Monday, December 30, 2013

#667 - Food As Motivation #31/32 - Canopy Garden Dining & Bar/Wimbly Lu

Waiting to be picked up by Raine who had a car that day!
Supposed to be a late celebration for my birthday but I guess we didn't exactly celebrate uh? Where's my cake!! LOL. *coughs coughs*

Send her sister for her judo training at Nanyang Poly and thankfully it's near the place we were going for lunch!

Camwhored while waiting for Raine to look for the place on GPS.
And soon enough, we arrived at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar which is located at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park!
Strange to have quite a number of cafes situated over there but 就是有!

On a Thursday morning, this place is still full of people!

Whenever I head to somewhere for brunch, I'd always order Eggs Benedict. My love for Eggs Ben will never die lolol. On the hunt for the best one (which I found the next day, blog about it soon!).

Eggs Benedict Classic (SGD13, added Sautéed Mushrooms +SGD3)
This was okay, pretty decent but nothing to shout about.
Eggs were perfectly poached though!

Eggs Oyako (SGD13)
The smoked salmon and roe tasted kinda fishy but the scrambled eggs made up for it.

Trio Fungi Tartufo (SGD18)
Raine had the fusilli changed to spaghetti which I feel was a good choice!
Not a pretty looking dish but it sure was yummy!
You can taste a slight taste of truffle and Raine polished off the whole plate clean.

Overall a pretty chillax place, perfect for people who live near there who craves for brunch fare I guess. There are a few other cafes nearby like eg. GRUB, will definitely come back the park again to try.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
Bishan Park II
1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Singapore 569931
Tel 65561533

Making good use of having a car and drove to Wimbly Lu for desserts!

The place was located at some terrace houses/bungalows place and it's definitely not a place to go if you have no car! Spot the VW Beetle just outside it and you'd know you got the right place.

Wanted to try the Root Beer Cake initially because it was highly raved, but our stomachs and wallets could only afford two! And Raine being Raine, doesn't care about what's more popular and more recommended and wanted the Sticky Date Pudding so we settled for that and waffles.

Sticky Date Pudding (SGD5)
Thank goodness this was good. Rich and yummy!

Waffle w Icecream (of your choice + toffee/choc/maple syrup) (SGD8.50)
Erm to be honest, I've tasted better waffles. Like the one at Alfredo ARTISAN Gelato.
This had an overpowering starchy flour taste like those Jollibean pancakes (eew). The icecream we chose, Salted Caramel didn't make up for it too. It was so salty! Not sure if it's only that day that the waffles tasted this way but yeah, not worth it.
I love the plate though lol.

I am still coming back to try the Root Beer Cake and Molten Lava Cake next time (provided I got a car)!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Wimbly Lu
15-2, Jalan Riang Singapore
Singapore 358987
Tel 62891489

Next stop was at Party World @ City Vibe for K! :)
Has been long since I last sang. 3 hours of singing was just right because towards the end, we were like skipping most of the songs and lamenting why we chose so many emo ones.

Headed to Westgate thereafter to look for Pandora charms but those I wanted were oos. :(
By the way, it's really hard to find a parking lot man, we had to park the care at some random estate's carpark and walked over to Westgate because both Westgate and JEM's carparks were FULL.
Bought yummy bread from Johan though, which we snacked while deciding where to head for dinner. Very happening day I know, jam packed w activities one.

Last stop was at Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant, which was a zichar place near our house!
Raine was craving for Sambal KangKong while I just wanted something to drink because the chocolate croissants made me really thirsty. D:
Turns out there wasn't anymore KangKong and we had Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves (lol) and some 'fake' Oyster Omelette. Why can't I find those yummy oyster omelette here in the west!! Super love the egg and corn starch of the omelette dipped in the chilli man!! ^^

Then it was home sweet home with that dinner!

 Thanks for the car ride! :D

Friday, December 27, 2013

#666 - Updates

Random update with photos from phone!

 My daddy 最疼我了! :D
Specially cut all the apples into bite-sized pieces because he knows my teeth hurt due to braces tightening! This time round, he even added a fork hahaha.

 Made grilled ham and cheese wholemeal sandwich last night because I was hungry.
Look at that cheese (and the black pepper I koped from Mac hahaha)!
These days ahh, always get super duper hungry at night, no idea why. :(

 Okay lahh, actually today's blog entry main aim is to let this fried rice I made in the morning see the light.
Because for so long, I've never really perfected fried rice... until today.
It's either my rice is too clumpy/taste not there/just meh. I have no idea why too.

