Sunday, August 31, 2014

#717 - Gyeongbokgung

One of the school tours brought us to Gyeongbokgung!
It is the main palace and one of the five palaces during the Joseon Dynasty.

 Gwanghwamun Gate, the main gate of Gyeongbokgung.

Didn't manage to take photos of the guards because there were simply too many people trying to take a shot of them. ._.

A far view of Hyeungnyemun Gate.

Hyeungnyemun Gate.

 Went in the National Palace Museum of Korea for a while!

 There were many artifacts and also clothings from the past, the robes and hats the Emperor wore for example. There were a lot of scriptures and chinese writings too.

 This was the Emperor seal I think. I see 皇帝. Haha.

 Geunjeongmun Gate, which will lead us to Geunjeongjeon Hall where the Emperor's throne is located.

Group photo's credit to Yong Siang w his huge ass S5 screen hahaha, no selfie stick yo.

We were not allowed to enter so here's a super zoomed in version of the Emperor's throne!

 Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, a venue hall for the Emperor to hold important banquets and feasts.

 I... cannot remember where I took this.

 The other entrance of the museum.

All the horsessss.

I think Gyeongbokgung is a good place for tourists who are interested in Korea's history and those palaces! There are far more interesting stuff to learn if you follow a tour guide as well. Saw from my friend's FB photos, there are paths where no humans step on, as it's only for spirits. That.. is quite interesting? Entrance fee to the Gyeongbokgung costs 3000 won for the public if I am not wrong. Do go and have a look if you ever head to Korea. :)

Nearest Subway Station: Gwanghwamun Station, Line 5 / Gyeongbokgung Station, Line 3

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#716 - Food As Motivation #41 - Royal China

Wanted to treat Raine after all the help she did when I was in Korea so we headed to Royal China at Raffles Hotel when I got back! :)

Really love the clean feel of this restaurant, and the blue and white colours overall give one a relaxed feeling. (Y) Prices are a little steep here compared to the other dimsum places, I guess you're 'paying' for the ambience too.

We ordered too much, as usual.

 Baked Barbequed Pork Puff (SGD4.80)
Please order this if you go there! The puff was melt in your mouth kind and went well with the barbequed pork. So goooood. :D

 Century Egg and Lean Pork Congee (SGD7)
This was a rather huge bowl and it has the right amount of saltiness.

 Steamed Bun With Salted Egg Yolk And Fresh Mango Juice (SGD4.80)
Oops, off focus photo, but the salted egg yolk buns were pretty okay. I couldn't taste the mango juice inside though.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling (SGD5.80)
 Love the skin, very chewy and the prawns were fat and juicy too!

 Scallops Cheung Fun (SGD5.80)
This is so so, the sauce didn't really taste nice somehow.

Wok-fried Carrot Cake With Homemade XO Chilli Sauce (SGD8.80)
 Very expensive and not very nice? At the start, when it was hot, it was okay, but thereafter...
I think hawker centres ones are better, hahaha.

 Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun (SGD4.80)
This was good too, a pity we were too full to finish the last bun then. :X

Steamed Spare Ribs In Black Bean Sauce (SGD4.80)
 Raine ordered this, and she didn't give any bad comments so I guess it was fine? The sauce is nice.

Baked Egg Custard Tartlet (SGD4.80)
Very small egg tart but it was one of the nicest dimsum we had that day.

We had free flow Chrysanthemum tea as well at SGD2 each if I recalled correctly. It was light and pretty good for washing the oiliness feeling in our mouths when we were full.
We went at the first seating 12pm to 3pm and I think the last order was at 230pm?

Overall, I think the service was okay and the food wasn't that bad! Love the ambience although they kept playing those Chinese oldies hahaha.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
1 Beach Road
Raffles Hotel Arcade, Raffles Hotel #03-09
Singapore 189673
Tel 63383363

We may have our small disagreements now and then, but I am thankful you are always there!
Gomawo, X

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#715 - SKKU

First day of school at SKKU where we toured the place and was brought to the older sites in the school. Love how they preserve this place. It's called Seoul Munmyo and is open to the public!

I didn't really take much photos though because there was too many other students about.

Some backyard.

Myeongryundang 명륜당, some lecturer hall for Confucious teachings (correct me if I am wrong)!

Read a little online and there are also two 600 years old gingko trees in front of Myeongryundang! I guess I probably miss it.

SKKU is a lot prettier during March-April period apparently, as I saw rows of cherry blossom trees down the school's street. (Y)

Day 1 Orientation food.

Day 2 Orientation food.

We also had NANTA performance as well, which was okay to me.
Spent half the time dozing off because it wasn't that interesting! Quite a lot of people laughed though, maybe my sense of humour is different from theirs!

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
Nearest Subway Station: Hyehwa Station, Line 4

We had school tour to Gyeongbokgung, the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty and also Insadong, a place known for its traditional 'style'! More on that soon.