Monday, August 31, 2009

#140 - Shiat Day

Some guy vomited on me on the train in the morning *inserts yucks, eww, ugh and whatnots* and I am still traumatized by the incident.

Yes this is no joke. I was stunned for a moment and dk how to react. He said sorry, I must have been so kind-hearted and saint-like to said it's okay and smile back somemore.

He alighted at the next station (think he felt guilty) and everyone started giving me sympathetic glances. And yet none of them offered me a tissue or whatsoever. I hate being pitied and I nearly cried. But I held back my tears while sms-ing Babi to complain about it.

Why I so suay? The train was packed and of all the people around him, I was the one who kena! :((

Imagine having to endure 20minutes of feeling dirty. Heng I got tissue ah! Heng the vomit is a bit, just like specks of it. Everyone watched as I cleaned my arm. Nb. :/

I cried lor, when I saw Babi. Holding back the tears for like so darn long already. Walked to school fast and then spammed my arm with lots of soap, wash like some girl kena rape then feel dirty like that. This is not an appropriate analogy but must show you how I feel.

Okay, shiat morning.

Teachers' Day celebration was okay nia, the chicken line dance was the best part I guess. Hopefully someone had taken a photo of it and I can kope and show it to you guys here.

Went straight home after celebration to spam more soap and change to a new shirt. Feeling so clean and pure now. LOL. :D

Meeting and dinner with some fellow ex-Kranjians, SHRIMS SS Extended later, hope it would turn out great. :)

Before I end, let me show you a hilarious photo.

Notice the similarity? The Egyptian Symbol, L VS Shazwan! :D

Love this photo, my legs look slim and tanned, edited the face because I was smiling like some retard.

PS: I think I am developing a phobia of taking the train. :/

Sunday, August 30, 2009

#139 -

While walking randomly in IMM after lunch with Babi at Wanchai Tea Room today, Babi suddenly said something damn random.

Orange for Skunk and Pink for Babi. *Babi should feel hounoured*

Babi: You want to go toilet?
Skunk: Huh? We just went leh. (Like 5 minutes ago.)
Babi: Miss Loon's toilet. *started laughing like nobody's business*
Skunk: Doh. (doh)

Being out with Babi leaves me with a heart with holes (due to constantly stabbing of my heart) and a swollen forehead (due to constant doh-ing).

How I wish I could update this blog with the photos my group took today during PW. It's with Randy though. Aww. Nevermind then. Just make do with this wordy entry of mine. :)

Okay, tmrw's gonna be a long and lovely day, byebye! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

#138 -

I wonder why so many people ask me if I am going back to Kranji Secondary School next Monday. (thinking)
After much thinking, I concluded that it must be they miss me too much! :-P

Monday, August 24, 2009

#137 -

Tag Replies:
Babi: Doh you lah! Haha you can't split, but you got do yoga. I think one of these days you can split too! :)
Serene: Stretch! :D
jiaying`: :D
nurul: Haha I used to do splits when I am young. Then Taekwondo training also require doing splits for warming up, thus I am able to do it easily. :) (I got short legs also!)

Next Monday's half day and Tuesday no school! Whoooooooooooooo! (zooms here and there)
Can we have a mini gossip gathering like that time after JC talk on either of those days? :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

#136 - Split Tutorial

Let's learn how to do a perfect split. :)

Firstly you stretch your whole body.

Secondly you use a line as a gauge and slowly open up your legs.

You are almost there...
Ta-daa, the product! :D
Sometimes I think I rock. \m/

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#135 -

Chemistry SPA is finally over!!!
There's Physics SPA next monday though, but nevermind, because *cough* Mr Sin will 'help' us! :)

Hehe life's pretty boring these few days which explains for the lack of constant updates.

I shall update a little uh. Hmm. Minor stuff only lah. Nothing much to say also. -.-

- I broke one of my nails yesterday. Nuuuu. :(
- I think I am going to grow my hair long. Should I should I? :D
- I finally passed my Mathematics Lecture Test. (I've always been failing them.)
- PE is dancing for ACES Day for this week.
- My wrist is aching and my arm is numb. (No strength at the moment.)
- There are tons of homework yet to be completed and Promos is coming in 41 more days. (bangs tofu)

Okay, let me share with you my friend, Prinky's theory which have no scientific basis.
  1. If you have sweaty palms, you're in love. (Dude, I have sweaty palms like everyday!)
  2. The more often you see a guy, the more he enters your life. (-.-)
  3. Those who have only one dimple are considered unlucky. (Double -.-, FYI: I've got one dimple.)
Blogger's dying, Facebook cannot make it now and Plurk's getting boring. Tell me what to do. T.T

Don't really like it when I saw you laugh at people's plight today. Karma.

