Friday, December 27, 2013

#666 - Updates

Random update with photos from phone!

 My daddy 最疼我了! :D
Specially cut all the apples into bite-sized pieces because he knows my teeth hurt due to braces tightening! This time round, he even added a fork hahaha.

 Made grilled ham and cheese wholemeal sandwich last night because I was hungry.
Look at that cheese (and the black pepper I koped from Mac hahaha)!
These days ahh, always get super duper hungry at night, no idea why. :(

 Okay lahh, actually today's blog entry main aim is to let this fried rice I made in the morning see the light.
Because for so long, I've never really perfected fried rice... until today.
It's either my rice is too clumpy/taste not there/just meh. I have no idea why too.

But today, under LMZ's guidance, *jjang* fried rice full of flavours. Not I want to self-praise or what but is really 很香!
Even my brother 赞 it okay, he said nice and flavourful, yay!

Also, I discovered my love for non-stick pan! Cooked the scrambled eggs and they slided off the pan so nicely and non-stick pans make washing so easy too. :)

Anyway, I have been feeling so lazy these days I don't even feel like going out. Good lahh hor? Go out means spending money anyway.

On another note, results were being released today. I was initially contented with the results because I really worked hard this semester. But after thinking a little more, I realise this is kind of the last semester I can really pull up my CGPA already which means I should have done better one. So end up, I 哭笑不得. :|

PS: Blogged a short oneabout my day trip to Malaysia in the previous entry!

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