Saturday, March 31, 2007

at last! as promised, the photos from family day. shall only upload a few cos we took like about 83?! omg lah. i didnt know we took so much! :D

zzz. i think i uploaded alot already. so enjoy! haha. :)
maybe we are just escaping from reality.
many things doesnt turn out the way we want them to.
i know it's of no use to hold on to the past, but i just cannot bear to let go.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

how come he knows that i was referring to him? did he read my blog or did someone like tell him about it? weird weird weird.
i freaking hate her. she is BIASED. an er xin de da bian. BIASED against guys somemore. hate her. i did nothing wrong and yet she put all the blame on me. BOO to her. she refused to listen to my explaination. she feigned ignorance. how could she do all this? if she doesnt respect me, i wont respect her either.
i flunked my geog test. like hell. single-digit mark. total marks is 20. and i got lower than 5. screw myself. the tears nearly flowed out but i managed to control them well. oh well.
the tons of homework is killing me. the teachers are stacking and stacking the piles of it on our tables. just received a 36 pages, 72 printed pages long maths worksheet. *faints. argh. please do pity me.
eldds syf is reaching soon. next wed. 6 more days to actual day. wish me luck okay.
i forgot to do some homework given and i think the teacher is very disappointed in me already. i can see that. i feel very bad about it that i felt like crying and i wish to say sorry to the teacher.
conclusion: i must work harder for the sake of myself and everyone. i promise to change from today onwards. i wont be that slack anymore. i really wish i could fulfill this promise of mine.
no more reaching home late.
no more late submissions of homework.
less of fooling around and teasing people.
no more of wasting money on things i want, not need.
no more of talking crap.
i will think before i speak.
i think sometimes people dont like the way i talk, or express myself.
i apologise now to those whom i accidentally offended.

sometimes, i feel as though i have no real friends for me to share things with. if you really ask me who i trust now, i will say no one. i feel very insecured if i share my troubles with others. this feeling is really weird. maybe i am afraid of being betrayed by others. i really hate this feeling but it cant seem to go away. i feel as though i have no true friends. they are leaving me one by one, i guess.

i think i know too much things already. :X

zz. bad bad week for me huh. dont like. sure hope it would be better next week. always look on the bright side. i must learn to be optimistic. thanks to yili for the nalgene water bottle. I LOVE YOU!

shant reply to tags today.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nothing could describe how i really felt today. ❤
will be comparing look-alikes in my post today. please dont feel offended if i accidentally insulted whoever. no offence okay.

compare now. does the guy in the newspaper article taking the mike look like wuzun at all? hell, no. i dont think he looks any alike to wuzun. and the zong jian or whatever claims that he is more handsome than wuzun. no offence, my opinion is no. he may be handsome, but compared to wuzun, wuzun still win. :

next. let's look at a picture of jay chou.

does the guy in the picture look like him? much better. this comparison is much more accurate than the previous one. their eyes look quite alike. similar in some ways. yeah. :)

