Monday, June 28, 2010

#251 -

3 hours of Mathematics left me feeling drained today.

Screwed it badly but whatever, it's over.

One paper down, two more to go!

If it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart / 
The only dream that mattered had come true / 
In this life, I was loved by you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

#250 - Graphic Calculator

Updated as of 22June2010: I've managed to get a calculator! :D 

I'd rather see this now.

Have been facing problems with the GC these days.
Kept showing above screen even when I've changed batteries.
Things became worst today.

All I am seeing now is a blank screen.
My calculator officially died on me today.
I need to get a new one soon.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

#249 - Updates

Okay apparently Nuffnang doesn't love me anymore, it doesn't give me any advertisements these days. :(

 Bare Your Sole event.

 Taekwondo Farewell BBQ for J2s.

 O9S22 Class BBQ.

See? I have so much things to blog about but so little time.

Am already struggling with trying to study finish the topics for Common Test. 3 weeks of holidays is almost over and I am not even half done. Good job manz.

Can't wait for the Common Test ordeal to be over so I can 'restart' and keep on track on my studies again.

Will not update any time soon, meanwhile check my Twitter or Plurk for updates. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#248 - Magnum Gold

 Have you tried the new Magnum Gold yet? :)

I had it a few days back.
Before opening, I was wondering if it was really Gold like what many claimed to be.

 It's not really that obvious over here.

But as I took it out, see...

It really has a gold coloured appearance! :D

Took a bite and it was uber sweet with the caramel chocolate and the vanilla filling.
MMM. :)

Okay random entry, byebye. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

#247 - Primary School Besties Meet Up

Okay I am back from my hiatus. Very short (only 3days plus I know) but it's still considered one okay. Haha. Currently I've 3 entries to blog about, 1 that is one week late (due to photos not yet koped from Lynette), 1 that happened yesterday (which I am going to blog about today) and 1 that is going to happen later (Taekwondo Farewell BBQ for the J2).

And of course the most possible entry is the middle one. So I am here to narrate what happen. It'll be boring if you're not involved in this entry, but whatever, this is my blog and I blog what I want, memories I want to remember. If you don't feel entertained by it then kthxbye.


Had a meet up with Primary School Besties yesterday. ♥

Basically we had lunch at Pastamania. (yes Pastamania for me again IKR)
And over the lunch, we talked about our past as usual and who we have met over these years.

I love how we won't feel awkward after not meeting for long and are still able to find lots of stuff to talk about.
It's like when we all sat down together, we can talk about anything under the sun.
There was seldom times where all of us would be quiet, unless we were busy chewing our food.
Someone would have something to share with each other and laughters were common in our clique.
I guess that's how strong our 8years plus of friendship is.
I remembered we all said we will meet up everytime during the holidays and yes, we did all keep this promise, all the way till now. ♥

After lunch at Pastamania, we headed to Westmall for our supposingly arcade plays where we played the pug machine/air hockey everytime we meet up.
However, as years passed, Westmall's arcade changed for the worst.
The games machines over there sucked now.

We then headed to CSC for yet another of our frequent 'hobby', bowling.
Initially we had plans to play pool but apparently there were already a lot of people over there and the waiting list was long.
Thus we settled for bowling.
And so, we had to wait, but we were second on the waiting list.
In the meantime, we played at the small arcade inside the bowling area.
50cents per player per game like eg. Time Crisis 2.
Worth it! :D

Soonafter, we had available lanes and eventually we settled down at Lane 17 and 18.
Wooo, gotta love the feeling of bowling.
The last time I bowled was 2 years ago, with this same old clique.
As usual, our results suck. :/
My first was a spare (tyco), and following after were mostly gutter.

Raine was good in her first round, with a score of 100+ at the end . :D

Took photos while we took turns playing.
(The darker photos are taken by Raine's phone)

As a result of her busy taking photos of others, I have no proper shots of her in the bowling alley at all.

After 2 straight rounds of bowling, we headed back to Westmall for U.d.d.e.r.s.
Free cone = all of us having Icecream on cones! :D
I had Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla icecream. Not bad!

After the nomnom, it was followed by a series of camwhoring.

We found a good place with great lightings outside My Toast.

All of us had a shot with Natasha first because she was rushing to have dinner with her family. :)

Then after that was a series of random 'choosing' of people to take photos with.

Ohh then we found a better place for taking photos at. :)

Sorry Nicole, I can't help but laugh at your hand sign. :D

 They were trying to kick the balls. :D

Attempted to take a group shot using self-timer.


 Failed because Raine's face was blocked.

Success! ♥♥♥

Headed back to Lot 1 and spent a freaking long time comparing/exchanging school notes and deciding what to photocopy etc.
Raine and Elena made cute name stickers. :D
Of course, knowing Raine, hers would be Minnie etc.
Elena chose a cute version of eggs wearing cute stuff like eg. Bikini, Spiderman costume.
Took one from her, it's a cute Candycane! :)

So cute, IKR.

