Thursday, August 25, 2011

#454 - Curry Carbonara カレーカルボナーラ

Made curry carbonara last Sunday for dinner! :)
And that day happened to be cook a pot of curry day!

Was introduced to this by Lynette and followed the recipe online.
But mine was kind of fail because I added too much milk and my bacon wasn't fried enough.

Overall still edible lah, just that the sauce was too much!

Here's the recipe if you're interested to cook it yourself:

I know mine looks far from it but whatever!

Haha anyway pardon for the lack of updates.
Many things to be done recently!

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Loves, xoxo

Monday, August 22, 2011

#453 -

New environment new friends new phone new laptop (soon).

How's life?

"So far so good".

Thursday, August 18, 2011

#452 - HTC ChaCha

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I can has new phone!!! :)

Before I share here what phone I got (or you already know from Facebook or actually bothered reading my entry's title), I am going to say my long grandmother story explaining why I got a new phone.

One fateful day, my phone's alarm didn't ring for me. (Luckily my body clock woke me up)
And I realised that I could not switch on my phone at all.

This setted me into panic mode because I was heading for school and could not really do without a phone.
So I took out my sim card and tried using the other phones to test what was wrong.
Apparently my other phones were spoilt or whatev shit and I somehow ANYHOW concluded that my sim card was at fault.

It was actually not the sim card's problem but my stupid LG phone when I went to check with the Singtel people yesterday. BOO. (N)

Bye phone, you were great while you lasted.

I will try not to remember the times you suddenly turned off on your own when I just finished typing a 5 pages long sms, when you suddenly hang on me for no reason and I had to pluck out the battery and reinsert it in and start you up again and many more.


Show you all my new phone, HTC ChaCha! :)

It was an impromptu decision for me to get it because there was no spare phones in the house (only my mum's lkk nokia phone *eew*) and since I just signed up this plan where I am enabled to a handset upgrade every year even though my contract has not ended, I thought, why not?

No Blackberry for me because I was somewhat convinced by the Singtel person that it was not a worthy deal!
It's okay, no BBM only.
HTC has free Whatsapp too, if you don't already know! :)

Comes in Modern White, Amethyst Purple and Phantom Black.
I couldn't decide between white or black and settled for black instead since I predict that if I were to get a white phone, it'd just become yellow or dirty in no time.

Touchscreen and qwerty keypad functions both available!
Lika shiok~

How it looks like lighted up!

So happy with my new phone!!! :D

Next gadget I am confirmed getting is a laptop!
I can't wait for COMEX 2011 to come!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#451 -

My favourite unicorn ring broke into two one fateful day. T.T

Friday, August 12, 2011

#450 - A Trip Down Truss Bridge with The (Doh) Bitches Part 1

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Oh hi, I thought I'd just do a short preview on my trip to the truss bridge at Rail Mall with The (Doh) Bitches the other day before the tracks were closed for maintenance!

Lynette's holding most of the photos so I am gonna share only a few of what I have plus gifs taken.
Once she uploaded photos, I'd kope and do a more detailed entry with lots of pictures k!!!

So meanwhile, just enjoy this short preview. :)

Not much photos in this entry, I save the best for the next entry when I've koped all of Lynette's photos.

Gifs! :)
Too bad if you're getting sick of them, looking at them cracks me up all the time!

I was testing the mode under the hot sun and you could see my hair flowing together with the wind.

Somehow I got bored and came up with this face front, tilt left tilt right thing!

Raine followed and cracked her neck in process!
I managed to capture that moment! :D

Lynette was unsure of our speed so hers was damn fast!

And so this is how we started taking gifs with this action.
Siaogurls92 doing retarded actions on truss bridge. #notawisethingtodo

Hehe okay that's all!
Update you guys again. ♥♥♥

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

#449 - Seoul Garden with The (Doh) Bitches

Seoul Garden at Clementi Mall one fine day with The (Doh) Bitches! :)

Seoul Garden now super act yi ge atas one!
The utensils all upgrade liao and the self take buffet style is now changed to the click on computer and order system just like Sakae Sushi's one.

So sad! :(

Changing to this system means less varieties also.
No more enoki. :'(

Camwhored with Raine while waiting for Lynette to arrive.
Dk why my face so cui that day. :(

Sobz sia, why my face so big I feel so motherly next to Raine. :'(

Finally the girl arrived.

Portion so small, I think they scared of wastage!

Not a very good choice to blog about food in the middle of the night even if they are raw.

Anyhow make one ice kachang dessert.
Ice so shiok! :)

Played around with Raine's hat!
 Woo I can has huge eyes, long curly lashes and a bit of double eyelids! :D

Headed to Smoochiezz Showroom again after nom!

Following photos meant for Raine Ang, scroll down only if you're interested (in her)! :D
She wore her sailor costume that day!
Brave girl manzxzxz, I'd never do that in my whole life.

PS: Some photos credit to Lynette.


Happy 46th National Day, Singapore!