Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#261 - Wonders of Lens and Make Up

Was at typicalben's blog and I chanced upon one of his entries.

The wonders of circle lens and make up.
Looking at this photo gives me chills.

And thus, it reminded me of an entry I saw which some of you may have seen it before.

 In your humble opinion, do you think she's pretty?

What about her?
Pretty right, with big eyes, etc.

How about I tell you that they are both the same person?

Let's see...

Before adding of circle lens and using double eyelids glue.

After adding of circle lens and using of double eyelids glue.


 Application of toner.

Application of liquid foundation.

 Gluing of false eyelashes and application of mascara.

 Eye-shadow and whatnots.

And you're done!

(If you notice, she has got a huge nose, thus she is clever enough to choose to take photos at angles which do not show how huge her nose really is.)

So I guess other than knowing how to makeup for your flaws by putting on make-up, some skills to make you look better requires you to identify what other facial flaws you have and use the correct camera angle to get the result you want.
Say for example, if you want to 'act' big eyes, take from the top as in you are looking up to the camera.
Doesn't apply for super slit ones, no offence though.

Look at mine.

These photos were taken at Talentime 2009.

Look at the HUGE difference man, SPECS/NO SPECS, NO MAKEUP/MAKEUP!

And why is my face so round then?!

Now like sharper right?

Don't have also say yes lah, make me happy for a while can.

Haha, okay that's all.
Quite excited for Friday, gonna have class lunch at IMM with fellow 09S22's classmates! :D

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