i think all this comparing is really funn. :D

i give you my heart. ❤

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i feel that i just have to post again. for the sake of posting.
i just want to get everything off my chest. i am very very disappointed already.
i got nothing much to say already, it's of no use.
2a is already gone and will never come back already.
everyone is adapting to their new life and leaving one another already.
the class of 39 is forgotten, even though most of us tried maintaining as one.
many people changed, and the change was so tremendously, that me, myself, couldnt believe it.
until i saw it with my eyes. i really cant believe this whole thing is happening.
what happen to the once united class? where is 2a? i know i shouldnt be asking all this now.
however, as i looked through the yearbook, i realised that 2a is always remembered by me, they are my life.
yet, the change in everyone was too much for me. some changed for the better, whereas some, vice versa.
really really disappointed. i dont know why must this happen.
it's no use wanting the old 2a back. everthing is gone and will never come back to us anymore.
what's the point of holding a gathering when most of us are not who we are last time already?
what's the point of working so hard for a championship title and yet in the end, it was forgotten by people?
what's the point of taking so many photos and not learning how to treasure the 2a buddies well?
what's the point of doing the class videos when many had already changed?
there's no more meaning in those videos already.
i know that, as time passed, many will start to forget about their class in 2006, the class which was once united, which was once strangers, and then cant bear to leave one another.
one by one, they will leave, and as the years passed, all of us will be separated even further.
we might even by-passed one another without knowing each other someday, as though we were strangers once again. 2a is gone, never coming back.
goodbye, 2a. after all this, i learnt to let go of something. i know i cannot force will. so, i want to say, to all the 2a-ians, if i never talk to anyone of you again in my life, you guys are special to me and you guys have made a difference in my life. i look up to you guys, respect you all, and truly cherish you all. i want to embrace you guys. if someday, you guys feel as though you have no friends at all, at least, read this post again, and take comfort in knowing that there's someone out there who cares about you guys and always will.
ah gong really touched me this afternoon. i was just shouting some crazy stuff and i accidentally blurted the word ah gong, and he responded. at least, he acknowledged me. i was happy till i cried, cause, i knew at least, he had not forgotten me and the way i used to call him. ah ma was different. he changed totally. no use calling him ah ma now, he doesnt even respond at all. his eyes are cold now. i see no lingering feelings and it really pains my heart to see all these things happening. i dont want to continue anymore. i feel so much better now. crying and expressing out all these really help.
haha. lots of things happened today, happy&sad. and i cried. dont know why. went to the toilet during maths lesson to wash up. :/ after school was <3. wanlin and i were fooling around. when i say fooling around, it really means fooling around. we were going crazy already. we sat in front of the pigeon hole to look for files like retards. and we went back in class to joke. and most of the time, we were laughing like mad. hahahhas. after that, before we left, i did something retarded that i dont want anyone to know here, if you are curious, ask me on msn if you want. haha. and i left my heart in class and wanlin threw it away! youguyswontknowwhatreallyhappened. and i really rushed down to the first storey to get it. hahah. by then, ahbu, wanlin and i were in fits of laughter already! :D

replies to tags:
daniel lim: hah. thanks. :)
>Yongkian!: hah. sorry yeah. i can only get them by tonight. :X
ZHENYI!: yeah, i think so too! scary.
SHEILINA: haha. okay. thanks. :D
afiqah: yeah, i agree. (thumbs up) will relink asap. :)
miinyan-: yeah. love it lah. :D

Monday, March 26, 2007

wahaha. i feel like posting today although i've got nothing to post about. lol. maybe i shall put some lyrics here.

遥望着你背影 有孤单太苍白
我多么想陪着你 走过人山人海
我多么想走进你 紧锁的心海
haha. 我一直都在 lyrics. done, i guess.
emilia: hah. you guys JIAYOU too! :D
regina: haha. thank you. :)
ZHENYI!: updated! :D
Thaqif: SADIST! :D
yunhuii: haha. nevermind one lah. :D okay.
miinyan-: yeah. funn funn. :D i will upload them asap. have not get the photos from wanlin yet. :D thanks. miss you too!
wanlin: he rocks! :D

Sunday, March 25, 2007

today was <3.

early in the morning, i wasnt quite happy due to some reasons. then _______ arrived. my mood started changing. from sad to happy. :D

we were busy 'pulling' customers to our booth and it was fun.


laugh laugh laugh. :D

went to lot 1 later.


mug in the library. and i found out that thaqig is a sadist. he wanted to kill minyan's fish. so bad lah!


ate again at food court with some 2a girls and 3 2a`o7 ppl. yeah. and we were all fooling around.


yeah. i am lazy to type out the many things that happen today. _______ came and i was happy. :) many photos were taken and i will upload them asap, some other day perhaps. :D


Saturday, March 24, 2007

i attended only 5 periods of lessons today. oh hoho. first 3 periods of lessons, i left for ELDDS syf rehearsal. i was so happy i got to skip maths halfway. :D we took the bus to CJC (Catholic Junior College) and the place is huge i tell you. the toilet was big. try imagining our school canteen toilet times 6. yeah. the actual size of the toilet. it has even got a rest area where there is a tv and an air-con. super WOW-ing. eerie though. :X the lighting room was super dark and cold. i was spooked by some faces that appeared outside in the dark. it was the technician lahr. yeah. the whole room was full of machines and there were many switches inside. i counted the machine that we are going to be using and there is like 70 switches?! yeah. the ques was so messy and most of the time, hwyi was controlling them while i read it to him. :X

yeah. and we got scolded. because we laughed. really sorry. i couldnt control my laughter. :/ everything ran well lahr. so overall it was okay. and by the time i reached school, i was tired. and yet i rushed to the canteen to buy food. was rushing for HCL. and i saw many of my classmates and they were like asking how was it. yeah. so touched people cared. :) HCL was quite okay, and after that, went walking around and talking with people until 3.

