Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#69 -

I am left alone now, to fight this battle.
No help from anyone, no nothing.
Not anymore.

Dear Heaven or whoever that's up there,
please let the pain and troubles be gone soon.

I can't take it anymore.

Well, after reading your latest entry, I can only say I wish for all the best in everything you do.

But I've got something to ask.

Even if our friendship ends, does it mean we have to be so serious towards each other in the future if we meet, that perhaps if I crack a joke or try to be funny ever again, you wouldn't laugh? Would you even acknowledge/catergorise me as your friend? Or I am just a mere stranger to you now?

I supposed you'd get what I am trying to express here, I am not good with words.

Please do reply. I want an answer.

Monday, March 30, 2009

#68 - Earth Hour

If you remember, 2 days ago was the Earth Hour.

So did you guys play a part in saving electricity wherever you are? (:

Well, firstly, the Earth Hour lasted for an hour, duh. But the dumbdumb me didn't know, I thought it lasted for the whole day. T.T And so the first thing in the morning, I was telling my dad to switch off the radio etc. And I felt so proud of myself for contributing during the Earth Hour. Come to think of it, I was so stupid.

It was until 8.25pm that I realised the actual Earth Hour starts from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. T.T And so I felt that since I contributed my part in the morning, I continued staying online along with a few others who do not see the need to contribute their part at all. Haha.

Anyway, I felt that the Earth Hour wasn't really that successful. Many of them still have their lights and etc switch on during that hour. I think the Singapore PUB should just let Singapore have a major breakout during that hour to teach Singaporeans the importance of electricity to us. Ah, that would be meaningful instead of expecting or hoping that selfish, typical Singaporeans will contribute their part in Earth Hour.

(I think I sound like those writing for examinations with question being 'Do you think that the Earth Hour is successful'? with regards to the previous paragraph.)

I was reading interesting Plurks yesterday and someone plurked saying that his mother shifted the Earth Hour to one hour later because she wanted to watch the Channel 8 show. Lol!

Anyway, I thought I'd just post an entry on Earth Hour so as to maintain my amount of readers coming to my blog. At least there is a long chunk of words to entertain you people, or maybe to hypnotise you guys to sleep dreaming of me and my blog. (:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

#67 -

A surge of nostalgia overwhelmed me when you said everything and hit the nail.

You were right. No doubt there's a change. Perhaps I was too preoccupied with my new friends and accustoming to JC's life. I've changed. We've both changed.

But I am really thankful for 4years of memories we have together, be it happy or sad.

I will forever remember our jokes, 'my bag is bigger than my ass' and stupid incidents of laughing crazily and me throwing the Amaths textbook on your back to test whether it hurts or not.

Gone were those times where we can laugh heartily, where we are carefree and not caring whether we offend each other or not. You were my advisor, I was your listener. Everything seems perfect.

Then both of us changed, nothing we can do can make it normal anymore.

I just want to say thanks for being my good friend these 4 years, and hope that despite the fact that we've drifted further apart, I really hope we can still remain as friends. Not just those acquaintances-like friend. More than just-a-hello-when-we-meet type of friends, yeah?

As afraid/reluctant as I am to face this cruel fact, I am glad you brought this up and try to end all sufferings.

I hope that your life in Poly would be fulfilling and stop emo-ing anymore, I do read your blog! Everytime so emo one. After you go Poly, there must be a change, there doesn't seem to be a cheery entry in your blog at all and it's a big whole chunk of words. Don't worry so much already, will have wrinkles. Stay happy always and may we meet again if fate permits. (:

I wish to cry, but my tears refused to flow out.

I can cry no more, no longer the crybaby I used to be 3years ago.
And all because of that,
I feel very uneasy as though my heart doesn't belong to me at all.

It's not very nice to have a lot of things happening to me at the same time,
and yet I can't do anything to make myelf feel better.
As much as I want to cry and let it all out,
I can't.

Perhaps I really have change,
and the change is permanent.

I am confused now, over this and everything.

Friday, March 27, 2009

#66 - 09S22


PW lesson was cancelled halfway due to the fact that Mr Koh wants to talk with my PW teacher, Mr Sin. -.-

And Mr Sin told and expected us to behave during the free 30minutes and worked out on our Preliminary Ideas. And so we did, or so he thought...

We actually camwhore. HAHAHA.

Shazwan has got boobs bigger than mine! Wow!

And then I was like, "Eh, tuck in shirt tuck in shirt, act nerd then take photo!"

And thus introducing people to the 5 geeks/nerds in 09S22...


Following the geeks/nerds, we have the buaysong-face-see-already-feel-like-bashing-them group!

Of course, we tried to do something else...

Everybody points there!

