Friday, January 29, 2010

#196 -

Hello. I know it has been a long time since I last blogged, but I have got my reasons. This week is such a busy week and finally Friday arrived and I've got time to sit down and really type a few words here to entertain some bored people reading this entry right now.

Okay, seriously, it is now only Week 3 of J2 and I am starting to feel the stress already. I am so scared that I will not be prepared for the A Levels. Sobz. Is it normal?

Am I panicking too early? It might not be good you know. :(

Anyway, I am finally glad this week is almost over. It was such a sucky week, not that I had any weeks which were better. :/

Next week is gonna be worser, with 3 tests, Physics (50% to Progress Report = Die), General Paper, Paper 2 (Just let me pass it) and History (which I am not really sure about what to study). Sian to the max, hopes next Friday arrives faster, because it's JJ night! :) :D :) :D

Yay! Gonna gatecrash and dance and sing and scream and go mad with the J1s! Woot, I can't wait. \m/

Oh, and today I finally took a break from the real world and went to Bugis to have Seoul Garden with The (Doh) Bitches and then finally had retail therapy at the shops there! :)

Our lessons ended early and we had to wait till like 1pm then we can leave school. And so guess what we did to kill time? We walked around the track super mega slowly, at such a timing where the heat waves are so extreme. And then when we are at 3/4 of the track, we stopped to check the time at the school clock. It showed 12.56pm. And so I was like saying to wait till we see the minute needle move till we continue walking and then towards the direction of the school gate. (Doh) manzxzx, we 3 looked like retards stopping in the middle of nowhere on the tracks with the scorching heat and all staring at the minute hand of the clock. Like who in the world does such stuff! What turf. HAHAHAHAHAH.

Oh and I miss the Seoul Garden so much! The marinated chicken, the tomyum soup, the fun in cooking. All these. NO. Not the chicken smell after one left Seoul Garden though. I will never work at Seoul Garden, I think I might hate chicken after that. Haha, and we had lots of fun taking funny photos and laughing together. :D

It has been a long time since I last did them, ie. eat good food and shop for clothes/shoes. I am happy but tired. :)

Speaking of clothes/shoes, I got myself a dress (could have got more, but either I was too indecisive/there was simply too many people and I can't be bothered to queue in the line to try on the clothes and buy them) and a pair of black wedges. Lynette got herself a dress and Raine got herself a Minnie Mouse handphone pouch, red-hair clip on extension, heels and a top for her Mum. We're all happy! Yay! :D

By the way, I am still thinking of the $22 dress. :F

Okay I think I've typed lots of stuff already, photos taken today with The (Doh) Bitches are still with Lynette. So we shall all wait and see!

Eh Nuffnang, I blogged already hor! Give me my advertisements quick! :D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

#195 - Photos

Hello. I am back at Blogger again, this time to upload many sort-of-outdated photos. :)
Johnathan's birthday bash last Wednesday!

Haha so Kwaiga came up with the idea of having a birthday bash and Sia Fong suggested mixing starch/flour with water and putting in green colouring to get the effect.

And therefore, the result of the green slimy liquid.
It was uber disgusting please, and Johnathan was like running all around trying to get it back on those who were laughing at him, including yours truly.
Poor Kwaiga kena-ed on her hair.
I was busy screaming away when Johnathan came near me.
I think my screaming sort of scare him away? It's like super high-pitched. I screamed till my throat hurt please.

Happy Birthday, spongebob-lover-button-hater-bitch-whore-slut-taekwondo-ftw-friend, Johanthan! :D

Stoning/Thinking about life after Taekwondo!

And so after Taekwondo, I sat down with Johnathan and Kwaiga and just emoed.
Perfect weather perfect place.
Everything was so peaceful, it was as though time had stopped.
There was a gentle breeze and everything felt alright all of a sudden.
The breeze seemed to take away all of my troubles then.

Anyhow, I love how I can see that one side of the side is cloudy and the other, blue. :)

Visit to grandma's house!

Lol, and I got really bored there, so went up to the last storey to see my brother and my cousin play pool.
No life. Watching them was boring, so I went around the storey snapping random I-self-proclaim-act-seh-artistic-shots. *pukes*

Miscellaneous stuff!
 Meiji Zooland biscuits! (mmm)
It has been a long time since I had them!
They even changed their wrapping too, to this horny-looking orangutan/chimpanzee with the slogan 'Delicious and Fun'. Sorry I can't help but think dirty. :P
But still, this brand of biscuits is nice okay!
Salihin (yes Salihin) brought them to school that day and I had a few.
They are a little oily though. :/

Sorry, I laughed at the lamest things. :B
Like this for example: The bus seat is a coconut bun.

-looks unappealing but super yummy, CP brand honey wings-
Like they say looks are deceiving huh. ;)

 The karang guni man came today!
Sold a lot of newspapers! :O
My house is not messy anymore! :D

 First angpao of the year, from my godmother for me to get clothes! :D
Thanks! :)

Back from the clinic (have been sick on and off for a week plus till I finally decided to see the doctor) and the doctor prescribed me 5 different types of medicine. :O

 Was at the clinic and I saw a huge version of the Reader's Digest.
It was a September 2004 edition.
Freaking bigger than the normal one by a lot and easier to read please.
Sadly, they discontinue it. :(

 Checked the mailbox just now and saw that I got a letter from the army. :D

Got excited (idk why) for a moment and then I opened and saw this:

Took a photo of this line saying 'Be someone of worthy honour' (like me) and went CHEY and chucked the 'letter' to one side. :P

Fat and chewy abalone straight from the can! :D

Dad separated them out and took out the fats!
Uber yummy, love the Q-feeling albeit it tasting a little too fishy to my liking. *thinks of LS*

Haha okay, I am done with my photos update, do like this entry/tag my blog/click on the advertisements if there is any! :):)
Lastly, do love me, because instead of studying for my Organic Chemistry test tmrw, I'm here plogging! :D:D

Friday, January 22, 2010

#194 - Long John Silver

Since I signed in Blogger to edit some stuff, I figure I might as well update this blog of mine with photos taken today. It's super mega loads of them, taken because lessons ended early (12.30) today and then when Raine and I headed for YewTee on the way home, we chilled at LJS till 5pm.

You'd be thinking what we were 'busy' doing during these 4 hours.

Well, we camwhored. Plus did some lame ass video on Raine twitching her nostrils. Seriously, how no life can we get?

Some photos are not that clear because I used my secondary camera to take the photos.

 *thinks of xiao tai yang*

Explored the negative + negative = positive effect. :)

 Wanted: Real life Babi, Dead or Alive.
Reward: $1

 Yay I got longer eyelashes than Raine! Hahah. :D

 Act skinny.

Moving on to items.

We suddenly got the idea of making a video of me being the news reporter and Raine being the person being interviewed.
I am supposed to interview on her talent of being able to twitch and expand her nostrils, like wtflol right! Haha, super no life canzxzxzx.
We even had 'props' plus impromptu scripts! :D

Omg, all of you readers must be thinking we seriously got nothing better to do.
Yes, we seriously got nothing better to do.

Sadly the video we took cannot be uploaded here since Blogger takes such a long time to load.

Left LJS soonafter the video taking. :)

Okay, I've updated!
Counted okay, even though it's like mostly pictures and so little words.
But it's better than nothing, yay! :D