Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#658 - WanLing's Wedding

Hello everyone! :)
Huge ass shot of my face in case anyone misses me here on this space! Hahahaha.

Breaking the hiatus for a while to blog about my cousin's wedding last week!
I love to attend weddings because I can dress up (not that I don't on other days luh), it's just I can put my dresses lying in the closet to 'good use' since I don't wear dresses to school hahaha.
Maybe I will not say the same thing about loving to attend weddings when I have to give angpao to the newlyweds next time, but that's still long! :P

Okay so pardon me if I spam too much of my face in hereeeee. You've been warned!

 So I was tying my hair and the elastic band got loose and for a moment, I had short bob hair.
Looks good right? Makes me wanna snip snip my hair away!

#ootd was a maxi dress from Eternity Loft, I love how it accentuates one's figure! :)

Hahah and I remembered when my ah ma first saw my dress, she said it was nice and then proceeded to poke me at the sides, and then asked if I cut it so that it will be more cooling lololol!

Oh and it was my first time (yes, don't laugh) wearing a maxi dress! I was also in my black ZARA chunky heels which I got at a steal so I was like around 1.68cm that day?
Thank goodness I wore that, everyone around me wore heels and were like so tall!!

 Le bro also dressed up that day as well! Not many people can carry the suspenders look!

We reached too early due to miscommunication and thus that explains for the photos above!

Not long later, we followed the groom to the hotel suite where the newlyweds then served tea to the elders!
No photos up here because the lightings were pretty bad! :/

Here's a photo of my ah gong and ah ma! :D
Stayed with them for 17 years of my life, the reason why I am fluent in Hokkien (if I may say so myself). :P

*full length/half length mirrors discovered*

 Went down for cocktail party and then the whole wedding started a while later!
Solemnization ceremony first and then we had food!

The person (what is the name for 证婚人?) so cute, after the solemnization, he took out his iPhone (he's a ~70 years old man) and requested for the photographer to help him take a photo with the newlyweds hahaha.

 It's a miracle, because this entry contains NO photos of food. LOL.

 Yam Seng ceremony and I caught a super nice photo of the newlyweds!
Shall end the entry with that!

 Went to snatch a photo with the newlyweds! ^^
All the female cousins from the paternal side! :)
Except for the two at the extreme ends, the one in ombre blue and the pretty bride, the rest of us are of the same age! #justfeellikesayingthis

 One shot with the pretty bride! :D
I love her headpiece and also how sharp her nose is HAHAHAHA.
People who know me well enough knows I go crazy over guys with sharp noses.

 One more together with the male cousins present from the paternal side!

 A group shot at the end of the dinner, it's such a pity that a few of them left already!

 Pretty lavender cake! *.*

Post wedding dinner photos. All my face inside muahahaha.

 So ending the entry with the photo most of my cousins agreed is a nice and pretty one!
 *cues aww*
I managed to capture a photo where both of them looked at each other in the eyes and smiled.
Awwww so 幸福 kind of feeling! :))

Congratulations, cousin and cousin-in-law!
Have a blissful marriage!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

#657 - Hiatus

-On hiatus till Dec 7, 2013-

Will definitely be back with lots of updates!!!
Stay tuned, X

Saturday, November 2, 2013


"It was like one summer night dream.
I'm leaving now like last night's dream."

Perhaps not.
A bottomless pit I've fallen into.