Thursday, July 29, 2010

#263 -

In the tuition centre. :)

At times like this, I love myself.

So neat so easy to find stuff I need! :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

#262 - Ris Low

Have you seen this?

Ris Low tried to come up with cheers for YOG.

I literally laugh out loud. She looks retarded and fat in the video. :/

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#261 - Wonders of Lens and Make Up

Was at typicalben's blog and I chanced upon one of his entries.

The wonders of circle lens and make up.
Looking at this photo gives me chills.

And thus, it reminded me of an entry I saw which some of you may have seen it before.

 In your humble opinion, do you think she's pretty?

What about her?
Pretty right, with big eyes, etc.

How about I tell you that they are both the same person?

Let's see...

Before adding of circle lens and using double eyelids glue.

After adding of circle lens and using of double eyelids glue.


 Application of toner.

Application of liquid foundation.

 Gluing of false eyelashes and application of mascara.

 Eye-shadow and whatnots.

And you're done!

(If you notice, she has got a huge nose, thus she is clever enough to choose to take photos at angles which do not show how huge her nose really is.)

So I guess other than knowing how to makeup for your flaws by putting on make-up, some skills to make you look better requires you to identify what other facial flaws you have and use the correct camera angle to get the result you want.
Say for example, if you want to 'act' big eyes, take from the top as in you are looking up to the camera.
Doesn't apply for super slit ones, no offence though.

Look at mine.

These photos were taken at Talentime 2009.

Look at the HUGE difference man, SPECS/NO SPECS, NO MAKEUP/MAKEUP!

And why is my face so round then?!

Now like sharper right?

Don't have also say yes lah, make me happy for a while can.

Haha, okay that's all.
Quite excited for Friday, gonna have class lunch at IMM with fellow 09S22's classmates! :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

#260 - Collon

 One of my childhood's favourites. :)

The packaging changed.
It used to look so dull and unappealing (to me).

This is the packaging in the past.

Okay there's not really much difference and the biscuits are like all in the same position but somehow the new packaging look sweeter and more pleasant to look at, no? :)

It looks friendlier to me now with the round edges. :B

I remember there was a period of time they stop selling it in Singapore (or maybe the shops I went to just don't sell it) and I got all :(.

But now I don't have to be :(, because I can find it almost everywhere!
NTUC, Titbits shops, Mini-marts, etcetera.

I love to suck on the filling inside.
Always have 'a sense of accomplishment' when I managed to suck it out. :)

Their boxes can 'latch' up one!
Say you find a little too much to finish at one go, you can latch it up first and eat them later.
So cute and thoughtful IKR! :)

I NEVER get sick of eating them.
Okay, maybe not for the Chocolate one.

I happened to read the ingredients yesterday and I found out the reason why I am so short already. T.T

Look at the second ingredient. *cough*

Eh laugh leh! HAHAHAHAHA.

Okay lame.

Anyway, other than the usual flavours of Cream, Chocolate and Strawberry, they have flavours like Lemon Butter and Green Tea too.
The Lemon Butter flavoured ones can be found in mini-marts (they're quite rare) and as for the Green Tea flavoured one, I guess you'd have to look for them overseas. Maybe Japan? :/

Lemon Butter is very nice!
A little sour which goes well with the plain biscuit!
Must go find and try it!!! :D

Last thing, I have no idea why they named it Collon.
Reminds me of Colon all the time. :/

Do you love Collon like I do too? :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#259 -

10 July 2010
Took a break from the constant (trying to) study period and went out. :) Headed to Plaza Singapura and spent some time over at Daiso. There were so many people, mad squeezy and I ended up buying some unexpected stuff. Okay, not some, it's only two. I had nothing in mind while going to Daiso.

Anyway, here are the stuff I got.

 A Two Way Foot File, to remove my built up of dead/rough skin due to Taekwondo.

Okay the next item is quite useless.
But like I said in my profile, "I get turned on by anything that is bright orange and would buy stuff in that colour which I've no need for."

Which explains why I bought something that is supposed to be a pet's toy.

A pet CAT's toy.

I hate cats FYI.

But because it is orange in colour, I simply couldn't resist buying it.
Furthermore, it's only $2!!
Oh and I realized a day later that it squeaks too! Hahahahah. :D

Cute right? :D

And I got a cute ezlink card sticker from one of the shops at Plaza Singapura too! :)

Some Singtel roadshow.

And lastly, before I left, I had 5oz Peach Flavoured Yami Yoghurt! :D

Couldn't resist eating it before taking a photo. :P

13 July 2010
So it was Amir's and Priyanka's birthday and MunKit was being so thoughtful to get for the class cards to write for the two of them.


Okay, I am not an artistic person, so nothing much.
But the cards became colourful thanks to the touch of my markers!
Okay, maybe only for Amir's! Hahaha.

Okay I am too lazy to continue.
Goodbye and study hard people! :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

#258 - Are you up for it?

Exactly 4 months till A Levels officially start.

