Thursday, August 31, 2006

teacher's day is coming..
and we are performing tml..
and i am so de jing zhang lahs..
so tml i am supposed to bring an ice-box lahs..
and i duno how i can pass to anyone lohs..
i need to report to sku by 6.35 like toot..
so tml all kranjians [primary 6a] de going back kps mahs?
i am so certain i am going..
i miss my primary school best buddies..

i <3 the smell of the rain..
i <3 the way the raindrops fall..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

puppy power!!
wad a fun way to start a post..
to wake u guys up..
todae was sure a long day to me..
we learnt abt the ACES thing..
wen i dun even need to learn lahs..
cos i am performing..
h0h0.. be sure to root fer me kays? (:
had PE today..
and tat yu liang..
so toot..
promised to rally with me..
den in the end din lohs..
so i had the rally with teo..
so i scored full marks..
yay-ness.. (:
cant rmb lers.. =/
i gort alot alot of things to sae de..
but i gort STM..
toot toot..
todae gort rehearsal..
nort bad..
tml i cant go with the rest fer badz and movie-watching lers..
so de sad..
cos gort the rehearsal tingy..
frm 8-4..
can someone symphatise me?
oh btw..
i gort Incomplete by Backstreet Boys de guitar score..
cool-ness.. ^^
thanks to wei sheng..

P.S you are the one i believe in.. <3

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

todae turned out well.. ((:
i am so very de glad u like it..
whew.. <3


Monday, August 28, 2006

hope u will like it.. (:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

i slept fer straight 14 hrs ytd..
frm 7.30pm - 9.30am..
cos i was so tired..


P.S how i wish.. hais.. just hope that u will like it.. (:

Saturday, August 26, 2006

short short post todae bahs..
nth much to post abt these days..
finally a week of less stress lahs..
cos less homework..
last week compared was hell.
anyway, i've been good and i rmb to bring kinder brueno today.. ((:
and the 1st packet was finished up in less than a min time?
as in all the bars were like given away..
den no more liaos..
nvm lahs..
i owe them de mahs..
i am done..
short post promised.. ^^

P.S should i or should i nort? hais..

Friday, August 25, 2006

so i am back..
i guessed KSB did well ytd nite huhs..
din cheer fer them in blog cos thr was a slight error in blogger.. =X
todae went to Singapore Poly todae..
[sry guys. i forgot the kinder brueno treat. =X]
so it was ok i guess..
but the talk was kinda boring..
cos i dun get anything at all..
duno wad diploma wad de..
den thr was this treasure hunt game..
it was quite lame actually..
but my grp was enthu kays?
we gort to the destination first.. ((:
yay-ness.. =D
but we gort third lahs..
and we gort a pathetic pen and two forrero rocher..
and i gave them to ah gong and ah ma..
cos i dun really like them lahs..
preferred Cadbury or MnM..
back hme on the bus was fun..
when we joked ard..
except when the joke is on me..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

todae gort hme ec practical test..
and i tink i seriously suck at it lahs..
i was like shouting blah lohs..
eg: ehhs.. why my water haven boil yet?
ehhs.. my meat cook ler mahs?
ehhs.. my cabbage haven cook yet hohs?
i have nvr really cook a proper meal before lahs..
i cant even cook instant noodles on my own like can..
so diu lian..
den it was tasting time..
jia zhi's one is super-uber nice lohs..
somemore the rice is in a pineapple lahs..
so creative huhs?
todae pe was fun lahs..
and i flunked my practical fer the badminton..
heng gort retest lahs..
den assembly gort bag-check..
but as i sae, i am guai..
so i din bring anything..
and mr teo is good..
he gives ppl chance.. (:


i cried ytd night..


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

today ah..
nth much happened lehs..
jus found out tat our overnight chalet is gona be held at Changi..
i am afraid..
so fine lohs..
and i shall thank some ppl todae..
(in alphabetical order)
- thanks ah lii fer letting me grab ur arm so de tight wen we were listening to ghost stories.. (:
- thanks chin seng fer scaring me.. lols.. (:
- thanks dex fer helping me tune my guitar.. (:
- thanks nat fer letting me photocopy de badminton ws.. (:
- thanks shunting fer letting me scare u.. (:
- thanks vernon fer lending me tissue? hahas.. (:
- thanks yu liang fer the sweet.. (: [i promised to bring kinder brueno on wed..]
- thanks yvonne fer the 'MnM'.. hahas.. (:
{-pls do tag to sae NP.. hahas.. xP-}
and i have been sabotaged again by another cous of mine..

1. Do the followings without complains.
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you have completed yours.
3. Leave a tag on dat person's blog and say you've been tagged.