Haha, Sifat chose to do this willingly.

Sifat: "Yes sir. I will polish your shoes till it's sparkling clean."
Ashraf: "Madam, would you like the brown or the black polish for your shoes?"

Lastly, another class photo to end this entry of mine! :D

Blue is the colour, blue blue is the colour! Go Bannister, go 09S22! :D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#65 - Tag Replies

Salihin: What! I cannot join meh, come to think of it, I was the singer when we were jamming lor! I am singing, JJ's Talentime is actually singing/dance only. LOL.
shark: Yup, you can take it with Sourheart next week, she hasn't take hers yet and our testimonials can also be collected from the General Office.
nurul: Now you know. :D
Salihin: Nobody cares seriously. (:
yunhui: Haha, what's your reaction man! Hear hear!
may: Haha, it took me a while to realise yunhui's talking about her and digest what you tagged as well. Lol. :D
WTH! My Physics/PW teacher told me today that I was the only applicant for JJ's Talentime! Like lol? Haha, guess I was too eager. They haven't really advertise for it yet, just that they had last year's winner singing on the grandstand to tell us about the Talentime. Haha. But when I took the application form, the deadline for submission was on the 14 of March. Weird huh?

And I heard that policemen came to JJ today because ____ had some verbal arguement with the Bubble Tea's stall owner. He threatened to sack any students if they buy Bubble Tea from that stall. Fill in the blanks yourself, the answer is so obvious, you'd stupid if you don't know the answer.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#64 - I've tried to go on like I never knew you

I am joining JJ's Talentime 2009, must support! :D

Haha, and I was like telling Lynette I've got no 台风, and she was suggesting Raine and the rest be my dancers to add colours. LOL!

Went back to KSS to collect O's certificate today, and then crapped with some of the 4C'08 people. Really miss those times man. ):

Okay, this is a very lame entry, I am just updating for the sake of it. (:

Tag and click the Nuffnang thing okay!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

#63 - This is not what I intended,

A photo can say a thousand things,
But it can't say the million things I wanna say.
A photo can capture the way we were,
But it can't capture the way we are.
'Cause you're far away

School's reopening tmrw, and how excited I am! Hurhur.

Once the week starts, it will be endless mugging and tests again. The cycle repeats. Just so you know, there's Maths Lecture Test tmrw, Chemistry Lecture Test the day after that, and probably Physics Lecture Test on Wednesday.

How very coooooooooooool and interesting my life is huh!

Anyway, I had a weird dream like again today.

I dreamt a close friend of mine in 4C died. And he/she was killed by 2 robbers. (ignore this lame shitty fact.) Damn sad like shit can. The dream felt so real and when I woke up, my heart felt so heavy. T.T

When you told me that you loved me,
Were those just words?
You can't tell me you don't need me
and I know that hurts.
'Cause I'm looking at your picture,
'Cause it's all I've got

Saturday, March 21, 2009

#62 - Tag Replies

Isaac: Duh, what did you guys expect?
may: Haha, yeah lah, next time perhaps. :D
Salihin-Isaac: Eh what! None of the girls were even playing, why need to wait for us? -.-
jiaying`: :D
Emilia: Yes, loving and missing you. (:
lynette: Yo 老子! Hahah, nevermind lah, school's like reopening soon. And there's truckloads of homework to be completed. ):
nurul: Erm in a good way or a bad way? :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

#61 - I die a million times everytime when you look me in the eye

'Cause when it comes to you, there's nothing I can do.
I can't make you love me when you don't.

Back from SHRIMS SS outing, tired and feeling emo all the way on the bus back home alone.

The feeling is coming back.

SHRIMS SS Outing 190308

Roger was late as expected and all of us had to wait for him. T.T We took the train to Bukit Batok and then walked to CSC as the guys wanted to bowl. So we wanted patiently for an available lane. As expected Salihin got a lot of gutters and Isaac got a strike with a bit of luck and skill. Roger and Haiqel was okay.

After bowling, we headed to the bus stop opposite CSC and took the bus to Boon
Lay Interchange and changing later to another bus which brought us to Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre where we had Sakura there. Damn not nice, I am never going there again. The waiters and waitresses have bad attitudes, they slammed the plates loudly on the table when serving. Furthermore, they were about to close their restaurant since it was reaching 2.30 which is the last timing for servings etc and they actually went to switch off the air-conditioner even before we left. WTH! Doesn't mean we are 'kids' to you means you can treat us like that right?! Damn sia, makes me feel like feedbacking to them.

We then proceeded to camwhore at the staircase, gonna print one of the SHRIMS SS photo out and put it as my file cover man. Haha, then we went to the exercise corner and played with the equipment there and then took the train from Pioneer all the way to Choa Chu Kang and boarded the LRT to Pending. Salihin and Roger left us at Pioneer. Lol.