But today, under LMZ's guidance, *jjang* fried rice full of flavours. Not I want to self-praise or what but is really 很香!
Even my brother 赞 it okay, he said nice and flavourful, yay!

Also, I discovered my love for non-stick pan! Cooked the scrambled eggs and they slided off the pan so nicely and non-stick pans make washing so easy too. :)

Anyway, I have been feeling so lazy these days I don't even feel like going out. Good lahh hor? Go out means spending money anyway.

On another note, results were being released today. I was initially contented with the results because I really worked hard this semester. But after thinking a little more, I realise this is kind of the last semester I can really pull up my CGPA already which means I should have done better one. So end up, I 哭笑不得. :|

PS: Blogged a short oneabout my day trip to Malaysia in the previous entry!

#665 - Day trip to Malaysia w Hey Soul Sistaz

Met with Hey Soul Sistaz the day right after I got back from Bangkok!
See May until sian already lolol.

Headed to Malaysia to eat.. Seoul Garden. LOL yup.
Because it is way cheaper there and we wanted a day trip to Malaysia!

Maybe next time if one of us has car, we can go deeper in! :)

 Bought donuts and spent value time catching up while getting fat together hahaha.
Actually wanted to catch a movie but there weren't any worth watching. :/

And I got a crepe to munch on because I didn't get to satisfy the crepe craving in Bangkok! #mystomachisbottomless No more strawberries so settled for banana. Lost count of how many banana-related food I had during those few days man.

Alright, was a fruitful trip and an 'eye-opener' for me I guess since I've never been to Malaysia before. :)

Till then, signing off with a fail shot of ourselves!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

#664 - Food As Motivation #30 - The Sushi Bar

Merry Christmas everyone! ^^

I am finally back with my F.A.M. entries after two months plus, going to clear my backlog man!
Will be updating every 2-3 days so do check back okayy!

Today's feature is a Japanese eatery which I am sure many heard about due to the widespread of it on the social platform Instagram.

The Sushi Bar has been opened since October 2012 but it's only this year that it has risen to fame and many people say that the Salmon Aburi are second to Shiok!!! Maki.
Of course, there are also a few other yummy food there.

An advise: Make reservations or be prepared to queue for quite some time! The second time I was there, I queued for nearly an hour I think. Memory's failing me. D:

The restaurant (can I even call it a restaurant?) is rather small, definitely not a place for big groups and they even make getting water self-service in that small space. ._.

Chawanmushi (SGD2.80)
Skip this, it was too bland, I swear I can easily make better tasting ones.

Sirloin Steak (100gm / 200gm - SGD14.90 / SGD28.90)
The steak was bloody good. I am not kidding about the bloody part
I feel disgusted, as if I am some carnivore after looking at the bloody plate polished clean of meat. But 真的很好吃.
The sauces that went along with them was yummy as well, yummy to be eaten alone, just like LJS's cheese. :D

Erm I realise you will save $0.11 *inclusive of GST and service charge* if you were to order 2 separate 100gm of this than 200gm of these. Hmmm.

Scallop Mentaiyaki (SGD13.90)
Thinly sliced, this was a hefty price to pay.
Why they give so little mentaiko!!!

Salmon Don (SGD15.90)

Salmon & Ikura Don (SGD18.90)
Salmon slices were thick, and the ikura were juicy and did not give a fishy aftertaste.
The rice was soft and plump and gave off slight seasame oil flavour.
What's there to complain, really? :)

But it depends on your visit I guess. As this entry was compiled from two visits, the second time when my friend and I had the Salmon Don, it was pretty average tasting and the rice was quite sticky.
Ichiban Boshi's tasted better then plus it's also cheaper.
Also, the first time when I visited this place, they didn't have a lot of food on the menu available.

Now for the highlight:

Salmon Aburi (SGD14.50)
In my opinion, this was better than Shiok!!! Maki. The latter was too overpowering for me, too full of flavours which tend to make you jelat after a while.
This, however, had just the right amount of taste and the slightly torched salmon went really well with the tiny dollop of mentaiko. :)

Do I sound like a food critic in the above paragraphs? Hahaha.