Are you up for it?

Sad to say, I am not ready. AT ALL.
Results are not showing, I am not working hard enough.
I know I didn't study hard this time round and the results reflected it.
But it's still quite disappointing.

I really want to get into an university badly.
I've chosen this path I must complete it.
I don't want to end up having an 'O' Level certificate as my highest qualification.

Kept on having negative thoughts now actually.
Many many 'what ifs' inside my head.
I have no fucking idea what to do.
On the verge of breaking down and yet I don't want people to see me like this.
Yet if I bottle it up, it will be horrible.
Sometimes I guess crying helps.
Even though it can't really do much, part of the stress are being released through this way.
Or maybe I should laugh more?
They say laughter releases stress.
But it's kind of hard to put on a brave front everyday and claim that everything is fine.
Everything is so not fine.
My studies suck and my future could be at stake.
I need to buck up already.
I don't want to be the one left behind.

Had a long conversation with a friend a few days ago.
He told me he was not ready for As and felt that he will not be able to get into the university.
I said, "It's your choice. It depends on how badly you want it, you gotta fight for it. Work hard aim high."
He said he just wanted to prepare himself and face the reality (that he might not conquer As).
I said, "Facing reality? It hasn't even happened yet. Instead of thinking what will happen, why no make that something you WANT happen?"

I tried telling myself this.
Or worse, convince myself about it.
I hope it works.


Lose Yourself - Eminem

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity,
To seize everything you ever wanted - One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip

You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo


Thursday, July 8, 2010

#257 - TIME

 TIME sent me a letter.

Let's take a closer look...

16 Free Issues???

Let's see...


I will update soon with photos by this week! 
Watch this space. 
In the meantime, read/tag/click the Nuffnang advertisments if there is any. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

#256 - Stupid Timetable

The reason why I am dreading tomorrow ie. Wednesday.
3 periods of GP, 3 periods of History Tutorial and 2 periods of History Lecture.
8 freaking periods straight.
And following that 2 periods of break and Civics.
Civics at such a timing? Wtf stupid right.

Thinking of what to make for breakfast now so that I'd ready for the 4 hours tomorrow.
I have to stuff myself full every Wednesday from now on. :(

SIDETRACK A LITTLE: Nehneh, Idk why the Principal has to make the Drinks store stop selling sandwiches and burgers in the morning. If you claim that burgers are unhealthy, then fine, no more selling of them. But sandwiches too? Now I have no breakfast and have to make my own early in the morning. RAHH.


Anyway, as though to make up for it, Friday's lessons are a breeze. :D
3 periods of GP, 2 periods of break and 3 periods of Physics.
Wait for 1hour then home sweet home. :)
Just hope the other teachers won't take advantage of this fact and make us stay back for extra lessons.

Monday, July 5, 2010

#255 - 09S22 Class BBQ 170610

Okay I am back to blog again.

09S22 2nd BBQ! The previous one was on 2009 and I checked my archives and realised I totally didn't blog about it. OMG WHY. :((

Anyway, back to the topic on 2010's 09S22's BBQ.

Quite sad that I didn't go with the rest to get the food, I am sure it'd be lotsa fun. Too bad I had tuition before that.

When I was there, the guys were already starting the fire and food was ready to be cooked. Helped out a little by sorting out the satays etc.

There isn't much to blog about anyway since I didn't take photos with anyone at all and was either busy BBQing or eating. :)

Zhang Cheng bought/brought VODKA.

Celebrated the June babies' birthdays as well. :)
19, 20, 18.

Okay lah, actually this entry nothing much to talk about one because I have no photos to share. :(

Anyway I felt that overall this BBQ was okay only.

I am going to say something now that may sound mean, but I don't care what you think.
I hate how some people just go to the BBQ and wait for food and do practically NOTHING.
Hey you are part of the class too and you should help out.
Stop trying to act all busy when you know you are not doing anything at all.
We are not your maids.
We don't cook food just to fill your empty stomachs.
We all paid for the BBQ.
I am not what Shazwan mentioned before last year.
"BBQ is like that one lah, everyone happy can already."
I am not so 'wide' hearted.
I don't get why some people are like that, they must have super thick skins.
You know who you are I am not stating names.

There's no free lunch in this world okay.

And I want to thank those who helped in making this BBQ a success. :)
And Mama for being the overall-in-charge and Babi for 'renting' her house for the BBQ.

Okay ranting done, shall end with a photo we took at the end of everything.

Okay thanks bye. :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

#254 - Bare Your Sole event 050610

This event was on 5 June 2010.

 A shoebag was given with some stuff inside.
Thanks to Raine who helped me collect it. :)

In the bag contained...

 Shirt of your size.

 A stack of vouchers for icecream, yoghurt, McCafe sandwiches, Express Manicure, Slimming, Detox, Spa, Foot Massage and whatnots.
WHICH I DIDN'T EVEN USE because most of them needed appointments like the case of manicures.
As for food, they're too far away, mostly at the East Side.