ELDDS was later. and it was fun when we had many lines to guess. i dont know how to elaborate but it really make me happy. :)

oh, it's Family Day tmrw and i am getting excited over some things. i cant say what they are but i hope a miracle will happen tmrw. i hope _______ comes yeah. :)


replies to tags:
>Yongkian!: haha. yeah. today was fun. <3
kaii xiin: that's because i cant access blog with - in front of the url or behind it. thus, i changed. :)
ZHENYI: haha. stm. i really cant remember. haha. lunch ytd. :D
Vernon: haha. i didnt ask you to watch what. anyway, it's 2 same skits. so it's like about 4 mins plus only. :D
` gin [: haha. thanks. :) you are so funny!
jiaying`: :X
horny water flirt tank: haha. thanks. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

hahah. today was <3.
i am just going to reply to tags today. :)

replies to tags:
stella: haha. thanks. :)
pei si: thanks for reading and tagging. :D
ZHENYI!: haha. yeah. i forgot for what already. xD haha. we showed the video to half the class lahs.
*~{N}3ls0n~*: haha. thanks.
mz: haha. it's okay. i agree that it sucks too. :X
ZHENYI!: okay. i will relink asap. :)
nurulain: yes, you are fast. dont deny. lols.
jiaying`: haha. cause i didnt see someone. lols. i thanked him le. hahas. :D
ainzain: hey, thanks. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oh what the ****ing hell. i cant view my own blog. i think it's due to some error blogger hasnt fixed. i cant view zhenyi's blog also. and she is also facing the same problem as me i think. new blogger sucks big time. everytime i want to check my tagboard, i'll have to log in into my cbox acc to view the messages, it's stupid.

gnnnnn. forget it. hahas. xuanyu promised breakfast for nat and i, and today he really bought hashbrowns for us and of course not forgetting his DEAR jiaying. lol. PE later. we ran the 2.4. and oh, i improved. so happy. hahs. by like a few seconds. 14.03. not bad le okay? hhas. ain was fast, as usual. alice too. i still have alot to 'learn' from them. :D

the rest of the day went on like normal. then after school, went to pizza hut to eat with some 2a girls. yeah.

i dont feel like posting already. not in the mood today. short post. tata.

wahaha, the video for the history project. the first part is sort of the rehearsal whereas the second part is the real stuff. :) enjoy. hahas.

and i realised that many people always view my blog without tagging. must tag okay. even if there's nothing funny/sensible to tag about. hahas. thanks loads. :D

i dont feel like replying to tags once again. so lazy. :X

xuete! bu yao zai shuo le.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

zzzoooooommmmmm. holidays are officially over now. school restarted today and it was as usual the long morning talks and stuff which easily made us want to sleep. man. i hate holidays and also the day after it. :X so darn boring one. gahhhh. there was no power-up today. say YAY! ... YAY! so the lessons social studies start off quite boringly boring. :O i dont feel like elaborating much. all i know that most of the time i was reading my history notes to prepare for the history test later since i dont even know there is going to be a test. :X

okay. so it was history lessons. most of us protested except for jiazhi and yunhui. mrs ram was so hen xin. she dont want to give in to the majority. aww. so all of us had the test. and i think i am gonna flunk it once again since i cant seem to understand what the question is trying to say and i cant get all the important points into my head. xue te. it's all xue te. eeyer. the more i think of it, the more i dread getting the paper back. oh well. dont want care le.

english after recess. got back common test. i scored 20/30. i finally improved back. yeah. my 'worry-ness' for my history test was gone thanks to the results for the common test. lol. writing informal letter tmrw. sigh, it's like all so rushed can. last week just wrote one, then tmrw write again. zzz. i think it's because of the common test on informal letter next next week bahs. sigh. :/

physics test after that. was quite okay. except for some questions. dont care ler. so many many tests today. dont like lah. hmpf.

