Wednesday, February 28, 2007

woah. i super love tuesday for the chemistry lab lessons. it was funn, funn, funn and more funn! haha. i enjoyed every minute there. yeah. most of the time i was fooling around, complaining about the scent of the chemicals which constantly attacked my nostrils. oh hoho. i was being so slack-ey today. yeah. we had to do a lot of experiments today which is individual work, but eugene was being so good to help do all the experiments while i just have to help wash the testtubes. yeah. i did some though, to show to the teachers i wasnt lazing around. haha. we had to test for any smell coming out from the chemicals and i dared not smell them at all. so eugene was the victim who had to sniff everything for me. i was being so bad. haha. mdm chew was quite pleased with my experiment though, since i did quite 'fast'. haha.

HCL was funn too. that's because we got to watch a movie. oh hoho. i love movies. plus, the young male actor is so darn cute and i am falling in love with him. haha. common test was quite okay today so i have nothing much to complain about. :)

today is such a wondeeeerful day. :D


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

woah. i think it's been quite long since i update. i have been lazy for the past 2 days. yeah. and. yeah, so today was kind of a sad sad day. i lost 2 lively friends in a day. not really like lost, like uh, they very sad. then i also sad. sobs. i want them back. yeah. i hope everything will be alright tmrw lahr. yeah. sigh. went to lot 1 today with 2a-ians and joey. haha. then we had to do the si du pi hist project, while jiazhi and yunhui were busy enjoying themselves in the OBS camp thing. rawr. so after eating our lunch, wanlin, joey and i went to the library to do it the script. we were so darn guai lahr. and wanlin treated us to gummies! oh hoho. lame i know. most of the time, we werent doing the project, we were talking about lame stuffs. from gummies, we can talk to ants, to insects we are afraid of to flying objects to nerds and then finally to perverts. :D haha. really had 'fun' with them lahr. so uh. then we walked home. i sent boat of them home, you know? haha. that's because i live the furthest. oh hoho.

replies to tags:
ZHENYI!: yeah. you are always good. :D
EMILIA <3: yeah. ages since you tag. lol. :)
-jiaying`-: haha. i forgot lahr. lol. jk. xD
CHENTIAN: haha. no prob. :)
Yvonne``: haha. you tagged. yay! long time no tag. :)
>Yongkian!: er. less than 2. haha. because i think it would be weird if i ate the whole thing right? xD
YUXUAN*: haha. i told you le, fast and efficient answer. :D
kaii xiin: HELLO! :D
Yvonne``: haha, i miss you too! >D
ZHENYI!: yeah. come to think of it, really been long since i last saw you. lol. :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

woah, woke up early in the morning to meet with wanlin to mug. yeah. and i was rushing like hell because i was nearly late. yeah. we did our homework and i taught her how to make stars. oh hoho. then finally jiazhi and joey arrived. moments later, yunhui arrived too. we started on our history project. yeah. it was so boring. and we saw scholar cheng. oh hoho. she was wearing a skirt. yepps. with her family. i think they go bai nian bahs. wanlin and i was so darn shocked when we saw her. :X yeah. after that, yunhui and jiazhi left. they went to ms sim's hse. gahh. they abandoned joey, wanlin and i. sobs. so we had to finish the history thing by ourselves. we went to the minimart later, to settle our lunch. and we had cup noodles. so nice. cup noodles are LOVE. :D i had one which has 2 _______ of noodles inside. sort of like two packets lahr. so uber yummeh. :) wanlin and joey had 1 and a half bowl each. they shared one of the cup noodles. haha. and our lunch was not yet finished. we had a bag of LAYS potato chips and 1.5 litre of coke later. we were so darn full and yet joey still wanted to eat a vanilla ice-cream. OMG. she is so skinny but she can really eat huh. PEI FU. wanlin and joey left later and i was abandoned once again, all alone. so i walked ard limbang, wasting my time reading cards while waiting for jiazhi. i decided to walk home later, and i met her. so yeah. my day was spent like that, unlike some people, who had the time to watch a movie. gahh. :X

