Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy New Year!

okay, i shall update a very detailed post today.

7 February 2008
woke up and then went to maternal grandparents' house to bainian. received lots of angbao, okay very lame, update on this i know. but this is supposed to be a very detailed post remember? :D entertain myself by observing what my other cousins were wearing and doing. apparently, one of them had brought this thing called the PSP along and the younger cousins were all obsessed by it and kept on wanting to play with it, i was super sian diao. i totally have no idea what is so nice about PSP, can someone like convince me its good points that makes people fight for it like aunties in the market fighting over some fishes? (okay, i am exaggerating.) ate brunch later and chatted over poly-jc stuff with cousins, then left for home.

waited for the other cousins to come to bainian since my paternal grandparents are staying with us. after like so long, finally some arrived. as usual, getting of red packets. after that, we chatted and then camwhored, decided on movie, took lame video, etc, as mentioned in my previous post. had dinner later and lame jokes were told, later went to shimin's house to play cards. and it was so effin hot even when the air-con was on, and in the end, we realised that the air-con was set to fan mode. -.- later, kaixin and jiaxin left, followed by the rest. yeah.

8 February 2008
laoyusheng! peiwen's mother brought the things needed for them and we laoyusheng! so happy can, LOL. once again, my hands and clothes were soiled by the lao-ing and there were bits of carrot etc everywhere, even on my hair! :/ kaixin and jiaxin arrived late, so when they reached my house, we were already finishing the yusheng. crapping later and playing of the same card game in my room, (with peiwen torturing my stuffed toys, i swear next time i'd get some safety deposit box to store my stuffed toys the next time she's coming). camwhored (again) and had a so-called early dinner since we were catching the movie (CJ7) later. after dinner, jiaxin, peiwen, kaixin, shimin and i went down the estate for a walk, cause we figured out that it's better than staying at home doing nothing. hahah. after the trip back, we camwhored again (very narcissistic i know)!

when we reached home, the adults were like saying all of us have to go to 8th aunt house since they wanna go to taijinpo house to bainian and they were planning to leave us at 8th aunt house since 8th aunt live quite near taijinpo (same block). so the guys were like playing with 8th aunt's parrot. -.- we girls camwhored at the sofa later and after that, we walked to lot 1 to catch CJ7! super lots of people and due to the renovating of the movie theatre, the counter selling the movie food was closed and there was a temporary one, which was super pathetic since they only sell packeted popcorns and mineral water! there goes our 'plan' of what to eat. :C and guess how much one bottle of mineral water cost? $2.10! daylightevening robbery! :3 me and jiaxin got a lollipop each, 60cents, LOL.

anyway, the tickets were a thick stack since 20 of us were watching. :D i love the movie, super nice (to me lah)! was sucking the lollipop throughout, lol. anyway, i would have enjoyed the movie more if it wasnt for this 10year plusplus girl who sit behind me. her legs were lifted high up and were touching the back of my seat, what's more, she was kicking it. i was like distracted due to her momentum kicking and was turning back and tsk-ing all the way. if her mother wasnt with her, and if it wasnt new year, i'd asked her to stop it with a very threatening tone that would make her cry. i feel like slapping her too, and sitting behind her and kicking her seat to see whether she likes it or not. and her laughter is super super irritating. you'd laugh like hell if you hear it cause it's one of a kind. shithershithershithershither, it's so obvious that when i turned back and tsk-ed at her means i am not happy alr, and yet that arseholeshitty girl continued kicking the seat. i hatedislike her. DD:

okay, i still love CJ7. (: saw nicole on the way out and found out that she was watching kungfu dunk, hahah. went to Mac later to satisfy my sudden craving for Mac's fries. in the end, the fries were so not nice. D: took the bus 307 back. when we reached the lift lobby, the 12 (8 left) of us entered the lift and while on the way to the 2nd storey, the lift dropped down (cause we were too heavy). and it dropped below the first storey by a little. there was an obvious difference in the height of the life and the actual lift lobby's floor. shimin and kaixin went out and we went up first. then someone waited for kaixin (ohsosweet!). hahaha, they left a while later. (:

9 February 2008
going to some Sentosa Flower Fair later with a few of the cousins, of course i'm not interested in the Flower Fair, was just interested in the word 'Sentosa' plus the scorching sun. when my aunt asked if i wanna go, i was like yes, and i thought we would be going in the afternoon but she told me we'd be going in the evening so that it wouldnt be that hot. was kind of sad for awhile since that means that i wouldnt be able to get my tan, but cheered myself up and convinced myself that the sun will still be scorching and sunny when we reached there. (pray hard okay!)

Dear Sun,

Hello. How have you been? I haven't been visiting your rays since last year, so please, i am going to visit you today at Sentosa around the evening. Please wait for my arrival, you can put a red carpet to welcome me if you wish to, and please set your rays to the highest and make me get my nice tan. I miss you and your rays a lot and i hope you miss me and my fair skin too. I hope to hear from you soon, telling me that you will still be at Sentosa waiting for me to come.

XOXO, with lots of love,
Your number one fan,
Shufen. ♥

photo updates soon. (:

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