Saturday, February 23, 2008

2am, and the rain is falling.

"If practice makes perfect, then why nobody in the world is perfect?"


anyway, my blog is dead. T.T sigh, but nevermind lah, i think i will only blog once a week now. D: i have to convince myself that this is good for me.

from today onwards, i will only be online on friday nights and weekends, unless neccessary. why the sudden change? apparently, my juniors, namely zhenyi and yongkian realised that i am always online and it seems like i never study, so i shall prove them wrong, by using the time which i normally use for computer usage for studying. this may be a good start to prepare myself for the 'O' Levels. (I am quite scared about it actually, since this whole week have been common tests, common tests and more common tests and i am already feeling the examination stress.)

okay, i will also reflect on what i have done this 2 months. i will try to do better, i've got evidence to show that. for once, i am actually planning to study for the pure history test next week tmrw. this may be very - for you, yet, to me, it is a big step of improvement alr. okay, all this stuff is getting so boring.

common test week was sucky, and i am actually relieved it's finally over. the whole week passed so fast as though i was sitting in a bullet train for 5 days. with common tests over, although not well done, the burden in my heart has decreased.

i hate today a lot, we had chemistry and a.maths test today, one after another. i could jump down the building, totally.

i think i have flunked my chemistry common test, since i lost 9 marks from it alr. one of the free-response questions happened to be printed on the same paper as the page where we write our questions' answers on, and i happened to pluck out the answering page and did not see the free-response question behind. when the teacher told us to stop, i stapled the papers back together and it was then i realised i just lost 10 marks. so i quickly scan through the free-response question and realised i could get 1 mark. 'Define the meaning of allotropes.' Easy, 1 mark secured, yet 9 marks gone. i knew how to do that question and it was seriously a waste. if they are going to determine the bandings by looking at the chemistry marks from the common test, i am sure i would be at the bottom of the list, and get into the lousiest band. I NEED TO BUCK UP, SERIOUSLY.

Mr Kat marked the papers later, and said that many flunked their MCQ, i believed i was one of the many, since i was confused with the many equations.

A.Maths, i've got nothing to say. Only the graph question, surprisingly, was easy. the rest used up a lot of my brain cells and you could say all the cells went to waste. i tried my best to attempt every question, yet, some questions were too tough, and i was weak at Trigonometry. i dont want to talk about it alr. i am alr immune to failing, i know i shouldnt think that way. BUT. nevermind.

this post is so darn emo-ish, so i guess many would skip reading the contents. i am on the verge of breaking down, but i know i have to be strong, whatever.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I shouldnt love you, but i want to.


If you happen to be late for school and is rushing to school at around 8 which is quite stupid, you might see a girl wearing a blue tee with her mama next to her walking on the way to the clinic, that's me.

okay, whatever.

it's so boring stuck at home, with a head feeling so heavy that it might topple off anytime. i miss HCL common test and Chemistry IP, oh wow. that's great. that means i have to stay back on one of these days to do my common test ALONE and catch up on Chemistry, and that sucks.

it's not that i wanna be sick, i seriously hope i will be okay by tmrw, and do my best in English.

CRAP. just typing these few words make me so tired alr, i feel so vulnerable. ):

Monday, February 18, 2008

Clumsy 'cause i'm falling in love. ♥

OMG. i was on youtube and i chanced upon this video of Steven Lim commenting on his self-claimed idol, Edison Chen.
(Note: Do not view this after having a full meal.)

it's so obvious that he is making use of Edison Chen's Scandal to let himself rise to fame. YUCK. Not only does he disgraces himself, Singapore is also being disgraced. Comments i read have people asking whether the people living in Singapore are like this. NEH SHIT can! by the way, there are more of his videos, just look at the links. i am too lazy to post all his videos up on my blog, plus it might make my blog lag.

anyway, this video reminded me a lot of the Chris Crocker's version on Britney Spears, the video where he kept saying 'Leave Britney Alone!' hahah! JUST FOR LAUGHS! :D


and i ran at the stadium today, 6rounds, not really a lot i know. but this is only the starting. yeah, so i planned to run every sunday i guess. I WANNA BURN MY FATS! :)

shitty CT week starts tmrw, while the Sec 2 and 3 are having fun in their camps. Oh, i will get over it, hurhur.