Friday, February 23, 2007

i think i am gonna get sick of chocolates. :X

school finally 'reopened' ytd. and i was so darn happy. i got to see my friends again. i missed them alot during those days not in school. yeah. i nearly cried when i saw them. they meant so much to me. i dont know what would happen if one day i go to the school, and see no one i know. i've been thinking too much. oh hoho. ignore me. hmm.

today was so sian. yeah. 6 subjects in a day. one period one period one. what the. i seriously hate thursday. the effin load of homework is killing me. urgh. I HATE IT! gahh. and ms sim commented on my hair. rawr. she told me i had to cut my fringe. like hello? i just cut it like few weeks ago, something like that? haha. then i want to have long fringe again so i wouldnt comb it down and cover my eyebrows. i want my long fringe can you wait? i can comb it back like last time right? you think i like my current fringe is it? i know you are jealous of my fringe because you dont have. BOO. oh h0h0.

it's great to know that i was being missed. :)

replying to tags from 21 feb onwards. :D

replies to tags:
>Yongkian!:D: yeah. ferrero rocher are superb. :D
simlin: naipa bian wang zi! :DD
ZHENYI!: yeah yeah. you are good. haha. xD
jiaxin: i updated ler. happy new yr too. LOL!
!germain: okay. will relink asap. :D

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

oh hoho. ages since i blogged here. have been busy stuffing myself with food these days, i am sure i gained weight. :X

18 february 2007
hmm. i had lots of chocolates today. oh hoho. 7 ferrero rocher. wahaha. i am falling in love with it. i think i am getting sick soon. haha. so first day of the new year. wasnt that bad. received lots of red packets. and that means lots of money. YAY! haha. so happy. yeah. these year chinese new year dont seem like one at all, i think it's because we have all grown up le. yeah. so we cousins werent really happy or what. just chatted and get together as though there's no special reason for celebrating. sigh. and fordontknowwhatreason, the cousins started teasing me claiming i got a stead. hell no. i am so innocent. yeah. haha. YUAN WANG!

19 february 2007
4 ferrero rocher. :)
i was really excited i tell you. just because of something my cousin said, all of us went to her house for lunch. and we had yusheng. i was really hyper about it because i have never ate that in my whole life before. haha! and it turned out quite okay. haha. and while we were lao-ing it, bits of the carrots flew onto my head and my arms. tsk tsk. no skill de. lol. then we cousins went to JEC for a movie. JUST FOLLOW LAW. wahaha. not bad, the movie was quite funny. but i wasnt really comfortable in my seat though. it was so darn squeezy and the big fat man in front keep on leaning back. i was ahem-ing and ouch-ing all the way but to no avail. BOO to him. ): BLAH! after that, we all went back to my home where i started playing the DVD of wang zi bian qing wa. very outdated i know. but i love the show. so yeah. haha. and my teeth broke again. (mutters curses)

20 february 2007
3 ferrero rocher. :)
i think i am going to fall in love with ferrero rocher soon. yeah. and i also think i am getting a sore throat soon. :X but i dont care. i spent the whole day trying to watch the wang zi bian qing wa dvd. but i am only halfway through it. :X and. yeah. i still have yet to complete my homework which is due tmrw. zzz.

i dont feel like replying tags. i think i am becoming like the lazy zhenyi. xD


Saturday, February 17, 2007

oh h0h0. CHINESE NEW YEAR celebration was so darn boring today. the festive mood just wasnt there. and i couldnt get high. haha. so it was such a boring day. we had the stupid decoration which wasted most of the time. rahh. then we had recess. which dont seem like recess anyway. and then we went for the 'concert'. the whole thing lasted for 1hr plus and it didnt manage to make me feel high. yeah. so was really rotting then. and went to wait with xuanyu and nat for jiaying. and yet was pangseh by jiaying and xuanyu. nat and i were left alone. we went to lot 1 with ah wen dear and elaine darling. yeah. and we met with yuxuan and hweisze at lot 1. and we ate at food culture. unlike some people, who were rich enough to eat at sakae sushi. hmpf. :X i was being so bad not to go back to kps today. i missed my old besties. D:

Friday, February 16, 2007


oh h0h0. i was eating a sweet luo zhe gave and i was biting it. and suddenly i bit on something hard. then i was shocked. because the sweet that luo zhe gave was soft one. then i borrowed a mirror from yinting and realised that my teeth broke. it must be tooth decay. and i actually swallowed the broken part. !!! so srjhtsrvouihtvoeuw lah! haha. i am so worried for the tooth now because i can feel so hole there with my tongue and i am afraid to go visit the dentist to have it fill up/extract. :X

i hate total defence day. we had to eat biscuits during recess. so not nice. ): was thankful to nadia for her valentine's present, famous amos cookies. :D

anyway, teasing huisian was fun today. :DD i hope she wasnt angry with what we did though. did she wait for him lehs? oh h0h0.


replies to tags:
-jiaying`-, ZHENYI!, afiqah: thanks! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TOO! :D

Thursday, February 15, 2007

oh h0h0.
received so many pressies and i am so happy. YEAH! hahah. most of the stuffs were chocolates and sweets. so yeah. i got a whole plastic bag full of sweets&chocolates. LOL. and i love the rose jiaying gave. oh h0h0. and not forgetting what nat, hweisze and zhenyi gave. softtoys! i love the black&white pig hweisze! :D haha. yeah. so dont say i biased, thanks those who give me toys ah. hehheh! i still love those who gave me other things. yeah. so shufen still loves you guys okay. :D and many people whom i didnt expect to give me things, gave me things today. not enough stuff to give others lahr. sigh. so malu. give other people in front of them lah. sigh. so bad me. hmpf. this year's valentine not the same like last year anymore. shant elaborate further cos it's gonna be very sad de. anyway, that ah ma and yuliang! owe me sweets still ask me give them. hur. dont want talk to them lers. oh ya, the BB guys' skins are peeling. it's so funny. laugh laugh laugh. i was tempted to actually tear off their skin for them. like so fun like that. :X but no one let me do that. sigh. ):

(i am jealous of his birthday!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

shufen missed someone today!
ANTI-BIASED from today onwards.
shall not talk to people who are biased. oh h0h0. dont feel guilty after reading this people. i am not referring to you.
so i have cheered up and i am trying hard to high now. :)
have not got many people's v pressies yet.
how how how?
that kai sin. BIASED de. one very good good example. did not want to give him v. pressie de but he bought one for me well, so i have to give him right. sigh! i am so so ke lian, so many people song shang men. i never promise them a v.pressie, then they say i must give them. like that also can. broke le lahr. my li wu not enough for everyone. and i am not generous like nat. haha. she bought everyone different things. unlike me. because i am not that rich and i dont wish to give people so good de pressies, because i will be jealous myself. laugh laugh laugh. so hmm. i gave lots of chocolates and sweets. so i think it should be okay le bahr. that time, i remembered promising thos special friends i wil give them unique pressies, however, when i looked back at my valentine's list, i realised that everyone on the list is special to me. so i decided not to buy anything more. i dont care. i already spent lots of money on the pressies and i am declaring bankrupt soon. oh h0h0. ANYWAY, those who receive my pressies tmrw, please feel honoured that i think that you are special to me. and to those who are intending to give me and i did not give you in the end, please do not feel sad as it is not because you are not special to me, it's just that i chose those really closed friends only. sorry. no sweets and chocolates for you guys but please dont feel sad alright. i say sorry again because i hope no one i didnt give give me pressie tmrw. whahaha. :D

replies to tags:
-jiaying`-: i am always good. :D
&Yongkian:D: haha. i tagged you already! 1 more day now! :D
kaii xiin: haha. thanks alot. :)
-jiaying`-: my class is only okay. haha. your class got you goner le. jkjk. :D i should be happy that you are my friend. lol. :)
&Yongkian:D: haha. i will. :)
EMILIA ;D: i am okay already, worry not. :)
yuxuan: thanks. you are really a good friend. let's work hard for money together and i got card anot? :D

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

sigh. what can i say now? been feeling so tired of acting as though i am happy in front of others. dont want to care about how people feel anymore. forget it. valentine's coming and i am starting to regret promising so many people that i am buying for them. sometimes i buy something better for some people, others will get jealous and demand more from me. sigh. enough about all this. now studies. the tons and tons of homework is killing me alright. i dont know how others can cope with it. i am able to handle it but it's really too much, especially english. really gonna break down already. all the teachers are expecting all those A grades from us as they compared the O level thingey with us. i feel so stressed suddenly. i dont know why i came into 3c anyway. if i had known it would be so stressed, i should have chose course B instead. sigh. it's no point crying over spilt milk now though. everything dont seem to go well with me. i tried hard and it seems as though my efforts did not pay off at all. i started thinking again. why cant i be a non-living thing or some another thing instead of a human? sighsighsigh.