2 periods of maths later. with no ms sim! say YAY! ... YAY! hahas. so we got 2 free periods. so ha pi. haha. and the guys were being so uh, i dont know how to say. they were playing 'guess the number', something like that. yeah. and the forfeit was to pay the players in the game one dollar each. say example, i lost, then there are like 5 players, so i have to give 5 dollars, one to each of them loh. then i was like wah, wait no money how ah? haha. after watching, i went to 'strip' aisyah pencilcase. that's because her pencilcase was in the weird shape where by there's one zip that keeps on turning and turing to form into a shape of the pencilcase. so my hand was so itchy that i pour out the contents inside here pencilcase and started unzipping. it's like so fun, then the whole pencilcase begin to lose its shape and begin to look like a apple peel. so fun. okay, i was entertaining myself then. i like her pencilcase! :D i started zipping back later. and it was so fun also. juvenile deliquent. :D after that, i borrowed a ghost storybook about chinese ghosts from joey and wanlin and i started reading it together. it was kind of creepy lah. haha!

after school, wanlin and i rushed to the canteen because we were famished. haha. and we got our milo drink from the new vending machine. it was so ultra cool and amazing to see the drink coming out lah. very sua ku i know. somemore it's like 240ml for 1 dollar. whereas the drinks store sell it at 250ml for 80cents only. dont care. then most of the 2a-ians started buying the milo from there. so it's like the whole table was full of the milo cans. so nice. :) who cares if it cost 20cents more and less by 10ml. only huisian and peiyen do. haha.

oral was held later. and i was so nervous because i was the first one. but i think overall it was okay. the question given was something like the comparison between 'chuan tong he ka' and 'dian zi he ka'. then i had a misinterpretion. (i dont know how to spell it, correct me if you know.) i thought dian zi he ka was those cards whereby you open those cards which has got music inside. until someone told me later that it was something like e-card. zzz. luckily i didnt tell the teacher what it was. heng sia. haha.

Friday, March 16, 2007

haha. just came back from ELDDS. one word to describe it: FUN! well. woke up early in the morning and went to mac for breakfast. it was so gnnnnnn. i saw guan yeow and then he started talking non-stop. zzz. then i queued for my turn. i ordered my thing and something malu happened lohr. i was like, about to pay for my breakfast when i opened my wallet and saw nothing inside. as in no notes, no nothing. !!! my jaws dropped lahr, then i suddenly realised that i left my money on the coffee table in my house. wth lah. gnnnnn. when i finally realised it, the auntie had like prepared half-way le. so i was laughing and telling the auntie, i want to cancel my order. wth. guan yeow was laughing until like. eeyer.

then went to school. we waited for quite long, and during then, i borrowed 4 bucks from audrey and finally settled my breakfast together with the other ELDDS-ians at mac. then back, we had our practice. at first it was quite boring, due to the fact that the trainer was focusing on the cast and their deliveries of speech whereas we crew slack around. we were busy chatting away and gossipping about bisexuals. -_-''' hahas. then ms tang told us to either go out and do something or listen to the trainer. we chose the first one. so we went to join the seniors at the containers and we talked, talked and talked. after that, we decided to go back to listen to the trainer. and man, was he funny. he got many funny stuffs. yeah. then we had lunch. at mac again. and there were so many many people and the queue was so long until when people leave, we didnt even move in front at all. hahaha.

finally, we bought the lunch and we settled it in mac this time. we went back after eating and gerard was already there waiting for us. it was rehearsals throughout and so i was busy talking and joking around with the crew. so funny lahr. and there's one part where emilia had to say a lame joke in the show. it's something like this:

There are two eggs in a frying pan.
Then one egg said to the other egg, 'Man, it's hot in here.'
Then you know how the other egg reply?
'Haha, talking egg.'
laugh laugh laugh. get it. so cold right? hahaha. then we had many games later. very fun. the mu. tou. ren. game. i got out the first time, because i talked. oh hoho. then we had this game, where all of us couldnt laugh even though the jokes we heard were funny if not we would get hit by a pillow. wah. so happy today lahr. :)

i dont know why, but i love this photo. :)

what i had for dinner that day. :)

blurry effect.

earrings bought from bugis.

i took this myself. heheh.

crown belt! *screams*

-jiaying`-: haha. i saw you too. :)
emilia: haha. i am getting lazier and lazier each day. i posted quite long today.
[[MISTER*CHONG-]]`-: lame lahr. =.-
ZHENYI!: hey! i have a lost post today okay. haha. :)

video upload by me. 2a`o6 memories, done by minyan. i've only got part 1. the part 2 cant be uploaded in youtube cos it's too large to be uploaded already. so if you guys want the video, tell me in advance so i can send you the video when i am online, provided i am not busy. :D

