Friday, January 25, 2013

#592 - Gambling

I had my first time in gambling this year!

First was mahjong (WHY I NO BEGINNER LUCK ONE) and then today I played blackjack and in-between with the Helios guys!
Such bad influences I have in school!
HAHA kidding!

But I guess I am not cut out for gambling?
I lost $8.80 already.

Okay lahh, shan't come to a conclusion so fast! I only gambled twice. :X

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#591 - Food As Motivation #21 - Saizeriya

Had F.A.M. at Saizeriya, a Italian dining restaurant with The (Doh) Bitches and le mum at two separate occasions!
Merging both together, although there was different food standard both time!

The price range (as you can see later) is relatively cheaper than most Italian restaurants and they are all in nett prices!

Foccacia with Garlic Butter (SGD2.20 nett)
This is super yummy if you love garlic!
I loveeee garlic!! :D
It is super fragrant and it was served hot so it was very fresh in a sense!!

 Spicy Chicken Wings 4 pcs (SGD3.95 nett)
Quite a lot of good reviews on this, but when we tried, it was oily and tasted really erm.. chickeny? :X

 Oven Grilled Escargots (SGD5.90 nett)
Had this both times I went Saizeriya and the first time I had it, it was freaking dope!!!
The garlic was crispy and the escargots were coated thickly in them!!
And where else can you find escargots at such a low price (Don't tell me those canned one lahh)!
Ma Maison sells theirs at SGD9.50 for 6!

But the second time I went and ordered this, the garlic were like soft and mashy. :(

Anyway, recalled a funny incident that happened when I ordered this with the girls.
I was taking photos (the usuals) and then this escargot suddenly decided it wanted to escape and it jumped quite high up out of the plate and then landed on the table.
HAHAHA, all of us were stunned for a moment before bursting out in laughter.
Once in a lifetime man LOL.

Genovese Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
Lynette ordered this and I had a bite, not bad so I ordered the other time when I went!
I think I added too much cheese and ended up getting sick of it!
Best eaten when hot by the way!

 Tomato Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
Tomato taste lor HAHA.
It has bacon and eggplant inside!

Squid Ink Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
I ordered this!! Yes I don't care if I am gonna have temporary black lips or teeth because this is gooooood, although I have no idea why the black sauce tasted like seaweed...
Maybe y'know the squid ate some seaweed or what then it got digested into the ink bank?? :X

 Mushroom Meat Sauce Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
My mum ordered this, I had a bite and thought it was more like vegetable sauce instead of meat sauce.
Not that good, don't order this!!!

I guess I have rather high impression of meat sauce now since I always eat the Carbonara Meat Sauce with Onsen Egg at Yoemenya Goemon and that one tastes so good it's like you are in heaven (though I never go heaven before lahh)!

Grilled Eggplant (SGD4.90 nett)
For cheesy loversssss!
I think because this was during the second visit to Saizeriya, where I got sick of my cheesy spaghetti and disappointed with the escargots, this really make me get sick of its taste too since it's cheesy...
Maybe next time when I go again, I will give it a chance to prove its worth! HAHA.

 Tiramisu Cake (SGD4.90 nett)
You can taste the wine and it was moist enough! :)

 Panna Cotta (SGD4.90 nett)
Tried this after the tiramisu so I couldn't taste much!
Had this milky eggy taste!

Chocolate Lava (SGD5.90)
No lava one lehhhh, and the vanilla icecream was already melting when it was served to me.
I guess dark chocolate lovers will enjoy this since it's kind of bitter?

Free flow drinks with every meal purchased at SGD2.80 nett if I didn't remember wrongly.
They have a drinks station with so many kind of drinks, hot or cold!
But the time I went with the girls, we had free flow drinks and they didn't charge it to our bills so I am not very sure how it works!

Haha I guess that sort of summarises my trip there! :)

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Bukit Timah Plaza #02-24C
Singapore 588996
Tel 64675992

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#590 - Food As Motivation #20 - Lenas Cafe

This F.A.M. was super long ago (like the day I removed my stitches) with Mum and Brother at Lenas Cafe!
It was joined together with MOF の My Izakaya!
Been wanting to try their pastas since longgg.

Both my brother and I had pastas while Mum had Japanese food!

White Wine Deluxe Seafood Pasta (SGD16.90)
Bro ordered this but I couldn't eat because of the seafood. He said it's not bad, you could taste the white wine but the mussels were overcooked or sth!

Carbonara Creamoso (SGD14.90 w/o egg yolk)
Very very rich and creamy, not bad but you'd get sick of it in a while!

And the absurd thing is the egg yolk wasn't included in the $14.90 price and they actually charge $1 for the egg yolk!!
Yes how can there be no egg yolk for carbonara? It's incomplete please!!!
Even in the picture for their carbonara description, there is egg yolk on top lor!
I even told the waitress about it LOL.

