Thursday, April 30, 2009

#88 - Live today; Dream tomorrow.


Very very happy and a little shocked that I managed to fight my way in. I must jiayou! :D:D
Initially I only intended to join for fun and exposure, to try and see what it is like singing in front of so many people. And I am glad I did it. I didn't regret joining it at all. Getting into the semi-finals is like a WOW to me already, even if I didn't get into the Finals, I am contented with what it is now. :)

And Addy, where's my $1000? You bet $1000 I couldn't get in right? Haha, see your face when I told you I got in. Hahahahahahaha.

Thanks to Guan Yeow by the way, for helping me get the Love Story Instrumental by Taylor Swift which I need for next week's semi-finals 'audition'. Now I need someone who can burn the song into the CD, anyone? :)


I am aching all over due to Taekwondo. :(
Especially at my arms and legs area.
My right thigh, shin and ankle are aching like mad, the muscles threatening to break if I strain them more. :/
I don't even know why it's my right leg that is aching, thought it'd be my left, since it's like weaker.
Oh, and we had light sparring yesterday. It was all in all fun but painful. (at least in my case)
I was sparring with Amanda, and I gave her 2 turning kicks and she returned by blocking with her shin and knee. And just imagine shin-shin collision and shin-knee collision. I was 'Ow'-ing all the way and limping. She said she drank too much milk, haha.

But still I am loving Taekwondo, it keeps me fit and helps me maintain my weight. :D


Camwhored using Premala's 8 megapixel camera phone in the school library since I don't have Mother Tongue lessons and was waiting for time to pass.

Note: Image resized to make loading faster.

Trying my best not to laugh while acting emo, HAHA.

Haha, this photo was 'accidentally' taken. We were gossiping and then suddenly we talked about this guy we hate, so I gave this disgusted look, lol.

& Bonus Okay! I seldom take stupid looking photo one okay! :D

I looked as though I've grown a mustache. Hahahahahahahahaha. (No racism intended, Kumar and Premala were laughing along with me.)

And lastly, no school tomorrow, yayness man! I can sleep till as late as I want to.
But but but, I need to rush all my homework etc etc. There's a huge pile waiting for me! :/
Byebye, hope everyone enjoys their short break over the weekends. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#87 - I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.

When life offers you a dream so far beyond of your expectations, it is unreasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

Hello everyone. :)

Tomorrow's audition for JJ's Talentime, and I'm a tad nervous.
I haven't have any proper practise at all. How?
Haha, but I've been sort of avoiding spicy stuff and also drinking stuff like.
Lol, my mum even told me to drink bird's nest tonight to prepare myself for tmrw.
Makes me wanna laugh.

By the way, JJ's Talentime auditions clashes with Taekwondo, that's like super sad. :(

Anyway, we had the real 2.4km run for NAPFA today. And I got like 14.28 minutes, which is a B. :( A teeny weeny disappointed, I wanted A, but well, B's fine as long as I can get Gold for overall huh.

Mmm. What else to type here?
Ah, I don't remember anything. My mind has been failing me these days, I guess I will just have to end here now. :D

Monday, April 27, 2009

#86 - Lost in your eyes

**** everything.
Why are all mothers biased towards the younger/youngest ones especially when the younger/youngest one is a boy?
WTF lah.

Life's unfair man.
Sometimes I'd wish to be the younger one instead.
Or probably drop dead somehow and make that whoever regret.
Screw everything.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

#85 - If you want what you've never had, you have to do what you've never done.

Guess what I am referring to:
'Be careful where you shove this thing.'
'So thick it will tear something in you.'
'Some like it long, but most love it thick.'
Feeling horny? :D

Haha, those lines above sounded very wrong, but it's actually an advertisment on the MRT for Carl's Junior's burger. "Introducing the new, thickbushes, made with 100% angus beef."

I got back into the Taekwondo Tournament by the way. Turns out Sir didn't cancel my name. :) Had training today and I felt very refreshed and energetic after the whole training ends. Learnt a new pattern for Tournament as well. I pitied KwaiGa, she chose the harder pattern, which is... really very hard, with a lot of steps to memorise. :P

Oh and we've got Taekwondo Notes as well, cool huh? :D

Anyway, I can't find any video that shows what pattern I'm doing on Youtube. Sir said this is because the pattern I'm doing is not recognised in WTF (World Taekwondo Federation). What were you thinking? Hahah, all of us were lol-ing at its abbreviation lah. :D:D


Yesterday, 5 of us went to Mrs Ram's house for dinner. Eric, Haiqel, Kwai Ga, May and I. Very weird combination I know.