Favourite Colour: BLACK and baby blue tgt with baby pink. (:
Favourite Food: Almost everything that i have tasted lahs.. buden hohs.. somehow eating with ur best buds, even yucky food will oso taste nice.. =D
Favourite Movie: ehhs.. I NOT STUPID TOO.. cos it touches me to tears.. and oso MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND.. it's so funny lahs.. xD
Favourite Sports: Badminton.. Cycling.. (:
Favourite Day of the Week: ehhs.. i super love THURSDAY!!! cos it's laughing day mahs.. =D
Favourite Ice-Cream: Cornetto.. and Solero.. WEET WEET x))
Favourite TV Show: dun tink have bahs.. =X
Current Mood: HIGH.. HELL, YEAH.. ^^
Current Taste: nth lohs.. wad to sae? hahas..
Current Desktop: Baby photos.. so kawaii lohs.. (:
Current Dressing: Shirt and Pants lahs.. casual mahs.. =.-
Current Toe Nail Colour: Normal lohs.. i am guai de kays? =D
Current Time: 7.24pm
Current Thoughts: When is eh giam coming online??!! i wan send her my HE coursework de.. *arbish*
First Best Friend: cant rmb.. it was shuyi i tink..
First Crush: WJ in K2.. HAHAs.. tat was infatuation i guess.. lols..
First Movie: cant rmb lehs.. SHEESH..
First Lie: Do i look as though i have a good memory? come'on.. i gort STM lehs.. how can rmb? =X
First Music: Twinkle twinkle little star.. and ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ lohs.. waahs.. so breath-taking..
Last Cigarette: dun have lahs.. like i sae before i am guai de.. somemore i hate the smell of smoke lahs..
Last Music: I Still by Backstreet Boys.. (:
Last Car Ride: Last sat bahs.. on the bus hme frm the TV studio lohs..
Last Crush: does this means tat u dun like the person anymore? erm.. mister mos lohs.. if now as in still like.. is mister slow lahs.. wakakas~
Last Phone Call: ehhs.. yili bahs..
Last CD played: Jay Chou de bahs.. i was busy ripping them.. cos yili lent me alot.. =X
Have You Dated One of Your Best Friends? as in wad? hang out? gort lahs.. DUH.. if is *ahem* tat type, den no lahs.. i am nort les kays? ^^
Have You Broke A Law? ehhs.. does throwing down of the drink packet? i nearly did tat lahs.. tat time.. but i din.. i am guai again.. so is no.. hahas.. so long-winded.. (:
Have You Ever Been Arrested? no lahs.. siiaos.. =.=
Have You Been Skinny Dipped? HELL. wad is this man? i heard it before.. but forgot lers.. toot toot.. =S
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Duno? of course nort lahs.. whr gort ppl siiao siiao anyhow go kiss stranger de? IMMEDIATE ADMISSION TO IMH UH. XP



Monday, August 21, 2006

wo zai yi ci xian ru ler bei ai de kun jing..
i have jus read someone blog..
and i feel depressed again..

my instinct came true & i hate u for it.
i cant forgive u now..
let time heal this wound instead.
forgive me if i feign ignorance.
i am getting better and better lers..
or u can sae my feelings are back..
and i am chging my skin soon..
so well..
ytd was a grrrrrreat nite hars..
went to 'It's Showtime' thingey..
it was quite fun and exciting i guessed..
though it wasnt my first time thr lers..
the first time was tat time wen i went with ah nat they all to support zhiyang..
before we gathered in sku..
ah nat and i met out with simlin and ah li to have our early dinner..
at Sakae Sushi..
and we shopped oso lahs..
simlin was laughing all the way lahs..
and she spit out again..
and then ah li oso..
ah nat and i were so ke lian..
simlin spit at me lahs..
heng nort alot lohs..
ah nat's skirt was stained with simlin's soup..
den elaine came to meet with us..
and noe sth lame we did?
u noe the Mini Toons' Gummy Bag?
we bought that, full of sweets inside..
den if i din rmb wrongly, ah nat they all went to put it on the 'i-forgot-wad's-that-called' and let it move one big round..
i duno whether they really did tat lahs..
den it came back untouched i guess..
the bill came out as $60++
and we had a hard time counting the amt of money we had to pay lahs..
and while we were busy figuring out, we saw our klas guys and some gers..
so we walked to sku..
and we were taught the cheers.. =.=
and den we boarded the bus..
and mr.chua's son is so cute can..