Monday, February 12, 2007

3 more days to valentine!
oh h0h0. so fast valentine's day coming le. hmpf. this year seems abit different lahr. yeah.
so yah. looking forward to wednesday. :DD

replies to tags:
&Yongkian:D: yay! did you buy mine? haha! i love food too. :D
hwyi!: yeah. real scary. :X hahaha!
YUXUAN*: where got zilian lohr. hmpf. you good. dont give you pressie ler. ):
gin [: haha. thanks. at least you know how to appreciate it unlike yuxuan. lol. :)
-jiaying`-: haha. i am always good alright! goody that you can update your blog. lol. :D
shark: haha. thanks. :D

Saturday, February 10, 2007

replies to tags:
emilia <3: shufen love emilia dear too! ❤
yunhuii: haha. yeah. change skin. :D spammed finish le. enough le. i won le. (:
-jiaying`: haha. i got give you valentine pressie good enough le okay? (:
ZHENYI!: yah loh. miss chatting. haha. ytd just chatted! (:
YUXUAN*: dont have loh. eeyer. you good. say his camera spoil. think i dont know what you trying to say ah? hmpf. you hurt my hrt. ):
stella: no i dont miss you. haha! :D
simlin: well. i dont. :X
wanlin: yeah. it's my bu xing to sit next to you. lol. jkjk. :D love 2a`o6. ❤
deslon: wah. i forgot mah. i gave you this morning liao. i rmb-ed. i am good de loh. (:
horny water flirt tank: yeah, i am so gonna miss her. like hell. no pe today. lol! :D
Yvonne``: okay loh. give you. say i am good first! :D
Emilia <3: lol. haha. EMILIA DEAR! ❤ yeah. that's good. must tag more. ❤ ELDDS today was fun! :D

tada! done. most of my 'zi-lian' photos! hehheh. (:
too obsessed with you to notice everything happening around me.
i cant stop thinking of you. :X

Friday, February 9, 2007

(edited) due to some reasons that huisian made me want to post here.

had lots of fun zi-lianing taking photos today with many thanks to xuanyu ah gong. he really brought his digital camera for us to take photos. haha. so yeah. i think most of the photos have got me inside because i was busy using this good chance to take photos with my friends and also this is the first time i took photos in 2oo7 and that my fringe is different. so yah. haha. i cant wait to get the photos from xuanyu ah gong! lol.

hmm. sim chin chin came back today. dont really like her. :X because she was being so _______. yeah. she just saw us for the first time and she requested for the change of seats for all of us. ): and i am separated from my ahbu. and jiazhi. and also, i am now being blocked by hafiz. the light from the window kept shining on my eyes. and reflected on the whiteboard. i cant see the clock now due to the lights. i am sitting at the side. keng wee is indirectly in front of me. the only good thing is that i am sitting next to wanlin. so many bad things and one only good thing. rahh. :/ i really dont like her. she was being so biased and thought that she can like rule us. she judge people by their looks. she claimed that xuanyu ah gong that type of person can be vice-chair. like hell. ah gong got do a good job as a vice-chair hor. in the morning, he helped in settling us down all these. she did not see all that, and judge him right on the first day. well. i am not only sticking up for my ah gong. but for others too lohs. i hate the fact that she did everything like she want just in one day. BOO to her. i dont want to curse her cos it would pollute my blog. blah!