And Mrs Ram is rich okay. Stay at the Bukit Timah Condo area. Haha. And her son is very cute! He's only five by the way. All the while I kept irritating him, because I kept forgetting his name. And whenever I asked him again what's his name, he will shout in my ears. Eashvar (if I didn't remember the spelling wrongly and it is a name of a god), eashhhhhhvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! Hahahah. Her second daughter is kind of shy though. :/

Oh, and we found out that her elder son is a taekwondo black belt holder at dan 단 2! There are like 9 dan 단 for black belt level. So it's equal to saying that after getting your black belt, there's still 9 more gradings to go so as to finish the whole Taekwondo thing. And her son is like at level 2 of 9 already? He is only 12 years old? WTH, I feel so loser. -.-

We had Golden Pillow and etc for dinner while gossiping. (A Must Do)

Then after that, we played Spongebob Monopoly, and I used the Patrick character. Haha, the Spongebob character is very fugly by the way, it acts cute with the butterfly net which it uses to catch jellyfish. YUCK.

Patrick! :D

Then Mrs Ram's son took out a gun and started shooting randomly. And he shouted, 'I'll shoot the first one who talk or laugh!'

Mrs Ram happened to be talking at that time and guess what the five-year old boy did?

He shouted, 'Punita talked, I am going to shoot her,' for IDK how many times.

I was lol-ing lah, while Mrs Ram was telling her son about him calling her by the name. Hahahah.

Oh and her son kept asking me if he had seen me before. I was like 'I don't think so.' Then he said he seemed to have seen me on TV before, lol. :D

After that, we talked to Mrs Ram awhile and of course gossiped a little till 1o plus before we left for home. :)

Okay, I've updated. Byebye.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#84 - When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time.

I am currently experiencing a strong feeling of loss right now.

I got chosen for a Taekwondo Tournament.
I should be happy and be proud of myself that I got in.
Yet, I did something that no one could have done.
I raised up my hand and opted out of the tournament.

I don't know what got over me.
Maybe I feel that I can't cope with my studies with the extra trainings for the tournament.
Maybe I might cause my team to lose.
Maybe I cannot do it.

And when the instructor asked me why I chose to opt out, I couldn't even answer.
I said I don't know and shrugged my shoulders.
And then after a moment of awkward silence, I left.

Then the sense of loss started overwhelming me.
I thought I'd be relieved when I left.
But somehow, I felt weird.
It seemed as though I lost something important.
And my heart felt so empty.

So I had mixed feelings.
I felt like rewinding back.
But when I thought of the tough trainings I got to face, my mind told me to back off again.
I pushed all these thoughts aside and went to meet my friend.

I made up my mind, I chose this myself.
I should not regret it.
So I comforted myself, telling myself that there will always be another time.

When I told my friend what happened, I was on the verge of tears.
I don't even know why.
I felt a little regretful.
So again, I tried to hide all these thoughts and try not to think about it.

My another friend called me and told me it's not too late to get back into the tournament.
And that no one will laugh at me for coming back.
Then the feeling of loss came back to me again.
I was in two minds, to go or not to go?

And then again, I can't believe I give up my last chance of being in the tournament.
I said that it is alright, I've made up my mind not to go already.
I told my friend to take my place instead.

That moment was ......... heartwrenching.
I really feel like breaking down.

And now I am confused.
Have I made the right choice?
Or have I wasted an opportunity that was presented to me?

Sigh, what's the point of brooding over it now?
I can't take anything I did back.

Oh, in case you're wondering whether I got promoted for Taekwondo.
Well, I did.
But mine wasn't double promotion.
Who cares? For the J1s, out of about 50plus students with white belts, only a girl got double promotion.
I am contented that I passed already.Anyway, I know my PW grouping already.
Raine, Shazwan, Kumar, Randy and I.
Okay okay lo.

Okay, I am ending this emo entry now.
Gonna numb myself by practising on Mathematics Questions, there's Lecture Test tomorrow.
And also to cry myself to sleep so that I will feel better.

I hope I'd feel better when I wake up tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#83 - Bloody 307

Tomorrow's taekwondo grading results, nervous ahhhhh!

I had dinner with May, Lili and Tarday (Half of SHRIMS SS) at PizzaHut today.
And so we ate, gossiped, ate and caught on with our lives.

Then we parted.