on the way, i've gort motion sickness..
and simlin was like asking me nort to puked..
ltr bits of udon come out..
on the way there..
saw alot of nice nice hses..
so damn glamourous and WOW is the only word i can tink of to describe it lahs..
den we reached the MediaCorp thr lers..
alot of ppl..
and den we had to wait..
toot lahs..
we finally got to be sitted..
and wen we settled down..
the SSC seniors duno why lohs..
go gan zou my ah gong and ah ma..
i am so angry lahs..
jus ask them to go up and sit lohs..
which i duno wad's the difference of them sitting on top lahs..
NO OFFENCE though..
jus helping my ah gong and ah ma da bao bu ping mahs..
so unfair lahs..
so overall our sku did ok i guess..
and yong kian looked so shuai lahs..
so different..
i tink he should spike his hair more lahs..
so the show ended quite late..
and almost everyone was tired..
so am i..
so ta-daas~
oh btw.. ah li and simlin wore one of each other's shoes ytd.. and den they were passing it ard.. and i was eating my bread.. they did nort respect my ke lian de bread.. which is already squashed.. =X

P.S. yours nort mine.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

it's fri todae..
and the loads of hmework keep coming..
i cant handle it anymore..
my hmework list is getting longer and longer..
i have officialy breakdown..
fer like 3 times lers..
and oni vernon saw it bcos he was sitting nxt to me..
i feel tat i am going to breakdown again soon..
everything seems like words and just words to me now..
and i feel like dying.. i duno why..

this aside.. i gort chosen fer the role i wan in SYF.. but somehow i dun feel happy at all.. i feel like a cold-blooded animal.. and we learnt how to do combat todae.. to defend.. it was fun but i cant feel the 'highness' anymore.. i have no emotions anymore other than jus cry.. and thks to the table tennis ppl fer letting us have the mats and ur cant practise bcos of us.. ok.. i am ending my post now.. i dun feel like typing lers..

P.S. dun spite me anymore.. i had enough..
everything happy tat happened to me seems like a dream..
when i woke up, everything is gone..

Friday, August 18, 2006

siians ah..
this week is very tiring fer me..
and it's taking my life le lahs..
toot toot again..
had 3 tests in a row todae in 2 periods..
actually supposed to be 4 tests de..
but we wasted quite alot of time..
actually i wana upload a quiz fer u guys to do de..
buden.. i mus understand tat even me, myself has no time to my homework..
so i guess u guys oso gort no time to do lahs..
see i am so considerate rites?
yepps.. hahas.. =D

Thursday, August 17, 2006

toot toot toot toot toot..
these wk so much hmewerk..
den very de STRESSED..
lemme list down the hmewerk we have..

- Maths SP 10B and 10C.. more than 10 qns.. (done halfway lers..)
- Study for Maths Test on Similarities and Congrency, Pythagoras' Theorem, and Motion Geometry.. somemore still gort speed test on the squares and cubes things.. with algebra included.. OH GAWD.
- History Worksheet
- History asknlearn question..
- History Reliability Worksheet..
- Lit 25 marks paper..
- Home Economics Coursework.. (done halfway)

and i dun feel like doing it lohs..
i feel like dying..

P.S i am sorry but can u wipe off that digusted look on ur face?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

freak.. i mean toot..
okaes.. i cant sae freak anymore..
cos jia zhi tinks it's kinda vulgar..
h0h0.. fine lohs.. dun sae lahs..
yarrs.. i was toot-ing abt lit..
tat STOOPID Macbeth..
STOOPID Macbeth..
STOOPID Macbeth..
yepps.. i tink i am seriously gona flunked it lahs..
den it's like one qn hohs..
divided into 3 parts lahs..
den whole qn 25 marks..
toot toot toot..

Monday, August 14, 2006

322th post..
tat sure was fast..
in the midst of doing the STOOPID home economics coursework which i have like no idea why is thr a need fer tat..
nvm.. i'll be good and jus do so tat i wun fail my home econs. ugh.. =X
and den hohs..
thr's lit ct tml..
i duno wad to study lahs..
i jus spent like less than half an hr trying to force my brain to rmb the notes given by LLY..
yepps.. and i sorta gort it..
and i dun even noe tat Macbeth was a guy..
i alwys tot he was a ger..
sia lahs..
i was like telling himbo lohs..
tat time..
and i guessed he was shocked bahs..
cant really rmb..
so malu rites?
shall end here now..
cos i shall be good..
and mug hard fer my lit tml and oso try to complete most of my HE coursework.. (:

Sunday, August 13, 2006

kena sabo by my cous pei wen to do this.. hmpf.. if din do, she gona wack my butts.. [ du zui ] =.=