anyway, i bought my valentine's presents for people ler. hmm. there's like 3 types of chocolates for each one and yah plus gummies and marshmallow. woots. absolute love. thank me people! :D
replies to tags:
hw3i sz3: haha. thanks. :)
ZHENYI!: hello. thanks for tagging. OMG for? lol. :D
ade: DEDE~ i miss you too! haha! yeah. he is cute! :D
miinyan-: DAREN! shuai. better than the who ah? hehheh! :)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

whahah. pe was fun today because i was on MC and i get to see people run. i am not being a saddist alright. i just love to see people run. i think it's cool. haha. and george ran the fastest in the 2.4m thing. 8.43 secs. OMG! i am like flabbergasted. sigh. er. and yah. so PE was fun. :D

cried 2 times during maths lesson. because i flunked a test. 19/45, i want to kill myself. it was all careless mistakes alright. i felt so stupid that time. i felt useless that i couldnt do such simple questions. actually right, i didnt want to cry in class de. i was on the verge only. and when i borrowed genglin's paper (he got 44/45), i couldnt resist it anymore and bursted out crying. then i cried and cried. thanks for those who comforted me, jiazhi, yili and xuanyu. i really appreciated it. sometimes i feel that my EQ is getting lower and lower each day. oh well. and ms sim is coming back tmrw. i know i am supposed to feel happy but i didnt. because i know i am going to miss ms choo. although i did not have a good impression on her the first time she taught us, but i learnt alot from her. all those maths thing. she was patient enough to teach me the maths questions she had taught the class which i still could not understand. and she claimed that i was cheeky in my test. i am really going to miss her. but too bad. i know i wont get a chance to let her teach me again. so well. 天下无不散之宴席. yili told me this. and it made me cry. cry even more. no one really show their appreciation to her when she left. my tears were rolling when she walked out of the classroom. i dont think she will step into our class again. and i think that she must be quite relieved to leave our class because we were not really attentive at all. if i am given a chance to do well and listen to her, i will. and i will not make her angry and i will listen attentively. i know whatever i say now cannot help in getting her back but i just want to vent out all my feelings stuck at the bottom of my heart. MS CHOO, I AM REALLY GOING TO MISS YOU. REALLY. THANKS FOR ALL THE TIME AND EFFORT YOU HAVE WASTED ON US. YOU REALLY ARE A GOOD TEACHER. (crying while typing this) OMG.

anyway, i have said what i wanted to say. and i felt so much better. ignore that part alright. i just wanted to let all out.
replies to tags:
Emilia <3: EMILIA DEAR! ❤ haha. thanks. :D
ade: yeah. vandalise you so fun. so must do more next time. hehheh! xD thanks. :)
Yvonne``: pls dont flirt me. haha. flirt jiazhi. better. lol. why honoured?
ZHENYI!: but i dont know what to say to you except for hello. LOL! :D
laura: alright! haha. :)
stella: hello! :)
&Yongkian:D: correct spelling. :) we went to lot 1. haha. oh.
&Yongkian:D: oh i see. haha. :D BIG MAMA!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

chemistry lab lesson was boringinterestingfunsmellycrazyfatanbulous! hah. a mixture of feelings. really. we got to do hands-on activities by mixing solution together. like sodium hydroxide and aqueous ammonia. speaking of aqueous ammonia, i seriously cannot take the smell. it smelt like rotten eggs and make your head go spinning. and clive was like squeezing the smell all around. ugh. :/ you should go to the chemisry lab to smell it someday. and the stupid aqueous ammonia also made my cut on my hand hurt. HATE IT! SMELLY CHEMICAL! BLAH! and yah, we've got our own test-tubes. 6 for each of us. in a ziplog bag with our names on it. so cool lah. yeah. and since eugene and i were lab-partners, one of the test-tubes broke and we dont know whether whose it was and he offered to pay. so good right? but the test-tube cost only 50cents each. =.- we got our crystals back too. and i love mine loads. because i think it's so nice. haha. but genglin's one is sure better. and bigger too. too bad i dont feel like taking a picture of it and showing it here. :D so yeah, overall, i am starting to love chemistry LAB lesson. yeah. :)

replies to tags:
-jiaying`: haha. i will give you de. rest assured. :) i dont want to be your valentine leh? lol. :D
ZHENYI!: you didnt talk much so i thought it would be weird if i was the one blabbering. hah!
jiaxin: i think this is temporary till i found a nicer skin. yeah. :)
horny flirt water tank: HORNY FLIRT WATER TANK! what a nice name. because i gave the name to you. haha! :D drink until bladder burst. :X take care too. MUGGING for life! rocks! =D
laura: haha. thanks. nevermind if you dont know who i am. haha. i am shufen. :)
YUXUAN*: i already wrote your name in my list lah. must give me also! i want big big one! hehe! :D
&Yongkian:D: actually i prefer the tagboard too. LOL! :D