Their service sucks, very slow and they charged for iced water! (N)
Utensils were dirty, you can literally find food pieces on most of it, no joke!
Even though I've only tried like one of their dishes, I don't really have a good impression of this restaurant already, or maybe it's just this outlet I patronise? :/

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
63 Jurong West Central 3
Jurong Point #03-42/47
Singapore 648331
Tel 67923617

Monday, January 14, 2013

#589 -

Some days I get courage and just go all out, but I don't know where from.
Some days I am just like a 缩头乌龟, do absolutely nothing and regret.

The first step is always the hardest.

But then each step forward gets easier and gets you closer to where you want to be.
What once felt impossible will then start to feel possible.

The words in italics; really?

I am too positive for my own good sometimes, I think my judgement or belief is kind of clouded.

#588 -

Dear Diary,

I guess I was really tired today, I didn't really know what I was doing. I felt a little irritated, and sort of did something bad I guess. Now my heart hurts real bad, way worse than a heartache which I have no freaking idea why so, and now I just feel really really really mega sad. :(

I wanted to explain for my actions, but I missed the chance. Seriously, how many chances have I missed, I don't even know. And it's not even because no chance was given lehh. I suck at grabbing.

Why did it matter so much to me? Why did I constantly let such a thing affect me? Maybe the involved party didn't even care, so why do I care about how he/she feels? But all I can say is I am really feel sorry, I didn't mean it.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

#587 - Belated Christmas Gift Exchange & 2013 Countdown with Shrimmies

Finally meet up with the Shrimmies!! :)
This is only part of the whole gang but I was glad that many was able to turn up!

We had steamboat dinner and belated Christmas gift exchange and then sort of counted down to the new year with a BANG (pun intended, credits to May)! :D

First we shopped for food (oh how much I love grocery shopping) and then we sort of decided to make beef dumplings and also beefballs since we were within our budget!

And I can say that they were a success! :D

The girls prepared the food while the guys slacked away!

The beef was gooooood, we added just black pepper (koped from Macdonald's HAHA), red chilis, chili powder and garlic!

Chicken curry look-alike which is actually Bulgogi Chicken!

Took lots of videos and it's such a pity I couldn't upload any on YouTube for idkwhat reason. :(

But all of us had fun and it was a night filled with laughter during the gift exchange time!
With all the different varieties of gifts, there are random phone holder, fart sound prank thingy, anti-ageing yogurt pack and all!
YouTube why you no let me upload the videos!!! :(

I got a passport holder and socks but I traded with Yili because she got Patrick which is like something she wouldn't like plus I have no passport yet so I can't really put the holder to good use so yeahhh.

-Rant starts-
But as much as I like Patrick, receiving a softtoy now seems kind of impractical since I can't do anything with it. And I guessed it's quite 'lucky' in a way that it's a girl who got the Patrick present, imagine what can a guy do with a softtoy.... (not in some dirty sense lahh)
Salihin, are you reading this not!!!! Get something USEFUL next time please! Unisex gift lehh!!
I am 20 now yo!!

And here's my Patrick which looks kinda weird because of its pants...
Salihin claimed that it's from Kiddy Palace so it shouldn't be fake.
But why get a gift from Kiddy Palace...

Now I am thinking of Haiqel's gift aka the phone holder with the pricetag still on which made everyone decide not to get because it doesn't seem useful and then I realise the gift makes things easier when charging a phone if my wire is too short and the table is too low...
Should have get that. I can't do anything with Patrick except hug it.

Okay Miss Chua, stop hiamming. :/
-Rant ends-

Then we rounded off the night with super yummy Fairprice icecream and BANG, plus Werewolves!!

As usual, group photos!
Supposed to look stern but the girl burst out in laughter at the last second thus explaining our expressions.
I couldn't hold it in. #unglammax
Look at Kunda!!!

Ending this entry with polaroids we took! :)
Thanks to Shakilah's bf, Hafiz who took the group shots for us!

Syahirah left early! :(

Shakilah said I have got copy paste face! Hahaha, not the first time I am hearing this! :X
But anyway yay, I got the correct self-shot angle! :)

Special princess frame! :D

 Meet up soon with full gang next time kayy!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

#586 - New Year Resolutions for 2013

Time of the year again for my New Year Resolutions (NYR)!! :)

Let's see what I set for myself last year!

New Year Resolutions for 2012 
- Stop setting resolutions that I can never fulfill 
- Get a baking oven and bake bake bake 
- Cook more dishes 
- Study/mug real hard, never letting the same thing happen to me this year happen again 
- Swear less 
- Be happier

HAHA first resolution is (Y).
And yes I got a baking oven but regarding the bake bake bake part, I have still yet to achieve because of my failure in baking tasty cupcakes. Nevermind, 再接再厉!!
Cook more dishes? Definitely!! Go search #shufenkitchen on Instagram and you'd know! Mostly of pastas though! :P
Higher GPA? Yes I hit this toooooo. Not good enough but I improved quite a lot compared to last 2 semesters! :)
Ehhhhh study/mug real hard? *coughs* *sheepish grin*
Swear less? Definitely!! Not that I swear a lot anyway lahh.
Be happier? Did my best! 