They have Spongebob stickers too.
I am interested in it because there's Patrick love.
Saw one pattern with Patrick in an orange background.
Such a pity it's one of the many in the Spongebob stickers, which means if I were to chose that pattern, other than Patrick stickers with my name, I have Spongebob stickers with my name as well.
EEW no. I asked the lady working there if I could just have the Patrick ones, she said no. :( :( :(

Oh wells...

Last photo of the day on bus 307 when Raine and I realized we didn't take any photos together. :)

I can't wait for As to end to meet up with this 5 again!
We're gonna have loads of fun doing 'illegal' betting. ^^

Hehe okay I am done ranting!
More entries to come, watch this space and in the meantime, click if there's Nuffnang advertisements.
Loves. ♥

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#246.2 - On Hiatus

Click on the advertisements if there is any, thanks. :)

 Patrick Star says hi.

These holidays I'll be busy like a bumble bee.
I hope I can...
I need to mug soon.

So I will be...

Shall leave you guys with a few things to read about, stumbled upon them on Tumblr. Quite interesting. :)

"Do one thing every day that scares you." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Goodbye for a while. I'll be back soon.◕‿◕

In the meantime, click on Nuffnang advertisements if you do see them. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

#246.1 - Seoul Garden

In alphabetical order, these are the lovelayes whom I had my Seoul Garden breakfast, lunch and dinner (bruncher) with. :)

Huiyi (Mama).



Raine (Babi).

And not forgetting...
Yours truly.
(Darn I look unglam. :/)

Soup base was Thai Tom Yam with 2 eggs cracked and stirred in it. :D

This photo failed to show the huge amount of chicken and fish meat I've taken.
 Garlic Chicken, Tom Yam Chicken and Curry Fish.

And I can never eat the meat alone without the 'aid' of rice or noodles.
Thus I had these staple food 'standing by'.

This explains why I always get full fast. :/

And and and I discovered many things that day eating with these girls.

Anything dipped in raw egg taste gooooooood! (Y)
Credits to Mama.
Haha and I had my virgin attempt at grilling prawns and eating them.
So good, I didn't try it the previous time(s) I ate at Seoul Garden because I was just plain lazy to pluck it.
But I guess it's worth the pluck?

Hahah, initially, I hadn't want to dirty my fingers thus I used fork and spoon to pluck it. LOL.
Eventually, towards the end, I realized from a hot prawn, I plucked till it became cold.
ZZZ. So I used my fingers instead.

Went for a long walk later while the rest were eating.
When I came back, all of them were freaking full and I was sort of 'ready' for the next round.
Bombarded my stomach with prawns (plucked by Mama before grilling and cooked by Premala and I). :D

Notice the dried up soup with the eggs bits remaining in the pot? :D

Hmm. I think I ate more than 10 prawns in a row.
High cholesterol but who cares? They taste so good!

Other than dipping the cook stuff in raw egg, we also tried dipping the raw ones in egg before cooking as well.
Very unhygienic I know, when we are like using the same raw egg in the same bowl for dipping raw and cooked stuff, but seriously, when you are in Seoul Garden, you can't be bothered with cleanliness. :D
We found out that Garlic Chicken goes best when dipped in raw egg before cooking.
The layer of egg will stick onto the chicken and enhance the taste of the chicken.
Super yummmmmmmeeeeeeh! :D

And Seoul Garden is freaking cheap in the weekdays for students pleasez.
Like $11.99++ only, which adds up to $14 (for 1 table) or $15 (for 2 tables).
Worth it!

Left Seoul Garden with all of us smelling like chicken. EEW.
Speaking of the smell, remember I mentioned going out to walk for a while before coming back to eat?
I was wandering and took the escalator up and found myself in the middle of a food court.
The food smell seriously made me nauseous.
So I tried to cover up the smell by pulling up my shirt to my nose.
I took in a huge breath of chicken smell from Seoul Garden instead of the 'fresh air' I expected.
*claps claps*

Anyway, after leaving, we sort of hang around at Causeway Point walking aimlessly, stopping at certain shops.
Mama got herself a bag.
Lynette got herself ribboned clips, bump-its, nail brushes and
cute nail art 'sticks' (idk what's the name for it).
Babi got herself cute nail art 'sticks'.
I got myself 2 cute items, a hair tie/bracelet and a ring.

 The cute hair tie/bracelet, I purposely chose 1 with more orange bunnies. :D

 The sweet looking flower ring. :)

Okay that's all for today, will blog again soon about what happened that day after the Seoul Garden meal which includes taking neoprints (ya very wtf I know) with The (Doh) Bitches and eating nasi lemak with sparkling juice for drink late at night when Lynette has uploaded photos. Guess that will have to wait.

Be patient and meanwhile keep this blog alive by tagging if you wish to and also if you see any ads at the side, kindly click on them. I want more $kaching$ in Nuffnang! :D Thanks alot!