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

replies to tags:
ZHENYI!: haha. luckily there's no more such feeling already. LOL!
&Yongkian:D: haha. one will die eventually when the time has come.
ade: yeah. i know. i dont want to die so young. hehheh. you will never know. nowadays many people died in their sleep lah. scary. :X
Gwen: HELLO there! :D
ade: i have yet to pinch you yet. but vandalising on your hand was great. :D
♥Xiiaoziiliianx <33★: thanks for linking me too! xD
afiqah: i have been missing you too. ❤
yunhuii: haha. YEOW. like cat like that. :X yeah. kept within class. i did. who knows what others will do? lol. :)
life was as usual today. yepps.
and DAREN won the superstar thing. congrats. :D haha. better than *ahem. lol.
currently chatting with ms rani now. miss her alot. *HUGS*
hmm. and i have completed my valentine list ler. :D
gonna spent $$$ once again. ):


Monday, February 5, 2007

ihadafeelingandithoughtiwasgoingtodieinmysleepyesterdaynight. thefeelingwassorealandibeganthinkingofthescenewheremyfamily&friendsweremourningoverme. igotrealscaredthatinearlycried. idarenotsleepforfearthatimightdieinmysleep. myheartwasburningsopainfullyandithoughtthatwashowoneisgoingtofeelwhenhe/shedies.

but luckily, i survived. i was so happy i was still alive and kicking. i really treasure my life more since yesterday's accident. :)

i want to change skin! rahh.

replies to tags:
YUXUAN*: haha. thanks. :)
&Yongkian:D: jiazhi is always abnormal. she is a hornyflirt cum water tank! haha. :D
ade: me too! I MISS 2A`o6!
ZHENYI!: you love your name alot ya? haha. >D
yili: haha. everyone in 2a`o6 is gonna get a copy of it. just wait! :)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

woo. slept for like about 14hrs ytd. it's so effin cool let me tell you. i was enjoying every minute of my sleep. haha. i slept at about 8pm ytd. and could have sleep more if not for that horny flirt. gahh. and so i woke up at 10am this morning. i was so so sick. ):

mugged with jiazhi at mac today. her seniors were there too, we were busy mugging. oh, we are so obedient. :D and i waited for jiazhi for like about half-an-hour due to some problem. haha. so i look lonely sitting at the Mac's table with the pile of homework that ms lee gave us. :X while waiting, i settled my lunch there. haha. and finally jiazhi arrived. then yah. we mugged loh. i really really love her 8GB creative microphoto. i think it's spelt like that. correct me if i am wrong. and it's HAWT because it is lime-green! i am so effin jealous i tell you. she got it for only $179! argh. (pulls hair) i so want it. ok. and jiazhi love drinking water so much that she drank about like 3plus plus litres in about half a day! then if we add up what she is going to drink at the night, we have a rough estimate of about 4 litres plus plus. and for a normal person, the amount of water we have to consume per day is eight glasses/1.6 litres. and jiazhi overshot. by alot. she is drinking water 2 days in advance. that's hell lots. and no wonder she love the toilet so much. haha!

i want to change skin again! :D

if time can be like an hour glass, i'll keep those beautiful memories in the glass and flip it over and over again. <3

replies to tags:
yili: haha. thanks for your name! hehheh! :)
yunhuii: haha. then we can cry together. lol. yeah. 2a`o6 forever. ❤
~[p]eiwen~: yeah. 2a`o6 for life! i am planning one. probably during the holidays bah. ❤
deslon: haha. saw it. i want sweet! :D
emilia <3: haha. i hate him. i hope he get his retribution like what you said. :)
yunhuii: i can blog le. haha. you can win if i stop updating which i dont think i wont lah. unless got problem. lol!

