Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#218 -

Hello world. :)

Apart from forgetting to wear my blouse and wearing a PE shirt to school today (Tuesday full uniform and end up I had to borrow a new piece from the General Office), taking out History notes while during Maths Lecture, slipping and falling because after jumping, my shoes were too slippery, I slipped and landed on my butt and then slipped ON MY BUTT again and getting an ugly red abrasion on one of my buttcheek, drinking Milk Tea that tasted more like Green Tea (I hate green tea), today was an okay day.

Why Nuffnang stop giving me advertisements? :(

Sunday, March 28, 2010

#217 -

Okay so I am here to try and update the remaining 3/4 of my previous entry. Let's just pray hard I can upload the photos successfully now.

Okay, here goes:

The remaining 5 which I failed to upload on Friday thanks to Blogger. Thank goodness the uploader is working fine now. :)
Note: For smaller photos, click on image to enlarge and see a clearer picture. (no pun intended)

 Following it that some shots to show the difference in the colours when the image is starting to form...

 Notice the difference in the skin tone of the 2 of them. The lighter one ie. the one on top is still 'loading in progress'.

 The colour slowing forming already! Can see a difference. If you can't, then erm, too bad? :B

Raine: *said while twitching her nostrils* (SEE PHOTO) 这张的我好像比较leh...

After the long time taken for 'camwhoring', Raine and I took the taxi home since it was about to rain and she had to return home early for her Sakura flowers viewing at Takashimaya that day which is a complete waste of her time because of the 'flowers'. We will leave it to her to tell us more about it. Hahahah.

In the taxi:

 I suddenly remembered that I've got 2 transparent compartments so I decided to put the polaroids of The (Doh) Bitches inside. Feel touched hor! *coughs*

 This sign suddenly caught Raine's attention.
No eating/drinking, No durian and Fasten seatbelt.
Wonder why it caught her attention?

 To her, the Fasten seatbelt sign look as though it meant Do not fasten seatbelt. Hahahahha.

 Let you see a few more times. Haha.


Talentime 2010 is coming again!
And this year I am not joining!
Haha, this year is an important year and I can't waste any time.
But let's take a look at the 'advertisement'.

 At first glance, this piece of paper with its writings looks 'normal'.
But for people like me, the word 'boogie' caught my attention.
I thought of booger immediately. :D
Get ready to BOOGER *inserts smiley face*

 And this is sure unfair.
Quoted: 'All finalists will get to record their singles at a professional recording studio.'
Why last year don't have one?!

But then come to think of it, there are no mentions of prize money or whatsoever.
I guess that's the money replacement, ie. recording one's single.
After much thinking, I still think that the prize money is still much more attractive. :P

Okay I am done with my entry. To end this entry of mine, I have SPECIALLY chosen a photo for all of you.

Presenting to you my COOLEST *ahems* friend ever on earth who is currently infatuated with broomsticks..
































 Raine Pig Pig Ang!
PS: See the amount of  broomsticks she has collected! I am shocked too! :O

Friday, March 26, 2010

#216 - School

Yay the weekends are finally here! :D And this means that I will have time to update this partially dead blog of mine again! :)

Today was a supposingly short day, well every Friday = going home at 1pm since lessons end at 12.30pm for me. However, we were given History SBQ on today itself and had to complete it before 4pm. Thus The (Doh) Bitches stayed back and chiong-ed our SBQs. Following that, we went to the library to borrow some books. Then after that, we went to the bench outside the library to 'camwhore' with my Instax Mini 7 which explains for the photos you saw above. :)

Only took 7 freaking photos but we spent like so effin long taking them. It's either we are complaining that the wind is too strong, the hair too messy, dk what pose to give, not ready etc. HAHAHAHA. But overall it was nice to relax and laugh at random stuff and take such photos, although we 3 didn't manage to take a photo together. (Don't trust anyone to help us take)

Anyway, so here are the 7 photos in closer view. :) (click on the image for a better view)

Argh bitch. Blogger is being such nehneh to have change its uploading thingy to some lousy ones and there are a lot of photos which takes hour to load properly. So far I can only get 3 successful ones out of all those I took. Sorry Lynette, not meant to not put your face here. And Raine, you should be honoured. HAHAHAH.