2 packets of foot scrub. :)
It works man, the other day I tried washing my feet with it.
And my feet felt smoother and softer. :D

Remember my Seoul Garden entry?
Bare Your Sole event was the day after that.
So after the full meal at Seoul Garden, Raine and I took the bus back to Lynette's house for a night's stay since the event for the next day starts at 0730 and we thought it'd be convenient if we were to go together.

And so the moment we reached her house and settled down, we went to bath.
And after we were refreshed and free from the signature CHICKEN smell from Seoul Garden, we headed to West Mall.
Walk walk had icecream and Lynette got her makeup stuff etc.
Actually we just go out for the sake of going out?
Hahaha and then we went to the arcade to hang out a while and ended up in the neoprint machine.
Took lots of photos using Lynette's camera.

Massive upload of photos alert...

Normal shots.

Abnormal shots.
 Asking Raine to help me to fix my hair clip while Lynette kept on snapping away..

 Erm, I have no idea what I was trying to do here actually.

 I LOLED at Raine's expression.

After that, Raine and I got bored and went to play some arcade games.
Got on this ride which is similar to this Mini Rider 2 we both took during National Day last year.
This time the ride was super jerky you could feel your fats jiggling about.

And then we went to take...

Like how many freaking years have passed since we last took them please.

We took since there was still money left. :D

Hahah stupid but kind of nostalgic.

Alright after that headed to the busstop to go back to Lynette's home.

Slacked a little and then after that, Lynette's parents came home with packets of Nasi Lemak for Supper.

Okay fine it doesn't look tempting but I love the rice and the egg!
Had second helpings of the rice as well.
Omg so sinful at 11plus at the night somemore accompanied with sparkling wine.
But shiok!

After a full stomach, we rested and straight after it was time for bed because we have to wake up at 0530 the next day!

Woke up so early to have Mac breakfast downstairs and Lynette's Dad was kind enough to help send us to East Coast Park.

We were not sure of the place and after much turning about, we alighted at the start of the park.
Timecheck: 0700
We were half an hour early.
Lynette's Dad left and we walked all the way to find the starting point.
Took us nearly an hour plus plus to reach the starting point.
6.5km walk to find that place.
Tried walking barefoot for a while to get use to it.
Freaking hurts. :(
And thus we were late and people started without us. -.-

But along the way while finding the starting point, we saw a lot of latecomers as well!
Hey we weren't late okay! We were like just half an hour early.

 Imagine the happiness when we see the starting point getting nearer to us.

 The carnival thing they set up was so far away from the starting point which is also the finishing point. They should have bring it nearer, having to walk on the thick grass is so freaking stupid.

Max happy when we saw this.

And then we took photos.

Getting ready for the 5km barefoot walk. :)

And off we goooo......

Starting was horrible.
Our feet were not used to the hard gravel.
I 'cheated' by walking on the middle where the surface was smoother at times/splashing into puddles to sooth my feet.

The weather wasn't helping either.

With strong gusts of wind and whatnots.

Took a break and rest and washed our feet and went to the toilet for a relief.

Journey continued and seemed endless.
But I told myself I have to complete this no matter what.

THIS is so NOT comforting when you felt that you've been walking for ages and knew that you still have 3km more to goooooo. :(

And then after 3km, it started to drizzle.
And rained like madz, huge raindrops falling over you.

This moment, I felt the most tired, my feet were aching, my muscles were sore, I was hungry, there was no motivation to move.
I could just give up.
But seeing the others in front, I gritted my teeth and strived on.
I had no umbrella and thus I use my shoebag as a cover. -.-

The wind was super strong it was super cold. SOBZ.
The feeling was indescribable.

When you finally see this, you realize you had the strength in you, and could run to the finishing line.

How nice the word looked like then.
No more walking, no more aches, no more 'sufferings'.
We were fortunate to have proper shoewear man.
If walking 5km barefooted on hard gravel already hurt so much, imagine those kids in third world countries who walked on rough and rocky roads with sand bits and whatnot?
Their skin would have been 'transformed' to super thick one to adapt to it.
I happened to walk on a path with a lot of sand particles and my feet hurt so freaking much even though I felt that it had thickened during almost 2 years of training for Taekwondo in barefoot and running on the tracks barefooted during Taekwondo warm up.
I am glad I paid to take part in this and the money will be put to good use.
And this is a good experience for me as well because I've taken part in charity walk etc before.
Never regret joining it, the pain was worth it.
And to add on, we walked for a total of 11.5km without stopping.

Everything ended well, and we left East Coast Park feeling lethargic.
Took the underpass and walked for quite some time in search of a busstop.
FOL - Fuck Our Legs.

Lynette took a direct bus and Raine and I took a bus to Dhoby Ghaut.

Had lunch at Pastamania.
Then Yami Yoghurt. :D

Then home sweet home and zzz.

Next entry: 09S22 Class BBQ 170610.
Be back soon! (K)