Thursday, March 15, 2007

went back to school for physics lessons today. and it seems like we were the only sec 3 class who went to school today. oh well. it's for our own good. yeah. went for lunch at lot 1 with ah bu and wanlin. saw shunting and ade later and we all had lunch together. went back later.

i have not gotten the photos from wanlin yet cos there's something wrong with her com. sigh. nevermind. i can wait. :) short post for today. i promise a longer post next time. :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

wahh. ages since i last posted. lols. i have been going out these 2 days. so funn.

on monday, went to sentosa! with jiazhi, nat, wanlin, minyan and hwei sze. :D and we took many many photos. well not really. but it's quite alot already. :) the girls went to cycle&playwiththewater while jiazhi and i suntan. haha. and i am kind of darker now. i got the tan lines. so HAPPY! VIVO-ed later after dinner at candy empire.

went to bugis today. kinda quiet. dont know why. had lunch at yoshinoya. then shopped around. wanlin and i got our crown belts. yeah. and wanlin got her shoes. so nice at only 15bucks. i also want! haha. and yeah. like that lohr. shall upload the photos next time since i haven got them from wanlin yet. haha.

replying of tags from 12 mar 07 onwards.
replies to tags:
ShanShan: er. okay. hello. :)
-jiaying`-: haha. i like my skin too. LOL!
may: you cant believe it but to me, you really look quiet.
zona#xiiaoghurrl: haha. okay. will link you asap. :)
>Yongkian: haha. thanks. okay. will do that. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

woahs. i have completed some of my homework ler. sense of accomplishment. homework completed -

- physics workbook
- physics TYS
- english comprehension (left summary)

looks very little i know. but it's quite alot le. i dont get what mdm chew want us to do regarding the chem ws so i am not doing it i guess. holidays are nothing but boredom!

analysing the contents in 3c today. no offence to what i think though. :X

Ang Hui Sian
First Impression - fierce, very 'aunty' type.
Current Impression - quite friendly, abit fierce and loud.

Ang Yu Tze
First Impression - quiet and shy girl.
Current Impression - quiet sometimes. loves to laugh.

Chua Shu Fen
we shall skip this. wahah.

Chye Yun Hui
First Impression - friendly, outspoken type.
Current Impression - friendly. loves to shriek at small stuffs. loud at tsk-ing.

Felicia Cheng Xin Yun
First Impression - quiet type. guai kia.
Current Impression - still as quiet. trying to become a pai kia le.

Koh Jia Zhi
First Impression - tigress, unfriendly.
Current Impression - friendly yet horny. can be a good friend.

Koh Xiuying, May P
First Impression - quiet.
Current Impression - can talk. quite friendly.

Lim Yili
First Impression - quiet and shy.
Current Impression - can talk alot. sometimes too straightforward and fierce. tends to make people angry.

Low Ming Yue, Aileen
First Impression - guai kia. always seen with jaime.
Current Impression - still a guai kia. excels in studies well.

Nurul Ain Bte Azhar
First Impression - fierce.
Current Impression - funny and friendly.

Ong Shuhui, Alice
First Impression - very lady type.
Current Impression - friendly, but still lady type.

Ong Zhen Rui
First Impression - fierce and quiet.
Current Impression - quiet. but can talk.

Ow Zhen Rong, Joey
First Impression - quiet and shy.
Current Impression - can talk and joke with friends. can EAT alot.

Seah Pei Yen
First Impression - friendly.
Current Impression - still as friendly.

Shakilah Bte Mohamad Halid
First Impression - quiet.
Current Impression - friendly. has a nice smile.

Siti Aisyah Bte Supian
First Impression - quiet.
Current Impression - loves to joke. good in art. very helpful.

Siti Nur Syairah Bte Azhari
First Impression - very lady-like.
Current Impression - very 'daring' in a way. friendly.

Siti Syahirah Bte Mahmud
First Impression - friendly.
Current Impression - friendly. loves to laugh.

Stella Tan Hwee Kng
First Impression - fierce.
Current Impression - quite friendly. very daring to speak what she wants to say.

Tan Ngar Mean, Jaime
First Impression - quiet and shy girl.
Current Impression - same as before. good in studies.

