Sunday, January 29, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS.. though thr's still one more dae to it.. hahx.. gong xi fa cai.. enjoy yourself.. =) cheers!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

celebrated CNY todae.. the whole ting was so-so lorx.. first was the lion dance.. so noisy.. and the 'lions' de eyes sure were big, i was so afraid lorx.. duno why.. they looked as though they are alive.. den i tot they were too loud lerx, buden yin ting said tat they were too SOFT!! dotx lorx.. i was almost deaf lerx, well, maybe not.. lolx.. ltr we were dismissed back to klas fer new yr deco.. cos gt competition mahx.. den all the students were like busy, pasting things and stuff de.. i was supposed to write the 'fu' werd mahx, buden i wrote too small lerx.. very tsk lorx.. in the ned, ade wrote another one, BIGGER de.. hers was pasted on the door, while mine at the back of the klasroom.. sniff..

erm.. aft finish deco, wad recess.. queues were long lorx.. cos practically the whole skool was thr!! went up ltr to the hall watch concert.. was the first sec 2 klas to reach thr.. asked by prefects to sit behind.. wth.. den we argued with the prefects cos other sec 2 de klasses got to sit at the front.. den yin ting told ah zham to slowly moved in front.. move move move.. den finally, we were 'APPROVED' to sit in front.. hahx.. btw, the concert is a total failure.. no offence.. technical probs with the mikes and blah de.. haix.. den dragged dragged dragged till 12+ if i'm not rong.. haix..

went back to KPS.. den had to call mrs thoo to 'bail' us so tat we can enter the skool.. sucky~ den talked talked talked.. aft tat the guys came.. den mrs thoo gave us hong bao.. yay! hahx.. samuel arrived ltr.. accidentally called him simon.. i alwys get mixed up with both of them.. lolx..

Friday, January 27, 2006

erm.. todae stayed back fer klas deco preparation.. actually, we wana repaint our klas de, buden in the end, the rest decided not to do so.. duno why.. hmm.. er.. stayed back jus to cut 'oranges' out frm the paper lorx.. cos need to put them around like a border.. tis was actually meant fer ah zham's grp nia, buden we helped them lahx.. if not, oso gt nth to do lerx.. our grp supposed to write the 'fu' werd, buden oni i noe how to write calligraphy so i was chosen lahx.. but i have the red paper. yin ting has the ink and ah nat has the 'mao bi'.. so T-S-K lorx.. den wen we were doing, ah nat and yin ting went to the hall to watch the CNY concert rehearsal.. was told tat the MC shunyu had sprained his ankle.. haix.. so careless.. den ah nat told me tat shunyu acted cute wen talking.. duno lahx.. jus cant imagine lorx.. keke..


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

erm.. todae gt folkdance.. danced with ah nat.. had to turn here and thr lorx.. so ma fan de.. den in the ned, ms wee said we danced wrongly lerx, den she went to turn our hands here and thr lorx.. and her grab was sure a great one.. pain sehx.. mine and nat's arm both gt red marks lerx.. haix.. is tat sorta student being abused by teacher? hmm..

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

two daes nvr post lerx.. so todae gona post.. erm.. todae's mon.. first dae of the wk.. feeling kinda sianx lahx.. cos have to wake up early agen.. guess i am sufferring frm the monday blues huhx.. lolx.. first period replaced by house breifing cos last period no common test den literature actually first period the being replaced thr.. i noe i sae until like very luan lidat.. heex.. kk.. kestrel supposed to meet at parade square de den moved to klasroom blk thr lahx.. buden we duno lorx, cos before tat we went to take a certificate frm ms chua fer the last year mass signing thingy.. den we were like looking round the whole skool fer the kestrel.. finally found them.. den the t/c asked us to write down wad we wana join lorx.. den nat and i lazy, dun wana run den in the end become cheerleaders.. yay.. aft first period of briefing, was art.. sabo nat to be art rep.. succeeded!! cos 'cher called the names de ppl all gt 'job' liaox.. so nat in the end kena lorx.. hehe..

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Friday, January 20, 2006

kena sabo by ah nat and yinting to be HOM rep.. so here i am.. HOM rep.. fer two whole years.. HOM.. haix.. so ke lian.. den ltr gt PDP.. scolded by ms ng.. cos our klas busy fighting over which color to put fer our notice board.. den wen settled le, they argued over the amt needed to pay it.. haix.. den in the end, we were asked to pay one dollar each lahx, no matter if u dun have it or wad.. it's like so **** lorx.. haix..

went to mac ltr.. den ate lunch le den went back skool.. cos wana consult maths frm mr teo aka ah teo.. hahx.. yu liang, wei chang, qiu wen, min yan, li ying, yan ying, ah nat and me were thr.. quite fun doing maths with the cher lahx.. mostly i referred to the ans yu liang has.. hee.. den some qn he dun even noe how he did it.. hahx.. den ltr, mr teo gave us jellies to eat.. dropped mine cos i ci ji myself.. hahx.. took another one.. yum yum.. once lahx, ah nat accidentally called mr teo ah teo den noe wad mr teo called her back? not ah nat but ah na(ne).. lolx.. so funny..