Friday, August 14, 2009

#134.3 -

 (pun *very* intended)

Sorry for 'procrastinating', I am really busy nowadays. :(

There's like 4 tests next tuesday okay! Chemistry equilibrium quiz, Ionic equilibria quiz, History test and Chemistry SPA which takes up Iforgothowmany percent of our A level! (bigeyes)

And what's more, Promos are coming. 45 more days to be exact!
Okay, let's see what can I type here.

Hmm.. Rewind time back to 2 days ago.

Oh yes, I want to ask if there's like a course called How to love cats and How to overcome your fear for them. Because I seriously need it.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009
I went home as usual and when I reached the lift lobby, a sight which I pray daily not to see awaited me. One of the many cats in my neighbourhood was there. It noticed me and looked angry.

My heart was pounding damn fast already. It started getting up and stood on its hind legs, a sign which many of us knows which means that the cat is angry. Then it walked to me, yes, TO ME. And I swear the distance between us was like 1 inch apart. It looked at me with menacing eyes and guess what I did?

I said hello and waved to it. -.- (like seriously, how stupid can I get?)

(doh) man, but you know what? That seemed to work, for a while that is. The cat then backed away, and I being scared by it, started to move away and walked away from the lift lobby and outside of my HDB block. I called my mum to come downstairs to pick me up. And then when I turned back, I saw that cat stalking me!

Ahhh! I was scared like shit and started walking faster and tried to make the distance between me and the cat larger. I went till the traffic lights there. -.- And I called my mum again. Haha. The cat stopped for awhile and kept stealing glances at me. (blush)

It then kept on rolling on the ground, and suddenly stood on its feet and walked towards my direction. I was stunned, so I quickly walked one big big round to the staircase area at the back of my HDB flat to get away from it. I was already on the verge of tears.

I called my mum again and then I met her and told her everything. That's when I broke down, and cried. Really cannot take it, I was super scared lor. My mum was like telling me to kick the cat etc the next time it comes near me and I was like no way, what if the cat scratches me. Lol.

Let me show you the scene. (view from top)

The orange thing is me and the red one is the stupid ugly cat. The blue arrows is the direction which I took to get away from that animal. Get the picture? :/

Thursday, 13 August 2009
JC talk in KSS.

And I being kaypoh, went back to crap with the rest. Miss many 4C people and the trip back was worth it. Caught up with a few of them and we talked about tons of things. Really miss those days man..

Learnt from some about how XXX changes, or what happened in their school etc. So sad that it was a Thursday yesterday and we couldn't stay late. :(

But it's okay, we're gonna meet up soon and talk till long long! I can't wait! :D:D

Oh and joke of that day: According to yunhui, she said that many of the PJC-ians claimed that JJ has got many hot guys. (lmao)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

#134.2 -

Status: Busy

Will update real soon I promise. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#134.1 -

Tomorrow's gonna be a long long day and I am kind of looking forward to it. :)

Long entry update tmrw then, shall not waste time typing them out now. I've got tons of things to rant about! Okay byebye, I will update tmrw then, do drop by tmrw. :)

Happy moments don't last long.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

#133 - Insomnia

I couldn't sleep last night.
My mind was filled with thoughts of ... functions.

Mathematics Lecture Test is tmrw and there's so many formulas to stuff in my ping-pong sized brain. GG.

Functions is a my nightmare.

I pray to 老天爷 to give me at least 60% out of the whole paper, I'll do my best.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

#132 - National Day

Happy Birthday, Singapore! 

To commemorate this special day, I shall type my entry in red (and a little white, on top).
Whoo hoo, actually I came here to talk crap only. :)

Actually wanted to wear red today, but I grabbed the first shirt I see and it was black and went out already. -.-
But nevermind, the moment I reached home, I changed to a white shirt! 
What? Must wear red meh? Singapore flag got white also okay! :D:D

Anyway, is anyone gonna like recite the Singapore pledge later at 8.22pm?
I know of some Plurkers who are patriotic and are gonna do so.

