Thursday, March 31, 2011

#384 -

Sigh, have been sick for the week, down with flu plus sore throat. :(
Worst sore throat in my whole life.
Drank so much water (like 5 bottles) everyday but still no use.

So sad and down I even thought too much that I maybe got throat cancer. *choy, touch wood*
The symptoms of that and sore throat are so similar. (I went to Google it)

Been a long time since I was last sick.
Must be the sick bug that is coming around.
People around me are sick too.

Now I am too lazy to even talk and I cannot sing in the showers anymore.
Nuu. :'(

Heading down to Taka later after work to hand in timesheets and then to ION to get the shoes I am eyeing.
Hopefully retail therapy can make me feel better. :)
If not, I'd pay a visit to the doctor!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#383 - Well Spent Day

2 meet ups with different groups of people in just one day = tired die me.
But my time was well spent!

Last Saturday was my first time trying Gong Cha!
Very WOLS I know.
Well, there is always a first time. :)

So many choices and I ended up ordering milk tea with pearls!

Althought it's my first time trying Gong Cha, I can say it's definitely better than KOI.
KOI is so overrated.
The different milktea flavours all taste the same to me!
And Gong Cha is way cheaper!

I wanna try I Love Taimei next time!
With its taiwan snacks and bubble tea. :D

Flea at HomeClub located by the Singapore River!

My first time going to a flea too.
Now I feel like a suaku, having so many first times! ._.

Not much stuff to see over there though because it's a small flea.

Sat down on the steps by the river to admire the view.
It'd be a pretty sight if it was night time.

So scary lah, no barriers no nothing, just steps leading to the river!

Headed to Clementi Mall later and found out there's going to be a Seoul Garden outlet opening there! (Y)
Yay, no more having to go to the same old one at Causeway Point!

Dinner with another group of people after heading home to wash up!
Those guys made me wait 30mins for them, @&*%)^@$!

Pastamania for dinner and headed to Haiqel's house for games.

Lots of laughter with people suspecting/killing each other randomly because they hate one another in the game.

Fruitful day spent with people I love = tired but happy me.
*happy sigh*

Monday, March 28, 2011

#382 -

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#381 -

Hello! :)
This is a update-a-little-with-the-photos-taken-in-my-camera entry.

Been waking up with one single eyelid and one double eyelid lately. 

o.O literally.

Had my virgin try at Frolick the other day!
One free topping and I requested for fruity pebbles.
So dumb dumb, should have asked for the more expensive ones like fruits!

Love the seats at the Frolick outlet near Westmall. :)
Got swing somemore! 

Smiling uneasily because it was somewhat a candid shot plus I was afraid of breaking the swing.
Hahahahha! :X

I want to have this type of swing in my future home someday! :D

Luncher/dinch at Pizza Hut after that.
Long time since I ate there.

 Hut's Platter's now different with the scallop rolls and calamari rings.
Baked Rice used to have only green capsicums and not red ones.
It's been long!

Then again, last time during secondary school days, we were able to scoop our soup of the day on our own.
Love times like that where we got to scoop up more 料!
 And then there's the $6.50 student meal deal at Pizza Hut where I used to have with the girls in Secondary 2!

Sigh, miss those times!


I missed Earth Hour yesterday!
Was having dinner with SHRIMS Extended at Pastamania, update a bit soon. :)

-ends abruptly-

Friday, March 25, 2011

#380 - Updates

Hello all, I am 凤飞飞's sister, 凤走走. *rofl*

Finally settled my applications for university, NTU and SMU yesterday.
It's like the burden is lighter now that I've cleared most of it.
SMU, quick! Call me for interview!

Thanks Lynette for all the help in printing and processing payment! :)

Now I am just waiting praying hoping that I get the acceptance letter informing me that I am successful in the application of courses I desire most and not a letter telling me that I've been rejected etc. Many people who score better results than me have applied for SIM and it's making me consider applying for it.

But on second thoughts, it's like not worth it? So expensive (rich asses shut up), and although it's a just-in-case route, I think most of them will get accepted into local universities so what for? Then again, it's the just-in-case route.

Okay whatever, if I continue arguing with myself, I'd start talking in circles.

Anyway, I think I need some dose of retail therapy soon, have been controlling the urge to get a lot of new stuff for very long.
Tops dresses rings wedges sandals flats and many more.

