Monday, May 5, 2014

#694 - SAFTI Military Institute

Last Saturday saw me at SAFTI Military Institute, for some Family Day event.

My brother brought my Dad and I (LMZ was working) for a tour around the place.

PS: I only took photos at places I was allowed to take photos, where I see many taking too, in case anyone decided to 'catch' me. That being said, if I happened to upload any photos of places where phototaking is disallowed, please inform me and I will remove them immediately! :)

SAFTI tower at 60 metres high.
Brother told me it was built in a triangle shape to symbolize the Tri-Service character of SAFTI.. Actually I was more looking forward to getting on top hahaha.

The two stone lions which faced the right side looking over towards the Parade Square. One is called Courage, the other is called Respect according to my brother.
Even told me the legend why they are looking to the right. I remembered he said something like the commander didn't say some Malay words (those military commands) for them to turn back. Legend only, and I can't remember correctly, so don't quote me on this.

He's doing a good job as a tour guide isn't he? ;)

If there was something I can change about my face, I'd say my nose in a heartbeat or even less.

The weather that day was so hot!

The view from the top! :)
Zoomed in and saw NTU! And when I zoomed in further for this photo, I can read School of EEE.
Right click and open the photo in new tab, you can find N4 too. Haha.

Storm is coming...

The Parade Square from top of the tower.

Looking down, the trees really look a bit like broccoli lolol.

Being a tourist totally, posing w the tower.

Everyone had to take a 5m dive during the first 2 weeks to prove or test their Courage thingy, yes I listened to the talk at the auditorium that day. #attentive
Reminded me of Running Man hahaha.

Actually, I think this place is really big and quite nice w adequate facilities! (Y)
There was a big field and also squash courts etc.

We then gathered at some place I can't remember, like some museum with some bar inside for refreshments.
Boy, I was famished having eaten nothing before I went.

But the catered food was mehhh, the eclairs were damn hard and the rest were just weird. Thinking of them makes me sick. D:

Spot the bro!

Visited other places as well, like the Ceremonial Hall, which reminds me of a church. It has a sword and torch encased in glass in the middle of the place. Apparently, it's a rather solemn place to be and my brother said no photo taking was allowed.

And we visited the bunks as well, very clean and reminded me of NTU's hostel rooms.
Beds, study tables and cupboards.

Ending this entry abruptly with a photo of us three, wish you were here, LMZ!

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