I've lost the blogging mood totally. Blog soon! Bye.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

#215 -

Random much.

Yesterday I was in school and then I touched my hair and felt a bump in it. I even squeezed the bump thinking maybe it was some rice grain or what that got onto my head. I heard a crackling sound but I ignored it. Then when I removed that bump from my scalp, I saw a dead beetle. FML.

-Updated: The image on top for my blog, find it cute- :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

#214.2 - Sports Meet/Heats

Hmm. So like I mention before I am the one of the officials for this year's Sports Meet/Heats, so how can I not blog an entry on it? Furthermore, the official tee-shirt is orange leh! The more I should blog about it! :D

Some photos I koped from Lynette's blog, some from YeLin's album.


I looked like some fishmonger who was happy because I caught some fishes that day and I am showing my loot to the photographer. HAHA.

Raine looked like someone trying too hard to act demure! (woot)
What's with the hand? Trying to cover her mole? (evil_grin)

Lynette looked like some cun gu with her hairstyle, what she is lacking is a handkerchief in one of her hands and also she has to be in small repeated flowery prints pyjamas (?). (haha)

Faster took a few shots of us standing on the rostrum because we 3 know that we'd never get a chance to stand on such things. HAHA.

Sports Meet.

Getting the rest to go up the Grandstand before everything starts.

*looks at Raine's legs, the one with the white and pink shoes* Super shiny omg.

After the rest settled down, we (officials) had to stand in our positions at the field area for pledge taking and etc.
My views of the grandstand, right and left.

This is my workplace for that day. To be at the finishing line because I am one of the positioning judges. :)

I was complaining how come the milo van hasn't arrived yet and there it comes.
So many people waiting for it too, all of them at the van there taking free cold milo.

Then there was all those short runs and relays etc, no time to take photos because must be serious in the job.

Soonafter it was Tug-of-War.

Mr Ng's expression's classic. (evilsmirk)

For J2 Bannister, they got 3rd overall.
It was a tough fight between J1 Bannister and J2 Bikila to get the 1st place title.
J1 Bannister won the first match, and J2 Bikila won the second match.
In the end, J2 Bikila emerged as champions for Tug-of-War.
But it was a nice game to watch, both teams were strong!
Good job Bannister for clinching the 2nd and 3rd placings for Tug-of-War albeit not getting 1st. B)

Got into the gym for a short break/meeting later with official head, Gary.
While waiting for the meeting to start, we enjoyed the super shioku gym since there's air-conditioners and then of course, not forgetting to camwhore! :D

*coughs coughs* In attempt to act demure.
Certainly not my forte.

Hehe, anything people ask you to do that you are not obliged to do so, Mr Sufian said to do this!
Got the seh not? (evil_grin)

After the meeting was relays and staff event and fartleks. :)

Officials ready at their positions. :)

This girl is a betrayer of Bannister.
Look at the cap she's wearing!
Cap from Rono!!!

Super good weather that day!
Too good till all of us got sunburnt/tanned despite slabbing on sunscreen lotions.

Staff event.
Omg Mr Shane's reaction! WIN! HAHAH.

Then fartlek.
See that guy at the corner holding the green medicine ball in blue with the spectacles that looked like sunglasses?
He's Norman Lai, my role model for running!
Hahahhahahaha. He took so many awards please, plus he's super duper good at running, be it short or long distances. :D

Hendy Ong!
This guy also crazy one, can sprint super fast!
1 round = 0.4km = 56 secs for him!

Then it was prize giving ceremony!
We (The Doh Bitches) plus Fadhilah had to rush to get the medals and trophies ready because we are the Medals Team. So busy!!!
*looks at Lynette dohing* HAHA.

Bannister getting prepared to win! Woohoo! :D

Caught Fadli trying to act tall. *ahem*

Bannister wins!
  • Overall champion 2010
  • Overall cheering champion 2010
  • Best male perfomer: Hendy Ong
  • Overall best females 2010
  • Overall best males 2010
We clinched everything except for Best female perfomer: Alyssa Lee from Bikila.

But still, we are overall champion for year 2010!

You don't know how good this is.
Last year, we were like totally the last! Lost everything except for maybe a pathetic few.
Guess we improved truckloads! :D

Go, Bannister!