Wee Wan Lin
First Impression - quiet.
Current Impression - fun to hang out with. horny at times.

Abdul Hafiz B Surani
First Impression - quiet.
Current Impression - hates gay. can talk de.

Aiw Wei Chuan, Jared
First Impression - shy and doesnt likes big crowds.
Current Impression - quite cheeky.

Chia Kat Kiat, Eugene
First Impression - unfriendly.
Current Impression - talks alot. helpful.

Ching Shi Qi, Clive
First Impression - tall.
Current Impression - Friendly, very supportive.

Chong Geng Lin
First Impression - devoted lover towards ______.
Current Impression - quite friendly.

Chua Kun Da
First Impression - quiet.
Current Impression - friendly. loves to smile.

George Lam Chang Wei
First Impression - Shy and soft-spoken.
Current Impression - still the same as before. :X

Isaac Zu Xiang Dong
First Impression - Scholar type.
Current Impression - still the same.

Kenneth Chua Eng Teck
First Impression - ______
Current Impression - it hasnt change.

Lim Jia Jun, Roger
First Impression - quiet and shy.
Current Impression - quite friendly. and is quite childish at times when with timothy.

Lim Jin Hao, Timothy
First Impression - Cheeky and noisy.
Current Impression - Cheeky as before. can be helpful at times, but always chose to be the naughty one.

Loau Xuan Yu
First Impression - pai kia type. very chong dong also.
Current Impression - quite a good guy, loves joking around and also quite devoted.

Mohamad Haiqel B Jamaludin
First Impression - sociable and nice.
Current Impression - same as before. has a sense of responsibility.

Mohamed Salihin Subhan B M A S
First Impression - quiet.
Current Impression - quiet. sometimes what he did make me dont like it.

Muhammad Hafizuddin B M M
First Impression - shy.
Current Impression - sociable. can laugh. loves playing around with keng wee during lessons.

Muhammad Iskandar B Ruhaizat
First Impression - a bit gay sometimes. likes critisising people.
Current Impression - still a bit gay, can be friendly if you are good towards him.

Neo Zheng Chuan
First Impression - shy.
Current Impression - to me, it's the same. i tried talking to him and his replies were one word answers or shaking or nodding his head.

Ng Keng Wee
First Impression - (which was during primary 2) quiet and obedient boy.
Current Impression - can be good and bad. depends on situation.

Ngo Pit Soon
First Impression - cant remember. oh hoho.
Current Impression - okay.

Pay Han Yang
First Impression - a guy who likes sleeping in class.
Current Impression - a cheeky guy who likes teasing girls.

Leonard Yeo Zi Ping
First Impression - soft-spoken.
Current Impression - friendly and helpful.

tadaa. i am done ler. i realised most of my first impression was quiet and shy, etc. something like that but i cant help typing that because i really ran out of words to replace them. pardon me then. haha.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

hmm. meet the parent today. so eeyer lahr. dont know how to explain. my results arent that good, and thus, i wasnt really pleased with them. anyway, my mum got mr koh for the MTP. yeah. and my remarks from mr koh and ms sim were: Shu Fen is a JOVIAL and FRIENDLY student. She participates well in class activities and has shown great interest inher work. Keep it up! kinda vague i know, but i dont care. look at the words in upper case can le. every year also have this one! haha!

holidays have almost reached my doorsteps. and the tons of homework following behind.

- 1 english comprehension
- 1 english informal letter
- 2 english reading reports
- 1 chinese 'creative' composition
- 120+ questions on chinese idioms. (completed)
- physics TYS on refraction and reflection
- physics workbook pg 9 and 10
- maths TYS
- maths past year paper
- geog workbook

zzz. i hate homework. i dont know how am i going to complete the whole stack when i want to go out with my friends. eeyer. :X

thanks. :)

Friday, March 9, 2007

a series of good/happy and bad/sad things happened today. i dont whether to smile or to cry. sigh!

bad/sad things:
1. i wasted my $1 on 2 bloody chicken wings! (i wasnt scolding the wings/spluttering any vulgarities, they really were bloody!)
2. i was eating nat's beehoon and suddenly it dropped and splotches of chili and beehoon landed on my blouse and now there are so many ugly marks all around my blouse!
3. I FAILED MY HISTORY OVERALL. !!!!!!! 44/100. sobs sobs. actually wasnt really that sad, then i started complaning it to others, then started crying. :X
4. I AM THE FIRST FOR THE HCL ORAL! zzz. i dont know how to explain why it's a bad thing but yeah.
5. I HAVE TO JOIN A KINDESS THINGY COMPETITION FOR MY CCA!! although doreen told me that huda is going to substitute me ler, but it's still not yet comfirmed. i dont want to go lah, so stress ler.

