Friday, September 30, 2005

the guys in our klas played tat stupid prank agen.. tis time, my ex-staed fell fer the trick.. i suddenly realised sth, wen ppl played jokes on someone u dun like, u will feel happy and will laugh, but wen ppl played tricks on ur loved ones, u wun laugh, u will actually feel hurt.. wen i saw him being tricked, i jus stood and watched.. i tot of telling him not to fall fer the LAME trick but i din.. now, i feel bad abt it.. tat time, i nearly cried lorx.. haix.. jus wana sae to him, i am SORRY!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

went out with nat to lot 1 last saturday, cos we wana study together and oso to buy a b'dae present fer yili.. took the bus there, duh.. the first place we went to was 'Aries'.. i need to find a string fer my necklace cos the previous one had broken.. too bad, the strings sold there wasnt thin enuff.. haix.. nxt, we went to the third storey to shop.. entered mini toons cos i need to buy a packet of sweets fer my bro.. den nat was like going gaga over the baby winnie the pooh soft toys lorx.. haix.. i duno her.. hahax.. after tat, we went upstairs.. took neoprints.. we acted cute but it was nice.. pls dun choke.. lolx.. den we went to look fer a suitable present fer yili.. saw a lot of things, and in the end, nat decided on a bracelet with yili's name engraved on it.. kool? it cost 20 sth, u noe.. hahax.. den went to northern light to see the visors and waist pouches there,, i was going gaga lorx.. nearly bought dem.. wen we were abt to leave the shop, i saw a guy tat look a lot like nelson frm the back.. budden tat guy's taller.. lolx..

while nat was collecting the bracelet, i was browsing around.. my eyes fell fer a keychain which was damned kool.. it was love at first sight.. my heart pounded faster.. ( sry, i'm abit too dramatic.. frm ELDDS wad.. =p ) it has the letters LOVE on it.. nat saw it too.. we bought it..

( to be continued )

Monday, September 26, 2005

( story continues.. )

after tat, we took the bus to Yew Tee cos we wana shop around.. the funfair was still there.. nat and i shopped fer ankle socks and bought 3 pairs in the end.. i oso bought a hp cover cos my previous one had scratches on it.. after tat, we went to buy instant noodles to eat.. cos we escaped frm hme fer 3 days le, den the money we had is decreasing so tat's pur dinner.. jk.. we ate on the seats.. ppl were like looking or even staring at us.. some were looking with their eyes wide open, like goldfishes.. i saw one old man, looking at us, bemused.. den he smirked!!!! well, so called.. as though he was saying to us tat, u guys so pitiful, i treat u guys fer dinner ok? FREAK lahx.. we saw Li Ying while we were eating.. luckily, she din seem surprised or anything.. lolx.. walked hme after tat..

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update on wad i had been doing fer this few daes.. actually i dun quite rmb.. wait.. lemme think.. hmm..

on thurs, 22 sep 2005, went fer a field trip to Asian Civilisations Museum.. so-so lorx, the trip.. had fun jking around with frens and making fun of a guy.. ha's damned cute lorx, but i wun go gaga over him de.. lolx.. went back to skool frm trip, after tat still nid to write 100 words reflection.. freako skool lorx.. everydae reflect, reflect, reflect.. u not sianx, i oso sianx le lorx.. i wrote tons of crap but 'cher still accept.. hahax..

todae's entry..
our klas's guys are jus so immature budden CUTE!! after recess, wen klasses were all going back to their klasroomx, the guys in our klas kept asking dem to come to the windows, den pretend to talk to dem, den after tat suddenly shut the window.. hahax..

after skool, nat and i became mad gurlx.. cos we tried to follow some ppl's attire.. we looked vain standing in front of the mirror, looking here and there.. den after tat, we were finally pleased with the last type of attire wearings.. i noe we are lame.. duh.. den went to tikam machine to turn out a 20 cents ball.. den nat was like playing with dem on the way hme lorx.. the ball kept bouncing out of her reach.. i pretended tat i duno her.. hahax..

