Monday, August 30, 2010

#272 -

Physics Paper 2 ended early today and so Raine and I went to Wendy's for brunch.

Okay I have to complain. Just ignore me if you can't be bothered with it.

I wanted to order the wholesome breakfast which cost $6.60 comes with drink of your choice, a triangular hashbrown, 2 pieces of toast, lots of scrambled egg and choice of smoked turkey/chicken sausage.

Apparently they ran out of chicken sausage (at 10 plus in the morning only?!) and I had to settle for smoked turkey instead.
On a side note, I realized that out of the 6 breakfast items they are selling, 3 of them contains chicken sausage.
Like stupid.
They are gonna like lose 50% of their business this way.

Okay so this is what I got together with a cup of Iced Milo.

The toast was a little too hard but tasted fine with butter. (They provided jam too but I didn't request for it)
The hashbrown tasted a little plastic and Raine can vouch for that.
The smoked turkey was too salty.
The scrambled egg was in abundance which is good however, when I went to the counter to request for salt and pepper, they only had salt.

Sigh what a disappointment.
Value for money?

To add on, the milk Raine had expired a few minutes ago.

Thanks goodness Raine didn't have a sip of it.
She saw and told the staff at the counter.

According to her, the staff did not even apologize and only ask if she want other drinks.
It shouldn't be the case.
What if Raine had drunk the milk?
The staff there did not even check for such stuff.

Sobz and the scenery wasn't good either. LOL.

The place Wendy's was being built at JP was not a 'conducive' one.
Whether it was in the morning/afternoon, the sun rays will enter from either sides.
Ended up most of the tables were unoccupied.
Plus the way the tables and chairs are being arranged seriously took up a lot of space.
Wendy's is not really that big to begin with.

I guess it's not really worth it to dine there.
But the vanilla rootbeer float is not that bad I have to say. :)


After the heavy brunch, Raine and I walked around JP endlessly looking for Teachers' Day's gift for the class to give our teachers.

Of all the things we got, I think this one is the funniest.
Bought for Mr Sin!

Haha an ancient looking book with empty yellow pages.
Raine is gonna paint her hand with the calligraphy ink and imprint the print inside the book.
如来神掌 a.k.a. Palm of Buddha!
Haha funny right! :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#271 - Vampires Suck

I think those who hate the Twilight (Movie) Series should watch this.
I think I should too.

This is to mock the Twilight Series.
With names like Becca Crane and Edward Sullen.

Watch the trailer if you haven't.

1.33 - 1.38. LOL!


Seriously can't get why people think that Robert Pattinson or should I say Edward Cullen is hot.

You tell me.

I can think of better examples for definition of hot please.

If you like the storybook's Edward Cullen, it's okay.
If you like the one in the movie thinking he's sweet, it's okay.
But to think of the one acting in the movie as hot? *rolls eyes*

Stupid things the fans did like:

Sources from Lord_Voldemort7's Twitpics.

I think you need to get your eyes check.

Anyway, Matt Lanter, (the guy acting as Edward Sullen in Vampires Suck) is like way better looking than compared to Robert Pattinson.

Matt Lanter.
Love his blue eyes! :)


 Robert Pattinson.
(This is by far the best picture I can find of him without any shaggy hair and less of the stubble. And I am not being biased at all, you can google Robert Pattinson and see what shows up.)
Somehow he looks more like a werewolf than a *coughs* vampire.
Talk about irony.

Side by side comparison!

Which one better you tell me?

Time for an eye-check up, my darlings! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#270 - Trust


Because you may not always trust the person you love, but you can always love the person whom you trust.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

#269 -

Still can't believe I finished all of these plus a cup of Ice Milo (except for 1/5 of a hashbrown) all by myself yesterday morning.
I guess I must be really hungry.
Now the food look kind of unappealing huh. :O


Show you something I stumbled upon on Tumblr. :)

Awww... How sad yet true.

Friday, August 20, 2010

#268 - Tumblr - Style

Saturday, August 14, 2010

#267 - Stressed Up

"When you're struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it's just as hard as what you're going through."
Dear John, Nicolas Spark

Stressed up.
Schedule is now super hectic.
Less than 1 week to Prelims and less than 3 months to As.

Time is running out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

#266 - Happy National Day

Happy National Day, Singapore!!!