I am actually considering about it. (thinking)
Might actually take a video of myself saying the pledge, I am inspired by Serene. :)

But one thing I am more curious about is whether most of the Singaporeans will follow suit and take the Singapore pledge or not. I want to go around the neighbourhood and kaypo and see if anyone actually go and recite the pledge leh. Haha, that would be so cool, like a flash mob like that!! \m/ 

Haha I think I am done with updating my blog, till then!

PS: I still hate this year National Day's theme song. "See the moon and the stars". -.-

Friday, August 7, 2009

#131 -

Hello I feel cool today. B)

Before I start ranting on how my day was spent, let me just complain something.

Early in the morning, a cat moaned outside my house and woke me up from my beauty sleep. F. This is not the first time already okay. Angry with the cat man, so dumb, always come outside to my house to moan. -.-

Okay, now we can proceed to talk about how my day was spent.

National Day Celebrations in school was boring to the max. I only enjoyed screaming my lungs off at the frisbee part.

A lot of people did not even turn up for school and one of friend came only because he was late the day before and his ezlink card was being confiscated. He only came back for his ezlink card, lol!

We sang like only 3 songs out of the idkhowmany National Day Songs. How nice huh! :/

I hate the new National Day song by the way, it doesn't even have the National Day feel at all. :(

I guess the only exciting highlight of the day was the frisbee competition between the students from different houses. The first game was Rono VS Owens. Obviously I cheered like mad when Owens scored.  And they won! :D

The second game was Bannister (rock) VS Bikila. Thought Bannister wouldn't have a high chance of even scoring, but we won! Whooo hooo! All thanks to those players and especially to Randy, he's damn good at catching!

I screamed like damn mad together with Clique7! Shiok man! What's more guess what? I found out something I didn't know I could do until today.

I screamed till there was echo coming back!  
With my scream, yes! Hahahah!

Whoo hoo, I rock man! People were looking at me, lol!

Then the Bannister people had a frisbee match with Owens and the blue team won again! (banana_rock)

They then proceeded to play with the teachers, then ended, then went to collect this year's National Day souvenir which is basically fruits that consists of bananas, pears, apples and oranges. (Just realised I used a lot of 'then', heckcare!) They're to promote healthy living according to Uncle Koh, blahblahblah. I am lazy to elaborate further.

Bused to BoonLay with Babi and Prinky crapping about lame stuff.
Babi thought the human large intestine is 3cm long. I am very impressed by her knowledge. :P

Haha, later went with Babi to Suntec City. Took us noobs such a long time to figure out where the cinemas are. We caught UP in 3D! First 3D movie I caught! :D

Haha bought the tickets for the movie and then we went to Just Acia to feel our empty stomachs. Was super hungry and had a hard time choosing what I wanted. Same thing happened for Babi.

We settled for some set meals after looking through the menu for quite some time. And before we left, we even gave feedbacks. Haha, I ticked Above Average for food, it's really nice. Then ticked Average for the service there since the staff took a long time to come to us to take our order. As for the ambience, I ticked Bad. Haha, I thought that place was kind of packed and too hot. Regarding improvements, we gave a lot of lame shit stuff as well. :D

Oh by the way, the feedbacks were supposed to be put into this cardboard like box at the front of the cashier table. I looked in and saw that there were no other feedbacks. Haha and I was like die, they confirmed know we wrote the feedback etc. I am not going back there again, haha.

After leaving, we went to take this minirider2, something like those fake roller coaster ride thingy which cost each of us 3 bucks for 4minutes. T.T

There are 4 types of 'tracks' to choose from.
Babi and I chose the 1st one, the haunted mansion or whatever shit that is.
 It turns and moves as you can see from the photo above. :)

Actually I took a video of the minirider2 on how it moves, but Blogger doesn't let me upload it. Well.