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

quite a nice dae todae.. hahax.. saw my gor at the road junction.. he looked so cute with his face 'stick' on the window.. found out abt alot of secrets todae.. oso realised tat i am so stupid.. xxx and xxx stead le, and actually i already sorta noe frm my ex-stead, budden todae den i found out frm frenx.. i'm jus so unobservant.. if u guys dun understand wad i'm talking abt, den nvm.. lolx.. gonna chge skin le cos tis one gt slight prob i duno how to fix.. haix.. den after skool, we've got swimming.. i am teh only one taking the test lorx.. cos the rest last wk take le.. last wk, i sick.. unlucky.. den i was like so sian le.. halfwae i swin, i gt leg cramp.. haix.. finally th test end le, den i went to the purple slide there to queue up and play.. i cut queue, not bcos i bad, cos my fren lemme.. hahax..

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wa lau.. My idiotic, mad, crazy, stupid brother really sux.. i was in the room on the bed doing my hmework, and listening to the music, and he was like interrupting lorx.. went onto the bed to do his hmework and was like humming tunes of his own, den i fed up with him le.. wad's more, he stretched both of his legs out lorx, until it's like so near my face.. i pushed dem back, DUH, den he was like sulking le.. went to complain to my mum lorx.. and who's the one who gt scolded? Me! It's like i din do anything rong lorx.. why do i alwys get scolded? the oldest one alwys get scolded and the youngest one is alwys spoilt.. wad the.. i hate my bro.. he sux.. the trouble-maker! den after tat, i wana go mac to study with nat, he actually tried all means and ways to stop my mum frm letting me go..but in the end, she relented.. but den, my bro still refused to give up, he went to tell my mum tat i wuld go lot 1, if not lot 1, it wuld be the funfair at yew tee.. wad the.. obviously, he's jealous of me.. too bad he dun have much frenx..

Sunday, September 18, 2005

i jus wana post to sae tat although i told alot of ppl i've forgotten u, but i recently found myself and my heart going back to u agen.. dose werds in the pic are all i wana sae to u..

to another guy, u make me disappointed.. not me, all of us hu love u alot.. ='(
woah.. so mani daes nv post le.. bcos my stupid com lorx.. kana virus atack.. now ok le.. these few daes not much happen lahx.. yest was a total LAME blast.. we celebrated the lantern festival in skool.. went there early with nat to help out.. den we saw the nurse in the dental caravan.. i told her abt the x-ray thingey fer my milk tooth.. she said i mus wait fer one wk ltr.. if u guys duno wad i'm talking abt, jus take it as CRAP.. hahax.. earned quite alot yest.. i kept counting the money we earned and gt 'scolded' by my frens.. dey told me tat the more i count, the less money in the end.. i dun understand.. cos i slow.. lolx.. so sianx lorx.. and oso the whole ting so lame.. till tat dae i finally realised tat the boix in our klas ARE so united.. i nearly cried cos i am touched fer the galx in our klas.. dey have leadership!! if dey dun mind, i wuld so much like to hug them all.. P.S>> I'm not a flirt..

Saturday, September 17, 2005

17th September 2005 todae..

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sianz.. duno wad to type here sehx.. if i din post, ltr ppl sae i lazi sia.. haix.. i admit i am lazi though.. always slack.. homework always wait till last min den do de.. now wad? make up a story? no way, if i do tat, no one will wana read my entries le.. anyway, those hu haf been visiting my blog, reading the entries, or whatsoever, can tag too? pls........... hahax.. mus help me tag, cos i chge the 'brand' of tag-board le, so desperate fer ppl to flood it, but pls dun scold me or anybody inside, thank u.. eh, i realised i typed alot le.. k.. tis will be my entry fer todae.. thks fer wasting ur precious time reading it, ur understanding is deeply appreciated..

no lahx.. jus kidding.. tis is my entry lahx.. so stupid lorx, my mum asked me to help my bro to wash his dishes todae.. no way.. he's so spoilt, i let him wash by himself.. but he din.. my mum nag at me, but i gave her a 'scolding' instead.. i told her tat she shulnt spoil my bro, letting him order her around like a maid.. she was like speechless fer a while.. i din help my bro in the end.. got scolded by my mum agen lorx.. sigh.. den she oso scolded my bro, asked him to wash his own cup, ONLY lorx.. she washed his dishes lorx.. unfair.. =( nth in tis world is fair at all..

