Sunday, May 18, 2014

#697 - Food As Motivation #38 - Victor's Kitchen / Catch-Up

Met up with May on Friday! :)
Haven't been catching up with my friends since many of them were having exams, and I must say, I spent a great time catching up w her.

We headed to Victor's Kitchen (yay F.A.M. back!) for dimsum dinner. It was supposed to be a Round 2 kind of thing because we had intended to pig out, but turns out VK closes at 8pm so we headed there first instead.

A somewhat small eatery, a no-frills kind of place.
Don't even need to dress well or what!

 Here's the menu for those who are interested! Open in new tab and zoom in to see! :)

Have researched on dimsum places in Singapore before and many recommended this place, so I have to try it to see for myself if it's nice!
Apparently, they have cut down the number of items on their menu already and prices have jacked up by $0.50-$1!

As usual, we overestimated our eating ability and over ordered. 8 dishes for 2 of us are simply too much!
Left the place feeling so full for hours. Initially still wanna keep this dimsum for Round 2, we really thought too highly of ourselves mann. :/

H.K. Summer Iced Tea (SGD3)
It's interesting to note how they separated the ice from the drink so that it will not water down the tea and yet still keep it cold. I thought the tea was too thick and tasted more like 鸳鸯 instead. May and I ended up adding the ice cubes into it. :P

The cup was not really big, and I felt that paying SGD3 for this is certainly not worth it.

Polo Bun with Char Siew Filling (SGD5)*
*These, other than the egg tarts below were newly added and thus not in the menu. Both the items cost $9.50 in total, so I am guessing it's SGD5 for these and SGD4.50 for the egg tarts.

I loveeeee it!! :D I think it was one of the best dishes I had. The polo bun had a buttery fragrance and the filling was juicy and yummy. So so much better than Tim Ho Wan's Baked Bun with BBQ Pork eh! Wished it was hotter when it arrived though.

Egg Tarts (SGD4.50)
I felt they were a little too dry? The egg pudding part was okay.

Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun (SGD4.50)
This was highly raved and I must say, this is the best custard bun I had thus far! The egg yolk was not the very sweet kind, but instead, salty sweet. I cannot say no to salty stuff hahaha. And you can taste the butter too! Best to eat it when it's hot though, the egg yolk would clump up after long. Definitely worth the calories. (Y)

Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai (SGD4.50)
There was nothing queen size about the siew mai, pretty average with prawns inside.

Victor's King Prawn Dumpling (SGD5)
Otherwise known as Har Gow. I think there's 2 huge prawns inside 1? Very tasty and the skin is of the right thickness. So so yummy. :)

Crispy Golden Shrimp Rolls (SGD4.50)
Comes with some sweet sauce, good on its own too. It is really crispy, I had it quite a while later after it arrived but it's still crispy. Like those sounds you hear when the celebrities bring the mike nearer to hear them chew cripsy food one hahaha.

Char Siew Cheong Fun (SGD4.50)
I prefer this kind of savoury Chee Cheong Fun than those sweet sauce one. The chee cheong fun was soft enough, May like the char siew (I think), and I didn't really enjoy it because I thought the char siew tasted too porky so I gave her mine. :/ The sauce was very 香 though, I dipped my prawn dumpling, siew mai and shrimp rolls in it. :P

Scallop, Sausage Carrot Cake with Xo Sauce (SGD4.50)
Very different kind of carrot cake like the pan-fried ones we usually see, this was another highly recommended dish. Came with some sambal chili dip.

Initially, I didn't really understand why it's so popular, it tasted pretty bland to me somehow. After a while, the taste started getting to me hahaha. I couldn't taste the xo sauce though, but eating this together with the chili dip was good.

Here's how the front of the shop looks like, no idea why the signboard is that.

Bill came up to SGD42.50 for 2, rather expensive in my opinion as I feel some dimsum, like the egg tarts are not worth the price. I'd come back for the polo buns, prawn dumplings and egg yolk buns though.
And yes, it is definitely better than Tim Ho Wan and Swee Choon!

They accept cash only by the way, so remember to have enough cash!

Details if you're interested:
Victor's Kitchen (closed on Mondays)
91 Bencoolen Street
Sunshine Plaza #01-49
Singapore 189652

Nothing much from here onwards, just our faces. :D
Plus one bonus towards the end.

 Last photo on the right is us trying to make our philtrum visible, apparently T.O.P. from BigBang is most confident and proud of his philtrum (according to May) hahaha. You saw mine? Philtrum cleavage lolol.

One year ago, one year later. Same same but different. :)

Catch up again soon, May! X

Thursday, May 15, 2014

#696 - #throwback Throw until very very back

So I was packing my table yesterday and chanced upon some photos when I was around 5-6 years old? Took some photos of 'em photos (photoception) to share. 

 Disclaimer first, let's just say that period was like my uncutest period lah k!

Omg I look like my dad here!! :O

Most uncute one, spot 到了吗? Lolol. Also the most chorlor one, grandparents always say gor jiam ji gak (5 cents 10 cents in Hokkien) a lot on my shins. Hahaha. Oh and that was like my favourite dress ever back then. Bought by my godmother if I didn't remember wrongly. And my favourite pair of socks because got laceeee. #dontjudge Was so sad when it tore. D: 

 And yea, my hair was always this short. Parents alway tell the hairdresser 平装 oneee. Waeeee.