Friday, February 15, 2008

And the hearts are all over the world tonight. ♥

hello, i love you. ♥

(pack of twisties and wangwang biscuits not included)

I found these hidden deep within my refrigerator which i believe was one of the valentine's gift i received 2 years ago. T.T
(i threw them away after taking this photo. sorry about the flash.)

google is always so creative. (:


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'Cause you said forever. ♥



neh shit.
one of my computers crashed on me. D:
i lost all my new songs inside and will never get it back alr. DD:
the photos i uploaded recently for the CNY and the Sentosa Flower Fair are all gone. DDD:
i am not going to upload the photos on blog anymore, sigh.

wah, dont know why can. i was like just using the computer like usual, then suddenly it blacked out. i switched the computer off, and then switched it on again. NOTHING. -.- heartpain heartpain. :C


went to ms tock's house today to bainian. a bit late though, hahah. and she lives at the 26storey, super high can! we took turns looking at her wedding photos, photos when she was younger, etc. and then we took group photos. (: later she gave us angbao! hahah.


valentine's day is coming, can i dont go to school on that day? ):

i dont feel like giving anybody anything this year, although i just bought them. LOL.

very tired alr. D:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You're every minute of my everything. ♥

Rest In Peace, Ah Meng.

does anyone dont know that Ah Meng died on Friday, 8 February 2008? Please, someone tell me that you didnt know that she has died or something if not i'd feel very WOLS to have realised about her death only on Sunday, 10 February 2008. anyway, she was 48.

super sad lah, even though i believe i have never seen her before. but, yeah, she was quite famous leh, then die. luckily she died a natural death, not those sick then die, etc. yeah, and she's considered old alr, her age is equal to a human of around age 95. normally, orangutans living till 40yearsold is alr considered old alr, and miraculously, she lived till 48. and i feel really sad for the zookeeper who was taking care of her. he had took care of her for 34 years alr, which is about 3/4 of Ah Meng's life. it's like having someone you're closed to die. wahhhh, heartpain leh.

lastly, i hope she rest in peace. (one minute of silence.)


the old lady i mentioned about at the flower fair, i realised i've got a photo of half her face! (she's the one at the left, she may look young, but uh-uh.)


Monday, February 11, 2008

Sentosa Flower Fair. ♥

DDD: the sun did not wait for me. and peiwen pangseh-ed us.

Sentosa Flower Fair
Met with 8th aunt and 8th uncle together with shimin and my brother at the bus interchange. took bus 188 to harbourfront to meet with kaixin and jiaxin and have our early dinner. as we were sort of rushing for time, we settled for a quick dinner at KFC. the three of us, shimin, my brother and i, (the rest had eaten) had shrooms meal with the side meal change to cheese fries. we had the pasta shrimp cheez too. the pasta shrimp cheez sucks, like totally. it tastes like those breaded shrimp and even though i could see the pasta i was biting into, it taste like nothing. the only thing i could taste was the shrimp and the crust. i was even wondering if they remembered adding the cheese inside or not. such a disappointment. the cheese fries werent any better. there was too much cheese and it makes one wonder whether it should be called fries cheese instead of cheese fries. yuck, the thought of them just make me feel disgusted. i just hope only this KFC outlet (Harbourfront Centre) sells this quality of food, come to think of it, the outlet in Lot1 serves food that taste okay to me. ahh, whatever, i sound like a food critic.

after eating, we went to VivoCity 3rd storey to get our admission tickets to Sentosa and then took the skytrain to the Flower Fair. when we finally reached, there were so many people. O.O then we started camwhoring with the pretty flowers. hahah. darkness came fast but we were still busy camwhoring. the wind was strong and i was loving every moment there. ♥

and oh ya, i remember there was this old hag old lady who is so _______. she asked my 8th uncle to help her take a photo of her next to the flowers and she was like so _______. before she asked my uncle, she had actually asked someone else to help her take, and i overheard their conversation. she was like telling the person who was helping her take the photo to retake her photo again cause she claimed she saw the person's hand trembling and she's afraid that the photo might not be nice. LIKE LOL?! people help you take photo very good alr, still complain so much. yuckyuck. then my uncle was the unlucky one. halfway helping her to take her photo, the memory/battery ran out. so we, yes, WE had to wait for her to change and for our uncle to help her retake the photo again. and she was like asking the others who are also taking photographs at the same place to like 'go away' first cause she want to take a photo. -.- so irritating can, i dont like (her). D:

we stopped at a place for a rest and ate those baby oranges with our 8th aunt brought. and we camwhored again. we had actually wanted to go up to the merlion later, but it was too late and the charges were not worth the money. imagine, 8bucks for a tiring and sweaty climb up to the merlion head just to see the ohsobeautiful night view (ok, i just remember there's lifts to take up to the merlion's head), but still, it's not worth it. i rather buy myself a new tee or something, gahh. :D oh by the way, something random, Subway's just so tempting. we walked past it and the smells kept drifting out. (drools) anyway, we went around walking 'aimlessly' and we saw the luge (skyride) and the go-kart thingy. we had actually wanted to have a try on the go-kart but sad to say, there were too many people queueing up for it and it was almost 9 alr. D: nevermind, i believe we'd have the chance to go on it next time. (:

after a while, we decided to leave Sentosa. And so we boarded the skytrain and went back to VivoCity. We left and went our own ways, with jiaxin and kaixin leaving with their parents who were already there, and the rest of us leaving with shimin's parents and her brother. (:

overall, i guess the trip was great except for the fact that peiwen pangseh-ed us and that the Sun left before i was at Sentosa.

