Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#685 - Sunsilk Pop-up Salon #sunsilkgoodtimes

So... last week I went to work at JCube with Raine for the Sunsilk event! #moneyasmotivation :)
Basically I was in charge of ushering the people who wanted to get free hair makeovers done to the available hairstylists!

Said I want to take photo of the area actually is want to take photo of the cool hairstylist in orange. *smirks* She looks so cool lahh, and I love her cornrows! She did them herself!! Kept finding my eyes going back to her during the event. #nojudgingplease

Disclaimer: Lots of photos of my face (and Raine's) ahead.

So we girls had the privilege to choose what kind of hairstyles we want before the event started. I already had in mind to have a waterfall braid on my head BUT my mane is not long enough for a full one thus I had to break the braid into two. I guess the hairstylist misunderstood me when I said I wanted two braids then (since one wasn't possible) and didn't combine both of them for me. Which left me with this hair.... And I don't think it's exactly waterfall braid.. Haha.

Looks a little weird right. And the OCD in me acted up. Look at how unbalanced the braids were and how they ended at different points and were not symmetrical at all. Even Raine, who does not really have OCD also agreed on that. I love the bottom curls though. Never like those half headed one thus I requested for those at the bottom. :D

If I ever get to walk at the event again, maybe I shall request this! Double waterfall braid!

So I spent my whole day doing the same job ushering people and keeping the queue in place. Oh and also constantly taking in deep breaths of hairsprays and serum which left me rather light-headed. :/
Not forgetting to camwhore also... :D

Cute 5 years old girl spotted (she looks prettier in real life), everyone just kept taking photos with her.

Lunch and I had the yummy duck rice (yes IKR duck again) at the foodcourt next to JCube! A pity they ran out of the flavoured rice that day.

 Erm my nose really #lastwarning. ._.
One week ago, I itchy hand went to squeeze those stubborn blackheads, then yknow usually it will be damn red and then fade off after a day, this redness stay with me all the way till now as I am typing this. The heck.

#ootd in the toilet, JCube I love your full length mirrors!

Decided I had enough of my first hairstyle and requested for a change when there were less people. Thanks Raine for requesting it for me because I felt so paiseh hahaha.

Half head side braid! I love this so much! :) A number of them told me this hairstyle was so much better than the previous one. Yeah I know right. *smirks*
I am also aware that my hair is frizzy until cannot.

Took quite a number of photos at the shooting area as well and the photos were printed on the spot. Here's mine!
One of the nasty culprits. But it's okay, because I didn't like the alignment with the huge space on top of my head so I had mine reprinted. #analgurlisanal

Here it is lolol. Still feels it's not perfect, like I am too near the left border. 

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Oh and Raine took quite a few candid photos of me and we also took photos together, but they are all with the photographer! We couldn't find Wifi to connect so that I can email myself the photos (HotSpot didn't work) and my Bluetooth device couldn't be detected. :( Ended up saving all the images in a folder and letting the photographer know so that he can email me but he told me things like the laptop belongs to his company and he has to drop by there later to return back and he will inform the staff to email me.... You know what I hear from this? "Oh it's highly likely you will never ever get these photos." #justsaying
They were nice lah, 'em photos!!

Photos of my side braid hehe.


Anyway, I accepted the Summer Studies offer to Korea this year! I am Seoul excited! ^^

Did some research for things to do in Korea / apartments to stay. I want to try all those Korean food like kimbap, samyupsal, samyetang, tteokbokki, fishcakes, bibimbap and patbingsu (the list goes on, only know these few romanized ones) and slurp my jajangmyeon! And I wanna go those sauna houses, drink barley and eat hardboiled eggs. So looking forward!! Okay shall work hard in the remaining days to make my dreams come true w no worries!!

#ootd for 6th week of IA!

Till then, X

Sunday, February 16, 2014

#684 - Updates

Last week, I had 2 free lunches! :D
Hahaha, one was a treat from the boss and another was because my attachment company had CNY lunch.

We all headed to Tung Lok Xihe at The Grandstand for lunch!

 It was a rather satisfying meal and I was super full towards the end!

We took a company photo too but I don't have the photo with me. :(

With the two other interns, Jovia and Chole. :)

Met Raine later after work, we headed to Marymount to meet some agent because I want to look for weekend jobs!

Initial plan was to meet both Lynette and Raine for SHIOK!!! Maki but Lynette fell sick that day so it left us two. So with no plans in mind, we headed to Junction 8 for food and ended up at the cosy Starbucks at Bishan CC where we spent the night catching up (adulterous pair HAHAHA), bitching about the usuals and camwhoring hahaha.

 She loves her boyfriend soooo much she did this. ._.

 This comic strip goes like this...
1. Me: Eh look down look down.
2. Me: Eh look up look up.
3. Me: *turns to look at Raine*
Raine: What, you want me to look at you?
4. Me: *thinks to self* Bitch please, who wants you to look at me?!

Above shots were really for real and I swear we didn't plan for this to happen. LOL.

I love my... 小毛. Hehe, favourite picture of all somehow.

Happy night spent! :)


So... recently, I've been watching You Who Came From The Stars, and I must say I am really smitten with Kim Soo Hyun. *.*

He's not exactly that handsome, like he doesn't have a sharp nose, no big eyes, no double eyelids (he has a good bod though lol), BUT I like him in the show. HAHA.
There's just something about him that makes me attracted.
Cool guy style perhaps, want to smile don't want smile, hold back his feelings kind wahhhhh. Of course in real life, no woman will like their man to be like this luh.
Reminds me of So Ji Sub who acted in Master's Sun. Same kind of style. (Y)
And I loveeeee guys with thick fringe. Haha.

I remembered telling Jovia that day "He's not handsome but I like him!" and she was like what the hell! Hahaha.

Coincidentally, it's his birthday today! Haha.


#ootd for the 5th week of IA! I did try to wear more coloured clothings this week.

 Hope everyone had a good weekend, X