Well well, seems like it's good to not set super difficult resolutions because I can achieve it easily. :D

Anyway, I was looking through my NYR for the previous years and saw two that I achieved/sort of achieved at the end of 2012!

- Be more persistent in pasting double eyelids stickers (HAHAH weird NYR but yes, I pasted double eyelids stickers for the last week of 2012 and I guess the double eyelids are able to show naturally now! Awesomeeee. But I very 'kiasu', scared the double eyelids will 'run away', so Imma continue pasting the stickers for at least a month or until my supply of double eyelids stickers run out! :))
- Book an appointment with a dentist and extract all of my wisdom teeth (Hello yes, look who just did her wisdom teeth surgery!!)

Okay resolutions for this year!!

New Year Resolutions for 2013
- Get my braces up for straight teeth
- Lose weight hand in hand with getting braces (I think once you have the determination, it's really easy to achieve. Been able to resist eating supper nowadays and I think after my surgery, my appetite got smaller.) 
- Higher GPA (Yes I definitely need this)
- Finish watching Family Outing Season 1 soon (Who am I kidding? There are like 85 episodes and I am only at ep 15. And one ep is around 80 - 100 mins...)
- More varieties of cooking and baking
- Grow up and be able to think more maturely
- Save up (This year I spent too much on clothes and food. I think I have like >15 pieces of brand new clothes and I am gonna have trouble deciding what to wear for Chinese New Year, LOL. This has got to stop. Less food should be okay since I wanna lose weight. I can still F.A.M. once in a purple moon, hee.)
- RUN (Where did the crazy motivation for it before my examinations go to!!! I need to get this back! *thinks of the girl I saw on Instagram with a tummy and now NO TUMMY which motivated me a lot back then*)


I don't need or want those abs of steel like her because that's too scary...
I just want no tummy pretty please?
Her tips are cardio and weights because we cannot simply just target one area aka the tummy area, since we'd be training muscles BUT the fat will cover the muscles built so it's no pointtttt.
Need to runnnn and train the cores!!!

Something like this, is it too much to ask for?
HAHA the only way I can achieve this is when I sleep for like super super long without fooooood.

*Photos credits to @sugarrandspice!

Okay lahh, that's all. I don't want to aim too high and then get disappointed!
Have a good year ahead everyone!
Happy 2013!! :)

#585 - The New Year

Hi, it's 3am plus now and I just got back from a gathering with the SHRIMMIES. Gonna be sharing about my life in 2012 below, well sort of..

Okay, like finally we all decided to meet up and do a belated Christmas gift exchange and then it happened that most of us are free on the last day of 2012 and therefore I guessed we sort of countdowned together!! :)

My end of the year was spent cutting garlic (fingers gonna stink for days), making beef dumplings for the first time (which tasted surprisingly good, we minced the beef well, but would be perfect if we added chestnuts), having steamboat while gossiping, eating beef (LOVE!!!), and sharing a tub of caramel vanilla icecream with the rest over a game of BANG!. And Werewolves like the good old times. :)

It was great and I was happy. For once I was distracted in a good way and I started 2013 as a happy girl. I don't know where this entry is heading to but for now as I am on the comfy bed waiting for my hair to dry, I just wanted to "pen" out these thoughts because I always love writing out or in this case typing out how I feel.


2012 has been a year of ups and downs and yes there are times I was truly happy too, especially September and Decemeber. It gave me a lot of unforgettable memories and moments with different people. I thank whoever who made my happy days in 2012 possible and for the downs, thanks to those who were always there for me, and thanks to the downs for teaching me lessons and experiences. In 2012, I really learned a lot of things, from lessons and most importantly, from friends around me, especially from university. Seriously like A LOT. About the world out there and all. How to react to things correctly. How to 做人. Thank you for guiding me, putting up with my immatureness and making me into a better person, you all know who you are. :) I learn to appreciate people I love more now and also be less hot-tempered. I have so much I want to say but I know words are never enough. (Shit I am starting to get a little emotional here) If I could, I would give hugs already. Well actually I could... I am truly grateful for having you (all) in my life.

So yeah, that's most of the things I wanted to say and I certainly hope 2013 will be a even better year for me and also my loved ones. And that I will get more opportunities and chances and gain more courage to do things I always wanted to do but am scared to. Oh and that I can grow up well like be more mature in thoughts and all. And maybe grow up well physically? HAHA. Jiayou me! That's all I guess. :)

New Year's Resolutions for 2013 will be up tmrw (technically when I wake up later) because I haven't made any yet and like the past few years, I will review my 2012's resolutions and see if I fulfilled any!

Alright, that's all for tonight, HAPPY NEW YEAR and yes I love you!!!