Thursday, March 26, 2015

#754 - Food As Motivation #46 - Windowsill Pies

Remember my previous entry which I said I ate a lot? I wasn't kidding. This was my third stop for that day, Windowsill Pies.

刚好 it was also located in Lavender so we headed there after that.

We ordered 2 pies to share.

Grasshopper Slice (Some mint chocolate thing) (SGD7.50) / Strawberry Lemon Slice (SGD7)

I love both the pies! Equally good.
I don't really like mint flavoured food so I was surprised this mint one tasted good. And I like the torched merigue part of the Strawberry Lemon slice.

Just chilling while it pours outside. Looking at my hair and I am so so glad I went for soft rebonding. Hahaha.

O.o - My eyes' size. OTL


I will definitely be back for the other flavours. :)
And I love the ambience there too. Nice to sit and talk with your friends over some pies yea.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
78 Horne Road
Singapore 209078
Tel 9004 7827

Anyway, I said I ate a lot that day right. So yeah, after that, Yuhui left and then Zac and I went to get LlaoLlao. And then we had Astons for dinner and... I had Double chicken leh. Wts. Eat and eat and eat. Food4eva wtf.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#753 - Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee / The Tiramisu Hero

Brace yourselves, for food. entries are coming hahaha. Intending to clear them so I can start on my Taiwan's trip.

This was in December where I met my ex-colleagues at IMM for catching up session. I ate a lot that day. 

Here's like only part one of three where we met at Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee for lunch. The place which is known for Kin Kin Pan Mee was situated at Tai Seng, an industrial area and you'd have to walk a little bit down to get to it. It was not really a big area and was air-conditioned. I expected queues but we were there at around 12 and there were only 5-6 people? Shock. And I saw my uncle there. Double shock.

Signature Dry Chili Pan Mee (SGD5)
You control the amount of chili you want and the photo above this noodles' photo show the 2 different kinds of chili.

Really dry but I like the noodles' texture. The scallions quite 香 too, but the portion was rather small.

Fishball & Meatball You Mian (SGD5)
My friend had this and she commented that she rather eat the fishball noodles at the foodcourt near her house. LOL.

All in all, I think this noodles didn't really wow me. To think people would gladly queue for it? I wouldn't. I'd rather go eat the hawker centre's ban mian or something. Unless there are no queue, and you need a quick noodle fix when near Tai Seng area, don't bother coming here. :X So mean but true. Maybe can spend the money on the prata shop next to it LOL.

One day I hope to try the real deal in KL.

534 Macpherson Road
Singapore 368220
Tel 67431372

We decided to find somewhere to chill and ended up at Lavender where we headed towards The Tiramisu Hero. Wanted to check this off my F.A.M. list.

MOMMAHERO in Original and Lemon Lavender (SGD7.50 each)
I prefer the latter one. Coffee is not my thing, although there is a reason why this place is called Tiramisu Hero and I still came here.
The tiramisu weren't cold at all, and that was a pity.

There was no GST (probably included) but there was 10% service charge. I remembered ordering at the cashier and pouring water from jugs myself though. /: Meh.

Heard quite a number of good reviews though so maybe I will be back for their food next time. So for now, not adding it under F.A.M. yet. Hahaha.

And to end it off, I took a photo with the famous Sir Antonio head. :D

Had to paiseh-ly ask someone if he could shift his seat over to other side a little so I could take this. He looked irritated but... this is their 招牌 what. Why you go block people from taking photo there hahaha.

121 Tyrwhitt Road 
Singapore 207548
Tel 62925271

Monday, March 23, 2015

#752 - Jing Hua Restaurant

Chanced upon an article on the Internet that says Jing Hua Restaurant serves $1 xiaolongbao so I jio-ed my cousin together with our mums one day when we went to change money for our Taiwan trip in December.

GPS told me it was an 8 minutes walk from Chinatown but somehow we ended up taking more than that. Maps wasn't working well for me.... And ended up we realised that it was nearer to Tanjong Pagar like at the Duxton Road area and we could see the Pinnacle@Duxton too!
The place was not very prominent and in a small shophouse. Cash only too. Let's move on to the food.

On another note, no price list because I lost the receipt. Pretty sure it's somewhere in my room... Heh.

All of us find it pretty normal. I like the noodles though.

Pan-fried Dumplings
Probably the best out of those we ordered! It was crispy at one side and soft on the other. When you bite onto it, the soup juice will flow out. A bit like pan fried xlbs. 赞! Must order this if you eat there. Lolol 赞 gives me the taiwanese vibes.

Chinese Pizza
Similar fillings to the gyozas just that the crust is different. Quite fragrant, best eaten hot! I like that there are chives in the filling.

The apparent star for its low cost compared to other xlb-selling places. BUT it was such a letdown. 