1. Full Name: Chua Shu Fen
2. Name Backwards: neF uhS auhC
3. Were you named after someone? : i dun tink so bahs.. hahas..
4. Meaning of name: absolutely no idea..
5. Nickname: alot lehs.. `crybaby.. fen.. shun.. hahas..
6. Stage Name: -NIL-
7. DOB: 17 December 1992.. [ rmb my present (:]
8. Place of Birth: Mount Alvernia..
9. Nationality: Singaporean
10. Current location: inside the master bedroom in front of the com's monitor..
11. Starsign: Sagittarius..
12. Religion: Buddhist..
13. Height: 155 cm.. dun laugh..
14. Weight: 45kg bahs..
15. Shoe Size: 7..
16. Hair Color: Black..
17. Eye Color: hazel brown..
18. Who do you look like? : some sae i look like my mum, while some sae i look like my dad.. whatever lahs.. i look normal with a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a nose and a mouth.. (:
19. Inner or outtie: outtie definitely..
20. Lefty or rightie: rightie lahs..
21. Gay/bi/staright or others? : straight lahs.. of course..
22. Best Friends: natasha, yili, yinting..
23. Best Frend you trust most: duno lehs.. no idea..
24. Favourite pals: jia zhi.. pei wen.. yepps..
25. Best friend of opp sex: herhs.. =D
26. Best buddies: on top those lahs..
27. Boyfriend/girlfriend: no one lahs..
28. Crush: herhs.. =D mister slow counted?
29. Parents: two? duh.. =.=
30. Enemy: dun have bahs.. hahas..
31. Favourite online guy: dun really have.. hahas.. but ah ma and ah gong alwys kajiao me de..
32. Favourite online girl: alot lehs.. ^^
34. Craziest friends: yili and nat!! =D
35. Advise friends: jia zhi and yili..
36. Loudest friend: yili and yinting!!! yili laughs very loud in the cinema.. den yinting talks loudly.. yepps..
37. Person you cry with: jia zhi and yili again.. alwys by my side.. yepps..
38. Sis: dun have.. so de sad..
39. Bro: 1.. naughty and everything..
40. Pets: nahs..
41. Any diseases? : uh-uh.. i am healthy.. (:
42. Pager: HARLO? now is 21st century lo.. still gort pager mehs??
43. Personal foneline: yepps.. if u count hp lahs..
44. Cellphone: have.. duh.. nokia one.. i wan chge lahs..
45. Lava lamp: am i supposed to sae whether i've gort one or sth? no lahs..
46. Pool or hot tub?: it's gona be pool fer me..
47. Car: sad to sae.. i am oni 13+.. wait long long ah..
48. Personality: go to the top right thr.. read my profile.. den u can see le lo..
49. Driving?: like i mention.. i am oni a mere 13+ old ger.. how can i drive??!!
50. Dream car: ferrari.. HAHAs..
51. Room: VERY messy but i noe whr the things are kept..
52. What is missing?: ehh.. i duno lehs.. =X
53. Sch: KPS >> KSS [once a kranjian, alwys a kranjian (:]
54. Bed: single size.. with alot of pillows.. =D
55. Relationship with parents: hai hao lahs..
56. Believe in yourself: well.. depends..
57. Believe love at first sight: nort really.. =X
58. Good listener: yepps.. trust me.. hahas..
59. Get along well with parents?: shld be bahs..
60. Save msn conversations?: auto saved de..
61. Pray: yupps..
62. Believe in reincarnation: eh.. i tink so bahs.. sheesh..
63. Make fun on people: [nods head like thr's no tml] YESH.. =D
64. Likes talking on phone: erm.. ok lahs.. prefer to sms/chat online.. but hohs.. talking on phone seems more sincere or sth.. hahs..
65. Want to get married: long long way to go.. i nvr think tat far..
66. Want to drive? : yadadas` i wan.. ^^
67. Motion sickness: last time dun have de.. now seldom travel ard in car.. den gort lers.. but if thr's mint sweet, it wuld be gone.. hehes.. =D
68. Eat stem of broccoli: of course.. broccoli is so nice can..
69. Eat chicken with fork: erm.. ok lahs.. when wana impress some ppl den used bahs.. hahs.. usually i eat it with my hands..
70. Dream color: baby blue and baby pink tgt.. it's like wah.. miracle.. ^^
71. Type in ur fingers in home roll: wad the toot is this??!!
72. Sleep with stuffed toys: yepps.. one nia.. =.=
73. Next to you now is a: whr? which side?
74. Walls of your room: it's white.. actually last time is white with bits of blue.. den my dad painted it over.. so de sad..
75. On your mousepad: air.. cos i din put my mouse on it.. =D
76. Dream car: i tot jus now ans lers? weirdo..
77. Dream date: nort sure.. mus be sweet and romantic de.. so can rmb fer a lifetime.. hahas..
78. Dream honeymoon spot: hmm.. hawaii? lols..
79. Dream husband/wife: no one lahs..
80. Bedtime: 10 plus.. i slp early.. cant stay up too late.. if nort i will automatically doze off de.. duno why..
81. Under your bed: an iron.. air.. dust.. lohs..
82. Single most important questions: wad is this??!! huhs?
83. Bad time of the day: when i try to be happy when i am nort.. yepps..
84. Worst fear: a doll tat can blink its eyes coming in the night to kill me.. i will be scared to death before it even kill me.. LOL..
85. The weather: rainy days.. but is drizzling tat type..
86. Time: 6 sharp..
87. Date: 12 August 2006
88. Best trick did on someone: tat time ah nat and i went to trick ah ma and dex.. hahas.. it was so fun.. till now they still duno tat they've been tricked.. eh.. ah ma noes lers.. hahas..
89. Theme song: dun have..
90. Hardest time of growing: learning how to be independent.. den learning how to control my emotions well.. which i cant lahs..
91. Funniest experience: cant rmb.. STM..
92. Scariest experience: when i was reading in the room, the curtains suddenly jus closed when the room was enclosed lahs, window locked, everyting.. my reaction was jus to continue reading.. hahas..
93. Silliest thing i have said: alot lahs..
94. Most despo & funniest thing i hav said in front of de opp sex: nvr lahs.. i am nort desperate.. LOL..
95. Scariest thing when you are with your friends: dun have lahs.. and hope will nvr have.. (:
96. Worst feeling: when i am so stressed up and i duno wad to do lahs..
97. Best feeling: have.. like during CFN and NDP lohs..