Thursday, January 19, 2006

went out with mum and bro to make ez-link card today.. had to wait quite long cos the queue was long.. saw yu tze while waiting.. she was on the fone.. laughing.. looked as though she was waiting fer someone.. wan lin.. typical.. correct guess.. wan lin and oso yu liang.. den dey saw me.. said hi.. asked them why there.. said they waiting fer jin hui.. cos they wana buy b'dae pressie fer ah zham.. cos he's b'dae on fri.. den ltr, aft a while, my turn.. talked alot.. den aft a long long while, my ez-link card was made.. so ugly lorx..

den ltr went to library to return library bks.. den shun bian stop the library card the thing.. den saw maryann and joaquim on the way to the bus interchge.. woahx.. ltr even worse.. waited fer the bus to come and noe hu's in the bus?! jum chi and xuan yu.. woahx agen.. me damned unlucky lorx.. haix.. anyway, my com sth rong with msn.. cant sign in.. shit..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

kkx.. haven been posting fer three daes huhx.. hur hur ( copyrighted `nat) heex.. playing maple mahx, den kinda busi lorx.. now currently lvl 13 nia.. beri bad sehx.. haix.. nvm.. i will werk harder to gain as much lvl as i can.. hahx..

kkx.. let's talked abt todae.. first period was uh, literature.. ah lim de cher.. talked abt Old Major blah de.. sianx.. lukily no test todae.. if not sure dead.. ltr was pe.. all thks to mr ong tat my leg is sore until like wad now.. had to squat alot of times lorx.. wth.. haix.. folkdance ltr.. danced with ah nat.. lukily din dance wit guy cos guy had to put the hand behind ger de.. phew.. lolx.. ltr recess.. yay.. freedom finally.. aft recess geog.. went to ITC1.. hot hot hot.. sweated like siaox.. haix.. den ltr given 5 min to surf net.. 5 min.. so precious.. spent it going to each other blog and tag.. heex.. den ltr.. ltr is???? physics i tink.. eh, i rong le.. is physics first den geog.. paisehx.. den ltr assembly.. so sianx de.. got a tiepin.. mdm lee said is wad breakthrough fer 2006.. woahx.. den ltr got slideshows on IT thing de.. dragged until 3 plus.. had lunch at mac.. dropped my burger!! cos ah nat ci ji me, go talk abt ahem den i choked.. haix.. den had to buy one more.. she lemme money lorx.. haix.. my ke lian de burger.. hahx..

Saturday, January 14, 2006

*woots* greeted 'cher rongly today.. so paisehx lorx.. name ms lim lay yong, den i greeted 'Good Morning, Ms Lim LAY YONG' while the others stopped at the lim thr lahx.. oso duno why i did tat.. found out ppl were laughing aft i greeted finish.. haix.. maybe it's bcos our klas usually call her lim lay yong den xi guan le bahx.. no offence lahx.. den i was like laughing all the way lorx, till tears came out.. sim lin tot i siaox le.. well. maybe lahx.. finally noe how yu tze felt.. lolx..

den all the way thruout the lesson, she was like saying lame jokes lorx.. den laughing by herself.. no offence agen lahx.. den the guys were like trying to laugh too.. as in mian qiang xiao.. haix.. den i laugh, laugh, laugh agen.. haha.. cos it's like so funny lorx.. den sometimes she stood so close to nat den talked, den nat moved further away, she came closer.. scary~ haha.. aft her lesson, ppl were like expecting me to greet her in the full name agen.. buden i din.. well, is not really expect lahx, i jus duno wad werd to use here.. lolx..


Friday, January 13, 2006

155cm.. measured it todae.. during pe lesson.. one yr oni grow 1cm.. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.. den weight 45.. quite ok le.. average.. B.M.I: 18++ quite gd lerx.. hahx.. guys sure grow fast huhx.. chin seng grew a total of 6cm.. imagine tat.. wahx.. me jealous.. er.. anyway, i lost my ez-link.. *sniff* can anyone tell me how much isit to make one? haix..

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

am i really tat short.. been teased by the guys in my klas fer being short.. actually i'm counted quite ok le.. buden it seems like i have shrunk or wad.. cos shimin recently measured her height in skool and she's 156cm lorx.. den i am like shorter dan her by quite alot.. den last time sec 1 my height was 154cm lorx.. wad did i do? haix..