"Hey whatcha looking at huh huh!" *defensive mode*

One of the five same aged cousins. Compared to since young. 很大的压力有没有?? Same nursery, same kindergarten, same primary school. 

 Didn't help she was my neighbour too and also always topped the class/cohort. I was always second. #humblebrag Damn! 

 See how unwilling my body posture was. #nolahjustkidding

Chronic bitch face since young wtf hahaha.

Somehow I think my short legs look extremely adorable here. I can totally imagine myself running clumsily in those legs and accumulating bruises. One of my favourite things to do then was to climb windows or the main door grills. :P

Guess this explains why I wasn't that much of a girly girl?? Lolol.

All the girls looked so 淑女 w their ponytails and braids. 我呢? Messy hair, happily standing w the guys, legs open so wide.

Actually on second thought, maybe I was forced to hold hands w my brother, the smallest guy in the photo, so I stood there? Mmm. 

 Okay that's all for now. I will dig cuter ones to redeem myself soon!! :D

And if I can't find any, you know one lahh. They say if you were uglier when you were young, you tend to look better as you age. ;) *flicks hair* *smirks* HAHAHA.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#695 - Mookata / Beer Market with Helios

Last night was a great night (can't stop saying this). :D

Company was great, food wasn't though.

Suggest the mookata at Golden Mile Tower instead of New Udon Thai Food because I'd thought guys usually eat alot and the buffet style would be preferred more than ala carte's one at New Udon.

At SGD23.90/pax, it was not worth it I think? It's not really that yummy. :( Maybe it's because most of the meat were peppered gaogao.
I think I like the enokitake and chicken mcnuggets best, totally not the highlight of a mookata lahhh.

Felt bad a little because I kinda suggested this place and many of them didn't have a pleasant first mookata experience! Although I never tried this place before, still, joesonghabnida!

 That's the thing w me. I always feel bad when I intro people things and they didn't find it nice. Lol. I know everyone is entitiled to their own opinions but I still feel bad... Should have just settled for New Udon!

Spent a long long time deciding where to head after dinner and ended up at Beer Market!
My first time here and I thought the concept of it is quite interesting! Band that day sang good music too! (Y)

I had a non-alcoholic drink which was pretty nice.

Charades the whole night, had some fun times, a night filled with laughter.
And also, let's just say I can never look at the word Phoenix the same again. Hahahaha. :/ :P

Home sweet home after that, w everyone taking their respective night rider buses! :)

With the westies!
My first time on it! Hahaha.

Happy nights like this ought to last, X

Monday, May 5, 2014

#694 - SAFTI Military Institute

Last Saturday saw me at SAFTI Military Institute, for some Family Day event.

My brother brought my Dad and I (LMZ was working) for a tour around the place.

PS: I only took photos at places I was allowed to take photos, where I see many taking too, in case anyone decided to 'catch' me. That being said, if I happened to upload any photos of places where phototaking is disallowed, please inform me and I will remove them immediately! :)

SAFTI tower at 60 metres high.
Brother told me it was built in a triangle shape to symbolize the Tri-Service character of SAFTI.. Actually I was more looking forward to getting on top hahaha.

The two stone lions which faced the right side looking over towards the Parade Square. One is called Courage, the other is called Respect according to my brother.
Even told me the legend why they are looking to the right. I remembered he said something like the commander didn't say some Malay words (those military commands) for them to turn back. Legend only, and I can't remember correctly, so don't quote me on this.

He's doing a good job as a tour guide isn't he? ;)

If there was something I can change about my face, I'd say my nose in a heartbeat or even less.

The weather that day was so hot!

The view from the top! :)
Zoomed in and saw NTU! And when I zoomed in further for this photo, I can read School of EEE.
Right click and open the photo in new tab, you can find N4 too. Haha.

Storm is coming...

The Parade Square from top of the tower.

Looking down, the trees really look a bit like broccoli lolol.

Being a tourist totally, posing w the tower.

Everyone had to take a 5m dive during the first 2 weeks to prove or test their Courage thingy, yes I listened to the talk at the auditorium that day. #attentive
Reminded me of Running Man hahaha.

Actually, I think this place is really big and quite nice w adequate facilities! (Y)
There was a big field and also squash courts etc.

We then gathered at some place I can't remember, like some museum with some bar inside for refreshments.
Boy, I was famished having eaten nothing before I went.

But the catered food was mehhh, the eclairs were damn hard and the rest were just weird. Thinking of them makes me sick. D:

Spot the bro!

Visited other places as well, like the Ceremonial Hall, which reminds me of a church. It has a sword and torch encased in glass in the middle of the place. Apparently, it's a rather solemn place to be and my brother said no photo taking was allowed.

And we visited the bunks as well, very clean and reminded me of NTU's hostel rooms.
Beds, study tables and cupboards.

Ending this entry abruptly with a photo of us three, wish you were here, LMZ!