Dear Shufen,

Hello. I have been fine lately. I am sorry I couldnt be there waiting for you to come as I have to go home for my reunion dinner. I waited for you for long yet you did not arrive and it was almost time for me to go. I guess we will still meet again some other time so please do not feel sad. Lastly, I hope you enjoy yourself at the Flower Fair even without my companion. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye and Take Care.

XOXO, with lots of love,
Your friend,
Sun. ♥

Photos coming soon, i've still yet to get the photos from Shimin.
(okay, maybe i should put some that i took/got from others.)




will update on the photos soon. (:

All i wanna do is find a way back into love. ♥

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy New Year!

okay, i shall update a very detailed post today.

7 February 2008
woke up and then went to maternal grandparents' house to bainian. received lots of angbao, okay very lame, update on this i know. but this is supposed to be a very detailed post remember? :D entertain myself by observing what my other cousins were wearing and doing. apparently, one of them had brought this thing called the PSP along and the younger cousins were all obsessed by it and kept on wanting to play with it, i was super sian diao. i totally have no idea what is so nice about PSP, can someone like convince me its good points that makes people fight for it like aunties in the market fighting over some fishes? (okay, i am exaggerating.) ate brunch later and chatted over poly-jc stuff with cousins, then left for home.

waited for the other cousins to come to bainian since my paternal grandparents are staying with us. after like so long, finally some arrived. as usual, getting of red packets. after that, we chatted and then camwhored, decided on movie, took lame video, etc, as mentioned in my previous post. had dinner later and lame jokes were told, later went to shimin's house to play cards. and it was so effin hot even when the air-con was on, and in the end, we realised that the air-con was set to fan mode. -.- later, kaixin and jiaxin left, followed by the rest. yeah.

8 February 2008
laoyusheng! peiwen's mother brought the things needed for them and we laoyusheng! so happy can, LOL. once again, my hands and clothes were soiled by the lao-ing and there were bits of carrot etc everywhere, even on my hair! :/ kaixin and jiaxin arrived late, so when they reached my house, we were already finishing the yusheng. crapping later and playing of the same card game in my room, (with peiwen torturing my stuffed toys, i swear next time i'd get some safety deposit box to store my stuffed toys the next time she's coming). camwhored (again) and had a so-called early dinner since we were catching the movie (CJ7) later. after dinner, jiaxin, peiwen, kaixin, shimin and i went down the estate for a walk, cause we figured out that it's better than staying at home doing nothing. hahah. after the trip back, we camwhored again (very narcissistic i know)!

when we reached home, the adults were like saying all of us have to go to 8th aunt house since they wanna go to taijinpo house to bainian and they were planning to leave us at 8th aunt house since 8th aunt live quite near taijinpo (same block). so the guys were like playing with 8th aunt's parrot. -.- we girls camwhored at the sofa later and after that, we walked to lot 1 to catch CJ7! super lots of people and due to the renovating of the movie theatre, the counter selling the movie food was closed and there was a temporary one, which was super pathetic since they only sell packeted popcorns and mineral water! there goes our 'plan' of what to eat. :C and guess how much one bottle of mineral water cost? $2.10! daylightevening robbery! :3 me and jiaxin got a lollipop each, 60cents, LOL.

anyway, the tickets were a thick stack since 20 of us were watching. :D i love the movie, super nice (to me lah)! was sucking the lollipop throughout, lol. anyway, i would have enjoyed the movie more if it wasnt for this 10year plusplus girl who sit behind me. her legs were lifted high up and were touching the back of my seat, what's more, she was kicking it. i was like distracted due to her momentum kicking and was turning back and tsk-ing all the way. if her mother wasnt with her, and if it wasnt new year, i'd asked her to stop it with a very threatening tone that would make her cry. i feel like slapping her too, and sitting behind her and kicking her seat to see whether she likes it or not. and her laughter is super super irritating. you'd laugh like hell if you hear it cause it's one of a kind. shithershithershithershither, it's so obvious that when i turned back and tsk-ed at her means i am not happy alr, and yet that arseholeshitty girl continued kicking the seat. i hatedislike her. DD:

okay, i still love CJ7. (: saw nicole on the way out and found out that she was watching kungfu dunk, hahah. went to Mac later to satisfy my sudden craving for Mac's fries. in the end, the fries were so not nice. D: took the bus 307 back. when we reached the lift lobby, the 12 (8 left) of us entered the lift and while on the way to the 2nd storey, the lift dropped down (cause we were too heavy). and it dropped below the first storey by a little. there was an obvious difference in the height of the life and the actual lift lobby's floor. shimin and kaixin went out and we went up first. then someone waited for kaixin (ohsosweet!). hahaha, they left a while later. (:

9 February 2008
going to some Sentosa Flower Fair later with a few of the cousins, of course i'm not interested in the Flower Fair, was just interested in the word 'Sentosa' plus the scorching sun. when my aunt asked if i wanna go, i was like yes, and i thought we would be going in the afternoon but she told me we'd be going in the evening so that it wouldnt be that hot. was kind of sad for awhile since that means that i wouldnt be able to get my tan, but cheered myself up and convinced myself that the sun will still be scorching and sunny when we reached there. (pray hard okay!)

Dear Sun,

Hello. How have you been? I haven't been visiting your rays since last year, so please, i am going to visit you today at Sentosa around the evening. Please wait for my arrival, you can put a red carpet to welcome me if you wish to, and please set your rays to the highest and make me get my nice tan. I miss you and your rays a lot and i hope you miss me and my fair skin too. I hope to hear from you soon, telling me that you will still be at Sentosa waiting for me to come.

XOXO, with lots of love,
Your number one fan,
Shufen. ♥

photo updates soon. (:

Saturday, February 9, 2008


once again, i am updating my blog.

yesterday was an okay day only. and i realised that when we were bored, we camwhored like lots lots lots. i think half the day was spent on camwhoring. (: the latter half was spent on playing games using the poker cards and deciding on the movie we are watching (today) and the booking of them. 20 of us are going which is like so many? hahah, we decided on CJ7 by the way. watching at 7.50pm, hope it's nice. i am not gonna cross my fingers cause doing that gives me bad luck. hahah. :D

oh before i forgot, during the camwhore period, i took a video of my siaozhabor ahbu. hahha, she was pretending to be camera-shy, which she is so not, and after the 4mins long video, people who view the video dont even know how she look like. Starring: Miss Tan Pei Wen, Co-Starring: Miss Ong Kai Xin plus a few others and my melodious voice. (the one who keeps twees-ing and waving in red is Ong Kai Xin, and of course i dont have to say which is Tan Pei Wen since it's so darn obvious unless you are a bit WOLS which i believe you ain't.)

photos will be uploaded once i got all of them. (:

till now, look at this video, exclusive! :D
(note: some parts may be quite boring. plus, you might have to tilt you heads.)

If every simple song i wrote to you would take your breath away,
I'd write it all.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

okay, i got nothing to rant about today, serious.


chinese new year celebration was boring with the letter 'B' and yunhui and i did not go to bugis. instead we went causeway. cause we didnt really feel like going bugis, hahah. so i got nothing to say. :)

mmm, maybe i shall put a photo here or something?

*starts searching the pictures folder for something nice/funny.*

okay, apparently i got nothing for you people to see.


Oh, Happy New Year (Eve)! (:


if i could turn back the time,
i would put you first in my life.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my blog is dead. my blog is dead. my blog is dead. DD:

i got like nothing to rant about this few days, my life has been boring.

nevermind, i guess i might post tmrw, since there's the new year celebration in school and also going to bugis with yunhui. so yeah. (:

i wanna sleep. ):

And where your love has always been enough for me.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

hahah. zhuo lao shi is so cute lah, i didnt write the answer to the 'li jie wen da' in full sentences and she drew that face on the paper. so cute can. hahha. and she even showed us how the face is supposed to look like. (:
okay i know that my blog is seriously dead but these days has been so boring! ms sim didnt come again as usual and mr koh didnt sarca me anymore so i guess life's good. :D
oops, i am afraid that i might have spoken too soon since i got an instinct that maybe my luck will be going down next week. D: okay, whatever.
hey people who still like give me face and read my blog, please do go to this website and support KSS! your vote is greatly appreciated and if it's not troublesome, you can even ask your whole familyto help vote since 1person is only entitled to 1vote only, due to the fact that they need your nric. but trust me, this is just to ensure that one person vote a time only, so yeah, it's safe, they wont use your nric to do anything funny. (: thanks a lot.

it was just an excuse to see each other.