- natasha!!

- yili!!

- yinting!!

whews.. finally done.. wasted so much of my precious time.. *arbish*

Friday, August 11, 2006

project project at my hse.. =D
with ah nat, yili and yinting.. hahas..
yinting was late.. *arbish*
i get it..
she gort xin shang ren lers.. xP
mostly we were crapping lahs..
and oso taking video of ourselves..
ego-ist.. h0h0..
but we gort do kays?
i did the most..
i pasted.. =D
yupps.. we did a collage..
it's nice kays? (:
zi kua.. hahas..
den went out ltr..
went to watch 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend'..
it's nice kays?
but a little perverted though..
OBSCENE pics lahs..
it was so cold lahs..
den the toilet door kept slamming wen there was no one.. o.0
erm.. den we went to take neos lahs.. x))
the machine was new and there was alot of time..
and i was playing with the machine decos lahs..
yepps.. so fun..
aft tat.. eh..
went library..
see.. so guai.. hahas..
oh ya.. i made a keychain.. S-L-O-W..
hahas.. den went hme lohs..


P.S i will try to sound happy when i can.. (=


i said sorry to u.. if u are clever enough, u shld noe why.. i felt guilty.. yepps.. i am the one at fault.. mostly.. i nvr think before i speak.. and these will alwys lead to rumours rumours and more rumours.. i alwys open the door and u alwys have to close it right after me.. it was nort the rumours tat make ur life difficult.. it was me.. i was the one.. i alwys stand thr helpless while u tried to stop everything.. i felt so useless.. i hope u get was i am trying to express and forgive me.. i will stop.. i can stop.. i must stop.. SORRY.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


i seriously tink i needa post.. to vent my anger.. yepps.. was real angry.. imagine wen u and a guy are being teased wen nth actually happened.. wen boat of us are the innocent parties.. yepps.. wen u did nth.. and wen they kept saying things abt u.. tat nvr happened before.. they nvr give u a chance to protest.. they ranted on and on.. it's OMG. irritating can? i am so utterly disappointed and PISSED OFF with those ppl.. once is funny.. twice is okay with me.. thrice i can endure.. fourth time.. OMG. i can kill u with jus my hands.. bare hands kays? i am so innocent.. i did nth rong.. and he too.. we alwys gort dragged in.. no matter wad.. even if they like totally no link can? i appreciate these jokes, it makes one's life interesting but nort everytime like this.. okays.. fine.. it's wadever to u now.. think it over.. and i am nort going to say anything anymore.. fer all i care.. i dun give it a damn..