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yo, guys.. Tis is the 9th skin le.. Kool ritex? Spent so much time trying to get it done.. Realised tat i changed the address too? The neoprint u guys see are the four of us.. Yee Gin, Jie Ting, Natasha and I.. I found tis skin at Jus typed 'frens foreva' and tada! I found it.. the oringinal pic was actually a number of people holding hands together with the words 'friend forever'.. cos tis one nicer.. hahax.. the music was oso changed frm a loud music to tis music now,"Tong Hua" by Guang Liang.. guess why i chose it? Cos, last time, Nat and i dedicated tis song to Yee Gin and Jie Ting in skool.. they were so touched and Nat and i were oso happy.. it's sort of our frnship song i guess.. wana noe why i suddenly did so much things related to friends? Cos ever since i lost hope in love, i put all my hopes in frenship le.. i finally realised hoiw important friends are to us.. although i still dun deny the fact tat i still have a little hope of finding true love again.. wish me luck..

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Woah.. so long nv post le.. sry huh.. gt miss me? lolx.. cos i recently injured my arm.. Excuse, excuse.. hahax.. so now, i'm gonna tell u guys wad happened to me these few daes.. u may find dem or whatsoever.. u can stop reading now.. hahax..

ok.. On monday, i went to play baminton with nat, AGAIN.. Played at Stagmont park cos lazi to bk court.. it was so hot man! i wad DRENCHED in sweat lorx.. Nat too.. we played under the shade but then the sun rays kept shining on Nat, so i changed with her.. i dun mind it.. we played awhile oni wen one time, Nat served the shuttlecock, it got stuck on the tree!! we were like, NOW WAD? nat tried to get it off by throwing MY badminton cover at it.. obviously, no use.. sigh.. tried using her water-bottle, no use.. den we tried using an instant noodles' cover tat we found lying on the seats.. it was like playing frisbee.. quite fun.. hahax.. i felt so awkward lorx.. with quite a number of ppl looking at us.. the PATHETIC jus wun come off.. In the end, nat went to take a big stick and we take turns to throw at it.. wen it was my turn, i aimed correctly and BINGO! the shuttlecock dropped.. tyty.. Shufen saves the day!!! thick-skinned.. we den continued playing.. same ting happened agen.. STUCK AGAIN!!!! arghx.. tis time in useless, din aim properly.. haix.. i even broke parts of the stick.. hahax.. den, we saw nat's sista, nalisha and their maid.. her maid den used 2 sticks, connected, duh, to get it off.. it DROPPED!! but she din save the day.. cos we din play after tat.. lolx.. PHOBIA~ hahax..

went to minimart ltr.. Bought drinks den talked, talked, talked, and TALKED!! went bac to minimart cos we fell in love with it le.. Jk.. We went there to buy snacks lahx.. Th chips we bought were so TASTELESS, not salty enuff to me.. Bleahx.. nat went to give a lecture, said tat i shuldnt eat too salty.. nag.. nag.. nag.. like my mum lidat.. er.. headed fer hme after tat..

On tuesday, there's eng oral.. i was so damned STRESSED lorx.. First 14 went to the examination hall first and i was one of the first batch lorx.. i was afraid tat my examiner wuld be VERY strict.. Luckily, i gt to choose one of the three 'chers to test me.. i chose the least strict de.. duh.. tink i did badly cos the 'cher kept prompting me.. Scared sehx.. wen i left the hall, i waited at the foyer fer my frenx cos we eating lunch together.. waited fer so long until i wana die.. jk..jk.. =) finally, FINALLY, they came out.. dey all complained to me abt tis, abt tat.. blah, blah..

