O

We headed straight to the IKEA Restaurant when we reached there because we were famished!

 -nom nom-

I had my virgin attempt on the meatballs over there.
(I got the kids set in case I cannot stand the taste)
And beef really taste ok.
I thought the smell would be overpowering but no!
The meatballs were perfect with a salty taste and I love the gravy alot!
I think I prefer the gravy than the balls!

 I had Salmon with Potatos and Vegetables as well.
(What a boring name) 
By the way, I think this dish is not worth it.
It is too fishy (if you get what I mean).
And the sauce... *squirms*

Lynette had Swedish meatballs with boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce.
(What a long name)

And not forgetting...

 IKEA Chicken Wings

Super sad that I didn't really enjoy my meal because I was having a sore throat then!
Ta-paoed 2 home for my family. :)
They love the wings there too!

Anyway I felt like a canivore that day lor.
Beef pork chicken fish.
SO meaty.

After the heavy lunch/luncher (lunch + dinner), we went to walk walk a little.

 And got cheap storage boxes with orange scotch tape to hold them together because we requested for no plastic bags.

The cover is damn good ok! It serves as a fan too!
When you're hot, you just fan yourself with it.
I remember using it during Taekwondo (when I am feeling hot) since our club uses IKEA storage box to put the first aid items. :P

Can't bear to throw the scotch tape so guess where they ended up at? :)


My orange file! ^^

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

#283 -

I just wanna be happy.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

#282 - Help me if you can!

Update: I think there's something wrong with the Nuffnang poll for voting so I am attaching a new one here now.

See below for pictures of the contact lens. :)

Hello to the you reading this entry now!
I need some help from you!!!
No please don't start leaving, I have your ip address logged on and I can check who you are and huntchu down!
(Just kidding.)

It's just 2 simple steps! :)

Step 1: See that Nuffnang advertisement at the sidebar (if there is)? Click on it!

Step 2: See that poll at the top of this entry? Help me vote for which series of contact lens I should get!

The one on the left is Geo Angel Series and the one on the right is Geo Nudy Quarter Series.

Been wanting to get coloured lens for long and my senior recommended Angel and Nudy Quarter from the Geo lens series.
Angel series has got a black ring line around the pupil area meaning it can enhance my eyes while Nudy Quarter series has the teary effect!
And the thing is that both are so nice I can't choose!

And I can't get both because I'd be damn brokkkkkeeeeee (unless kind souls out there are willing to sponsor them for me :P).

All the while I only thought of getting brown or gray and maybe purple because they're considered safer colours?
LOL, I don't think I can pull off any anime (blue) /vixen (red) /cat (green) look well. :/

So help me choooooooseeeeee and click on the advertisement!
Your help is greatly appreciated! :)

Till then, goodbye!

#281 -

There's currently a campaign for Mister Potato on Nuffnang now so would you kindly

Life is too short to live with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.


Ain't this cool and innovative? :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#280 - Random

Before you read on, take a few seconds to click on the advertisement on top or at the side bar, pretty please? :)

It isn't enough to talk about peace, one must believe it.
And it isn't enough to believe in it, one must work for it.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Side note: Pretty photo credits to Fernando Gregory.
Next time I am gonna try taking a similar one, ha!

Eggcited for tmrw because going to IKEA to satisfy my never-dying craving for their chicken wings! :D
-nom nom nom-

Going with The (Doh) Bitches! :)

Photo edits thanks to Photoscape.

Recently downloaded Photoscape online and find it quite useful.
Just google it.
A waymuchsimpler version of Photoshop.
You can't add brushes but it kind of satisfy your basic 'needs' of such things like cool borders, cute stamps and whatnots.
See this:

My beloved Patrick with ORANGE spectacles!
PS: That's my lovestruck face at the bottom.

Edited with only some of the functions available.
So cute right plus got the logo thing. (I used Leica for fun here)
So much easier to use than Photoshop!

Speaking of Photoshop, I stumbled upon this online image editor program whose preface is similar to that of Photoshop.
Have not tried that yet though.
Anyway, click here for the link if you're interested.

I am so nice I deserve a prize. :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

#279 -

2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#278 - Day Out

Hello to all lovelayes reading my blog now. :)

Touristy entry update with touristy photos for today. :D
Read on to know why.
For those who hate boring entries, this entry is not for you.
But if you like to see touristy/memorialic/museumic (all words anyhow invented) places in Singapore, read on.

 Breakfast at Coffee&Toast at Citylink Mall.

Super bohua.
The toast only semi toasted and the eggs are lukewarm.
(Black specks on egg are dark soya sauce)
Cheese&Ham toast set cost $4.40 after change of drink to Iced Milo of additional 50cents.
Plus they don't have serviette.
I requested for it and they told me it cost 30cents.
Wtf. Nice way to earn kaching manz.

Sian full. Should have eaten at Mac instead. 

Went round and round finding ACM.

Decided to head there because it's FOC for students and we were bored anywayz.

On the way there...

Saw this vintage looking lamppost.
The weather was good with pretty looking clouds. ;)

Notice the fountain at the background?

It's Tan Kim Seng Fountain.
Remember studying about it in Primary School Chinese Textbooks.
Wiki-ed it and apparently this was built to commemorate his contribution towards Singapore's first public waterworks.

Moving on...

The Cenotaph.
It was built in memory of the 124 British soldiers born or resident in Singapore who gave their lives in the World War I (1914-1918), with a second dedication (but no names) added in remembrance of those who died in World War II (1941-1945).
It is Singapore's first war memorial.

Victoria Clock Tower, Victoria Memorial Hall and Victoria Theatre.
Details of origins at Wiki (direct link to Victoria Memorial Hall)

It's also here that I saw the CHAO TAH (charred or burnt) Sir Stamford Raffles!
With his flatly combed hair and oh-so-huge leg muscles looking faraway.
I joked that he must have developed such HUGGGEEEE muscles from standing for so long (nearly a century)!

Dalhousie Obelisk.
It was built to commemorate the second visit of the Marquis of Dalhousie, the Governor-General of India from 1848 to 1856, to Singapore in February 1850. The objective of the visit was to consider the reduction of administrative expenditure.

Guess where we headed next? :)

In case you were wondering, that is hair, not armpit hair or whatsoever, but hair HAIR from the head. LOL.

 Asian Civilisation Museum.
Yes we finally arrived.

The displays were quite boring actually however there were a few worth looking at. :)
FOC, don't expect so much. :P

Taking a break by the river side...

Guess what I got from the Museum Shop? :)

Pick Up Stixs! :D
Childhood game! :)

Omg throwface. People go Museum Shop get antiques we get Pick Up Stixs.
But don't care! :)

 Saw the Bleached Sir Stamford Raffles statue before leaving.

Lunch at Just Acia.
 All these plus free flow of drinks and icecream = value for money!
Love the QQ chawanmushi! :D

Okay that's all.
Bye lovelayes. :) :D :) :D