Wednesday, August 9, 2006


rawr.. chged my skin again.. blue-ness.. yay.. =D it wuld have been better if there was a black version though.. xP love 2a `06 .. yepps..

everything tat happened todae rocks can.. <3> 2a `06.. okaes.. first.. everyone was in the national day mood.. everyone was wearing red.. so nat and i decided to chge lahs.. yupps.. erm.. saw the UG lahs.. they all looked so smart in their uniform can.. salute!! hahas.. saw the UG marching.. was real neat lahs.. ah gong looked real hilarious lohs.. but too bad he can smile back at us.. yepps.. have to be serious mahs..

den gort concert.. i was so nervous can.. well most of us were lahs.. yepps.. cos we wana show to others tat we can do it.. (= erm.. the dance performance was nice.. the dancers were graceful lahs.. yarrs.. den it's like our turn le lohs.. aft 1B lahs.. duno why.. chge of programme.. yarrs.. i was closed to tears lahs.. cos jing zhang mahs.. den we danced.. yarrs.. the track was rong.. but nvm.. we can do it.. and we did.. i smiled all the way.. was real happy den.. with a slight feeling of nostalgic.. cos like was yili said.. it's the last dance lers.. so sad lahs.. but i din cry..

den it was finally over.. den the choir came to sing.. and the 2a gers and some of the guys sang tgt.. i cried.. h0h0.. typical me lahs.. cos too happy too touched le mahs.. den jj passed us the mike.. everyone was like trying to snatch it lahs.. yarrs.. ah gong was trying hard to sing in a very high voice into the mike and it was so funny can.. den we had klas fotos.. yarrs.. dat sorta ended my national day celebration.. hmm.. was real happy todae lahs..


yawns.. zzz.. i am still so tired and i wana slp.. my mum lohs.. was napping den she go wake me up.. sia lahs.. slp fer only 2hrs nia..

P.S i shuld have ask u. REGRETS~ =X

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

happy <3




Sunday, August 6, 2006


yesh.. today finally gort a chance to go out..
yar.. cos go yinting hse do hist project mahs..
den nat and i went out earlier..
cos we wana buy yongkian, yinting and yu tze pressies..
yepps.. gort boat yinting and yongkian myuk pencilcase..
yu tze a soft toy.. PINK color de.. <333
yarrhs.. den i gort myself a billabong wallet..
erm.. den went to yinting hse..
din really did much..
jus cut some pictures frm the articles lohs..
we were slacking lahs..
while waiting fer yili to 'emerge'..
yarr.. we were joking all the way..
and i tink tat our slogan is cool..
nice hars?
i suddenly tot of it.. (:
yepps.. den ltr went back to lot 1 with yili and nat..
we took neos..
the machine was cool..
we spent fer dunno-how-long min on deco..
den finally decided the neos were okay lers..
and so.. done lohs..
on the way back, nat and i did a gd deed.. =D
an old auntie was asking her way..
like to take wad bus to go to blk 112..
den another lady was like pekchek with her liaos..
so we went forward to help..
yarrs.. den lidat lohs..
we deserved some claps hurs..

Saturday, August 5, 2006

to ah nat: i dun tink u can see penguin flying in real life.. but maybe he can fly fer u.. or maybe if u wana see stars flying, try knocking ur head against the wall, hard..

todae was a real boring day..
although thr are less periods lahs..
but it still seemed so long.. ><
kays.. erm.. actually i duno wad to post lahs..
erm.. yahs.. these days alot of ppl sick..
mostly gort sore throat..
speaking of sore throat, i din go fer ELDDS today..
cos i went to see the doctor.. yepps..
den gort an MC.. yah..
erm.. oh yah.. i jus realised tat i forgot to return jia zhi her key.. oopsie..
hais.. these days alot of hmework oso.. five hmework.. sia lahs.. dying in progress..
somemore tml going out to meet yiniting, yili and nat do project.. yahs..
den shun bian buy yong kian, yinting, yu tze and yvonne's pressies.. gona waste alot of $$$ lo..

Friday, August 4, 2006

i wana do this.. gort frm a ger's blog.. tempted.. HAHAs..

100 facts about me..

1. i am a `crybaby.. DUH.. everyone noes..

2. i love TOY/SLOW.. hahas..

3. i am actually hiao kays? i need a comb with me wherever i go..

4. i played maple and with the help of my bro, i am lvl 60 now.. (:

5. i am scared of the sound made when scratching a bedsheet or sawing/filing things.. they made me feel cold..

6. when i was small, i alwys believed tat when it rains, i will have to sing 'rain, rain, go away' so tat the rain will stop.. =.=

7. i hate ppl who typed like this -- ishh.. yarr l0rrhss.. tuuhh.. muaii.. moii.. EEYER. so de act.. =X

8. i can nvr grow liaos i am short..

9. Maths sucks alot.. until i learnt geometry.. hahs..

10. i hate sms-ing many ppl at the same time.. it makes ur finger go fast.. the feeling is kinda horrible.. and whenever u finished sending one, another msg is received.. u cant rest at all..

11. i hate ppl who beat abt the bush.. jus be straight-forward..