went to Long John Silver's to eat and after tat went to take neoprints.. had so much fun.. though there was a small prob.. lazi to type out wad it was.. saw wei sheng, guan yeow, simin, laura, maryann and priscilla if i din forget.. dey went in such a big grp.. after tat, we jus liked walked down, cos we wana go bac hme.. i, the playful gal, tried to play a joke with my frenx, but in the end, all i got was a SWOLLEN arm tat hurtz so much.. i pretended tat i noe a few gals in front of me.. i walked towards dem so tat my frenx will tink i noe dem.. i suddenly wana turned bac and so i did.. and BANG!! arm injured and SWOLLEN!! sigh.. went to take a bus ltr.. wen it reached our bus-stop le, nat and i were reluctant to get off lorx.. duno why, legs no strength, lazi to move.. so we decided to take one whole big round.. i suddenly became nat's counsellor abt love lorx.. i talked, talked, talked and TALKED!! she huh, duno wad happened de, i felt like slapping her lorx.. frustrated.. grr.. Shi bai, shi bai.. wen we finally reached the interchange, we dun wana get off.. the bus-driver had to tell us to get off.. hahax.. we den walked hme, cos lazi to wait fer bus le.. sianx.. afternoon, went to collect my new specs.. wearing it makes me dizzy.. used to it le.. though..

now fer....................................................................... TODAY'S ENTRY!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!
went to skool cos there's geography lesson.. 'Cher came late.. But she released us early.. so happy.. went to KFC to have lunch.. den waited fer neoprint shop to open.. walked around and met frenx.. Neoprint shop opened le, took neoprints le, den take the bus hme.. TIRED..

Monday, September 5, 2005

Went out with nat yest to jurong library to study.. act hardworking sehx.. hahax.. my dad had to send us there cos it was raining so heavily.. wen we reach the library, there ewas no place fer us to study le.. we went to use the coms first while waiting.. den after tat, a few teenagers left.. we took their place.. there were chips there lorx.. den nat went to take a bk tat was lying around and swept them off.. hahax.. i duno her.. we started studying.. at first we culnt concentrate.. den went to the vending machine to buy some snacks.. after tat, serious work begin.. i did my maths and english.. we study awhile longer and den went to borrow some bks.. it was until after the scanning of a bk wen i found out tat one was torn.. nat said nvm, bcos she had read the front part of the bk, and wuld like to read it.. anyting lorx.. went to KFC ltr to eat.. had shrooms burger with pepsin and cheese fries.. yum yum.. wen i went out tat time, i saw my cousin.. but.. but.. he din saw me! Muhahahaha! i'm being lame..

went to the mrt station cos we wanted to go bac to lot 1.. topped up $10 in my ez-link card cos it has oni a pathetic 30 cents left.. we brought our drinks along into the mrt, and were drinking it, although we noe it's against the rules.. hahax.. den suddenly, there came an announcement over the speaker not to drink or consume food in the mrt.. suddenly, everybody were like looking at us lorx.. i dun care anyway.. saw two handsome guys in the mrt, and were going gaga over dem.. hahax..

alighted at CCK mrt station.. duh.. went to window-shop some of the shops.. after tat went to take neoprints.. it's the best i have ever decorated lorx.. and nat too.. we even had time left after we decorated.. i was so happy wen the printing came out gd.. i felt as if i have accomplished something big.. grinning frm ear to ear lorx.. went to sweet talk after tat to buy a drink.. sat down in food junction to talk.. talked abt why alot of 1D angry with us.. den frenx= no frenx le.. =( Haix.. What's de reason????? can someone tell me? i am quite sick of those scoldings in my taggie.. if u wana scold, jus tell me the reason why first, at least!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Tis entry is fer those hu have been spamming my board fer tis few days.. i duno whether u guys will read it anot, but i tot i wuld jus post it.. U guys obviously had gone too far! U guys did not care how ppl feel at all! If ppl go and spam ur board, how wuld u feel? U wuld feel sad rite? Tsk.. I fu guys really hated me, u dun have to scold me at my blog de right? U can jus scold me without me knowing.. Somehow i tink some 1D ppl are involved in tis.. No offence..

If u guys really tat desperate and REALLY hated me so much tat u wana tell me.. Fine.. It's ok.. Jus PLS dun type vulgarities in it.. I am saying pls le.. U see.. Sigh..