The xlbs' soup base was like gamey-tasting and not flavourful at all? Which is damn weird because the dumplings had the typical xlbs' soup base taste... The dumplings totally stole their limelight man. Cheap no use, cheap must nice also hahahaha.

Red Bean Paste Pancake 
This was good too! It was very fragrant w the seasame seeds and the crust tasted like muah chee or fried 年糕. The redbean had just the right amount of sweetness too. Super nice coming from someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth.

And that marks the end of my Jing Hua Restaurant's food journey. Go for the pan-fried dumplings and red bean paste pancake. The rest, 算了吧. Oh and they charged for tea (I think), peanuts, wet tissues so I think can tell them you don't want? Yup!

Was checking for their contact details and chanced upon the food recommendations on Hungrygowhere. So many up votes for the pan-fried dumplings and..... zero for the xiaolongbao. Maybe they should do something about it? The broth of the dumplings can be used for xiaolongbaos leh, then it would be good liao.

Jing Hua Restaurant (closed on Wednesdays)
21 Neil Road
Singapore 088814
Tel 62213060

Monday, March 16, 2015

#751 - Chinese New Year Day One, Two, Three (初一,初二,初三)

One month later and I am here blogging my CNY entry. 
Actually I just wanna update because I have been doing so every year (but this year forget to take family photo T.T). I prefer using Blogger as an album storage than Facebook somehow.

Warning first, almost all photos got my face. LOL. Can still zao before it's too late.

Disclaimer also ah, I hope I don't give people vibes that I take photo as if I think I very pretty (because y'know some people give such vibes on Instagram *coughs*).

I just feel I look presentable and decent in the photos okay. Better than me w specs. Hahaha. Somemore in the later parts of the entry got my crazy shots so I can reassure anyone who thinks that way I don't think so. PLUS anyone who knows me know I am crazy over sharp noses w high bridges, which is something I don't have so yeahhh. So defensive. HAHA.

 My last-minute decided outfit! Because they say yellow's the lucky colour for Monkeys this year and this is the only yellow piece I've got! :D

 Wearing my $1.70 earrings from Taobao heee.

 And my every-year-must-take-by-the-window photo at maternal's side!

Last last year without braces, last year with braces, and this year with retainers (entry on that soon perhaps). How time flies.
Also, this year I got lazier and decided to skip wearing foundation and all (my skin need to breathe). Only drew my brows and put lip tint.

As usual, self entertain because I am not really close w cousins from maternal's side. Either they way older or way younger.

 My brother! His changes over the years the most one!!

Back at paternal's side!

 Attempted to do the same shots like him in the two photos above but...
1. My legs too short so looks weird when I sit 90 degrees. T.T
2. Arms look super huge and fat when I do 90 degrees' turn in car and then my legs cannot reach accelerator also because the seat too far away. I look awkward. ._.

Hahaha and the car idea was by my uncle since he saw us taking photos outside. LOL. He even volunteered to help us take. Erm cause we bo liao and reached the earliest since we stay the nearest, we 捧场.

 W my LMZ! She wanted to take one, necklace and shoes mine. *smirks*
Both from taobao. *smirks more*
Both items add together around $20 plus only? *smirks until 抽筋*

 One of my cousins who has the same age as me, she 包头 (Jan baby) 包尾 (Dec baby)
In the middle of our births, there were 3 other babies as well. All girls hahaha.

From right, 1st 2nd 4th 5th (me) 6th all same age! Hahaha.

Notice our footwear? Hahaha went all the way up to take nice photos and then had to wear slippers because floor dirty.

One w DSLR, one w compact camera. Hahaha notice the difference?
Pei Wen's camera has makeup/beauty mode which explains why our skin looked super flawless. #骗自己也爽

Another one!

Angle really makes a lot of difference horrrr.

Take a break, have (鲍)鱼生 and continue!


 If you are still here, HI. Lol.

Too many similar photos / group shots too boring. Now for the candid / sampat / siaodingdong photos. Random but suddenly I miss 五香 and the bamboo shoots I had during CNY. OTL 

 I like this! Dk if it was something I said. I bring joy to people HAHAHA.


 I have no idea what happened here.

 Doing what celebs always do on the red carpet. Palm wave. HAHA. 我也会.

 I thought I was cross-eyed, I was wrong.

 Chinese New Year Day Two  (初二) was spent w the cousins from the paternal's side as well.
We had an impromptu dinner/movie session and tickets were booked on the day itself.

Dined at Itacho Sushi and watched 冲上云霄 which was quite badddd. D:

Desserts at Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar!

  Chinese New Year Day Three  (初三) was spent w the family having dinner at Paradise Dynasty and ending it with a night movie of ABTM3. Lobang!!! Hahaha. I cannot explain why I like him so much, maybe because his character really very funny. I like funny guys lolol.