Friday, April 30, 2010

#230 - School

School life is just so mundane, study study study, lecture tutorial lecture tutorial.

But I like going to school because there's always new things to see and to learn about.

Okay whatever.

Show you Raine's jellyfish-head-long-brown-and-thick mane.

Jellyfish head!

Her jellyfish-head-long-brown-and-thick mane!

Thankfully Lynette tried to salvage our eyes and did justice by tying plaits for her. (Y)

The (Doh) Bitches were hurrying to class one day and we saw this.

A moth! It's freaking huge.
Well you can't really judge by looking at this photo, but I can assure you, it is bigger than my palm! :O :O

Strawberry for Lynette, Orange for Raine and Lychee for Shufen!

Yumms and tasty and sweet and whatnots for only $1. :)
Raine ended up wasting hers because Orange flavoured ones taste like some antibiotic medicine (I've tried) and she gave it to someone who can't hear what he is thinking. ^^

State of disorder!

File collection and checking by the P herself.
Glad it's only J2 stuff she wants to see.
Anyway, file checking is over for my class and nothing bad happened so I am 'safe'. :)

Whoops! I just couldn't resist the temptation to blog this up even though it's not school-related and doesn't fit my blog title's range!
But then it's... Indomie! *screams*
So I guess it's alright! :)

Ending this random school entry with a quote by someone in school.
What the person did before saying it was to turn to the back from his right side and put a finger to his lips.
Specially for Lynette and Raine,
"I can't hear myself think."

You know what I think would be a suitable reply?
*(evil_grin) max*
"I can't smell myself think."

Laugh out loud! :D

PS: New entries below as well! :)

#229 - Sakae Sushi

 Sakae Sushi-ed last week with these 2 (Doh) Bitches!

 We had lotsa food! (mmm)

Some of the few noms that we had over there.
Click on the respective images for more zoomed in and clearer version of the food themselves. :)

Anyway, I think the 3 of us ate quite a lot this time round.

Haha! Looks as though Babi is the one who's polished off the table of food and is wiping her hands after the meal. :D

Anyway, this looks similar to the Kueh Lapis (9 layers cake) right?!
After a super full meal, we had dessert.

I always wonder why we are so full we can't eat anymore and yet there's still room for dessert. Hmm. :/

Everyone was happily eating and then Babi dropped her spoon on the floor. Since the spoon is on the inside of the icecream which means 1 icecream = only 1 spoon, Babi had no choice but to use the wooden chopsticks.

Babi gives a sad face. :(

Somehow she got used of it and became happy again. :)

Lots of photos not yet blogged. Come back soon. Meanwhile, like this entry/click on ads if available/leave a comment/tag! Loves! :D

#228 - Nails

 (Image has been screenshot-ed and editor had tried to crop but Paint failed her, thus the results)

Let's just say I got inspired. :)

I had only the intention of painting the purple french manicure and end up I saw this photo on Tumblr and that got me into painting the glitter bits as well.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#227 -

So tired these days...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#226 - NAPFA

After countless postponing of the last segment of the NAPFA which is the 2.4km due to excuses/reasons like the weather's too hot and no one's ready, 7 09S22's girls finally ran their 2.4km run today.

I is one of the 7. And guess what?!

I ran 13.49mins which is a freaking A!

And including the 5 stations, I scored 30/30 with a big fat GOLD.

Let me haolian a little because in my life, there's nothing for me to haolian about plus this is the last year we are taking NAPFA already.

Actually right, when I know my timing, I was a little disappointed. Because I expected too much I guess. But then come to think of it, not training for the run AT ALL and being able to get an A is good enough for me already. I shouldn't be greedy. Furthermore, this timing is not bad considering the fact that I used to run at 14.30mins and above.

Perhaps joining Taekwondo help boost my stamina? :/

Anyway, I am so happy because I can officially say byebye to NAPFA forever, unless I choose to go to the army which is a no-no.

Blog again soon with photos! Watch this space! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

#225 - Sweet Cravings

Developed sudden cravings for sweet stuff recently, especially chewy gummies.
 This is weird considering the fact that I never have a sweet tooth.
I have to satisfy this craving of mine soon.

 They should have such vending machines here in Singapore.

Monday, April 19, 2010

#224 - Certified Pastamaniac

I am a -certified- PASTAMANIAC!

And so a few days back I went to Lot 1 to collect my membership card.

Guess what's inside? :D

My membership card...

And a slip telling me what benefits I am entitled to plus $10 worth of Pizza voucher and $5 worth of Pasta voucher.

It's only $15 and you are paying for the vouchers and all the good deals and for one whole year!
So worth it canz!
PS: The most important thing is that I am not paid to do this. HAHA.

Remember I said I will post the picture of the brown bird with the white head in my previous entry?
Here it is! :)

It's not your normal kind of everyday open window can see bird hor! Hahaha.