Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#695 - Mookata / Beer Market with Helios

Last night was a great night (can't stop saying this). :D

Company was great, food wasn't though.

Suggest the mookata at Golden Mile Tower instead of New Udon Thai Food because I'd thought guys usually eat alot and the buffet style would be preferred more than ala carte's one at New Udon.

At SGD23.90/pax, it was not worth it I think? It's not really that yummy. :( Maybe it's because most of the meat were peppered gaogao.
I think I like the enokitake and chicken mcnuggets best, totally not the highlight of a mookata lahhh.

Felt bad a little because I kinda suggested this place and many of them didn't have a pleasant first mookata experience! Although I never tried this place before, still, joesonghabnida!

 That's the thing w me. I always feel bad when I intro people things and they didn't find it nice. Lol. I know everyone is entitiled to their own opinions but I still feel bad... Should have just settled for New Udon!

Spent a long long time deciding where to head after dinner and ended up at Beer Market!
My first time here and I thought the concept of it is quite interesting! Band that day sang good music too! (Y)

I had a non-alcoholic drink which was pretty nice.

Charades the whole night, had some fun times, a night filled with laughter.
And also, let's just say I can never look at the word Phoenix the same again. Hahahaha. :/ :P

Home sweet home after that, w everyone taking their respective night rider buses! :)

With the westies!
My first time on it! Hahaha.

Happy nights like this ought to last, X

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