Monday, January 30, 2012

#508 - Just Me (And Patrick)

As the title said...

Photos taken using Google Chrome's "Webcam Toy" app!
Love their effects over there!
Many chio ones! :)

Okay bye!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

#507 - Chinese New Year Day One (初一)


First day of CNY had me wearing a dress of my current favourite colour: Electric Blue!
(Pardon the dirty mirror!)

Lol this entry will be filled with loads of MY face so yay I guess? :D
Well most of my entries have zero/kosong/sifar photos of my face okay!!!
It's payback time LOLOL.

At maternal grandparents' house!

With the younger cousins!

 With 老妈子!

Braided my hair to the same hairstyle I always did!
Love this photo although my face looks constipated!
See my glossy shiny chio brown coloured hair yo!

Headed back home and then went out again to paternal grandparents' side!
Forgot to take family photo before we headed out. Nuuu. :(

We have huge faces!!

Spammage of polaroids taking but I am lazy to take photos of them one by one!
Next time k!

See the unintended effect of miniatures and giant us?

Uncle trying to get us to drink!

Cousie got so red I didn't get the chance to have a photo with her!

Mahjong later at night! :)

Home sweet home!

Hope you guys enjoyed your Chinese New Year!
Stay tuned for Day 2's entry! :)