good/happy things:
1. YILI made for me 'ai xin zhao can'. wahhs. so nice lahr, got her 'ai xin' inside one. :D
2. HUISIAN AH BU is treating me to lunch, but i dont know when! :)
4. my works of 'names' were appreciated by the guys in my class. :D
5. my brother gave me a handphone accessory where there's the guy/girl sign thing. :)

ratio for today. 5:5. oh hoho. i still dont feel like replying to tags. sorry for any inconvenience caused. :)

the way you smiled melt my heart.
i smiled because you did. :)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

screw blogger man. i typed a long post ytd and it deleted it all away. fook. :X

tremours were felt ytd. and minyan and i thought it was kinda fun to have experience it. wanlin thought we were crazy. oh hoho. whole class was scolded by mr koh ytd. yeah. guess he was disappointed with us, due to our irresponsiblity. yeah. correct me if i have spelt wrongly. :/ sigh. every tuesday after lunch was fun ytd. with yu xuan and gang at limbang's mac. the place was filled with our laughters all thanks to yu xuan. gosh. i really miss her and her jokes lahr. sobs sobs.

hmm. today. went with yuxuan and shunting to lot 1. ate at pizza hut. and yu xuan was so funny throughout. shunting was always being scared by xuan. i was laughing all the way lahr. so funny. and shunting finally scared xuan back. haha. sense of accomplishment. :D

sians lahr. these days so tired. hmpf. :X i dont want to reply to tags, but continue tagging, peeps. :)

why did you enter my life again when i was about to forget you?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

haha. today was considered a happy day for me. that's because i have no homework today! one day of freedom finally after nearly 3 mths of suffering thanks to the homework that pile up on my study table everyday. BOO.

lor mee for lunch today. so uber nice. i nearly drank the 'soup' which was sour and spicy as i had added quite alot of vinegar. it was so tasty that i was tempted to buy another one but i didnt. someone was happy today. haha. cos he go to eat with her. hahaha. hmm. and and and i saw a SUPER HAWT guy. and he smiled at me. oh hoho. (faints) hahaha. hua chi. :X haha. enough enough. and there's NALGENE waterbottle in ORANGE!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh lahr. i want buy, nineteen bucks only! gonna start saving le. ever since i saw it, i cant take my eyes off it. OMGOMGOMG! ahh. i want i want. and i also want crown stuffs. crown obession. :D

cute face.


Monday, March 5, 2007

woah. i can post, like finally. so darn happy haha. met with wanlin ytd for brunch at yew tee's mac. hell, there was already a long queue of ppl buying food and many seats were taken. we had a hard time finding a table plus 2 chairs. gahh. we finally got one. and then we queued up for so long and FINALLY again we got our food. we were late for the hist project because of all this. hell. and while we were eating, there was this toddler who was being so lame and naughty. he kept turning around to blow at wanlin in the ears. cheeky or what? and wanlin started moving further and further away from him. so funny lah. since both of us were late, we told jiazhi, joey and yunhui to meet us at mac. haha. so we ate while they watched. oh hoho. then we walked down to FUJIFILM to get the tape to record our hist thing. yeah. we walked a long long way to yunhui's hse after that. and man i was perspiring like hell already.

then we started doing the project until i realised i left my script at home! #$&$#*%(^% man! i was darn angry at myself. i called my mum and she agreed to bring the paper to me. thank goodness i dont have to walk back to yew tee mrt station again. haha. and so i got the script and i went back to yunhui's hse. we then started video-taping. haha. we had about 3-4 times of rehearsings until we were finally pleased with the last one. yeah. next time, if i managed to get the video, i promised to post it up here. :)

after that, we were busy fooling around. we ate&drank&ate. then yunhui started playing the piano. nice nice. i was busy using the com, logging onto friendster. :D haha. oh ya. and yunhui's father gave us hongbaos! so happy. :DD
we left later and jiazhi, wanlin and i decided to complete our homework in Mac while joey took the bus home. we went to limbang mac and hell. it was so darn noisy due to a party which was going on inside. we were all pekchek at the noise level. grr. i was shh-ing all the way, and wanlin was tsk-ing. haha. jiazhi was flabbergasted-ing. haha. and like finally, they left and peace return. wanlin and i ate while we did our homeworks. yeah. we left at about 6.40. something like that.

