Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#748 - Gangchon Rail Park

The last place I visited before leaving Korea, Gangchon Rail Park.

 After so much waiting and checking on how to go (which I totally cannot remember except we walked quite a while to the place till we were the last batch to ride the bikes).

Didn't get to ride the ATVs at all in Korea because they require one to have international driving license. :(

 Hor hor, leaching while we 辛苦-ly cycled at the back!


Crepuscular rays.

 And in case anyone reading this entry find the bikes familiar...
Yeah RM filmed an episode here before. The one where Monday Couple shared tteokbokki! :D

Spotted at the pit-stop where they let you get off and get drinks/food which are overpriced/go for toilet break. /:

From here onwards, my camera's battery died and following are either photos from my S3, or Zac's Leica since I lent him my memory card.

 There were 2 or 3 tunnels and they have lights and smoke and music oneee hahaha.
Spoiler images ahead.

The views are just like those nature lo, and then the occasional breeze along the way.

Spotted along the way were daisies...
 ...which I risked my safety for hahaha.

 *hearts in eyes*

In case I was forgotten, here's a cui photo LOL.

On the way back and I think we were late since we started late and thus we didn't really need to cycle much and the bike'd move on its own.

 And with this, it marked the end of my adventures in Korea.
Would probably do up a conclusion entry on Korea soon! Stay tuned. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

#747 - Nami Island

 Last few entries left on Korea, yes I am back again.

Nami Island this time, the place that soared to fame because Winter Sonata was filmed there.
My memory is really fuzzy w regards to how we get to the ferry terminal, I think we took the train and then some shuttle bus from somewhere?

And took a ferry (roundtrip around 8000won I think or you can zipline at 38000won which is faster and of course more expensive) down.

There are ferry timings and it can be found on the website itself here.
Spot the ziplining wires!

The iconic long stretch of trees. To be honest, it was nothing much. I think perhaps it's cause it was summer when I was there. It'd be prettier in autumn or winter when they are all in reds/whites.

 The Baburger I raved about in the other entry. Miss this so much?! Please come to Singapore!!

 Scary looking Merlion in the middle of nowhere.

It's interesting how Malay language is used and Singapore flag's placed together w Indonesia and Malaysia. We are a multi-racial country! Hahaha.

 For all those Winter Sonata fans. BAE YONG JOON~ I cannot relate. ._.

Left the place shortly after.
 And here's the zipline "tower" hahaha.

 I think the island is quite huge but we didn't really venture in a lot, so I can't really conclude much about this place. So far, to me, it just have a lot of plants and Winter Sonata-related stuff LOL. Maybe it'd be more meaningful to come during Winter?

 This was perfect at the end of the day. Always see those Korean variety shows, where the hosts will eat until v shiok. HAHA it's just ice-cola lahh. Why Singapore meiyou sell!

강원 춘천시 남산면 방하리 198번지 (198, Bangha-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do)