Overall, I guess it was pretty good, I just hope they'd expand their dining area or something and also not like jack up prices and let it stay this way. The prices are already quite expensive in my opinion. Oh, and payment is by cash only so I sure hope next time they can make NETS/Cards payment available!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
The Sushi Bar
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #03-89
Singapore 228213
Tel 96536464

Sunday, December 22, 2013

#663 - Winter Solstice / Bangkok Travelogue - Day 3 and Day 4

Woke up early to 搓汤圆 for Winter Solstice!
It's my family's tradition to do so every year. :) These old school 汤圆 are hard to find already, nowadays they are being replaced by those w fillings.
Can't decide which one I like, both are nice.

These old school ones are very chewy like pearls! ^^

I blogged a 汤圆 tutorial 4 years ago here (oh my, time flies, I was a 弱女子 at only 17 then hahaha) in case anyone's interested to know how to make them.

I remember last time when my grandparents still stay with me and we'd make the 汤圆 together. And because my brother and I were still young and 不懂事, we always talk a lot of nonsense and then my grandma would speak to us in Hokkien "Sou yi (dk how to spell hokkien form pinyin) Mai luan luan gong wei." which means "Don't talk nonsense when making 汤圆." We'd both shut up after that haha.

Gonna visit my grandparents later, will show grandma the photo above heh! ^^

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! :)

PS: Grandma saw the photo and keep saying good good and then smiled and showed to grandpa who laughed happily! Yay! :D


Read about my Bangkok Travelogue - Day 1 and Day 2 here if you haven't. :)

 Spent Day 3 morning combing the Bobae morning market for good deals but returned to the hotel empty-handed.

 Breakfast in the hotel again and I discovered I quite like the taste of jam on toasted bread lol.
This coming from someone who doesn't really like jam.

Checked out the hotel, had some time to spare while waiting for May's mum doing 最后冲刺 here and thus we explored the hotel a while.

May, you see I how 厉害, can edit from cannot see my face at all to this. LOLOL.

Cabbed to Pratunam area to our hotel, First House which had a very good location (just next to Pratunam market). This explains why it was at 2270 Baht / approx SGD88 per night I guess. When we reached the lobby, it was full of stock from those typical shop/blogshop owners. 

 A very basic hotel!
And their breakfast area looks like a canteen haha!

 Headed down and walked a bit to try the wanton mee since our hotel was along Soi Petchburi 19 and that was where the popular wanton mee stall was located at!
Look out for the thaiwords x2 sign to spot it!

There was a short queue outside and an epic moment happened, we just followed May's mum blindly and then we skipped the queue and entered the restaurant. OOPs. :/

All wanton mee are priced at 50 Baht / approx SGD2 and the pork leg rice costs 60 Baht / approx SGD2.30.

As usual, my taste buds a little more unique, I thought the noodles were okay only!
A little too dry but I like the chili! Share wasn't that huge too.
May's mum said the pork leg rice was not bad!
Can give it a try lo.

To locate it is quite easy, it is just beside Shibuya19 mall, and you can see a Soi 19 sign before you walk down the lane. It will be on your right.

SabX2 Wanton Mee
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19
Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel 2 653 9618

Walked a bit at Pratunam market and the crowd is really !!

Bought quite a fair bit of clothes but I really hate the term wholesale. I can't possibly get 3 similar tops of the same designs in different colours right...

Followed May's mum to shop at some place I can't remember the name don't even remember how we went there!
Only the photos as 'proof' I've been there lol.

Platinum Mall in the evening to walk around a while and we got Starbucks too!
Had the Christmas special drink with rather similar prices as in Singapore at 185 Baht / SGD7.20.

Actually, Platinum was so-so only. I had expected to see those clothings similar to that seen on blogshops but not really ehh... And the prices are steeper than Pratunam's market as well, comparable to those selling at Bugis Street in Singapore.
There were a lot of accessories shop at Level 5 though, 不错但有点小贵.

Left the mall with only a top for my brother at only 100 Baht / SGD4, can you believe it? Nothing for myself wtheck too 夸张, I thought people say Platinum is a shopping heaven?!

Somboon Seafood for dinner, had read about its famous curry crab online but didn't included it into itinerary because I had thought it would be quite inaccessible but since our itinerary was kind of affected due to the riots and May's mum sort of heard of the place before, we had time to head here instead.

Thanks to the kind and friendly cab driver who wrote down on a paper the address the day before! :)

 Deep Fried Minced Crab Roll (150 Baht / approx SGD6)

 Tom Yum Goong (260 Baht / SGD10)
Flavourful soup!

 Fried curry crab (S: 340 Baht / approx SGD13 / M: 450 Baht / approx SGD18)
The sauce was so good I drizzled it on my rice to eat with. :)
A pity that the crab did not really absorb the taste of the curry and the meat wasn't sweet enough.
Actually the curry sauce doesn't taste like curry, it was eggy salty and slightly spicy tasting.