Haha and after the minirider2 ride, we went in the cinema for the movie. We got the 3D spectacles which we started camwhoring with my lousy 2mp camera phone. (This reminds me that my contract has ended long ago and I still have yet to decide which phone model to get.)
UP3D was disappointing. :(

I do not mean the movie, I meant the 3D effects. Nothing much lor, except that it made the colour of the whole movie dull and I nearly dozed off halfway. Had to keep on removing the 3D spectacles and watched the movie in the 2D form to keep myself awake since the colours are way brighter in the 2D form. Zzz, but it was blur though, I guess that explains the need for the 3D specatacles.

So overall, movie I give it 3.5/5 and as for 3D effects, 2/5.

I suggest if you want to catch UP in 3D, think twice about it. It's better to watch it in 2D. Furthermore, there's no student price for 3D movie, Babi and I paid $13 each for the movie ticket on a Friday. T.T

Haha I think 3D movies are better reserved for those action/thriller type movies, not cartoons like UP. :)

We had a hard time getting back to the MRT interchange after the movie. Suntec City is so confusing. :/ But thanks to my cleverness and good memory, plus Babi's minimal contribution of looking up at signages, we managed to find the MRT interchange.

Note to self: Next time when going to town or city areas, get someone who knows the place well to come along with you.

Yeah so this pretty much sums up my day! I guess it was quite enjoyable despite the fact that I spent loads today. :)

Byebye, I think I need to go sleep now. There's Taekwondo training tmrw and my blister needs its rest to get itself thicken and ready for tmrw's training. Sounds disgusting but whatef.

Goodnight to all! (L)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

#130 -

My blister says hello people!

 I am back feeling good today! :)

So glad that the bad mood has all cleared up when I woke up early in the morning today!

Haha, anyway, did you guys realise that the weather is kind of hazy today? I went on Google to find out why and realised that the forests in Malaysia are catching fire again! Oh no! :(

I can practically feel my lungs getting darker and blacker with every breath I take in now. Hahah, I think I need to consume more cucumbers already.

Anyway, tmrw is a slack day! :D
Go to school sing songs and play games only! But but but my Chemistry teacher just had to spoil the day by giving us extra lessons. It's alright though, we've missed 1 or 2 Chemistry lessons, so this is just a make-up for it.

After that, need to lunch and then rush to Shazwan's house for PW meeting. Then still thinking whether or not to watch UP3D with Babi.

All the movie theatres with 3D movies are located at far far places even though Singapore isn't really that big. (annoyed)

Sian, really hope to watch it, the animations are so cute!

Haha, by the way, Beaver finally uploaded the Pizza Hut Lunch's photos on her blog, just koped them from there. :D

What we had for lunch, I shared the spaghetti with Babi, therefore the share looks so little.
Criss cross fries for sides. (Beaver and Skunk)

Drumsticks for sides. (Babi)
Sausage Craze that Babi and I shared other than the spaghetti itself. 
The sausage they used were cheap brand ones.
(I only eat a certain brand of sausage.)
I ended up giving all of mine to Babi. :D
Beaver's Chicken Whatever Baked Pasta. :)
Blur Babi.
 Hungry Skunk.
No Beaver's photo because she's camera shy, not.
She was the one in charge of phototaking, so yeah.

Mmm.. Okay Babi said this.
"I worship my ruler." Ruler, literally.
I don't think anyone would get this, but Babi you know what I'm trying to say here right? (dance)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#129 -

A middle-aged woman gave up her seat to me on the bus today, I rejected her with a smile.
A 2 years old toddler made a cute face back at me when I smiled at her.
A middle-aged woman dropped her bag and I helped her pick it up.
*Just received Fadli's sms* Mr Soh just postponed the submission of the Formative Assessment.

These are the things that made a sad day today happy.

There are so many things going through my mind currently and I am suddenly at a loss of words. I cannot type out what I want to say because the meanings would change completely.

Tempted to just type out all the things and use many many profanities, but I know I cannot do so.
Someone might get hurt.

I always get the feeling like I am bottling up too much things inside and they are waiting to explode. I want to cry it all out, but I cannot. I literally cannot do it. I have no idea what exactly is my problem.

I think I need someone to talk to, to confide in, to trust.

By the way, I am lousy. I cannot accept criticism.
I think I suck.

(Sorry Babi, I have no mood to type out your 'ruler' joke. Another day perhaps?)

Monday, August 3, 2009

#128 - 1st entry for August

First entry for August!

Kids nowadays...
Need I say more?

But thank goodness there are still kind souls out there in the world, in Singapore. :)