Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#479 - Miscellaneous

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Wee, exams are finally over! :)

But somehow, it just doesn't feel the same.
Well I guess it's always like this.
You are always looking forward and planning what you are going to do after your exams.
And then after exams, when the day finally arrive, you're like stoned. :/

December is going to be so eventful for me!
Meetups, Birthday celebration, Christmas dinner, BBQs, Chalets, Eating eating and more eating!
I can't wait! :)

Anyhow, blogging this random entry with food and miscellaneous things!

 Pastamania cravings.

And I finally renewed and collected my new Pastamaniac card and vouchers after procrastinating for so long!

This reminds me I need to make an appointment with the dentist for my fillings. :(

And so yesterday was the last day for the 1 for 1 McNuggets, how could I miss this out!!!
-nom nom nom-

What my brother whipped up for me for supper the other day!
Black pepper scallops, sunny side up (runny egg yolk!!!) and a kinda charred but still taste as yummy hotdog. *contented*

Fish & Co for lunch just now with my uni mates.
$6.95nett for this Captain Hook combo which looks freaking small but kept my tummy full.

And now, let me share my loots' joy with you!

Finally got a portable charger after so long!

And collected my stuff from Raine!

Guess what is this? :D

Yes a thumbdrive! :D
Awesome or awesome! :D

Okay thanks bye.
I will blog soon! :)

PS: Read the entry below this if you really have nothing to do.

#478 - Weird Dreams

Okay this is a really dumb entry and you can don't read this. I am just recording a weird dream I had today so that when I look back at my archives labelled under 'Weird' or 'Dreams', I can maybe, reminisce?

-Dream start-

I dreamt that I was having some national exam and you know who are the ones taking the exams with me? My primary school friends! And we were in our primary school uniform and I remember seeing Keith and Afiqah in the primary school uniform and we were queueing up to enter the examination hall. LOL.

Then suddenly, I feel the urge to go toilet (what's new) and then tried to get a teacher's attention. The next moment, I was sitting on at my examination seat and then asking my Chinese teacher from primary school, 余老师 if I can go to the toilet. He gave me the death stare and said NO. Like totally stern and then started scolding me saying that no one is allowed to go to the toilet at all when there is national exam. He used to be a kind teacher all this while, and I had to dream of him in the stern face. I still remember that stern face vividly. Wtf I know.

So I started pleading with another teacher and the teacher was this Hong Kong actor (so absurd I know right) and he tried to help me. He told me all the toilets near the examination hall are locked and there is no way I can enter. So I suggested the toilet at the back of the classrooms (you know Kranji Sec's classrooms always have toilets at the corner one? Yupp, that, my dreams very logical in a way one) and then the Hong Kong actor teacher gave me a sad face. He told me the rain previously caused a tree to collapse and block the toilet door entrance so I can't use that at all.

Then I decided to sneak out without anyone noticing. And you know what? When I left the examination hall, I realised I was at the void deck of my house. So obviously I rushed home to use the toilet.

-Dream end-

Thanks for reading it if you happen to even do so!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

#477 - Food As Motivation #1 - Ippudo

 *face lika cui after exams*

Ohai lovelayes. :)

Long time since I update this space of mine!
Proper entry today!

After that disgusting Physics paper of mine, I went to meet Raine aka Babi  for our first ever Food As Motivation (F.A.M.) trip (lol say until like some excursion thingy)!
And you are gonna see more of such F.A.M. entriesssss in time to come! :D

We went to the highly raved ramen shop, Ippudo!


 Ippudo Original Gyoza (SGD6)
It was a tad too oily (like you could see the plate glistening after you finished the gyozas) and your lips just got new gloss!
Vinegar dip wasn't strong enough but the gyozas were fragrant. :)

 Akamaru Tamago (SGD17)
Original recipe enhanced with Ippudo's special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Served with thin noodles, Buta Bara (Pork Belly), kikurage and spring onion. Ippudo's original refined modern-style ramen. 

It was hard to take a pretty photo of this. I did my best.

The ramen was not bad, we were given a choice of soft, medium or hard and us being us, went huh?
Then just chose medium and went suaku-ly like "Wah, I didn't know can choose the noodles' level one. I thought beef then can". :/
Love the feel of the noodles, just right!
The soup was pretty salty, and it's the kind that taste fine when you first eat but the more you eat, the less appealing the taste became.
Oh! And the Nitamago (Flavoured Egg) was runny! Love. :)
And and and, omg I can't believe I ate the Buta Bara.
PORK BELLY, in MY MOUTH, down the GULLET, into the STOMACH.
Okay I picked out the fats!
But the pork belly don't have those super porky taste, y'know!!! (Y)

Overall verdict: Well I guess it's okay only. The more people raved about something, the higher the expectations I have for it. Worth coming back again? For the ramen perhaps!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
33A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery #4-02/03/04
Singapore 238867
Tel 62352797


Then we headed to H&M but it was so boring! >:(

Watched this after that where we sneaked in Best Fries Forever's Macho Cheese. 
Very nice and sad love story of two lovers and this movie didn't really have a happy ending.
A lot of coarse language and sexual references.

 Babi with her newly dyed ombre hair.

And we got Sticky!

Collected some stuff from Fancl on that day too!


 Woke up early for Burger King's Breakfast Platter the next day!

Puss in Boots was cute with the *oooh* cat!

Then froyo.

Life's good. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

#476 - New Blog Header

New header after almost half a year!!! :)

Edited using Pixlr-o-matic, a super nice Google Chrome app I recently downloaded.
Go download! :D
Love the effects and colour tone!

 I did nothing to the face okay!!

Added "solitous diaspora" and I am done. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#475 - A Wedding Dinner

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So... it's been a while since I came here to blog long entries!
More long ones to make up for the loss in November I promise!

And just yesterday, I attended a wedding dinner of my dad's cousin!
Been so long since I attended one!

Initially a few of us were supposed to be seated at different tables with the adults but ended up all of us chose to sit together!
No generation gap! Hahah. :)

PS: Shi Min, I photoshopped away the hole in your fringe!

 I love how sitting down makes me have super long arms. :B

Cake cutting!
Ever seen wedding cakes that look like this before?
Fake or not, why use boxes to 'represent' them?

Yummmmmmm seng!

 See how isolated my table is  from the rest.

 Okay spammage of food here.
Mediocre only. Meh. :/
 I love the cereal here!!
Sweet and buttery, but they used frozen prawns for this. (N)

 Not sure if it's really abalone.
Rubbery texture with weird aftertaste.
The mushrooms/spinach tasted better in my opinion. :|

 I thought this was pretty. :)

Kthxbye. :)