Went to Hanyang's house (self-invite). Isaac actually went to the wrong house! TSKTSK. And so we took out Isaac's games, initially planning to play them. In the end, this whole trip turned out into yet another gossip session. DUH. And issues regarding the opposite sex. Don't think dirty.

Went to Lot1 later with Haiqel and May with May in search of her school bag, went home later.

Photos (CSC):

Spot the difference in my face, like nothing? Seriously I can't see any difference in these 2 photos if not for Shakilah's face. Haha the copy and paste face as quoted from Aisyah.

Photos after Sakura Lunch Buffet:

Erm, is it really that heavy, Roger?

Like father, like daughter. :D

All I ever wanted was what you took away from me.
to make it right but it's too late.
I still end up with nothing but hurting.

#60 - Nothing but sadness

I am feeling very terrible already. Think I am gonna breakdown soon.

To add on to it, Blogger deleted my saved draft on a long entry of what happened today. ):

Someone just kill me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#59 - Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

Taekwondo training in the morning.

A lot of them still can't believe I am in Taekwondo. -.- (Maybe telling them that Sourheart is also in Taekwondo will give them a bigger shock. Okay, joking, I know she reads my blog. :D)

Running of 3 rounds on the tracks barefooted equals to a perspiring and sticky Shufen and a big hard blister on her left toe. ): Plus stretching like a stretcher(no kidding), imagine you are trying hard to split and the floor is so slippery and it made your legs stretch out further than you are able to. No good no good.

Spent the whole afternoon doing nothing you called homework, in fact I was too engrossed in the Harry Potter book that I had dinner only at 8plus.

Seems like changing of my desktop background to the repeated background of 'You Should Be Studying' is not working. Hurhur.

And tomorrow will be a day of fun with lovely group of animals, SHRIMS SS, which means one day lesser to complete my holidays homework. T.T

OMG, Shufen, what have you promise yourself? To complete your holidays homework by tmrw!!! (starts shaking myself rapidy)

(consoles myself) Gonna study hard on Friday with Sourheart and probably Roger. I must complete everything by then, and leave the weekends for revisions for Lecture Tests that are coming up soon if not, er, if not I would not touch the computer for 2weeks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#58 -

Sudden rush of emotions within me.
Hard to explain how I feel inside.
Kind of on the down side at the moment.

Please, let me see you in school tomorrow.
I hope you will turn up for practice.
I'm not greedy.
Just a glance would be enough.

#57 -

shark: Haha, no more lazerquest thingy. :D
Salihin: Haha, who do you think he/she is? And nice one. :D
Yili: Haha, taekwondo, I thought I told you? Lol. How to find time to go out man, it's only a week.
AWL: Haha, because you would then realise that you actually find me a better substitute for her right, I know I know. (:
may: Eh what!
nurul: Yes, I damn agree.
Salihin: Yes, then please laugh.
cLivE: You think I want one meh. :X Dream of you is nightmare leh! Joking! :D
Hello I am back again.

As much as I tell myself to start revising (Lecture Tests are starting next week) and try to complete my big pile of homework before Thursday arrives, I can't help but get attracted to the keyboard and wanted to blog something everyday.

WTH! Life's been miserable, I am stuck at home with nothing to do. Was supposed to study with Raine and the rest at JP library today, but got kind of sick and so rejected their offer. Felt very guilty, while they are busy chionging their homework, I am busy blogging.

Homework for the Holidays is not really that much, but that doesn't give me an excuse for procrastinating.

- GP Worksheet
- History Essay
- Physics Worksheet
- Chemistry Online Learning

Planning to get Physics Worksheet done by today and if can, probably GP Worksheet as well. Gonna leave the harder and more disgusting one till tmrw after I get back home from Taekwondo practice. :D

Sure hope I would really complete the Physics and the GP Worksheets. I want to enjoy myself on Thursday.

Oh by the way, 4C gathering is cancelled for those who didn't know/who care to know about it. We felt that it was too rushed and everything was not really that well-planned. Plus the fact that it is hard to inform most of the 4C people given the short period of time and most importantly, it clashes with the SHRIMSSS outing. :P That's being selfish I know. Please do not hate us for it, probably will try to find a day during June Holidays to catch up or something. Yup. Sorry for any disappointment caused. ):

Had a 2hours plus long conference with some of the SHRIMSSS people yesterday and it was funny and also nice to talk to them again. (: As usual Roger made a fool of himself on his bumper car thingy, I can't stop laughing at that $3/4min bumper car thingy he kept insisting we got to try. Could hear his disappointment when we told him it's not 'practical'. HAHA.