replies to tags:
-jiaying`-: what. i got go find you but cant find hors. :(
>Yongkian!: haha. yeah. SYF starts on 4 april. :O
YUXUAN*: haha. she's back le lahr. dont miss us so much le. i miss you too alright! :)
laura: haha. thanks. :D
>Yongkian!: they were nice! you left earlier that day so you didnt get to eat it. :(
miinyan-: haha. take care too. stay cute! :D
stella: sorry. but i already did. :X haha.
>Yongkian!: herhs. i asked you that qn, and now you are asking me back. wahaha. i dont know the answer myself. :X

Saturday, March 3, 2007

birthday 'party' today for simon since it was his birthday today. yeah. we had this chocolate cake where we sang birthday song for him. yeah. and after that, everyone got their share of cake and most of the girls started smearing cake on others' faces. poo. i was busy covering my own face instead of doing the smearing like the others. haha. the cake was nice by the way. and i realised i ate alot for lunch lahr, the cake, cup noodles, the wafer by mr teo and wedges. !!! plus after that, ELDDS celebrated birthdays for the babies bone in Jan, Feb and Mar. and we had ice-cream and brownies which was so yummeh, that i have helpings after helpings. emilia and i were being so bad to smear ice-cream on deborah's face but we really had fun. saw people coming back from obs today, all so tanned and different. so overall, i was quite happy today. haha. :D

i dont feel like replying to tags today. :X


Friday, March 2, 2007

went to the career exhibition today. was kinda happy as we got to miss two periods of CE. haha. wanlin was so good to bring two big bags of potato chips. yeah. we aboard the old yellow bus which has broken seats and leaking air-con. POO. hate it man. i was motion-sickness-ing all the way and had to get huisian and xuanyu to talk to me so that i wont want to barf out. hur. the whole trip was quite boring unlike last time, where i remembered vividly we had so many sing-a-longs in the bus, everyone smiling from ear to ear. REMINISCE. aww.

anyway, we passed by many shopping malls like bugis junction and raffles place. yeah, and we finally reached the suntec city mall. i think it's the mall lahr. yeah. we went to the career thingey which was so boring that, wanlin, yutze, huisian, xuanyu and i decided to walk away to find food. most of the restaurants were quite far away, so we decided on Mac for lunch. gahh. we walked to the Fountain of Wealth that side where we had lunch. surprisingly, huisian thought that the Mac's food there tasted better than other outlets'. haha. we were busy eating and fooling around there and we saw 2a`o6 guys. wah. so happy lahr. :D

after that, we walked back to the exhibit where we walked another one big round again. while walking, we were also busy collecting brochures, name-cards and advertisements to show the teachers that we had been walking around. lol. so darn lame i know. after that, we gathered back at the i-dont-know-what and we boarded the bus. this time we got a nicer bus where there was no broken seats or leaking air-con. so happy again. however, we had to sit in the front because we boarded the bus last. (plus the guys in our class werent being gentlemen.) oh hoho. had fun singing with huisian on the way back and xuanyu was really irritated by our singing. oh hoho. when we finally reached kranji and left the bus, i realised that i lost my wallet. and i was shouting as the bus had left and i thought i had left it on the bus. i nearly cried. however, to my astonishment, my wallet was with xuanyu. jaime had saw my wallet and she gave it to huisian and i dont know for whatever reason, she gave it to xuanyu. :O sigh. my day was spent/wasted away just like that. anyway, someone was happy today because she got to eat his lollipop. :) dont know who is the someone huh. heheh. :D

replies to tags:
kaii xiin: HARLO! :D
>Yongkian!: boo. no more nice photos. use her cam then. haha! :)
!germain: haha. i have relinked you but i cant see your webpage. D:
-jiaying`-: haha. because you not impt to me what. haha. jk lahr. :D
may: hello. thanks for tagging. :)
simlin: naipa! thanks for the tag! :D
kaii xiin: thanks for the tag too! :D
laura: hey there! :D
jiaxin: haha. hello! :)