And here's where my whole chunk of complaining starts.
I wasted 17 minutes of my life waiting for that damn 307. I have no freaking idea why it took so long to arrive. I'd bet the 3 of them were already home by the time the bus arrived. I even counted the numbers of other buses that arrive before that 307 did. Throughout the whole 17 minutes, one 985, three 975, two 925, three 172 and two 190 passed me by. That's a whole of ELEVEN buses, for goodness sake.

I don't get it, there's considered quite a lot of 307 circulating in the Choa Chu Kang to Teck Whye's route and the route is considered short. So why does it have to take so long to arrive? Please note that it doesn't happen only one time, these has happened to me for more than like 5 times already? Whatthehell, maybe I should go to SBS/Transitlink/whatsoever to complain about it or something. :/

And sometimes, I notice that some bus drivers will purposely park at the Bus Carpark there just to wait till there are a lot of 'bus-patrons' waiting at the bus stops before driving to them. Damn, what if one of the 'bus-patrons' is rushing for time? I mean it's not just one 'bus-patron' there, it's like around 4-5. They just continue sitting comfortably in their air-conditioned bus, while we, the 'bus-patrons' wait impatiently at the bus-stands perspiring like mad.

I really hate this man, but I guess there's nothing I can do about it other than ranting everything over here at my blog huh. I mean, I can't boycott 307 or something, there's no other public buses which can take me to Lot 1/Yew Tee, unless I decide to walk, which is very rare.

Well, know what?
Maybe I should just walk home next time.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

#82 - Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.

More than a million brain cells were killed in the process of completing my Maths Tutorial 4.

It's not hard, but it requires lots of thinking and figuring out how to apply the formulas etc. I swear I'd grow a few more strands of white hair, not that I need it huh.

2 study 'dates' today, one with May, Sourheart and Tarday and the other with Kunda, Eugene and a few others which I don't think turn up in the end. One was at 11am and the other was at 12pm.

I rejected both, reasons being:

1. I woke up at 11am today. (11hours of sleep, damn shiok!)
2. My whole body was aching all over, serious, whole body. Except for my face. (Thanks to PE yesterday.)
3. I was too lazy to get dressed etc to go out of the house.
4. I doubt I would get anything done if I had gone out.
5. Going out means spending money for me and I am currently saving up.

Speaking of saving up, remember I mentioned before that I haven't been saving money since the start of school? Well, now I learnt my lesson.

I eat less in school now and thus I save more money. In three days, I've saved 11bucks already, a miracle for me, who spends money like drinking water. At this rate, I can save up my 1000 bucks in a short time. Plus plus, I can lose weight at the same time. Say yay man! :D

Happy Sexy Seventeen, Yunhui!

Stop being so bimbotic and hope you become wiser and faster in response (which both will be kind of hard for you) as another year passes. :)
Please stop being so zhong se qing you okay, or I will give you a flying kick.
Don't play play hor, I know my stuff in taekwondo! :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

#81 - If it's meant to be, then it's worth it all.

Caught 17 Again with May and Sourheart at JP today.

The movie was nice, and I love it, especially with many scenes where Zac Efron is in. :D:D

And throughout the movie, May was saying Timothy looks like Zac or that Zac reminds her of Timothy, somewhere along the lines. Haha and Sourheart and I were like eew, no. LOL.

Haha hot shit right!

Note: I wasn't insulting him, hot shit is just my way of describing people whom I think is hot and gorgeous.

P/S: I don't care if you don't like Zac and is prejudiced towards him. (:

Oh by the way, we didn't catch Confessions Of A Shopaholic since it wasn't being aired at Causeway, Westmall or JP. Only at Lot 1 which to the 2 of them seems pathetic. Yeah, 17 Again was our second choice and I didn't regret watching it. :D


PE was tiring today and my arm muscles are aching due to 30 inclined pull-ups, idk how many lunges and 30 dips, mini shuttle run and 6 rounds on the tracks. I got a feeling I'd wake up aching all over tmrw.

Anyway, I still can't get over the fact that my brother (that skinny little guy who is severely underweight and has got bamboo-stick sized legs *serious*) can complete his 2.4km in 11mins. O.O I also want, why life so unfair?! (inserts long string of vulgarities)

Thoughts of you ran across my mind.
For a moment, I thought you were dead.
It scared the shit hell out of me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

#80 -

During Taekwondo training today, Sourheart said this to me:

"Why am I even touching you? Touch me, touch me."

Haha, don't think wrongly. We learnt unarmed combat today and one of us has to be the defender while the other be the attacker. Since I am the attacker, I was supposed to like hit her on her shoulder. Lol.

Don't get it nevermind.

