Saturday, February 9, 2008


once again, i am updating my blog.

yesterday was an okay day only. and i realised that when we were bored, we camwhored like lots lots lots. i think half the day was spent on camwhoring. (: the latter half was spent on playing games using the poker cards and deciding on the movie we are watching (today) and the booking of them. 20 of us are going which is like so many? hahah, we decided on CJ7 by the way. watching at 7.50pm, hope it's nice. i am not gonna cross my fingers cause doing that gives me bad luck. hahah. :D

oh before i forgot, during the camwhore period, i took a video of my siaozhabor ahbu. hahha, she was pretending to be camera-shy, which she is so not, and after the 4mins long video, people who view the video dont even know how she look like. Starring: Miss Tan Pei Wen, Co-Starring: Miss Ong Kai Xin plus a few others and my melodious voice. (the one who keeps twees-ing and waving in red is Ong Kai Xin, and of course i dont have to say which is Tan Pei Wen since it's so darn obvious unless you are a bit WOLS which i believe you ain't.)

photos will be uploaded once i got all of them. (:

till now, look at this video, exclusive! :D
(note: some parts may be quite boring. plus, you might have to tilt you heads.)

If every simple song i wrote to you would take your breath away,
I'd write it all.

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