I am such a patriotic girl that I went to get my hand tattooed with the Singapore flag!

The J1 who helped me with my tattoo didn't paste it correctly end up my flag one side big one side small. :(
But nevermind, it looks as though my flag is like moving along in the wind's direction right?
Hahaha, I am so gooooood at finding excuses to make myself better.

Chey, actually this was tattooed on Friday where there were free tattoos for the school's National Day celebrations. -.-

Now all that's left is just a faint imprint of the red colour part at the top left corner.

Anyway, I think I am patriotic lor!

I painted my toenails red!

Okay maybe that's what most of us girls thought of to commemorate National Day so you think I lack creativity right?

Let me show you something else I have that no one would have.

Last night, I hurt my elbow and it bled.
(It's considered National Day already because it was 1am then)

Then of all shape and sizes of cuts and the way the cuts bleed, mine was a little red dot leh!!!

There! So cute right!

Little red dot = Singapore!

So I deserve the most patriotic Singaporean award right?
Bleed also bleed with meaning! :D


Always like how Google thinks of creative images to put for special occasions.
This time for Google Singapore, they had students design the icons.
Here's the winning piece!

Chio right? It represents Singapore too! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

#265 - Miscellaneous

Before you start, help me click on the adverts on the top and at the sidebar!
Thanks so much! :)


Mummy got me these randomly!

Now I can has nice smelling hair!! :)

Speaking of hair, that day I was bored and played around with my hair.
Attempted to try a french braid.

 As compared to the one I sourced which looks so much more appealing,  I can only say I tried my best. :/

And while sourcing for the image, I found another one.


 Did this in school that day. (That's Lynette in the background)
Idk what is this hairstyle called but I am sure there's a name for it. :/


Shall end with something cute...

Carebears!!! :) :D :) :D
So freaking cute right, with the baby in carebear costume in the middle!!

I only have 3 currently! :(
White and Silver Tenderheart Bear, Work of Heart Bear and Laugh-A-Lot Bear.

Do-Your-Best Bear, Good Luck Bear, Baby Hugs and Baby Hugs seem cute don't you think?
Someone get me more? :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

#264 - Food

Okay okay I know this blog is going to die soon so I popped by to revive it.

Since there's no chemistry remedial today as Ms Loon is sick, I shall make use of the time to blog (about food).

Actually nothing much, I am just gonna upload a few photos of food I ate these few days, add a few words and then that's it. :D

Last Friday I had dinch with Raine at Fish&Co.

Raine had a student meal deal with this simple pasta and drink to go.

I had the seafood platter for one and all I can say is, if you're really hungry, go for this.
The rice (underneath the calamari) given is in a large portion and I ended up giving Raine most of my fries.

I had it with a side and a drink.

Passionfruit Soda. Nothing to scream about, just some fizzy drink.

Cream of mushroom, freaking thick and nice. :)


Last Saturday, I had dinner at Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe.

The cute menu caught my eyes.

Sad enough, the food there was mediocre only.

Oyster meesua left me disappointed, I think Shihlin's tastes so much better!
It was pretty bland and even though I added chili flakes, the noodles still taste blah.

My brother had some pork and mushroom thickened soup with rice.
Once again, the food was not that great.
I had a taste of the soup and it tasted plastic.
Thankfully, the rice made up for the loss.

Perhaps we have chosen the wrong food so I should not be too quick to judge. :)
Saw another table having chicken/pork chop with rice set and the chicken/pork chop filled half the plate ie. the big plate in the picture above! :O
Maybe I should try it someday.

Even though the food we had that day wasn't really nice, my brother and I agreed that the iced honey lemon was fab. (Y)
Definitely better than those chinese medicinal stores and SweetTalk's.
A must-try!!! :D



 I miss eating the chicken rice at Jurong East. :(
I sort of grow up eating the chicken rice over there.
The soup with the soft cabbage~ *salivates*

 KFC gravy?
Uh-uh, KFC mashed potato IN gravy!
So much right!!!! :D
By the way, this tastes nicer when you add the sweet chili and mix them together! 

 Not forgetting Subway!
Love the Subway Melt and Chicken Teriyaki.
And that YewTee has got Subway Student Price at $5.50 for a 6-inch Sub and set! YAY.

All this food talk is making me hungry.
Shall go and cook some Indomie to satisfy this stomach.
Goodbye! :)