12. when i was small, i tot tat the nurses were the coolest job in the UNIVERSE.. HELL YEAH.. until one day, my grandma told me tat some nurse had to clear the ppl's big job and small job.. EEW..

13. i love spongebob.. and eeyore.. and pooh.. but nort BIGBIRD.. hahas..

14. i like to act stupid..

15. i am afraid of ghosts..

16. i cant really cook.. ):

17. i read Enid Blytons when i was young.. and is a fan of him/her..

18. i love pretending i am a swimmer swimming in the sea, when i am jus doing my actions on the bed.. when i was young lahs..

19. i am SLOW..

20. i am actually nort who many ppl tot of me to be..

21. i wana slim down.. seriously.. although i am nort overweight or wad, but i tink i look fat.. ):

22. i only had one zi-lian photo.. in my 13 yrs of life on earth..

23. i hate honey.. they taste so blah.. x_x

24. i alwys dream tat i will drive in a ferrari someday..

25. i alwys self-praise..

26. i am afraid of dolls tat can oped and close their eyes.. even now.. i am afraid tat it will become alive at night and kill me..

27. i super love Cadbury..

28. i get gold fer NAPFA every year.. and i am proud of tat.. hahas..

29. i swallowed a chewing gum before..

30. i sing when i am bathing.. (:

31. i SERIOUSLY hate green tea and CATS..

32. i alwys get wad i wanted when i was younger.. but nort now, when my bro came into the picture.. ):

33. i eat alot.. and i mean alot.. i once ate a chocolate bar, followed by a cheese bun, den my dinner, den koko krunch with milk and den a bug packet of spicy potato chips.. it's a wonder how come i wasnt full at all.. =.=

34. i like to cut advertisement papers fer 'food' fer masak masak.. xD

35. i slack to live and i live to slack..

36. when i was small, i tot tat ppl have to be old and haggy in order to die..

37. i alwys like a cough medicine which tasted like grape.. i even pretended tat i had a cough to take more of it..

38. i hate sharkfin.. and oso abalone.. sometimes.. if it's without gravy lahs..

39. i was supposed to be bornt on 3 dec 1992 but instead, i became a 'ripe' baby and my b'dae became 17 dec 1992.. interesting huhs?

40. when i was young, all children ard my age alwys have this habit of friending here and there.. or sometimes pretend to friend friend someone.. hahas..

41. i suffered frm STM.. GONECASE somemore..

42. i am the #01 die-hard fan of himbo blog.. =D

43. i was actually stupid enough to brush a penknife's blade pass my hand.. OUCH.

44. i alwys wear my right shoe first before my left's.. it's a habit..

45. i alwys tot wars were cool..

46. i chew food in a circular motion.. unlike yili..

47. i alwys hate waking up early in the morning.. so i alwys count to ten agen and agen.. jus to slp more.. zzz..

48. when i am walking hme alone, i will alwys imagine tat someone is following me closely behind, wanting to kidnap me.. i tot these will make my life more 'thrilling' and make me reach hme earlier.. ><

49. i am afraid of the dark..

50. i watched every episode of power rangers last time..

51. i started wearing specs when i was in primary one..

52. i alwys tot tat DUH was spelt as THE until someone told me the correct spelling in primary four..

53. i love babies.. chubby ones.. (:

54. an old auntie once gave me her seat in the MRT.. hahas..

55. i ate ostrich meat beofre.. it was nuah nuah with a weird taste.. i guess i gort the fatty parts.. ugh.. =X

56. i stopped scolding vulgarities since 250706..

57. i think tat Chicken Little is cute..

58. i hate it when ppl comfort me when i am crying.. it makes me wana cry more..

59. i tasted rain before and it is tasteless..

60. the longest time i can stand without talking was 2 whole hrs.. nort counting those days when i was still a baby.. *CLAP CLAP* i talked alot mahs..

61. i dare to act crazy-stupid-funny-idiotic in front of my best buds but nort in front of my klas.. I AM SHY KAYS?

62. i dun do things fer free.. well.. sometimes maybe.. depends on who the person is lahs..

63. i missed my primary school buddies.. i wana meet out with them again.. (:

64. my fave dress when i was young was a red-black-white one tat comes with a coat/jacket..

65. i am a good listener.. feel free to tell me ur probs.. ^^

66. i admit i alwys zhong se qing you.. yarr.. sry dudes.. xP

67. i am a potential guai-kia.. see the angel's halo on my head? [haha]

68. i hate mangosteens but i love durains.. (:

69. i once had mealworms fer pets.. EEW.. =X

70. i ate noodles in a weird way.. ok.. i have a pair of chopsticks and oso a spoon.. i will first eat the noodles first.. den drink the soup.. den i will put the noodles on the spoon without soup and eat.. den i drink the soup again.. den aft tat, i will put the noodles on the spoon and dipped it into the soup, den i will take it out and it.. aft tat, i will fill the spoon with soup den i will put noodles on it and eat.. funny huhs? it's a habit.. nvm if u dun get it.. i can demo to u nxt time if u wan.. HAHAs..