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

skool day today.. finally got to see how 'nerdy' the sec 1s are.. no offence lahx.. buden i tink tat sec 1s gers mostly kinda bitchy.. heard frm one of my frenx tat one even argue back with a senior.. tsk lorx.. wen i jus looked at one ger, her head was lifted up so high like chicken little(but chicken little cuter lahx) den she looked at me as though she's the queen of beauty lidat.. i wana puke.. ATTITUDE arhx.. den during recess, some sec 1s gers were like flirting.. notice i put tat in blod and underlined it.. not tat i jealous or wad, but their way of flirting is like, like so unique? cant explain it.. difficult huhx.. lolx.. jus cant stand them..

Monday, January 9, 2006

yay.. chge skin liaox.. the 15th le.. regarding my last one de, i received alot of 'complains' saying tat they have a hard time tagging and reading my posts.. cos their screen resolution different frm mine mahx.. haix.. so i decided to chge lorx.. skin by sweet innocence de.. nice mahx? heex.. i kinda like it lahx.. cos it's simple and everything.. make me feel so calm looking at it.. tune is actually graduation by vitamin c if i'm not rong.. but i chge it to tong hua.. kinda sad lidat which is wad i wan ppl to feel.. not being a saddist huhx.. kkx.. buaix..

Sunday, January 8, 2006

kk.. i'm gona continued my 'story' huhx.. kkx.. now. whr was i? oh ya, mentioned on the previous post we were eating lunch.. so-so lorx, the lunch given to us.. den wen the guys finished le, i volunteered to wash lahx.. cos i like the feeling of washing alot of plates.. hahx.. jinhui refused to lemme wash lorx, say wad, he wana be independent.. lalalas~ his prob lahx.. nat was my helper in rinsing the plates lahx.. kinda fun lorx.. heex.. ltr had some other games agen.. den had a competition with the other half of our klas.. we won.. yay! hahx.. at abt evening, we went fer the T.C.M..(tunnel cave maze) it's like a tunnel mave in the dark.. we were oni given three glowlights.. and i was the first person in the lead, which is quite scary lahx.. cos u duno wad's may be lurking in front.. all the while, i was like holding yin ting's hand.. lolx.. we were supposed to find clues along the way in order to use them to open a codelock lorx.. din manage to find all so in the end, we had to sing a song so tat our instrustors will let us out.. hahx..

gona talked abt second day lerx.. woke up at abt 5 sth lidat if i am not wrong.. cos it's like so cold lorx, in the nite, i tot the guys very ke lian le, to tink we even more ke lian.. the weather is like colder than switching on the air-con sehx.. brr.. first was breakfast lahx, den had a long briefing abt the service-learning thing.. cos we ltr gona visit some old folks and give them their food mahx.. wasted a long time lorx.. den finally boarded the bus.. the ride was so bumpy lorx.. we even 'fly' up sometimes.. cos sitting at the back mahx.. i was telling nat, how tis was more worth it than the real roller coaster.. lolx.. reached the place an hr ltr.. i guess.. we had to visit a lady first cos it was her b'dae.. we meant to celebrate with her.. buden she wasnt at hme tat time.. haix.. in the end, we wrote her a b'dae card and hang her food outside the door.. den went to visit other old folks.. one was not at hme too.. the other two wsa, both males.. we were actually supposed to enter their hses to talk to them buden they dun welcome us.. blahx.. den we decided to return back to the first hse,, to see whether the b'dae woman was at hme.. nahx.. she wasnt lahx.. den an old man told us tat she was downstairs drinking coffee at the hawker ctr.. we went thr lahx.. thr were so many cats lorx.. and most of them were BLACK! anyway, i was like searching wen i tot i saw the malay b'dae woman.. we din have her foto lahx.. so i tikam tikam lahx.. den in the end got the wrong person.. so paiseh.. buden wen i ask the woman if her name was Tengku Asmijah(the b'dae woman's name), she said ya lorx.. haix.. went back ltr.. den ate lunch.. den prepare fer campfire.. klas cheer and everything.. were taught how to sing the camp songs too.. most of the songs were like normally most camps will use de lahx.. so i da gai noe how to sing them lorx.. at night den CAMPFIRE!! do i sound sound like an idiot typing tis? hahx.. quite a nice one lahx, with all the performance and stuff.. 2b won the cheer thing.. *CLAP CLAP* den thr was a newspaper game, whr two ppl had to stand on a piece of newspaper.. den had to keep folding into everytime.. junjie and simon won.. *CLAP CLAP* hahx.. den ltr slp.. zzz..

third day.. last day of camp.. had a game called the eco-system.. which is very different to explain in words.. we got third.. ya.. quite gd lerx.. cos in the first try, we got the lowest lorx.. 2e won lahx.. they were leading all the way mahx.. ya.. had alot of fun lahx.. kinda miss the camp wen we were leaving.. sniff.. lolx..

