Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#383 - Well Spent Day

2 meet ups with different groups of people in just one day = tired die me.
But my time was well spent!

Last Saturday was my first time trying Gong Cha!
Very WOLS I know.
Well, there is always a first time. :)

So many choices and I ended up ordering milk tea with pearls!

Althought it's my first time trying Gong Cha, I can say it's definitely better than KOI.
KOI is so overrated.
The different milktea flavours all taste the same to me!
And Gong Cha is way cheaper!

I wanna try I Love Taimei next time!
With its taiwan snacks and bubble tea. :D

Flea at HomeClub located by the Singapore River!

My first time going to a flea too.
Now I feel like a suaku, having so many first times! ._.

Not much stuff to see over there though because it's a small flea.

Sat down on the steps by the river to admire the view.
It'd be a pretty sight if it was night time.

So scary lah, no barriers no nothing, just steps leading to the river!

Headed to Clementi Mall later and found out there's going to be a Seoul Garden outlet opening there! (Y)
Yay, no more having to go to the same old one at Causeway Point!

Dinner with another group of people after heading home to wash up!
Those guys made me wait 30mins for them, @&*%)^@$!

Pastamania for dinner and headed to Haiqel's house for games.

Lots of laughter with people suspecting/killing each other randomly because they hate one another in the game.

Fruitful day spent with people I love = tired but happy me.
*happy sigh*

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