71. i have a small bei bei.. u noe tat type of bean bag wen u had when u are small? HELL YEAH.. i kept it till now.. very bu she de diu diao.. SHEESH.. =.=

72. i have tortured and killed lives of many.. [YEAH RIGHT] i means fer ants lahs.. LOL..

73. i like watching tv shows with many shuai ge and it's abt love with a happy ending de..

74. i am too emotional.. when i see a gor gor caring fer his mei mei, i will cry.. feel so xin wei lidat..

75. the most number of sms-es i sent in a mth was 1469.. WOW.. o.0

76. i started blogging when more and more ppl has one of their own and i am jealous..

77. honestly, i tink tat 2a`06 rocks.. but tat doesnt mean i am 'showing off' wadever thing u have in ur mind now..

78. i 101% hate bitches.. and oso spammers who dun leave their names behind.. cos if they dare to say wad they wan, why wun they put their BIG names out? freak.

79. i hate ppl who act cute.. when thr's like no link with sth someone had jus said.. it's OH MY GAWD. DO I NOE U? GET IT?

80. i hate it when ppl break their promises.. even for others.. nort jus for me.. lidat alwys leaves ppl feeling upset.. yepps.. so de sad..

81. i am spoiled.. last time.. i will alwys 'theh' to get the thing i wan de..

82. i have 14 pairs of earrings and pending.. i keep buying more.. tempted mahs..

83. i once laughed fer 4hrs straight.. GAWD.

84. i have a milk tooth tat is nvr gona drop i guess.. i had an x-ray and the dentist told me tat the adult tooth which is supposed to grow out has been 'buried' deep in my gums.. u ask, how do i feel? i said, nth at all..

85. i have three jackets.. a similar pattern.. 2 white ones and 1 black one..

86. i love eating polky.. yarr.. and i alwys scrape or jus lick the cream/icing/whatever-u-called-it off the biscuit stick clean before eating the stick itself..

87. my first job earnt me $80.. WOW.

88. i am very de sensitive to the word 'SLOW'..

89. i alwys think tat blood is bitter.. even when many ppl tell me it's salty.. i alwys insist tat i am right.. cos i dun wana be rong.. xD

90. i've gort like more than 33 cous? HELL YEAH. i jus counted..

91. i gort a birthmark which is fading since many yrs have passed on earth.. my mum told me it was actually green.. OMG. heng heng..

92. my primary one's hairstyle was real funny.. it was straight at all sides.. and u can see my ears.. and my fringe was straight too.. and i went to school tying two ponytails.. HIGH-UP somemore..

93. i tink i have chged like near to 30 blogskins lers.. keke..

95. i have chged like more than 26 skins lers.. tempted again..

96. i am afraid of firecrackers.. cos it's damned loud.. loud till i can cry if i am alone.. =X

i can do 42 inclined pull-ups in 30 secs.. =P

98. i gort alot of quotes.. like duh.. hern na.. woots.. bahahahahas..

99. i can repeat something again and again without getting sick of hearing my voice and saying the same thing over and over again..

100. the longest time i bathe was like 45 min plus? LOL..
i am so de innocent and pian pian ah nat and yili said i was biased.. like harlo? pls lohs.. i din even take the photos can.. is yinting took de.. den somemore i zhao shun xu de lohs.. i was fair kays? fine.. enough of complaints on this..
shit lohs..
i've gort sore throat lohs..
yepps.. ytd my throat was full of phlegm..
den todae when i woke up, my whole throat was dry.. h0h0.. how interesting is tat..
had fd rehearsal todae.. yepps.. we are nort dancing to pretty woman anymore.. but reach out fer the skies.. the beats are nort the same but we are getting the hang of it lers.. hopefully, it can be a great performance.. ms ng said tat nat and i cant coordinate well.. but pls lohs.. we followed simon and yanying lohs.. wad they did, we oso did.. den ms ng said we are either too fast or we are too slow.. hur. fine.. we will try to improve.. NO OFFENCE hars..
erm.. oh ya.. i swallowed a strepsils today.. and i really meant swallowed.. i jus popped tat thing into my mouth and started talking.. and plunk.. down it goes.. down the gullet.. blah.. but den hohs, the accident was sorta a gd one.. cos my throat felt less painful and it was cooling inside.. the smell still sorta linger in my throat.. hahas..