Haha, anyway SAJC guys came to JJC again! <3

But I only caught sight of them for a while before they left with the soccer girls back to school. Only 6 guys turned up this time, and there were 2 hot ones. :D

Anyway, to somebody, get well soon and drink more water. (:

Monday, April 13, 2009

#79 -

A: (talking to B) Walau, your handwriting like shit leh.
Shufen: Eh, don't insult shit leh.


School starts again, the usual thing.

One word: Sian.

Till now, I still can't believe I am studying in a JC. Very weird to accept this fact. Lol.

Friday, April 10, 2009

#78 - Hair Cut and Movies

I cut bob! (not kidding)

I went to the hairdresser just now with the intention of trimming my hair and end up getting a bob, not that I wanted it to happen.

The hairdresser just asked me if I wanted the sides a little slanted and so I said fine. After that, she told me she was done and asked me to check whether it was okay. Since I wasn't wearing spectacles while she was cutting my hair, I didn't notice she cut my hair that short. :X

My first reaction when I wore my spectacles and looked into the mirror was classic. I gasped, yes, really and my jaw was hanging wide. And I smiled I told her it was okay. ZZZ.

Anyway, it is not really that bob either, with the back a little bit ... weird. Aiya, Idk how to explain lah.

It is very weird seeing myself in the new haircut and I'd bet if it is like this to me, it would be so for those who know me. :( Guess they will just have to get accustom to my new look and I would have to prepare to bear all those teasings in school next Monday then.

If you're wondering how my bob looks like from the side, here they are. It is not really that clear since I took it with my webcam. LOL. (I purposely made the photos small.)

Argh, I am starting to miss my old hair already despite having bad hair days everyday with it! :(


Hair problem aside, there have been many good movies lately, and many which I have to watch!

These 2 below are a must-watch! (at least for me anyway.)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which only comes out in July 16!

X-Men Orgins: Wolverine!

Below are a few worth considering...

17 Again, starring Zac Efron! Whooo, pardon me, but I think he's hot as much as you hate me for saying it. The truth is right in front of your eyes! :D

Confessions of a Shopaholic. (Ignore the date, I sourced for the poster from Google.)
Most probably watching with May and Sourheart. :D

Night At The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian.
The first one was okay, but Idk about this one. What if it was something similar to the first? :X

Okay I am done updating.

(randomly sourced from Google)

Happy Good Friday to all, gonna end here for my steaming bowl of noodles awaits me! :D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

#77 - The Problem With Boys

afiqah: Haha okay! :D
Salihin: I've changed, please change the name too, it's getting on my nerves.
afiqah: Every wednesday? Why? Haha, you'd most probably see me in my taekwondo gi then! (:
nurul: I think those I saw are from J2. Lol, and I saw Billy Wong as well.
Argh, boys are just so (feel in the blank).

While you are busy chatting or (most of the time, in my case) gossiping with your friends, they like to pretend to be emo/staring blankly into space/deep in thought and not get involved in the conversation but yet they are eavesdropping at the same time.

How do I know?

If you said something wrong, they will turn their heads to your direction and try to catch you for your mistake/try to correct you. Like totally. (rolls eyes)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#76 - Well-Wishing

Good luck to all those J2 taking their PW results tmrw!

(Especially those cute and good looking ones.

Okay I was joking.

Good luck to all!


Random: SAJC VS JJC women's soccer match today.

Out of ten, there's like 9 hot and good looking ones!

May you get the result you desire.
Good luck to you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

#75 -

I am disgusted/irritated by a lot of things.

1. Some asshole got into House Council.
2. I am going crazy coming up with ideas for PI.
3. The PI exhibition clashes with my Taekwondo training and to me, both are of importance.
4. I failed my Maths Test by just one and a half mark.
5. I have trouble deciding whether to sing an English/Chinese song for Talentime 2009.
6. We'll be changing Ezlink cards tmrw and they might put some primary school photo as replacement.
7. I have not save any money (really zero) since the start of school, 2 February 2009.

Monday, April 6, 2009

#74 - Kaching Kaching

I only know that there are awesome prizes given out to winners of JJ's Talentime 2009 today.
I merely took part because I was interested.

You may be wondering how awesome they are?

Let me tell you. They consist of cold hard...


Last year's first prize was $100 and now they have raised it to $400 for the first in vocal solo. The second will receive $200 and the third will receive $100.


What's more, the overall winner, which means the winner from the vocal solo, vocal group, dance solo and dance group gets to walk away with $1000!!!

OMG, plus their previous winnings, that would be like a lot for a school-held competition.

JJ Rock-On man!