Total bill came up to 905 Baht / approx SGD35, which works up to around SGD12 per head.
Guess it is a good place for large groups/families to visit, saw many families having dinner there. :)

There are 5 branches of Somboon Seafood and also 1 branch called Somboon Chinese which is next to the one we went. Apparently, there are quite a few fake ones. :/

8, 895/6-21 Soi Chula Line Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel 02 216 4203 5

 Went back to near our hotel area and initially wanted to see the view from the tallest hotel in Thailand but we had to pay...

So we headed for massage! So looking forward to it because I never have a massage before in my entire life and what's more Thailand is known for its cheap and good massage.

May's mum brought us to the one she frequents which is right next to Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

 Paid 220 Baht / approx SGD8.50 for an hour of full body massage.
The masseuse I got was good and strong hahaha.

Here are my pathetic loots for Day 3!
Very monochrome colours I know, can't seem to find good floral tops/dresses.

Best buy has got to be the black top w stripe skirt set (which I got another set in white since I love the top) and also because the whole set costs 140 Baht / SGD5.50 only! That's like SGD2 plus for a top or skirt. :O The skirt's too loose for me though, jialat.

Woke up at 6 plus on the last day in BKK and shopped around the bustling Pratunam morning market.
Other than those stalls we've seen the day before, there were many pop-up stalls as well!
Got some tops and a faded denim jacket at 100 Baht / SGD4 only!

Breakfast at the canteen-like place in the hotel.
I had 3 toasts with jam! ^^

My dress sense not anyhow like that one okay, just trying on the super comfy jumper I got at 130 Baht / SGD5!

Spent the rest of the afternoon at Platinum mall, we went to the side where Starbucks was located for shoes and bags.

Comb the area fast since we know what we wanted but the shoes mostly like ah sou kind lol and the bags cost at least SGD30++. O.O
3 levels cleared in 1 hour I am pretty sure.
What a disappointment. :(

Managed to get 2 tops 2 bottoms and some necklaces there though, but the mindset a bit different lahh.
Like I am more willing to 'pay more'. Lol.

And I remembered something zzz I did.
'Cause I was too used to saying kamsa (kamsahamnida in short lolol), once I kind of said that to the Thai shop owner after purchasing my loots. I typed 'kind of said' because I realised what I was doing when the first syllable 'kam' came out of my mouth and then I faded off the 'sa'.... OMG epic. ._.

Egg tarts / Chocobanana egg tarts from KFC! So yummy. :)
20 / 22 Baht / approx SGD0.80 per piece!

Big C supermarket was our last stop for the day and we nearly had our try at crossing the BKK jam below.
May and I didn't dare and thus we crossed via the overhead bridge in front.
If not it'd be crossing the BKK jam - #achievementunlocked. Hahaha.

不要 judge 我, I am a tourist, I got the rights lolol.

Big C supermarket is basically like Giant, very BIG.
Durians are huge too.

Got so many wu eh bo eh there even hair dyes because they were a few dollars cheaper!
One whole bag full.
The instant noodles is damn yummy man, should have gotten more!
It's not maggie mee but those glass noodles/kway teow ones. *slurps*

Oh and we took a tuktuk back to our hotel later!

Many colourful sights along the way as it zoomed left and right cutting the lanes.
Even did an illegal turn, I was actually a little scared haha.

Walked back to our hotel and I saw this!
Wanted to try this condensed milk banana prata so bad but I never see any stalls selling, until the last day!
Condensed Milk Banana Prata (40 Baht / approx SGD1.60)

Kanom Krok (Thai Coconut Pudding)

Both best eaten when hot, we had it along the way to the airport.

Last meal in BKK was Subway which we sneakily took on train and nommed on. :P
Their Subway tastes different somehow.

No loots photo for the last day because it's nothing much actually plus I was a little lazy. :/

Alright, so that concludes my BKK trip!

It was certainly an eye-opener for me and sometimes it still feels surreal that I am out of that small island called Singapore.
To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the places that I shopped at where many have said it's literally a woman's heaven because they were not really the case for me.
I am sure I did not have high expectation kayy, haha.
And also, due to the riots, didn't actually go to some of the food places so yea, in the future, I'd hope to clear that food list when I can.

Anyway, really thankful for those who made this trip possible (sounds so ayg), especially my mum, who sponsored this trip! 谢谢你! <3 :)

Till then, x!