Friday, February 2, 2007

oh no, i have erratic mood swings. :O

(let's call the guy who forgot his friends, SHIT)
i was super angry&frustrated with SHIT today. yeah. once again he neglected ahma&-------. like fook. and he ate with somebody else. i mean, it's ok if you mix around with your new friends, but how can you like forget your old friends? SHIT really changed alot and it's getting from bad to worst. SHIT dont even care about how his old buddies felt now. all he know is to hang around with his new found friends and have fun whereas his old buddies were left alone, with a frown/sadness lingering in their face. STUPID SHIT, STUPID PILE OF SHIT. I HATE YOU A LOT. I USE TO THINK THAT YOU WERE QUITE GOOD, BUT NOW I REALISED THAT I WAS WRONG. SO TERRIBLY WRONG. ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE DONE, I CAN NEVER FORGIVE. YOU NEGLECTED MY GOOD OLD AHMA&-------. I HATE YOU FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.

i did not eat lunch today because i was busy watching the 2a`o6 video clips with wanlin and baobei. uh. yeah. and minyan did a great job on it. (thumbs up :D) slowly, more and more 2a-ians`o6 came and watched with the three of us. and by then, i couldnt control the verge to cry and thus, i cried. torrents of tears just kept on flowing. really really miss them. i am sorry to say that i have not gotten over the separation of the class. yesh, i am getting used to my sec3 life with new friends, new classmates and new environment. but nothing could ever change the fact that i really miss 2a-ian`o6 alot. what happen to the joker in 2a`o6? where had my good old buddies go? where is the 'uh' and the 'aiyer'? where are all those cheebong words? where is 2a`o6? sigh! i have to let go, i know. and i really thanks those who comforted me today. i wasnt feeling well too, so perhaps that's the reason i cried especially alot today.

replies to tags:
jiaying`: haha. blog no song lah. lol. you biased again. today give xuan yu lollipop. hmpf.
Emilia <3: yeah. it's a big big difference. (:
hey hey: you spread it to me, horny water flirt tank! it's alright lah. i wasnt feeling well that day. so yah. (:
yunhuii: haha. thanks. :D
ZHENYI!: haha. thanks for tagging. long time since i see your name you know.
ZHENYI!: i have updated. the blogger always lag. so cant update sometimes.
&Yongkian:D: five secs? that's hell lot. haha. i am sick alright. it's just that i lost my voice. so not really that obvious. :)
YUXUAN*: i cannot say. i just hate him. he is known as SHIT now. HE IS HATED BY ME! BOO! ):
-jiaying`: haha. i can lehs. lol.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

oh no, i am getting sick alright. sore throat, blocked nose plus fever. sigh. but today has been a good day. :D
i have lots of things to say. yah. in the morning, we had pe. 2.4m run once again. and i ran with ain and alice. and this time i was faster by my previous record by one sec. it's an improvement alright. haha.
and and. i sprayed water out again. the merlion strikes again. hehheh. and this time my bag got wet. all thanks to jiazhi and xuanyu. sang so much oldies. RAWR. anyway, was kind of temper-ed today. because 4 people kept on singing which got me on my nerves. i guessed i was too 'hot'. yeah. and. what else did i do?

this post was meant to be a long one. gahh. oh yah. english lesson. we are supposed to do a report on we selling our own lives like a guy did, for US $5790 plus. i cant remember. he sold everything that he possessed including his friends&family. OMG. then i think and think then i cried. LOW EQ alright!

and and i super duper chao ji hate some guy. he neglected my ahma in english class alright. go hang around with other guys and leave ahma alone. and then i heard that ahma sat alone during those lessons, and with no guys talking to him, most of the time he looked out of the window. ke lian de ahma. i can already imagine the scene le loh. so sad. so i super duper chao ji hate that guy now. i hope he experienced the feeling of being obstrasize alright. BOO! ):

yeah yeah, happy. <3

replies to tags:
jiaying`: because we bought another type. yeah.
Emilia <3: thanks. JIAYOU too! :D
ade: haha. thanks alright! :)
hey hey: no horny girl, but horny flirt! haha! take care. some small eyes are mi ren alright. but for yours. hmm. :D
deslon: alright. so you are better. fine lohs. gahh.
&Yongkian:D: haha. hello. bowling yeah. thursday? yeah. when? :D
jiaying`: you still did. MOANS. ):
yunhuii: Tsquare = LOVE! hehheh!
luyi: haha. thanks for the tags! :)
&Yongkian:D: there there. i updated alright!