And oso jus put ur real names, dun put a fake name.. If not ppl wuld tink tat u are a COWARD.. No offence though.. I dun mind, i wun hate u guys fer it, cos it's only ur own opinions and i alwys look on the bright side.. Anyway, after telling u guys how i felt, i oso kinda thk u guys cos going thru all tis has made me become stronger to pass all the obstacles in life.. If tis type of small ting wuld affect me, i duno if there's a big prob, how wuld i face it.. Thks agen.. =)

Reminder fer quiz:

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Quiz Me
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Sianx arhx.. todae sux!! had to present to e klas during maths lesson our project den dey all were like not listening, some even tried to make tings difficukt fer us by asking stupid qns.. i was like pekchek le.. but anyway mr teo praised us fer our gd teaching.. hahax.. after skool, still have to stay bac fer CCA foto-taking and oso fer DnT cos i haven completed doing my key tag yet.. after i ate my lunch, i went bac to the klas den i saw yanfu quarreling with our klasmates, yunhui and yu xuan ova a PATHETIC broom lorx.. he like acted big, slammed the door, like wana fight lidat.. i so scared arhx.. den i go scold him lorx.. den he like bu shuang lidat.. he kept claiming tat the broom was his klas de.. dey damned bian tai lorx, go right their klas all ova the broom.. we went to look fer mdm normala to help us settle tis quarrel, den all she sae was to give dem the broom.. wad the ****! sigh.. den we quarrel agen.. cos we wan evidence.. in the end mdm normala go ask us to give back the broom lorx.. we were like tat's so unfair.. i finally learnt tat there is NO FAIRNESS in tis world.. den i got scolded by mdm normala fer nth.. den i cried.. but not tat much.. tis whole incident jus ruined my mood..

After tat, i went to the DnT room to do my keytag.. all thks to hui sian, nat and joaquim i can get my work done.. cos i was rushing to take fotos fer ELDDS lorx.. thks agen huh.. =) and fer those hu nv see my previous posts , pls go to tis website to do my quiz:

Friday, September 2, 2005

discover your dog breed @ quiz meme

oh ya.. i shufen hereby wishes all the teachers a :

Lady Luck isnt smiling on me, fer all i noe.. I lost one of the neoprints i took wif my ex-klasmates yest.. sigh.. i showed dem to my mum yest and one of dem might have dropped on the floor, and my dad may have swept it away tis morning.. Haix.. i feel like crying agen..den todae while i was looking thru all the neoprints i had taken, i counted 25, but before i kept dem, i counted agen, i found out tat i had oni 24.. Another neoprint i took with nat and yili was GONE!! I tried looking fer it, but too bad, i cant find it anywhere.. sigh.. i oso woke up todae with a slight sore throat.. haix.. why mus i alwys be the unlucky one?

Luckily, i'm not tat unlucky.. hahax.. went out in the afternoon to check my eyes and found out tat my eyes' degrees had decreased by 50 sth.. the optician said tat it was gd.. so happi.. lolx..

Btw, i created a quiz fer u guyz.. it's abt me.. pls go and do it now.. thks.. =)

Thursday, September 1, 2005

woah.. todae teachers' day EVE celebration was a GREAT one.. Everting was so GREAT.. I'm repeating wad i said jus now.. hahax.. the concert, the food, and watsoever thing there is.. Although the party started half-ruined, it turned out great in the end.. wad's more, our 'chers enjoyed the powerpoint presentation and the video clips we prepared fer dem.. there were lotsa food like fries, onion rings, fish balls, bee hoon (my gor hates it btw.. hahax..), chips, marshmallows, chocolates, crackers, and the .......... CAKE!!! hahax.. i din get to eat it though.. nvm.. i dun really like cakes anyway.. lolx.. After the whole ting, nat and i went to Lot 1 to meet other of my frens.. i'm gonna name u who i saw there.. Adna, Ling Yan, Shu Hui, Chien Siew, Benazir, Puo Hua in a big grp, Soo Han, Chen Tian, Xin Yi were together.. And.... Jia Min and Samuel were together.. Woo.. hahax..

After tat went back to skool to celebrate with our pri skool 'chers.. i so happy lorx.. we kranjians oso ordered two pieces of pizzas fer our ex-klas to eat.. fun.. i saw a lot of my frens, and nicole, elena, raine, afiqah, natasha and i went to Lot 1 agen to take neoprints together.. so happy.. BEZ FWENZ REUNION sehx.. miss dem so much..

guess hu we saw there?! Yee Gin!! Nat and i were like so happy to see her lorx.. we even hug her.. i missed her more dan my ex-klasmates lorx.. i nearly cried sehx.. so happy..