Saturday, January 7, 2006

had camp the last three daes so i din post, like duh.. o_0 as if we can bring our laptop thr.. hahx.. kkx.. met nat and walked to skool together.. my bag is like kinda big lorx, buden last time the i tink shuld be bigger bahx, cos is hand-carry de.. kkx.. and den it's like so wad lorx, wen i reached the skool, many ppl de bags were like so small, like the normal skoolbag lidat, den i like EXTRA lorx.. walked to whr 1a, eh, i mean 2a is.. kept forgotting we are officially promoted liaox.. keke.. den my bag suddenly like smaller lidat, noe why? cos the rest in my klas brought bigger bags.. hahx..

ltr thr was a speech lahx, abt the camp de, den we boarded the bus.. it's like so packed lorx, cos with all our camping bags and stuff.. quite a long journey lahx, cos it's like frm kranji sec to east coast thr.. on the way, we talked, talked, talked and talked.. hahx.. cos nth to do wad.. reach thr abt nearly an hr ltr i guess.. den had to walk a long way lorx, cos the gate is situated at the far end.. haix.. first, we were introduced to the mentors (mentos, the freshmaker, hahx) thr, in other words our instructors lahx.. den briefing.. ~boring~ ltr we were brought to our huts to put our bags thr.. den it's like the boys so ke lian lorx, have to slp in tents.. den also no fan.. haix.. not being sarcastic huhx... den ltr we went into our grp.. we knew our grp beforehand le mahx.. den more briefings, den more intros.. if they talked some more, i tink my brain will explode.. hahx..

den ltr did normal things lorx.. like play games blah de.. actually, we were supposed to do rope climbing and a climbing rope course de, buden rain lorx.. wad the.. den cant play le.. in the end, we play those lame games lorx.. *NO OFFENCE* had lunch ltr.. duno if i rmb wrongly anot.. cos alot of things happened mahx..

~to be continued~

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

well, skool reopened today.. and i am officially promoted to sec 2.. yay! hahx.. anyway, todae's like so damned boring lorx.. speeches blah de.. and is one by one different teachers de lorx.. den i sat until i backache liaox.. keke.. den recess actually 9.30 de, den become 10 sth lorx.. cos of the speeches.. den ltr aft recess still got lorx.. can die sehx.. lolx..

went back klas ltr still needa do wad ribbon ting fer the Children Cancer Foundation.. had to cut ribbons in equal lengths den put a pin on top den slot it in a plastic sheet.. tsk.. den ltr ah teo go assigned our 'jobs' fer the year.. i was in charge of Discipline lorx.. so cham.. den camp first day needa make sure no one in my grp is sick lorx, if not needa report to junjie.. haix.. so many 'jobs' buden no pay at all.. sigh..

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

yoz.. i am back.. miss me? keke.. haix.. times do fly fast huhx.. now 1 more day school reopening le lorx.. kinda dread it.. no more slping till late, staying up late, blahx de.. den on the third day, still got camp.. 3 days 2 nights.. compulsory sehx.. me dun wana go lorx.. anyway, i've already packed my bag liaox.. yay.. kinda last minute lidat.. buden some others still haven packed yet lorx, i tink.. hehex..

Sunday, January 1, 2006

went out AGEN with nat.. cos i promised her to give her her b'dae pressie before skool reopen mahx.. 2 daes left lorx.. *sniff* went to lot 1 first cos nat wana return library books.. den ltr went to Seiyu's Converse shop cos wana buy nat's pressie frm thr mahx.. den in the end dun have the color pressie lorx.. cos thr gt sell mahx.. bought us* the shoes.. the design is nice.. hahx.. den nat tried to see if thr were any sports shoes tat's her size de.. turned out dun have.. cos she needs the shoes fer camp mahx.. haix.. den took the bus back to lot 1 den took the mrt to causeway point.. saw my aunt and uncle on the way to the mrt.. lolx..

reached causeway.. den looked around to see if thr's any shop selling sports shoes.. dun have.. so went to take neox den took mrt went back to lot 1 lorx.. seems as if we went to causeway jus to tak neox.. keke.. went to Tom and Stefanie cos nat said thr gt sports shoes mahx.. found tat thr really is.. surfer paradise de.. quite nice lahx.. nat gt the white and sky blue de.. wahx.. me jealous.. hahx.. no lahx.. jkjk.. keke.. den went to eat sushi cos we hungry liaox.. heex.. aft tat, shop around lorx.. nat gt herself two new clothes.. actually i wana buy too, but is either the size too big or too small lorx.. haix.. why lidat.. went hme ltr.. rain so big lorx.. duno why everytime i went out with nat alwys rain de.. haix..