So yeah, looking forward to seeing those bitches and bastards again, or should I say animals? :D We are going to have a blast, gonna joke, gossip, laugh, make fun of each other etc, etc. And I am going to relax myself and make sure I am not worrying about my incomplete homework which I believe will be done before Thursday.

I didn't realise I have typed quite a long-winded post without any pictures, but who cares? It's MY blog. :D Haha, gonna end here now, bye bye. (:

Monday, March 16, 2009

#56 - Huh?

I got a weird dream yesterday!

I dreamt about the 4C guys in SAJC! :D

Okay, not really all, only 2 of them.

So here's how the dream goes...

I was in this bus traveling on the road at night. Then I saw 4 guys clad in SAJC uniform. You must be thinking surely it's Clive, Haiqel, Hanyang and Isaac right? I tell you no!

I saw Clive and Isaac. Then guess who's the other 2 guys I saw in SAJC uniform?

Roger and Timothy! WTH, I laughed and got shocked like shit. And it was super funny seeing them in SAJC uniform plus the fact that Roger seemed to be acting cool in that uniform. He was looking to his left giving that faraway look with his small eyes. HAHAHAHA! Thinking about this makes me laugh! :D

And I was kind of confused why they both were wearing SAJC uniform. So I asked around and realised that they wore the uniform in place of Haiqel and Hanyang! Turned out that the SAJC peeps were having some night lessons (don't ask me why, it happened in my dreams and most of the time, my dreams are illogical) and Haiqel and Hanyang don't feel like going. So they told Roger and Timothy to substitute them respectively.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay enough.

Friday, March 13, 2009

#55 -

1. Bannister Camp
2. Sports Meet
3. Swensens Trip from Ms Tang

1. Bannister Camp
Bannister Camp was fun! :D
We had dinner at at the PD Block's rooftop and we are the first ever batch in JJ's history to do so! We got to watch the sunset (Aww, how romantic BUT the tall HDB building blocked like most of it. -.-) After dinner, we went to the Netball Court for Campfire! Sang campfire songs, cheered like crazy and sang 'I'm Yours' and many many sad songs. Everyone cuddled each other (okay, that sounded wrong) regardless of race, religion, and most importantly, perspiration! Haha!

Then we had this sharing or bonding session with our CT, Mdm Khoo. We read our messages to her and the scene was so touching that Huiyi and I couldn't control our tears. :X After that, we went to LT5 to watch some videos and yeah, learnt about how fortunate we are.

Later was getting ready for sleep in the hall, with the guys on one side and the girls on the other. Was supposed to wash up etc but I didn't bathe despite being sweaty all over. :D Got back to the hall after brushing my teeth and there were a lot of inconsiderate people, it was already closed to 1plus and there were still random laughters all around. I was 'shhing' all the way, damn irritated already. And there was this group of guys who kept on talking and laughing. I couldn't take it anymore and shouted 'Shut Up lah!' :X

2. Sports Meet
"It doesn't matter if we lost, what matters more is we got the spirit."

Yeah, Bannister lost! But so what? We got the spirit, even though we lost, we cheered on like mad etc etc. We ran with the competitors, we ran 2 rounds around the tracks, we screamed like we never did. It was hell funnnnnnnn! By the way, I think that Bannister doesn't deserve to be third in the Cheering Competition. ):

Went to Pastamania for lunch later with Sourheart. Roger, Salihin and ZhengChuan pangseh-ed us! ):

No photos from Camp and Sports Meet since they are with Huiyi and she isn't back from her west zone line camp yet.

3. Swensens Treat from Ms Tang
I met with Ivy in KSS. Then we waited for Ms Tang. And I saw many ex-kranjians. So we took some photos, felt kind of weird in outside clothes when many of them are like in their uniforms. :(

After photo-taking, it was time to go. So we took the taxi to BPP for Swensens.

Of course with GY around, there's bound to be gossip session. He sure knows everything huh. And of course again, we took photos!

Then halfway during our dinner, Miss Lee, Miss Tan, Miss Foo, Ms Susan Leong and Ms Rasidah came in. And then Ms Leong joined us for some gossip.

While WeiSheng and Doreen started fooling around with GY's Macbook. Photos are with GY, I don't have them.

Swensens was closing already and so we left for home, thanks for the taxi ride home, Ms Tang! (:


Tag and click on the advertisement leh people!

Oh by the way, I learnt from someone's dad that JJ's current principal, Mr Koh was like the first principal of KSS and (I think) also the founder of KSS. What a small world huh!

你走了, 世界变小了.
When you go, I'll let you be.
But do you know that you're killing everything in me?
-Steps back to reality-