Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#765 - New Year Resolutions for 2017

Hello hello, back for my yearly review of NYE and setting new ones.

New Year Resolutions for 2016
• Pick up a new skill
Hahahaha well yes I did but it's like 三分中热度? 😳 Like my scarf is 5/6 done at the moment. 😅

• Save up
NYR stated to save up for NZ (which I did) and in general (probably not). So I am currently restarting! Saving up for Lasik and future lolol.

• Keep fit
Proud to say I achieved this. ✔ Trekking, Zumba, occasional jogs, badminton, Pilates, Aerial Yoga. All for the sake of Tongariro Alpine Crossing which I didn't do in the end. 😔 But iz okay! 💪

• Lose 4kg
This is one ambitious daisy sia. Maintain weight already 偷笑 man. Why I so ambitious. Lose 1 kg so hard y'know. But I am trying. I want to go back to 40s range. 😭

• Sleep early
Did that for most of 2016 until towards the end. Need to restart already.

• 保养 more
Hahaha this I guess still doing fine. But the hormonal breakouts really last warning sia. When you are glad one is healing, another pops out. 🙄

• Bitch less and be less judgemental
Sorry I am sad to say I didn't fulfill this. 'Cause hor sometimes too much drama online I cannot just eat popcorn only. Need to say my piece also, but only to close friends lah. ☺😂

But okay lah, I bitch less about acquaintances. Cut down already hor, or maybe because I start to unfollow their posts on Facebook. 眼不见为净. Hashtag assholedaisy 😂😂😂

• Care/worry less
Definitely!! Sometimes you just CBB anymore. Worry so much also not your business. So much happier now. 💁 Maybe because I detach myself from those toxic friends too. ☻🙃

• Clear backlogs
*ignores* Look at what I am doing now right. Smh.

• Bake/cook more
Didn't really experiment much in the kitchen lately because weekdays nights are for dramas and weekends are for sleep and meeting friends. V sad hor? Cannot show off my cooking skills - Kiddingz. 😂😂😂

Anyhow, that concludes my review!

Most of the points speak to me. And w that, here's my New Year Resolutions 2017. A little late, but better late than never right?

Keeping it simple so here's the list:

New Year Resolutions 2017

• Keep fit, exercise at least 2x a week
• Save at least 15k
• Donate my old clothes
• Stop buying items on impulse, only get it after I think it through (Need VS Want)
• Pick up a new skill (swimming can? 😁)

See you in a year's time (or less actually) hehe. X