PS: Anyone free this Saturday (i.e. tmrw) to go out with me? Haha.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

#379 - Happy Birthday

(Photos taken around 3-4 years ago)

Happy birthday, Mumsy! :)
May you stay COOL and many happy returns!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#378 - Nature

Captured this just minutes ago.

Very pretty sight.
Prettier if you were to see it with your own eyes.
It looked more orange in real life than compared to the photo which is slightly pinkish.

One thing I love about sunsets or even sunrises:
I see them almost everyday (my house has a strategic location where I can see sunrises from the corridor and sunsets from my kitchen) but I never get sick of them because they will never be the same every single time. And they never fail to take my breath away and make me go 'omg omg omg wow wow wow.'

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#377 - SH_IM_ SS Meet Up

 Dinner at Swensens with this bunch of crazy people the other day, the SHRIMS SS!

Initially it was supposed to be a SHRIMS SS Extended meet up, and ended up, only the shrimmies turned up!
Well 6 of the 8 shrimmies actually with Roger and Salihin not present.
So it should be called a SH_IM_ SS outing technically!

Food food food!
If you're hungry, just faster scroll down, lol.

This is what I ordered: Crayfish Pasta.
Look so big but actually nothing.
The meat inside the crayfish (they gave two) is like equals to two prawns one.
 I feel cheated, Pastamania is DEFINITELY better. 

 All food looked yummy but they're only mediocre.
I think Swensens is only nice for their desserts actually. :/

As usual, the table was full of laughter, I laughed till I cried man.
What's with all the teasings, jokes, and funny encounters everyone share.

Man I miss those times the 8 of us used to study together at night in school.
Going to Limbang/Ananas at Lot 1 to tapau dinner.

And we all used to have our lanyard nametags (girls) also.
*rummages through my Livejournal archives*
Pardon the poor image quality, I blogged with 2mp photos back then.

Headed to Mac after that because Isaac wanna *cough* treat us ice cream. :D

 Hehe Sourheart so cute!

 Thanks Isaac! :)

Took so long for them to settle down to take a group photo and then we faster zao after that because many people were staring already!

So sad that it's not the full SHRIMS SS. :(

Camwhore on the way back...
 Cause we are crazy like that. <3

Might be meeting this bunch of crazy peeps again soon for fun and notyourcommonkind of board games at Haiqel's house soon!
Can't wait. :D

Anyway, I got 2 items for myself while waiting for the rest to arrive that day!
Love love, so easily contented, happy sigh. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

#376 - Bored Die Me

Updated: Laptop fixed!

As you would have known by now, my com died on me one fateful day.

So here's what I've been doing all those days when I go home.

1. Pick Up Sticks

You can never get sick of these.
If I don't remember wrongly, this game has been around since my mum's era.
Wow it's older than me!

At night when there's absolutely nothing to do (tv shows are kind of boring nowadays), my mum will join my brother and I on the floor and we would start playing.
Love times like these. :)

Too bad my dad is not really a family person and he is always busying himself cleaning the dishes, clearing the rubbish etc.
Well, can't be blamed, I think he has a little of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is more towards the cleaning area.
And I also think that I inherited some parts of that. :/

2. Monopoly Deal
I don't have to explain what this is right.

Unless you are like one of my friend who never heard of this before.
When I told her the other day I brought Monopoly Deal, she looked at my bag, noticing it's not that huge and asked me where I kept the board.

3. Magic Tricks
Took part in Project Smile, an IDP Programme during JC days and was given this magic kit for free.

Did my best at trying to recall what tricks I learnt then and perform them.
Quite fail though, because I only remember bits and pieces.
Maybe one of these days when I am free, I'd go learn them online.

4. Books
Yes that's Enid Blyton. :P
I read his books when I was in primary one okay!
Borrowed for nostalgic reasons. *excuses*

I love reading books.
But I am too lazy to read those meant for my age.
I think the story is too long and the content is like super dry.
Everytime I read that kind of books, I confirm will doze off.

So I always visit the young people section and borrows books mean for the 16 years old kids.
They're easier to read and don't require me using too much of my brain.
Eh what, don't judge me.

5. Eat
 My brother and I would cook instant noodles or rummage the drawers for food.
Above photo is something that my brother whipped up by mixing flour, egg, butter and sugar together.
And it tasted surprisingly good. :)

Or I'd get food from outside!

Guess I am really a no life person.
Boring to the core when I don't have the Internet.

And you must be really bored to have read this entry to the end.
Good day! :)